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Chapter 21 – It’s not an accident


When morning came, I went to the dungeon.

The dungeon I went is Nihonium’s second floor to hunt down zombies and collect their drop seeds, and finally increased my Strength to S.

With this, both my HP and my Strength have reached S, thus I’ve completed second floor.

I guess I should head down to the third floor tomorrow.

There’s already Skeletons and Zombies, I wonder what monster lies ahead on the third floor.

While having such thoughts, I went out of Nihonium Dungeon.

I head over to the usual buy and sell store that I frequent to.

My Magic Cart is filled with only bean sprouts.

Pushing the Magic Cart inside the store, I immediately search for a staff.

I saw the familiar face of Elza but——She’s currently tending to another customer at the moment.

Our eyes met, and she showed an apologetic look.

I made a gesture indicating to her that I’ll be back and head over to a staff that has no customer.


Ah, if it isn’t Satou-san.]


If I’m not mistaken, you’re Elza’s friend name….]

[It’s Ena~ Elza is——Ah, she’s serving another customer at the moment.]

[Don’t mind, I’ll come back afterwards.

Moreover, about these bean sprouts, can you help me count]

[Sure thing, I’ll calculate for you——Eh]

Elza’s friend, Ena, is shocked.

[The amount is exactly 40k Piro.]

[It’s cause after knowing the amount only then I brought it here.]

Since having this Magic Cart equipped with a new function, I am able to count the exact price of drop items such as these bean sprouts, hence why it’s so accurate.

Just so you know, the rest of the amount is used to spawn Rogue Monsters to collect more bullets.

[It’s easier too since I won’t have to do any fraction.]

[Eeh, yeah..]

Ena is staring straight at me, I wonder why.

[So that’s how you do it…..Now I understand why Elza is so in love with you.]

[Eh What did you just say]

[It’s nothing desu~ Well, thank you for easing my job.

Here is your 40k Piro.]


[Please come again next time~]

After Ena finished saying, I pushed the Magic Cart outside.

Well then, I guess it’s time to head to Teruru’s second floor to get some carrots—

[Isn’t that strange!!]

Don! Somewhere a loud sound was heard.

An angry voice that came from a man reverberates in the shop.

The liveliness of various adventurers who were exchanging their items for cash in the shop instantly quiet down.

Curious as to what had happened, I look to the direction of that voice.

The voice came from Elza’s counter, and the counter had been broken into two by that man.

Elza’s face went pale, clearly frighten by that man.

[B, but sir, the total amount is—]

Again, Don!

This time he frivolously stomped on the ground.

The stomp was so strong that the building felt like it was shaking.

[Only 9k Piro Isn’t that just strange, I confirmed that I’ve brought more than 10k amount here.

Are you trying to trick a customer right now]

Obviously she won’t miscalculate.

Just a moment ago, when I measured perfectly 40k amount for the bean sprouts, how can they miscalculated if the staff immediately got shocked at the precise amount by just looking at it.

Moreover, there’s no reason to argue over a measly 1000 Piro.

[What are you gonna do about it, huh!]

[I’m, I’m sorry.]

[This is not something where a sorry can help—]

The man raised his arm.

Like a bow, the arm is aiming straight towards Elza.

Everyone held their breath.



The man’s arm was frozen!

It’s more like I aimed at the guy and shot with my gun loaded with a Freeze Bullet, and his lower body is now frozen up till his upper arm.

[The hell is this!]

[Isn’t it wrong to lay your hands on a woman]

[Huh Who the fiak are you]


Elza who was about to cry, was saved by me and looked up and called my name.

[Oi, did you see that]

[Did he just instantly freeze him Was that magic]

[He didn’t even chant, was it chantless]

[Even with chantless magic, to deal such damage.

Wait a minute, I didn’t even feel any sense of magic being used too.]

[But there’s clearly magic being used.]

The rest of the customers are being rowdy.

Since I don’t have the time to think, I showed my face.

Then, our faces met.

The man whose body is half-frozen is looking at me with bloodshot eyes.

[You asshole, what are you trying to do.]

[I’m familiar with this store, they would not simply miscalculated something as simple as that.]

[How would bastards like you know]

I pushed my Magic Cart towards Elza, and talked to her.

[The item is….green onions huh.

How much is the price]

[Etto, Eto eto…..]

After hearing the price from the flustered Elza, I set the Magic Cart, and placed the green onion inside the Magic Cart.

I put in one by one.

At first, the man and Elza, and the rest of the customers did not understand what I was doing.

[Right, I understand.

It’s one of the Magic Cart’s function.]

[Placing items inside can calculate the amount, that’s convenient.]

[This is the first time I’ve seen such function, where did he get it from]

While the noisy customers began to understand it’s function, I placed the last green onion inside.

The total is, 9120 Piro.

I showed it to the man, and said.

[The total shows this though]

[That’s bull**! It’s just misleading!]

[Can everyone see the total and tell me how much is it]

[Eh, shut your babbling mouth!] The man raised his voice, while veins are popping out of his forehead.


The man used his strength, and broke the ice off.

Not just that, his body has also bulged up, almost doubling his initial size.


His appearance looks like a monster where 80 to 100% of his body seems to be bulging with muscles.

[You keep meddling with me, I won’t forgive you!]

The man threw his fists at me.


I then caught hold of his punch.

The ground shook, and broke even further, but I did not budge at all.

[Wha, what the!]


Still in the counter, I used my whole body and throw a left hook at him.

The body of the man bends into a “

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