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The next day, in Nihonium Dungeon, the 7th floor.


After I’ve roughly tested the Speed-up bullets on previous day’s tests.

The conclusion was—–I wasn’t satisfied with it, so late at night, I was ruffling around in my bed thinking about it.


Although it’s strong against a single enemy, but when it comes to farming it’s not advised.

But is that really the case.


So, in order to check it, I went to the village first thing in the morning to get the Speed-up bullet.


Right now, I was using the Absolute Rock’s Invincible Mode.

While being invincible, I walked around the 7th floor, and rally up the monsters around me.


There is a maximum number of monsters for each floor which is determined for each dungeon.

That’s why monsters were overflowing around me as Nihonium dungeons doesn’t have many adventurers coming in except for me.


So, I was walking around while being attacked, I gathered around the monsters in one place, then decided to start the test.


Then moving a distance away from the monsters, the Lighting Mummies, I removed the Absolute Rock’s effect, then from my pocket I got Leia out.

Afterwards, I immediately fired the Speed-up bullet onto Leia to speed her up.


This would be my first time using it on someone else other than me and the Slime.




A little shock came into my body.

As Leia [equipped] onto me.


As she equipped me in an accelerated state, the impact was somewhat strong due to the overwhelming speed being proportional to the strength of the impact.


However it wasn’t an attack, so I could endure it.

The next instant, Leia’s four arms reached out, with 4 revolvers on each hands, she rapidly fired Flaming Bullets.


It looks so quick to the point that it looked like she’s randomly firing with after-images, no, her arms were moving at such a speed that I could see multiple after-images firing and killing the Mummies one after another.


A super fast all ranged attack.


While watching the annihilating speed where even my eyes couldn’t keep up, I started thinking.


There were several reasons why I tried it on Leia first.

First was to grasp the duration of the effect.


If I would use the Speed-Up bullet on myself, I would be in that accelerated state and it’s really difficult to grasp how long the effect lasts.

This is because my sense of time is different when being accelerated.

And these kinds of systems have a lifespan in the effect in time.


So while I was staring close at Leia’s movement, I evaluated the speed.


If we want to convert it to Speed, it would be around SSS….no maybe even SSSS….no, it might even cross to 5 S’s in terms of converting it to the Speed stat.

I know it because I’ve experienced it myself, as it felt like a pseudo time stop state when entering into this accelerated state.


If I want to think of ways to utilize this time stop ability from the Speed-up bullet, it’s important to know how long the effect lasts.


While I was lost in thoughts, the mummies that I gathered were all defeated.

And the arms were still moving, so it was still in the accelerated state.


But there weren’t any monsters anymore.

This annihilation rate for an army is even higher than Repetition.

Even though Repetition is [absolute], it’s still a single target magic.


So, to use it on enemies one by one, it really takes some time.


Fumu, so it can still be used for farming then.


Seeing that her arms still moving around, it feels like Leia has nothing to do and was irritated.

And even if I want to talk to her about it, she wouldn’t be able to hear my voice when in her state.


….No wait.

When I first started testing Leia’s arms, I just leave it to her own demise and just strolled around the dungeon.

Leia’s arms…no Leia could directly take orders from me with direct connections from my mind.


No matter how fast-paced the person is.

After all, it doesn’t say about the speed in thinking.


As if being on the brink of death, your thinking speed speeds up at an overwhelming rate.


After thinking about it, immediately Leia started moving again.


The four arms pointed at the wall beside us, then she fired the Normal Bullets.


Faster than a machine gun being fired, the bullet drew a hexagonal star on the wall.

What I imagined, Leia followed suit.


Now let’s draw something at an artist level like say a manga character on the wall.

So a simple cute character was drawn on the wall.


So the test has been confirmed.

Whatever I think, it is almost equal to the movement of Leia in her accelerated state!


So there maybe some cases where it’s better to use it on Leia rather than on me.

Judging from that alone, I’ve increased the usefulness of this Speed-up bullet by 1 Rank.


By the way, the duration of the effect is around a minute, so there would be more useful ways to use it.


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