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Basement of the mansion.

In order to test something, I came here alone.


Special bullet.

I wanted to know what sort of special bullet the hatched rogue Zombie Dragon would drop once I defeated it.


There’s no doubt that the seed would drop a new special bullet.

Based on conventional law, it’s at 99.99%.


Using the pouch to collect the Dexterity Seeds, I released it at the corner of the basement.

Oh and by the way, recently I have been acting separately with Leia.


Since it was Leia the one who wanted it.

And for some reason, she is going to Selenium everyday.


Well, she is Leia Selen, and it’s normal for her to meet with the spirit.

She didn’t say why, but since it was of her own accord, I was happy that she suggested it.


Therefore, I’m now waiting for the rogue monster to hatch.

After it hatched into a Zombie Dragon….


[Repetition.] (Ryouta)


Using the fastest farming magic, I defeated the Zombie Dragon the safest way possible.

Since my friends are on top, I don’t want to risk anything.


After the Zombie Dragon was defeated, a new bullet dropped.

I went close to it, picked it up and observed.


The appearance is clearly different from the normal bullets, but I won’t be able to guess the effect based on appearance alone.


Then, I placed the special bullet into my revolver.

Also, I’ve prepared a test subject beforehand, which is a beansprout.


After leaving it where I placed the seed, I waited for it to hatch.

The moment the Slime was hatched, I aimed at it with the new bullet and fired in the middle.


The bullet just flew towards the Slime, defeated it and it dropped a Normal BUllet.


[Hm …..

Is that two] (Ryouta)


What dropped was 2 Normal Bullets.


Just in case, I hatched another Slime and fired it with a Growth Bullet.

Only 1 bullet dropped.


So the results are clear, since there has never been 2 drops of any bullets so far.

So this special bullet doubles a drop


Unlike the Speed Up Bullet or the Recovery Bullet, the effect of this bullet is easily understandable when firing it at an opponent.

However, in order to verify it in more detail, I changed all of my remaining seeds into the Special Bullet using Repetition.


And this time, I went to a dungeon using the Transportation Room.


Teruru First Floor, my home ground.

With so many adventurers in this floor, I found a Slime who’s unoccupied, and fired at it with the special bullet.

The bean sprouts dropped twice as usual.


“Wow, what’s that”

“Does the Slime always drop that much”

“No, that’s because it’s Ryouta-san, that’s why.”


The adventurers who witnessed the scene were amazed.

With my Drop S, doubling the drop is really an incredible feat.


Compared to the average Drop of C from most adventurers, this drop is roughly 10 times of that.

It’s no wonder they’re surprised.


Welp, guess I’m done testing over here as well.

Thus, I went back to the mansion using the gate, and went to various other dungeons where I have been.


I defeated the monsters over there with the new special bullet.


Vegetables, Meats, minerals.

Every drop doubled when using the bullet.


Also, thanks to Emily’s monthly farm——the drop rate for Arsenic has quadrupled.


And since the bullet gives double the drop, the drop went 4 times.

Furthermore, the firepower of this bullet weak, similar to a normal bullet.


Besides that, it does what it does.

Hmmm, it’s strong, but isn’t it a little strange

I wonder.


While testing it on Plumbum Dungeon, the air suddenly changed.

It felt like a Dungeon Master is around——-




Suddenly, a bullet was shot at the place where I stood.

The murderous intent came close to me without me noticing.


While dodging the opponent’s attack, I looked at him.


Dungeon Master, Ryo-sama.

As usual, the occurrence of a Dungeon Master here is higher compared to the other dungeons out there.

It’s 10 times as frequent once every few days.


Wanting to end it quickly, I wanted to pull the trigger on it.


[Wait.] (Ryouta)


I noticed my failure.

The new Special Bullet is in the revolver.


Although the drop would double, but the power is only a normal bullet.


It’s clearly insufficient to defeat the Dungeon Master.


And just to test it, the bullet hit, but it did not do much damage.

Then, Ryo-sama was ready for his next attack.

What a waste———Was what I thought when.


“Eh It dropped!” (Ryouta)


I was so surprised that I let out my voice.


It was supposed to be impossible.

But, when the bullet hits, the rusted key dropped.


“…..Don’t tell me.” (Ryouta)


My brain was processing at a high speed, and a conclusion was reached.

I fired Ryo-sama with all of my new special bullets.

Since I have 4 left, I fired them all, and 4 rusted keys dropped.


Ryo-sama who didn’t take much damage continued attacking.


Ignoring him, I picked up the keys.


“So the effect doesn’t double the drop But forces a drop…..So it’s effect is similar to that of ” (Ryouta)


If that were the case.

Even if a rare monster appears, I can just mass produce the item by attacking it.


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