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Outside of Phosphorus, a hiding spot slightly further from the entrance.


While we were there, we could see various adventurers coming out with faces full of dissatisfaction.


[There’s suddenly no drops, what the hell happened]

[I’ll definitely come back tomorrow.]

[For now let’s just use our cash for a drink.]


Phosphorus which doesn’t drop any cash has made more and more adventurers leaving early.


And obviously the reason why Phosphorus doesn’t drop anything—-


[Seems to be a huge success.] (Ryouta)


Since Mera-mera is with us.

It’s the same with Aurum-chan~] (Alice)


Alice said with a happy face as she has her new friend Mera-mera——or the spirit Phosphorus on her shoulder.


[The same So if mera-mera returns the drop returns as well] (Alice)

[I wonder….] (Ryouta)


[Mera-mera says it would.] (Alice)


Without any words, Mera-mera’s flames suddenly flame up for a moment.


[Eh Aah, that’s not it.

But it’s better for Mera-mera to not return—-is that alright Ryouta] (Alice)

[Let’s see, I think it’s for the best.] (Ryouta)

[Then that’s it.

Ah let’s go to other dungeons together♪] (Alice)


After she said that, all of her friends were motivated.

With their deformed look, they jumped for joy with their hands up, which was comical.


[Right! Hey Mera-mera come’re, and also Boney-chan.] (Alice)


Suddenly remembering something, she opened her palm to indicate them going there.

Boney-chan naturally slid down to her palms, but Mera-mera who isn’t used to it was slightly confused, but he manages to head there as well.


Boney-chan was standing straight, whereas Mera-mera was floating on her palm.


Bone with flame, it really looked like a skull with a spirit infused.


[They look great together.] (Ryouta)

[I know right! They’re both so cute together!] (Alice)

[I won’t say that they’re cute, but well they suit well with each other.

They’re like bestest of partners] (Ryouta)

[I think so as well.] (Alice)


Alice has a face full of smile.

Being complimented, Boney-chan’s face showed a smiling shape as she rattled.


With Mera-mera being in the new team, Alice became excited.

Seems to me like she’s having fun.


[Alice, you should head to Cell to report.] (Ryouta)

[Eh, me] (Alice)

[Since you’re the one who has Mera-mera now, it’s better to show Cell about it.] (Ryouta)

[You’re right! Alright, lead the way!] (Alice)


Alice nodded and had Gau-gau return to its dragon size, and have everyone ride on top of it.


[I’m impressed.] (Rebecca)


Suddenly a voice was heard from behind.


She who did not trust Alice to do the job, suddenly joined us and spoke.


[On what] (Ryouta)

[I’ve heard of the story, to have Phosphorus not live in the dungeon to solve the problem] (Rebecca)

[Yeah.] (Ryouta)

[Which means all the achievements goes to her.] (Rebecca)

[I mean obviously that’s the case….] (Ryouta)


Looking back, I could see Alice getting smaller and smaller in distance.


[The one doing all the work was Alice, I didn’t do much at all.

So obviously she would get all the credit.] (Ryouta)

[Are you sure about that] (Rebecca)

[Yeah, of course.] (Ryouta)


I immediately answered.

Rebecca stared at my resolution.


[…..Hmm.] (Rebecca)


Breathing out from her nose, she turned and walked away.

Oh right, she didn’t tell me the reason why she came to meet with me….Is that alright



Shikuro Dungeon Association, the chairman’s office.

It was rare of Alice to be in Ryouta’s shoe, where she went to meet with Cell.


[As expected of Satou-sama’s teammates, to be able to obtain a spirit as an ally.] (Cell)

[Mera-mera’s not an ally, but a friend! Right~] (Alice)


Mera-mera’s flame warmed up.


[I’m impressed.] (Cell)

[With that, I’m the same rank as that person.] (Alice)

[You’re talking about Rebecca] (Cell)

[You knew] (Alice)

[Somewhat.] (Cell)

[I see….then what do you think] (Alice)


Alice asked as she was expecting Cell’s answer.


As Ryouta’s friend and teammate, she wanted to be useful as his family.

For that, she wanted to proof that she can be a spirit holder as well.


[Hmm, you’re not at the same rank as her.] (Cell)

[Eh So it’s a no Is Rebecca-san really an amazing person] (Alice)

[No, it’s the opposite.] (cell)

[Fue] (Alice)


She was confused.


[You’re actually even better than her, so you’re not of the same rank as her.] (Cell)

[……Eeeeh! For real] (Alice)

[Yes, to be able to conquer a dungeon by yourself and solve the problem, that is a huge feat….Fuh.] (Cell)


Cell rubbed his chin.

Ryouta Satou, a being that can be worship would be able to influence the people around him.

To have a sense of inferiority because of Rebecca, she wanted to do something about it, and the recent event was something she could do.


[You’re much better than Rebecca, I shall guarantee that for you.] (Cell)

[Yes!] (Alice)


Rejoiced, Alice and her fellow monsters looked at her happily.


[If there’s anything that I need for help, I, Cell Stem, shall ask you by all means.] (Cell)


Cell said, not as the position of the chairman, but from the bottom of his heart.


In that sense, Cell sincerely welcomed Alice as a spirit holder.

Perhaps even more so than the person herself.


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