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After Celeste has neutralized the Minotaur, Eve dealt the final blow.


The Minotaur disappeared, and the dungeon’s air returned to normal.

Then, the next angel that appeared was on that wore a lot of clothes.


Eve swiftly went ahead and defeated one angel.

The angel which tried to guard the attack from above failed and the chop cracked its head, defeating it and dropping something like a fruit.


Eve picked that up.


“Fail.” (Eve)

“As I said, it’s a success.” (Ryouta)


I chopped her instead, and take the fruit from her.

Eve gritted her teeth and showed an unsatisfied look.


“So now it’s a pomegranate.” (Ryouta)

“It’s within vegetation.” (Celeste)

“I see.” (Ryouta)


I nod at her words.


“Wanna try again” (Celeste)


We can try something other than Animal or Vegetable.” (Ryouta)

“Leave it to Bunny.” (Eve)


Eve quickly worked on it.


With the ring put on, she puts on another ring, drinks a potion, and checked her ability on the K-I-A Board.



Vegetation D

Animals B(-1)

Minerals A(+4)

Magic C

Special Items C



Her stats changed again.

As if she owns a different person’s ability.


At the same time, Celeste started moving as well.

She took the cow model from me and placed it on the ground, moving away from it.


In the meantime, a few angels passed by, and she defeated them with her new and improved Bicorn Horn All range attack.


She really became strong.

It’s as if those angels are just small fries to her.


After some time, the Minotaur hatched.

With the same movement as before, she neutralized the Minotaur.


“Celeste, you’re really amazing.” (Ryouta)

“What is” (Celeste)

“You did the same thing as before, but your movement’s slightly changed.

It’s like you’ve improvised along the way.” (Ryouta)


Usually, for other adventurers, once they found a way to loop their farming method, they’ll stick to it.


“What are you even saying.” (Celeste)


For some reason, Celeste squints her eyes as if condemning me.


“Wasn’t Ryouta-san the one who taught us that” (Celeste)

“I did” (Ryouta)


You would always do that yourself.” (Celeste)

“….I didn’t realise.” (Ryouta)


It’s true that after deciding a general direction, and the foundation is solid, the rest is improvised.


Now that she says it out loud, it makes sense.


“You don’t see me praising you all the time..” (Celeste)

“It’ll be too embarrassing.” (Ryouta)

“Even so, I’ll do it.” (Celeste)

“So I have no way out” (Ryouta)


It’s embarrassing being praised by someone you don’t know, but she’s my friend.


The air changed again.

Eve jumped without being told and buried the Minotaur with a single blow.

Eve has become much better as well.


The air returned.

So what changed was——–


“Oh, their armour looks really solid.” (Celeste)

“It feels like armour from The Valkyrie.” (Ryouta)

“Is there any weakness” (Celeste)

“….Maybe the butt” (Ryouta)

“Excuse me” (Celeste)

“Ah sorry, just talking to myself.” (Ryouta)


I intentionally cough to avoid the subject.


Looking at the monster again.

Looking at the angel, but this time they’re equipped with a fully armed metallic armour.

It really looks like they’re Valkyries.


They looked to be the strongest angels I’ve seen—–Based on appearance.


“Nobody can stop a Bunny.” (Eve)


Eve jumped straight and smashed the armour even after guarding with a sword——Basically smashing the sword and the armour at the same time with her hand sword.


And, what about the drop


“Stone…….And they stick.” (Eve)

“A magnet or such.” (Ryouta)


I picked up the object instead of the confused Eve.

It’s 3 metal rods with a diameter of 1 cm and a length of 10 cm.


As I expected, they’re magnets.

And that was the result of Mineral A.


Since I kinda know the rough idea, I wanted to verify it once more.

The type of item change based on the highest drop you have.


So people like me or Celeste, who have All S or All F remains the same.


“A success—–No, a failure.” (Eve)


Eve makes an irritating face while bitting a carrot.




Vegetation A(+3)


Animal A


Mineral E


Magic C


Special Item C




If you have 2 high drop, it seems to be random, a 50/50.


With the cooperation of my two friends, most of the rules were elucidated.


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