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I left sorting out the mountain filled presents to Cell.


After the battle with the rogue monsters, some of them were crushed, but most of them were sent anonymously.

Since it was impossible to send it back to everyone, we decided to dispose and/or cash it.


At first, I wanted Elza and Ena to handle it for me back at the branch office, but since they specialized in vegetables, I decided not to.

Though strictly speaking, there’s nothing much to handle.


“Because I will be stepping into a new territory.” was what Elza said.


It’s true that if you give someone work that is unrelated to what they’re originally doing, it might lower their morality.


And hence why I leave it to Cell, since he has so many connections.

Since all of the presents were off high quality items, it would be best to leave a noble to deal with it.


And thus, we are done with that problem, and the inside of our mansion has returned back to normal.

With that, I went to the salon to relax. 

Then, Aurum came in as well.


“Can I speak to you right now” (Aurum)

“Hm What is it” (Ryouta)

“It’s about Nihonium.” (Aurum)

“Fumu.” (Ryouta)


I lazily sink further into the sofa——–Stretched my arms and legs before returning to a normal sitting posture.


Then, Mike who was at eye level with me, stared at me together with Aurum.


“What seems to be the problem with Nihonium” (Ryouta)

“Ryouta, you’re obviously going to help her right” (Aurum)


That’s a given.

It’s what I have always been doing.” (Ryouta)


Since Aurum was one of the ones that I’ve saved, I’m sure she knows the severity of my words.


“Then, can you put that on hold for a while” (Aurum)

“Hm Why though” (Ryouta)

“……… I’m thinking of bringing her to visit various other dungeons.” (Aurum)

“You thought of something, haven’t you” (Ryouta)


Aurum was unusually serious.


In my observation, Aurum is the same type as Alice, the happy-go-lucky type.

So, it kinda jogs my curiosity when I see such a serious face from her.


“I just want to let her see the outside world, that’s all.” (Aurum)

“Is that all” (Ryouta)

“Because I thought how lucky I was to be able to see the outside world.” (Aurum)

“I got it.” (Aurum)


I approved by nodding, which made her slightly surprised by it.


“Is it really okay” (Aurum)

“You have your own ways right” (Ryouta)

“Yeap.” (Aurum)

“Then I’ll leave it to you.

Since you’re both spirits in comrade, I’m sure something that you thought off would help her in some way.” (Ryouta)

“Thanks.” (Aurum)

“He already said it’s alright.” 

“Uwaa!” (Ryouta)

“Hyaa!” (Aurum)


Both Aurum and I were shocked by that unexpected reply.

Suddenly, there was a guy who budged into our conversation midway.


“Let me do it first.” Neptune says as he chuckled.


“When did you come in” (Ryouta)

“It’s a se~cret~” (Neptune)


The other two aren’t here today” (Ryouta)

“Ahaha, it’s not like they’re always with me 24/7.” (Neptune)

“Is that so.” (Ryouta)

“Anyways, if it’s about that, can you give me priority first, for Tennessine, and you promised to help me.” (Neptune)

“Well———” (Ryouta)


“Uooo!” (Ryouta)

Hyaa, A-again” (Aurum)


We were both shocked once again.

This time it was Cell that appeared.


“What is it Cell.” (Ryouta)

“I want you to fulfill my promise.” (Cell)

“Yours Aah, you mean about the money making dungeon” (Ryouta)

“That’s right.” (Cell)

“Did you clear anything relating to politics” (Ryouta)

“Without any hesitation.” (Cell)

“I see.” (Ryouta)


Both Neptune and Cell wants me to complete their request at the same time.

If I think about it, I should thank Aurum for helping me out.


“Please, only you can help me with this.” (Neptune)

“This has a huge impact on the world, so we can only borrow Satou-sama’s power.” (Cell)


Both of them looked at me with strong-willed eyes.


Well then, which should I go first.

I looked at them back and forth.


“Where’s Tennessine” (Ryouta)


Was what I ultimately chose.


“Thanks, if you’re going with me, then the problem will naturally be solved.” (Neptune)


Neptune said with a delighted face, and Cell has a sad but envious look.


I felt bad for Cell.


But, it’s my first time seeing Neptune not having his partner, Ran and Ril with him, so that’s why I chose Neptune out of curiosity.


I wonder what kind of dungeon Tennessine will be.


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