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Inside the basement of my mansion, I stood there and stared at the new bullet that was on the palm of my hand.

Thinking of the effects of the bullet once again, I thought of naming it Forced Drop Bullet——As it shortens the time it takes to get a drop for me, in a sense.

As the name suggests, everytime you fire this bullet at a monster, it will drop the item of said monster at a Drop S basis.

The item will drop once regardless of whether the monster is defeated or not.


Which means that whoever uses this bullet can get a guaranteed drop S from any monster, and because of that, I thought of a very good way of using it, which is to farm for Rare Monster drops.


And because of that, I took out a rusted key from within my pocket.

Sorry, make that 7 keys.


It’s the drop that I’ve gotten from the Dungeon Master, Ryo-sama when I was testing the new bullet out.

Basically, I fired 6 bullets at it plus the final blow to it, which adds up to 7 keys.


Since Ryo-sama appears at an often rate, these 7 keys are just what I’ve gotten when testing it out.

Let’s take an example when the Dungeon Master of Selen, the Bicorn, were to appear.

If I can fire with the Drop Bullet (changed) a hundred times, I would have a hundred of the Bicorn’s Horn at a short amount of time.


And with that thinking in mind, this bullet is extremely useful when encountering rare monsters.


So, because I have this Drop Bullet right now, this would solidify how I start my fights.

While thinking really hard about whether I’ve missed anything crucial, I changed all 7 rusted keys to Golden Keys via Repetition, then left the basement.


Looking out into the window, it’s almost evening, which means my friends are about to come home.

Once they’re back, I’m gonna give each one of them this key.




Oh, I can hear someone humming somewhere.

Pinpointing where the humming is coming at, I headed to it and I could see the back of Emily inside the kitchen.


“Oh…….” (Ryouta)

“Aah, welcome back nanodesu~” (Emily)


Noticing my presence, she turned around and greeted me.


The 130 centimetre girl with an apron on inside a kitchen was heavenly to look at.

Even after living for a year plus, it still hard to look away from her.


“Yoda-san, what seems to be the matter desu” (Emily)

“Eh Aah its nothing…….Just” (Ryouta)


Almost speaking out my feelings, I paused for a moment and thought of what to say.


“The way you handle a kitchen knife is amazing.” (Ryouta)

“Thank you nanodesu.” (Emily)


With a sweet and happy smile, she turned around again.

Then, she started chopping the cabbage on the chopping board with the kitchen knife, chopping it ever so elegantly.


“You’re a master at this.” (Ryouta)


Again while looking at it, I spoke my feelings out.

Though she wasn’t chopping it particularly quick, but the way she cuts it was perfect where it would slowly fall at a perfect shape, and easily swooped into the bowl next to the chopping board.


It’s as if she was in a battle manga, holding the sword silently, with a clear mind.

With movements that looked to be years and years of experience, she continued to chop the cabbage.


“Thanks again for always cooking for us.” (Ryouta)

“Don’t mind, I love cooking anyways nanodesu.” (Emily)

“I see, thanks anyways.” (Ryouta)


While smiling with an “ehehe~” look, she started preparing the potatoes.


“It’s potatoes this time.” (Ryouta)

“Yes desu, I’ve just received these fresh potatoes from earlier nanodesu.” (Emily)

“When you mean you received them, does that mean you’ve gotten it yourself” (Ryouta)


I remembered what happened during breakfast.

It’s not per se a regular report, but we’ll always do a short announcement on where we’re going after breakfast.

So, none of us said that we’re heading to get some potatoes at all.


“Yes desu.

I wanted to make it for everyone, so I went and got it from the Parent-Child Slimes desu.” (Emily)


After she said that, she smiled with a slightly troubled face.


“I have to become stronger nanodesu.

If we have more friends, then we won’t have enough food for everyone, so I have to train so that I can defeat a hard monster like the Parent-Child Slime desu.” (Emily)

“Right, it was that kind of monster.” (Ryouta)


The 6th Dungeon of Teruru Dungeon, the Parent-Child Slime.

Though it has the name, parent and child on it, it’s actually just 1 monster.


In order to increase your drops, you’ll have to first defeat the [child], then lastly defeat the [parent] of the slime.

But, the more [child] there is, the higher the defence of the [parent].


“…….Mu” (Ryouta)

“What’s wrong Yoda-san” (Emily)

“………” (Ryouta)

“Yoda-san” (Emily)


Emily tilted her small head in response to my silence.

While not responding to her, I had a revelation in my head.


After having said revelation, my body suddenly jumped and I ran out of the kitchen.


“Yoda-san” (Emily)


Emily too chased after me, where we headed to the Transportation Room.


Using the gate, I went to the 6th floor of Teruru with my Magic Cart.


Inside the dungeon, there were lots of adventurers, and also the Slimes.


Then, catching hold of one of the slimes, I engaged in a battle with it.

First, I used my Growth Bullet to defeat all of the [child] slimes, which made the [parent] slime’s defence at a maximum.


Next, I used the Restraint Bullet to restrict the Slime’s movements.

Then, pushing my Magic Cart, I headed straight and parked beside it.


Taking out both of my revolvers——I fired at point blank range.

Both the bullets I fired were the Drop Bullet and the Recovery Bullet.


When the Drop Bullet hit——-It doesn’t defeat it but it still drops a huge ton of potatoes.

Then, recovering it so it doesn’t lose health, I continued this cycle.


And with that, huge loads of potatoes were loaded into the Magic Cart and transported to the mansion.


“Yoda-san! Wait just a moment nodesu!” (Emily)

“Emily Why are you here” (Ryouta)


Suddenly, Emily stopped me from the cycle.

Since she was hastily trying to catch me, she was still wearing her apron.


Since I was farming at an extreme rate, even Elza who was working on sorting the items couldn’t keep the pace.

This might be the first time I was satisfied with my inspirations.


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