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Sitting on the horse carriage that Cell provided for us, Neptune and I rode for half a day before reaching Tennessine.


What awaits us was an extremely tall tower, with the shadow of the tower covering the wilderness.

The top of the tower couldn’t even be seen as it rises up above the clouds.


“This is Tennessine” (Ryouta)

“That’s right.” (Neptune)

“So we’re going up instead of down” (Ryouta)

“Is this your first time seeing a dungeon that’s not underground” (Neptune)


I nodded lightly.


“I see, well it happens from time to time.” (Neptune)

“Is that so.” (Ryouta)


It’s not like I’m particularly surprised or anything.

I mean it’s true that the dungeons that I’ve been into were all going downwards.

But that doesn’t I did not exclude the possibility of it not going upwards.


I looked around my surroundings.


“There’s nothing around us.

Not even a village” (Ryouta)

“They haven’t developed anything of that sort yet, since this place is under the rights of several places, and it depends on the investigation to determine.” (Neptune)

I see……… By the way, what are the monsters and drops like” (Ryouta)

“I don’t know about the drops.” (Neptune)

“You don’t” (Ryouta)


Neptune wryly smiled.


“As I said before, it depends on the results of the investigation right” (Neptune)

“We have to know at least what they drop.” (Ryouta)

“The monsters here are stronger than me.

I might have won the first time, but I let my chance slip by.” (Neptune)

“Stronger than you……..

And your first time” (Ryouta)

“You’ll understand once you head inside.

And just to let you know again, they’re stronger than me.” (Neptune)


He repeated the same words twice.

Afterwards, he went onward with a serious face.


“Do keep your guard up.” (Neptune)

“…..Got it.” (Ryouta)


I know the strength of Neptune, as he is famous because of it.

But to say that to this dungeon.

I gave up thinking about it, and looked forward to going into the dungeon.


“I’ll leave the carriage to you.

So for now, I’ll try to clear the first floor, but I have to head back soon immediately after clearing, okay” (Ryouta)


Since I have my promise of meeting Plumbum everyday.


“You got my words, leave it to me.” (Neptune)


Neptune sent me off, as I walked into the dungeon by myself.


Tennessine, first floor.

The outside is shaped like a tower, and obviously the inside does too.

The interior has pile of marbled stone bricks stacked symmetrically, and there are gaps that indicate that they’re windows.


This might be the first time going into such a bright dungeon.


It’s not a bad feeling.

Well then, what would the monsters——–


“Eh Didn’t you say that you’re not following, Neptune” (Ryouta)

“…….” (Neptune)


I saw Neptune marching towards me.


“Wait a minute, there’s another entrance over there——” (Ryouta)


My instincts kicked in immediately as I jumped to the side.

The Neptune who was marching towards me threw a punch at me.


Baaaam! The sound of air exploding could be heard from where I was earlier.

The explosion of his fist made a hole in the floor.


“What the hell are you doing Neptune!” (Ryouta)

“…….” (Neptune)

“Don’t tell me……It’s not the real one” (Ryouta)


Being confused, Neptune once again charged towards me, releasing the same punch towards me.


This time however, I threw a punch at him as well.




An unheard shockwave blasted throughout the dungeon, and Neptune and I were blown three steps away from each other.


We were equal.


This reminded me of when I first met him in the pub.

It was similar to the time when he moved and threw a punch at me.

At that time, both of us were equal.


“But now, we’re still equal……..” (Ryouta)


Since then, I have powered up.

In contrast, Neptune should’ve capped at where he was.


But right now, he’s far stronger than before.

Especially when his strength is similar to mine.


The word [fake] appeared at the back of my mind.


Since the movements are similar, it might be a Doppelganger of the person, just that the power is overwhelmingly higher than the original.


I set up a barrage of fire using my normal bullets, then installed a trap using the Flameless Bullet.

But he managed to escape from my trap, and even rushed towards me with tremendous speed.




I guarded the fierce punch that was coming after me, which caused me to fly away, but before that, I grabbed onto his arms as well and swung, then threw him backwards using the momentum.


Neptune was sent flying towards the walls of the tower, which caused the towers to crack.


Then, amongst the dust and rubble, Neptune emerged.


“He’s unscathed huh.” (Ryouta)


I was kinda amazed.

There was dust all over him, but no injuries whatsoever.


“How about this!” (Ryouta)


I fired the Speed Up Bullet on myself.


Accelerating myself by 10X, I rushed towards Neptune.

Avoiding his slow motion heavy punch, I grabbed onto his throat and dragged him across the ground like a train.


Once I reached the walls, I fired the Growth and Infinite Lighting Bullet relentlessly at zero distance.


“Will that work” (Ryouta)


This would kill a Dungeon Master class numerous times.

However, it doesn’t seem like he was that injured, as he further counter attacked.


Though he looks tough, it doesn’t mean that it’s not working.

And it’s not like he has anything special.


It’s just the strongest adventurer, Neptune, but x2.


I still have my acceleration effect.

I grabbed onto his arms again in slow motion, then judo flip him onto the ground, making his arms and legs opened up into a [大] word.

Then, I fired the Trash Bullet on all four of his limbs.


With the bullet which even I can’t move it, it landed on Neptune’s limbs, preventing him from moving.


He tried tossing around, but it was fruitless.

Then, mounting on him, I continued to fire more bullets at zero distance.

When my speed effect almost wore off, I finally defeated him, and something dropped.


What dropped was.


“It’s Matsutake.

This is my first time seeing it in this world.” (Ryouta)


Getting to meet such a strong opponent today, and it dropping a high quality food.

In a sense, it’s amazing to say the least, but then again it doesn’t really fit.


I guess it does make sense in this world.


I picked the Matsutake up.


“So more are coming huh.” (Ryouta)


Having to painstakingly defeat one of them, three more appeared from far.

All three closed the distance by rushing towards me.


Usually I would escape from a 3 v 1 battle.


“Repetition!” (Ryouta)


But, I used Repetition.

It is only used when I’m fighting against an incredibly strong opponent in which I have not figured out a way to defeat them effectively yet.


“Hmmm, this sure is a troublesome dungeon.” (Ryouta)


I’m also curious as to why it was Neptune that I’m fighting.

Better ask him once I head out.


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