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Under the view of the general public, I have paid their penalty and free 10 people.

Just for 10 strangers who are like pawns to the leader, I have used up 100 Million Piros.


I did something I normally wouldn’t do.

Everyone in the shop was taken aback.


Even the adventurers who thanked me were acting the same.


“With that, you have gained freedom.” (Ryouta)


Trying to reiterate it, they had this awkward feeling when I said “Freedom…”


It wasn’t just them.

The leader of the pack and the other adventurers who have nothing to do with this were confused too.


Everyone was taken aback.


Or not.


“Then please sign here.

This is the proof of transaction.” (Elza)

“I have applied for your tax exemption.” (Ena)


Ena and Elza continued to work without a care.

Maybe because they were accustomed to it, they weren’t surprised to say the least and continued with their jobs.


One of the 10, the youngest of them all——-The one who could only say trash over and over again approached me.



I’m really grateful that you’ve done that for us!”

“Don’t mind it.” (Ryouta)

“We will definitely return the money!”

“Take your time.

Just promise me this one thing.” (Ryouta)

“What is it”


The guy raised his head.

I looked around the other nine of them.


This is directed to all of them, not just him.


“Don’t push yourself.

Let’s see, you can just work from 9 to 5.” (Ryouta)

“But we won’t be able to earn enough to pay you back.”

“Elza.” (Ryouta)

“Yes.” (Elza)


Elza, who finished her remaining work, answered.

Her expression was already [I understand] and wanted to move, but she purposely waited for my words as though she didn’t understand.


“Remember these guys.

If they push themselves, don’t buy from them.” (Ryouta)

“I understand.” (Elza)

“So Ryouta-san wants to change Calcium like how you did for Aurum.” (Ena)


Ena pointed her thumb at the golden statue of Aurum in the shop and said with a mischievous smile.


“Same as Aurum….Aah, not having any monsters at night right.” (Ryouta)


As I nodded, the adventurers were noisy.


“There’s no monster at night in Aurum Dungeon”

“I’ve only heard of rumours.

But I didn’t know what to believe.”

“But this…..This statue must be true then”

“Is it possible for spirits to have that much influence”


They were honestly surprised as they talked amongst themselves.


“It depends on future developments.

It’s good for adventurers to work in Hasemi right now.”

“Hmm, that’s true.”


They’re getting louder.

Through it, I turned to the ten men.


“That’s why, they will not accept the money you’ve earned if you push yourself.

So take your time to return.” (Ryouta)


They all looked at each other and made a troubled face.

Well, I understand their behaviour.

I might be too soft with them.


However, when I see a black company like this, I feel that my emotions took the best of me.


“….Thank you very much.”

“ “ “ “ Thank you very much! “ “ “ “


All 10 were convinced and thanked me.

The matter is solved for the time being—


“Fu- Fufufufu!”

“Hm” (Ryouta)


I suddenly heard a chuckle.

Turning around, I saw the leader shaking his shoulders and laughing strangely.


“I’m in a pickle.”

“Oi, don’t be stupid.”


Someone close to the leader tried to stop the eader, but he just snorted a laughter.


“I must not do unreasonable things in front of Ryouta Satou, right Hahaha! Such is just a rumour, but I have not heard of it actually happening.”




“What do you want to do then” (Ryouta)

“If you pull back like this, I might just leave you with your whole face crushed!”


He jumped at me.

And tried to punch me.


He’s quite skillful—–But it wasn’t only that.

His fist has a subtle sparkle.

Looking closely, there’s something around the back of his hand.


Metal——-No, diamond


So he has equipment.


He punched me with hostility.

Not panicking, I pulled out my revolver and fired.


The Iron Wall Bullet.

Every single punch from the leader was blocked.


“You can’t stop me!”

“It’s better not to go any further.” (Ryouta)



Astonished, he stopped.


The Iron Wall moved forward a little, which would even overwhelm a Dungeon Master.


He understood that, as he could not even move one step.


“ “ “Ooooooh!!” “ “


All the adventurers understood the situation.


“Let’s stop this.” (Ryouta)

“I don’t know why you’re going easy on me.”

“Just think of it as a bonus, so let’s stop this.” (Ryouta)


The leader shook his shoulders, with his face bright red.




He cursed and stormed out of the store.


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