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“With that, Bunny is officially a spirit name holder.” (Eve)


Eve said excitingly, snorting and puffing her chest.


“All you can eat carrots.” (Eve)

“Let’s not go overboard.

During the breeding period, we can’t just simply stop production.” (Ryouta)

“So a no” (Eve)

“It’s not that I say we can’t….How about we do it every season” (Ryouta)

“By season” (Eve)


Eve tilts her head.


I’ve been with her for a while now.

In the first place, the reason why she joined our family is because she can eat Emily’s carrot noodles.


Perhaps because of that, I can handle her to some extent.


“Yeap, by season.

Imagine this, carrots during spring, carrots during autumn, winter, also….” (Ryouta)

“And then” (Eve)


Eve swallowed her saliva, anticipating my next words.

This took a complete 180.


“New Year’s Day—–A Special day for carrots.” (Ryouta)

“Fuoooooooo!” (Eve)


Eve’s eyes were shining as her tension soared up through the roof.


Eve loves carrots to the point where carrots revolves around her life.

Thus, if my conversation goes somewhere in that direction, she listened to me 99% of the time.


Even so, her response is kinda expected.


“Low level, can you cooperate with me” (Eve)

“Sure, on” (Ryouta)

“New years day special carrot.” (Eve)

“Ah, of course.” (Ryouta)


I reply in an instant.

If I do that——I’m sure she’ll be glad.


Help set a new year’s feast, gathering with friends and joyfully eating.


“Oooh………” (Eve)


Everything worked out as planned.

Eve’s face showed something no one has seen before, a face of pure bliss.


Well then, now to talk to Calcium.


“Thanks again.” (Ryouta)

“No problem.

I should be the one thanking the both of you.” (Calcium)


Calcium answered in a laid back and soft tone.


“Speaking of which, you have given your name to her, but are there any power that comes along with it Like protection or some kind.” (Ryouta)

“Yeap! That Bunny-chan should know~” (Calcium)


Calcium turned to Eve.


“Do you mean 14 Bunnies” (Eve)


Immediately after saying that, something occurred.


14 Eves appearing as mini-Eve spawned out of nowhere, dressed with bunny suits in rabbit ears and two heads sticking to each other.

Although their clothes are the same highly exposed bunny suits, the eroticism plummeted to the ground when there’s two heads, though the cuteness has increased to about 300%.


“I see, so the Minotaur’s ability.” (Ryouta)

“Yeap~ Exactly the same.” (Calcium)

“Bunny can’t use this.” (Eve)

“Why not Ah, in order to resurrect, you have to resort to cannibalism, which even I would not cross—–” (Ryouta)

“Bunny don’t eat meat.” (Eve)

“That’s what you’re worrying!” (Ryouta)


I retorted her grandly.

But she stood firm.


“Can’t you use the mini-Eve’s besides reviving” (Ryouta)

“It can be done.

Even other Bunny’s senses are linked.” (Eve)

“I see….Interesting.” (Ryouta)

“What’s with that face, low level.” (Eve)

“If your senses are linked, what happens if you eat something in that state” (Ryouta)

“——!” (Eve)


Eve ran.

She turned her body and started running.


Realising that there’s no door, she came back to where Calcium stood.


“Return Bunny.” (Eve)

“You mean you want to leave” (Calcium)


She nods twice.

I didn’t think much since we’re done with what we came for, Calcium waves her hands and Eve was warped in lights before disappearing.


She returned to the dungeon as requested.

What’s with her though.


“My bad, can you bring me back as well I’ll come back after checking on her.” (Ryouta)

“You will” (Calcium)

“Yeap.” (Ryouta)

“I see.

Okay~” (Calcium)


She hums in a relaxing tone and maintains her hands in the air.

The light wrapped around me, returning me to Calcium dungeon.

Where the Fallen Angel was, on the 5th floor.


I went around looking for Eve, but she was nowhere to be found, so I returned to the mansion using the gate.


After exiting the room, I looked for Eve in the mansion.

There she was, in the kitchen.


Eve and her fourteen mini-Eves.

Everyone was biting a carrot.


All fourteen of them were squirming happily.

It’s an incredible sight.


She’s already trying it out——–.


“Low level!” (Eve)


She suddenly shouts.


“O-Oh! What’s up” (Ryouta)

“This is incredible, you can eat 14 times more carrots with this!” (Eve)

“I see…” (Ryouta)

“This is incredible!” (Eve)


She rarely shows such joyous emotions.


“Everything is delicious, and it’s fourteen times more delicious.” (Eve)

“I see——Good for you.” (Ryouta)


I was honestly happy.

I thought it would be a waste of an ability, but I’m glad she found a way to use it.


“Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (Eve)


Complex feelings of emotion swirled around me when she genuinely thanked me, but again, I’m happy she didn’t use it to revive.


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