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Chapter 304 – Holding the Dungeon hostage


Both Neptune and I went out to the garden.


Our teammates were all inside the mansion, only we came out since the conversation was getting heavy.


“So, about the employer I’m dealing with…..

What exactly is your plan” (Neptune)

“Do you remember the usage of the Parent-Child Slime” (Ryouta)

“Yeah, it was a pain to defeat them, so I only fought with 1 of the child before defeating the parent.

What about it” (Neptune)

“I tested that even after having all of their children were gone, they were alive in Tennessine, and the doppelgangers were the child state.” (Ryouta)


I nodded slightly.


The Parent-Child Slime has a unique way of defeating it.

Even if the child and parent are [divided], they still act as individuals, as one slime.


Think of the [child] as the hands and feet of the main body.


“After telling them that, they thought that maybe we can do that to actual humans as well or something.” (Neptune)

“That just makes me nauseous.” (Ryouta)

“Me too.” (Neptune)


Neptune smiled, but his eyes weren’t smiling.


“But that is just too much even for me.” (Neptune)

“I agree.” (Ryouta)

“That’s why I wanted to discuss with you.

I’m sure you can figure something out.” (Neptune)


He knew that I would not overlook this matter.

The fact that someone has to be used for the dungeon, to be exploited for the rest of their lives.


“Even though you’re working in the dungeon for money, but you will never be happy for the rest of your life.” (Neptune)


I nodded in agreement.


“Well then, what do you mean by making the inside of Tennessine a city” (Neptune)

“Aah, I think he’s going to be here——-” (Ryouta)

“If it’s for Satou-sama, I will come here in a flash.” (Cell)


I was already unfazed by him suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

And this is also the 2nd reason why we’re out here discussing, cause I know he would listen to our conversation.


“Cell Stem But why” (Neptune)

“If we were talking out in the garden, I’m sure his devilish ears would pick us up.” (Ryouta)

“I see.” (Neptune)


Neptune was surprisingly okay with my answer.

Is that really alright


…..Then again, I’m sure he would’ve heard our conversation even if we’re inside the mansion.


“I have heard of your predicament.” (Cell)

“So you did” (Ryouta)

“Everything about Satou-sama will be heard by me.” (Cell)

“What” (Ryouta)


I replied while furrowing my eyebrows.


“That is right! Everything from your conversation, to the muscle movement, to the clothes and the change of aura.

That is how I create my figurines of Satou-sama.” (Cell)

“……….” (Ryouta)


Neptune had a ‘You have it rough huh.’ look on his face.


Thinking that what he said was indeed possible, I chose to ignore it and coughed once before talking to him.


“If you know about it then that makes it quicker.

My vision is that [That person] is the chief, and there’s 1 village per floor, is it possible” (Ryouta)

“Of course, that can be done.” (Cell)

“That was a quick reply.” (Neptune)


Neptune was actually shocked.


“DIdn’t we do something similar to Shikuro Dungeon” (Cell)

“Ah right, the rest areas.” (Neptune)


Neptune went “ah.” as he realized.

I have no idea how he’s going to do it, but I can leave it to him.


“Are you sure” (Ryouta)

“It’s a simple task.” (Cell)

“Then how do we negotiate with Neptune’s employer” (Ryouta)


There’s also another reason why I called out to Cell.


Even if I take out the money with Neptune, I don’t think we would have enough money to buy over an entire dungeon.

But that’s different with Cell.


“There will be no issue with it.” (Cell)


Is what he said.


“Then, I’ll leave it to you.” (Ryouta)

“To be able to help Satou-sama with his plans, I shall have a smooth negotiation with them.” (Cell)

“Please do so, and if you need my help, just ask away.” (Ryouta)

“Only Satou-sama can do the impossible.” (Cell)


He smiled, but it was a rather evil smile.


“About the monsters in Tennessine, I would like Satou-sama to handle them before the negotiations are over.” (Cell)


Cell said, and both Neptune and I replied.


“So we’re taking it hostage” (Ryouta)

“Taking the dungeon hostage is definitely something you can do.” (Cell)

“If that’s the case, I can just make myself be on the first floor, then they’ll never be able to go to any other floors.” (Ryouta)

“I’m thankful for it.” (Cell)


Cell said and we chuckled together.


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