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Chapter 25 – Relieving a disaster

On the outskirts of Shikuro, I’m currently working on quickly exchanging special bullets from the rogue monsters.

The reason is because I have received 5 Pandora Boxes from that group, and using those boxes, I stored them all with seeds, then went outside of the dungeon to find a secluded location to prepare hunting for rogue monsters.

Since the amount of seeds I collected using the boxes is incredible, I decided to do it one by one.

The first 2 boxes consists of Skeleton drops, and so I released them, and gotten a total of 100 Freeze Bullets after relentlessly firing.

The 3rd box consists of Zombies, this time I shot their heads one by one to defeat them, and finally got myself 50 Flame Bullets.

Then finally when I was about to take out the final box.

I felt a strange sensation piercing through my body.

I have never felt such strange sensation before, it’s as if feeling a freezing coldness for a second, that was what I felt accompanied with the strange sensation.

What is this

I looked around my surrounding nervously.

Somewhere in a distance, I saw Emily’s small figure running towards me with a pitter patter sound.

[Ah, there you are Yoda-san.]


What’s wrong]

[Actually, a notice saying that a magical storm is going to happen nodesu.

That’s why I came to inform you.]

[Magical Storm]

[Yes desu.

It’s because of this storm that the citizens in Shikuro could not use their magic powers.

Although me and Yoda-san have nothing to worry about, but it’s better to inform you first.]

[Yeah but, what is this Magical Storm you’re talking about I really don’t know about it so could you explain it to me.]

[Etto, I’m also not sure about it desu.

The only thing certain is that we can’t use any magic around this time nodesu.]

[I see.]

When this Magical Storm arrives, magic is unusable.

Since I’m kinda curious about this phenomenon, I decided to hold onto the last box, and head back to town.





The easiest way to hear about stories, is by asking Elza about it.

Since Elza is about to finish her work, when I invited her out she became really happy about it.

We then decided to head to a Cafe, and listen to her.

[So it’s about Magical Storm.]

[Aah, I have no idea what it is so please explain from the start.]

[I got it! Please leave it to me!]

Elza smiled brightly, and pat her chest.

[So, about the Magical Storm, it’s a natural phenomenon that happens once in a while, and when it arrives magic is unusable.]

[Magic will be unusable]

[Yes, it’s impossible to use any magic.Sometimes, depending on the size of the scale, you can either use magic in the city, or you can’t use magic, that’s the difference.]

[Usable….and unusable in the city.

Wait, then even in the dungeon]

Elza firmly nodded.

[Even inside the dungeon you completely cannot use magic.

That’s the reason why when the Magical Storm arrives, all Magician are forced to stay back and rest.]

[Right, now I understand.]

Since a Magician will not be able to do anything inside a dungeon if they can’t even invoke magic.

In this world I’ve only seen pro wrestlers but rarely ever meet a Magician, though there are jobs like Monks who uses their iron fists to fight but, normally Magicians are typically regard as being weak physically.

I guess the knowledge that I know from games can be applied in this world too.

A Magician who cannot use magic, is even more useless than a tool.

[What’s more, Shikuro would have some troubles.]

[Why so]

[Do you know of a dungeon called Silicon The monsters over there are resistant against physical attack, but are really weak against magic attack.

That’s why Magicians tend to head over there to hunt.]

[Oh I see, so if this Magical Storm were to arrive, then the product in Silicon will come to a halt.]


Since Silicon mainly drops leaves, the prices for vegetables will certainly rise.

Well, at least we know about it the day before, so if we get used to it then it won’t really influence us that much.]

It’s like a typhoon, as I was thinking.

Though, I kinda understand based on the conversation.

If such natural phenomenon were to happen, than this world would be influenced by it.

What’s more if a serious natural disaster were to happen, then a certain production like the high physical resistance monster in Silicon will decrease drastically.

Although it’s about magic so it has nothing to do with me, but it’s better knowing than being ignorant about it.

Since I’ve gotten enough knowledge, I wanted to end the conversation.

[Eh I’m sorry Ryouta-san.]

Elza stood up from her seat, and walked straight towards the exit of the store.

After following the direction of Elza walking out, she is now talking to a guy.

The guy is wearing a rather Magician-like robe, while holding onto a Magic Cane.


[What’s wrong Raze-san, being so perplexed.]

[Roza has been left behind in Silicon!]

(TLN: Name of Raze is レイズ and Roza is ローザ)

The guy’s face named Raze is getting pale, and is currently asking for help.





Apparently, Roza is Raze’s partner.

They are both Magic users, they’ve recently come here from a different town, and they heard that the place Silicon is a haven for magic users and thought of settling in Shikuro for that.

On that day, they were heading to Silicon as per usual.

Raze wanted to sell the drops so he went ahead to town first but, suddenly the Magical Storm occurred.

In most cases, magic users would’ve gotten the information a few days back about the Magical Storm occurring, but the two who had just recently arrived at Shikuro did not catch the news, and Roza was the only one who dive deep into the dungeon when the Magical Storm occurred.

In the end, the dungeon where magic is unusable, she as a magic user is left behind.





[Such tragedy.]

While listening to Elza and Raze conversing, another voice was heard from beside me.

A person that might be homo, it’s Neptune.

[You just suddenly appeared outta nowhere, don’t scare me like that.]

[Isn’t it about time that you were to become my thing.]

[Your sentences are weird as usual! Wait this is not the time for it.]

I look back at Raze’s direction.

[That, to be honest, we can’t do anything about it.]

[You’re gonna put it off that easily]

[When the Magical Storm arrives, even I wouldn’t want to get close to Silicon.

Even the weakest monster over there, for me, it took me about 10 minutes to actually defeat it.]

[….Even if it’s you.]

I can confirm that Neptune is indeed strong, since we had a bout recently at the bar.

Even someone like him needs around 10 minutes for 1 monster….It is one punishing dungeon for people who uses physical attacks.

[Thus, my condolences for them.

Well, because it’s an adventurer who dived into a dungeon and fights monsters, this is just a daily occurrence.]

Neptune said quietly, well I guess it is true.

The guest in the cafe, even the passersby outside the cafe.

Half of them had a pitiful expression, and were saying things like “it can’t be help”.

Adventurer who wants to delve into the dungeon, they must bet their lives to get the product at all costs.

This was what I felt.

This is something common in this world huh, as I thought so to myself.





Though what I think and whether I accept it is two different story.

After asking for the place, I arrived at Silicon Dungeon.

My objective is obviously, to rescue the Magic User Roza.

I took a deep breath, and went in.

[If I’m not mistaken, she’s at the third floor.]

After hearing the necessary information from Raze, I continue moving forward.

Silicon is a cave-like dungeon, natural soil walls are spreading everywhere.

Then, I immediately encountered a monster!

The shape is like a caterpillar, and the size is similar to a tissue box.

As I was thinking that is not that big—but caterpillar isn’t suppose to be that huge.

It depends on how you look at it, though I don’t have the time to think of such stuff.

Thus, I thought of ignoring it and move past it.

Though, it did not allow me to escape from behind.

While I went behind it and continue moving onwards, it suddenly wiggle towards me, and flew straight at me!

I immediately counter attacked it.

I strike a blow using my whole body with my S Strength.

It has no effect.

Though I punched it and it flew and crashed into a wall, but it got up just fine.

[Even though I used my full strength, it looks like I did no damage at all.]

I guess it being highly resistant to physical damage is true after all.

Since I can’t deal with it smoothly, I guess I have to somehow defeat it.

I took out my gun and hold onto it steadily, and fired my normal bullet.

Though it’s just a mere caterpillar, it repelled the bullet.

A normal bullet won’t work too huh, what should I do

Oh, I remembered that magic formation will appear when I fire the freeze and flame bullets.

I load up the Flame bullet, and flew towards the caterpillar and shot.

A magic formation appeared in the middle of it, and the caterpillar was burned up.

After burning awhile it fell onto the ground, wiggled a bit and stopped moving.

Afterwards, it dropped an item.

It’s leaves from Silicon, seems like defeating a caterpillar drops cabbage.

I pick it up, and continued onward.

Seems like the special bullets are effective.

I thought that the magic would not work because of the influence of the Magical Storm, but I guess the special bullets work because it’s considered a magic attack (TLN: I’m lost for words 魔法が使えなくなる魔力嵐の影響を受けず、かつ実は魔法攻撃という特殊弾。)

I was slightly relieved.

If it’s me—No, only I can save her, was what I thought.

Using the two types of bullets, I defeated the monsters who are attacking me and move on.

Since the monsters were persistent, I can’t escape from it, thus I have to attack it from the side.

Usually I would be happy to get the items to sell it for money, but I find it annoying right now.

Since I can’t escape from them, I have no choice but to use either the Freeze Bullets or the Flame bullets to defeat all of them.

The second floor consists of a softball sized fly.

Though it is not considered huge, but in terms of a fly it’s really big.

Punches or normal bullets seems to be ineffective against the fly, so I have to use the Freeze and Flame bullets again to defeat them.

For the record their drops were spinach, obviously I ignore.

I noticed something while reloading the bullets, the items that were being dropped by the monsters looks as though a guide leading the way.

I then freeze it with the Freeze Bullets.

Since it would be troublesome if they were to become rogue monsters.

I don’t know whether freezing them would stop them from becoming rogue monsters, but I did it anyway.

The path completely became frozen in ice.

Eventually, the third floor.

Now it’s a size of a three-year old toddler locust!

That’s huge!

I used the Flame Bullets to defeat it, and Freeze it with the Freeze bullet.

Just so you know the drop is Chinese Cabbage.

(TLN: Which is my fav)

I continued moving forward.

[Roza! Roza where are you!]

Since I’ve already reached the third floor, I shouted her name.

While calling out her name, I walked around searching for her.

Occasionally locust would appear, and I would defeat it and freeze the dropped item.

Thus I thoroughly searched the third floor.

[Roza—There she is!]

I saw a female magic user in a slightly complicated place.

The girl has fallen on the ground, seems like she has lost conscious.

Her breathing is rough, her chest is moving up and down—She’s still alive!

Yoshi, time to bring this girl back up.

Was what I thought when a locust appear.

Let’s defeat it, as I tried reaching for the Flame bullets—.

[I’m out of bullets!]

I have no more Flame Bullets, and even Freeze Bullets.

Since along the way I’ve been spamming them, I’ve used up all of them.

The locust then flew towards us, it’s quite fast!

I hold on to it and threw it away, then loaded the normal bullets and repeatedly fired at it.

Though, that didn’t work.

Even with my S Strength and the normal bullets, it didn’t even leave a scratch.

Plus it’s freaking fast!

I am currently at a lost as to what should I do while letting it eat my attacks!

I’m hitting it with heavy blows like when I’m punching Slimes or Zombies.

Luckily my HP is at S so I can still hold on, but I can’t just do this forever.

Since there’s no way of defeating it, I continued firing the normal bullets.

I fired and fired and fired and fired, dodging it’s attack and fired again, after realizing it I’ve easily shot around 100 plus bullets, the surrounding is also being covered in smoke.

[Did I do it.]

Looks like, nope.

The smoke was blown away, and the locust flew towards me.

This is bad, what the hell should I do

Should I just carry Roza and run away

Since my HP is S, I can somehow carry her till the top floor

Urgh, there’s no point thinking about it, if I can’t defeat it I should just run away!

After thinking so I step back from the locust, and ran straight to where Roza is.

I carry the unconscious girl, and ran for it.

[….Are you kidding me with this.]

The locust have increased in number.

There’s a total of 5.

It seems like they’ve surrounded us.

One is already bad enough, now there’s 5

This is….really freaking bad.

What should I do Seriously what the heck should I do.

While desperately thinking of a way, a large crowd could be heard from a distance.

It’s the presence of monsters, what’s more in large crowds.

The number further increases!

Was what I thought but the one’s coming are zombies.

Zombies Why zombies though



[I’ve brought the box that Yoda-san was carrying desu!]

[———! Thank you!]

After realizing the circumstances I immediately jumped ahead of the locust that was in front of me, and went ahead to the rogue monsters that Emily has brought along and defeated them, changing them into Flame Bullets.

After defeating them it’s time for the one behind me.

I loaded the Flame Bullets and defeated the locust, afterwards I cleaned up the remaining zombies.

I picked up the Flame Bullets, and together with Emily and Roza, the three of us escaped.

Along the way, fortunately I got the dropped from the rogue monsters, and I managed to survived at the dungeon with the few remaining Flame Bullets.





[Thank you so much! Thank you so much!]

[Thank you, You…..really are my saviour…..]

I was being thanked by Raze and Roza.

[It’s okay, first off please go to a hospital.]

[Yes! Let’s go Roza!]


Raze then brought Roza away.

Both of them, before seeing them off to town, they kept turning back and thanked me.

I’m glad that I was able to rescue her, while sighing in relief.


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