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Chapter 24 – Freeze and Flame bullets

While being at Nihonium in the morning, I reunited with a group that I’d encountered previously on the first floor.

The 4 gofer that has a supervisor ordering them, and the never-changing my-pace Princess Margaret that gives off a fluffy feeling.

Again with the Air Box, I guess it does sell well, as I was thinking about it I wanted to bypass them and head straight to the third floor, but.

I noticed that the box that they were carrying is different compared to last time.

The box that they were holding is a square shape box that is 30cm on all four sides.

The only thing special about the box is that on one of the six sides of the box, one of it is in full white.

What a strange box, as I thought too myself.

Thus, I went ahead and ask the guy that is supervising.

[Excuse me, but what is that box you’re holding]

[Un Ah, we’ve met before.]

Since the opposite remembers me, it will be easier to ask.

[This is, a tool that we bet our whole fortune on that is developed by our company, it is called a .]

It feels like when the guy is speaking, they are some lines coming out from the guy’s back.

But still, a Pandora Box eh, what a grandeur naming sense.

[So what does it do]

[You’ve heard of a right.]


[Oh, you don’t know.

Then, have you heard of people who are particular about cleanliness (germaphobic) and would not eat things that are being touched by others or things that are being dropped in the dungeon]

[……There must be people like that.]

Though I’ve never seen it in real life, but I’m pretty sure they are people who are like that.

[The is built for the sake of these people, when you activate this magic item, the drop that you get after defeating a monster will be sucked inside this box.If you were to do this then nobody will be touching your drop, or the drop would not fall on the ground.]

[Ah, I see.]

I was reminded of the method I’ve mastered yesterday.

It was the method of defeating the Slime on top of the Magic Cart and letting the drop automatically land inside the cart.

[Thinking of this as the base, our company has bet on a whopping 300 million Piro to develop this Pandora Box! Look at it!]

After the guy finished speaking, the [Air Hunt] begin.

A Skeleton appeared, and the 4 gofer weakened it, then finally Princess Margaret dealt the final blow.

Once the Skeleton vanished, the Pandora Box then sucked the drop inside.

Afterwards, the white surface had the princess face printed on it.

[Well, that’s the gist of it.

Whoever defeats the monster and gets the drop, the face will be shown on the white surface.]

[It’s to display the Producer’s face huh.]


Cause once in a while, there are some people who doubt whether Princess Margaret is the one getting the air.

If it’s this then we can finally prove it.]

[I, I see.]

They really think this through.

[You’re an adventurer right I have a few Pandora Boxes around, I’ll give these to you so please promote it to your friends okay.]

After finishing his lines, the guy took out 5 Pandora Box and pushed it towards me.

I don’t mind publicizing it for you, but I don’t think it has any use for me.





I’m now at Nihonium’s third floor beating up Mummies while collecting the Speed Seed.

Since there weren’t any accident, I was able to continue through the entire morning, and managed to increase my Speed from E to D.

Since I’ve finish my daily routine of increasing my ability, I was thinking of heading out of the dungeon when I suddenly thought of an idea.

This Pandora Box, no wait Collection Box.

Is it possible to collect the seeds, and once collected, can I release it outside

After having this idea, I immediately went back to the first floor.

The first floor is Skeletons, and they drop HP Seeds because of my unique skills.

If I can collect these seeds outside then the first person I want to give is my housemate Emily.

If that’s the case then I should get HP up first.

I activated the box, and defeat a Skeleton.

The seed was drop——and it was being sucked into the box!

This, this might actually work!

I was rejoicing, and filled up the box with HP seeds, and finally went out of Nihonium.





[I can’t take it….]

I met with Emily and took out the box right away, wanting to let her pick up the seeds, but it seems that she wasn’t able to take the seeds after all.

[I see……]

[As expected, Yoda-san is the only one who can pick it up nodesu.]

[I thought this might actually work.

That’s why I brought these outside the dungeon to test.]

[It can’t be helped nodesu.

I guess the seeds are designed specifically for Yoda-san to use nodesu.]

Emily wasn’t dejected.

I thought that I can help her MAX out her ability with this, but I guess it won’t go as planned.

[It’s too bad.

So what am I gonna do with these.]

[The only way is to make these items rogue monsters.

What was it that the Skeleton drop again]

[It’s Freeze Bullets.

Well, if I change my way of thinking and collect a chunk of Freeze Bullet then——]

I stopped talking.

Wait a minute.

At that moment, something clicked in my head.

All this time, the only way I can get the Freeze Bullets is if I lure the Skeleton outside the dungeon and immediately defeat it.

Why is it that I go through all that trouble Well that’s because the moment I pick up the seeds, it immediately disappears.

Thus I have to wait for the Skeleton to come out by itself to turn it into a rogue monster.

Though when someone else defeats it, it turns into air—-Just to confirm air will not spawn rogue monsters.

Well, that is the reason why it’s difficult to get Freeze Bullets.

But, with this whatever Pandora/Collection Box, I can use it to collect a huge sum of seeds.

While finish talking in my mind, I left the box at a far away distance, and left.

After waiting for a while, the box ruptured, and the seeds turned into rogue Skeletons all at once.

I hold onto my trusty gun, and rapidly fired away.

Defeating almost 50 Skeletons without letting them get away.

Afterwards, they all dropped Freeze Bullets.

Last time it was so hard to just get one of it, now all of a sudden I have 50 Freeze Bullets.

[Yoda-san is awesome desu~]

[No, not yet.]


[If I can do this——]

After coming out of NIhonium Dungeon, I went to a secluded place and left the Pandora Box on the ground.

I left the place, and wait for it—-then a huge amount of zombies were hatched.

Since I have surplus of it, I’m confident about using it.

I loaded a Freeze Bullet, and shoot at the ground where the 50 Zombies are, freezing half of their bodies, and then shoot their heads one by one.

Afterwards, what was dropped was different from the 50 Freeze Bullets.

I pick them up, and loaded one into my gun, and aimed at a nearby tree and fired.

At that exact moment, a Magic Circle appeared——and the tree was on fire!

The bullets that I got from the Zombies trapped inside the Pandora Box, was actually a Flame Bullet that shoots out fire.

At that moment, another possibility has been born from hunting in Nihonium.


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