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Inside Shikuro’s Dungeon Association building, the chief’s office.


I came here to meet up with Cell.


[With the help of Satou-sama, we finally managed to get hold of Samechiren.

Words can’t even describe how grateful I am.] (Cell)

[You’re quite open about it.] (Ryouta)

[I do not want to have any secrets with Satou-sama.

So I thought that I have to convey my utmost feelings of gratitude towards you.] (Cell)

[It’s not like I did something amazing…..If that’s the case, I want you to prepare something for me.] (Ryouta)

[I’ll give you anything, just say the word.] (Cell)

[I would like a collar to display ones ownership to a rogue monster.

And I want 200 of them.] (Ryouta)

[Very well.] (Cell)


Cell promptly replied, then took a bell that was in his hands and rang it to call his subordinate, and asked them to bring the collars.

The subordinate immediately moved out of the room after Cell’s order, the two of their movements were quite fast.


[You won’t ask why] (Ryouta)

[It’s because its Satou-sama.

I’m sure it’s because of someone’s distressed that you’re trying to help them again.] (Cell)

[Someone’s distress, huh.] (Ryouta)


[When someone is in need, then there’s someone with the power to help].] (Cell)


He repeated the words he said back when I first met him.

It’s true that that was my usual behaviour when it comes to helping others.


[As such, I do not need to hear the story in detailed.] (Cell)

[Is that so.] (Ryouta)

[There’s only one thing that intrigued me.] (Cell)

[What is it] (Ryouta)

[I have heard that Satou-sama has the power to help others.

But it always leads to pampering, and that’s what got me concerned.] (Cell)

[……I will keep that in mind.] (Ryouta)



Going out of Shikuro, I returned to my mansion, and used the Teleportation Room to get to Indole via Aurum.


I was walking in the already flourishing city, and the increase in people and things with bustling noises and cluttered crowds whilst thinking silently.

Pampering, huh.


I was careful not to be like that though.

But this time I thought that it might be so.


To monsters like Cerberus who can communicate.

They can interact with humans easily, but there is only one crucial difference.


They can’t go into dungeons.


Of what has become a norm, any monster who tries to step at the entrance of the dungeon would immediately be annihilated.

Even the existence of Aurum who is the spirit of the dungeon is no exception to this ruling.


For monsters who want to leave the dungeon, they have to be taken out by being a drop again, then being hatched from outside of the dungeon.


Hence why they can’t go back in the dungeon anymore.

And that’s why this is crucial, as everything in this world’s items are dropped from dungeons.


That’s why I my originally plan was to create an old Indole.

I can take out my pocket money I’ve gotten from being a Dungeon Association Chief in name, and use that to aid in creating a village.


The me right now could do that, it might be spoiling them as what Cell said.


However it can’t be helped because of the situation of the Claymans and co.


[Because it can’t be helped, can I proceed with it…..] (Ryouta)


With what Cell said, I became lost.

As I was lost in thoughts, I did not look what was in front of me, and I stepped on the garbage that has increased much more than before, and slipped down.


Fortunately my ability and physical abilities were high, so I rolled backwards quickly and made a complete turn and landed back on my feet.


[ [ [Oooh.] ] ]


The people around me started applauding.

That was kinda embarrassing.

Knowing the cause of me slipping, I picked up the banana peel and threw it back into the pile of garbage.


[……Aah!] (Ryouta)


Looking at the mountain of garbage, I thought of an idea.



A place that is around 30 minutes walking distance from Indole.

I arrived at the meeting place where I saw hundreds of monsters gathered around Claymen.


Various types of monsters were gathered, but none of them had any hostility.

Similar to Clayman and Cerberus, they can communicate with each other—–or monsters who have awakened to having conscience and intelligence.


The monsters all turned and looked at me, then they started talking to each other.

I approached, and Clayman came forward on behalf of everyone.


[S, Satou-san.]

[I kept you waiting.] (Ryouta)

[That….the people behind you.]


He took a glance behind me.

There are three carts, and 6 people who are pulling it.

The people are from Indole, but leave that for after this.


[First off, take this.] (Ryouta)


I took out the collars from the bag I brought and handed it over to Clayman.


[Wear it on somewhere on your body.

Once you wear this, others cannot attack you unless you initiate the attack first.] (Ryouta)


Clayman received the collar and looked a little confused.


[W, we won’t be attacked by humans]

[Don’t worry about it.] (Ryouta)


Similar to Cerberus, the collar is proof that they are under me.

If it’s me right now, there should not be so many people who want to come and find trouble with me.


Even though I didn’t give a reason, but with the confidence behind my words, Clayman was convinced.


He took the rest of the collars, and handed it to the other monsters.

Those human or animal type monsters could easily wear the collars, but bugs and slimes on the other hand had trouble finding a place to wear the collar.

As for the gas and ghost type monsters, they placed their collars inside their bodies, as if there’s a [nucleus] inside their body, which was kinda interesting to look at.


After everyone put on their collars, I once again went to Clayman.


[So, I did promise that I will create a village for everyone, but there is a job that I want everyone to participate in.] (Ryouta)

[Work There’s a job for us that we even we can do]

[Yes.] (Ryouta)


I nodded, then gestured the guys who were on the carriage.

One of the carriage came forward and dumped a mountain of content on the floor.


It was garbage.

The garbage that was all around Indole.


[T, This is]

[I want you guys to dispose of this, with any means possible.] (Ryouta)

[What is the meaning of this]

[There are people who handles garbage in the human world, if not there would be rogue monsters coming from it.

So, I think that you guys will understand, but as of right now, Indole has accumulate a lot of garbage.

With the population increasing rapidly, the processing of garbage has not caught up to it.] (Ryouta)

[Ah, that is indeed the case.]

[I told you that you have work that can be done, so can you do this] (Ryouta)



Clayman nodded, and the monsters who were hearing our conversation came forward as well.

Then they attacked the garbage that was dropped from the carriage.


Well, the monsters were originally good at attacking.

In just a few moments, the mountain of garbage had disappeared.


I then handed an envelope with cash that I put in advance to Clayman.


[This is the pay that you get for cleaning up the trash.] (Ryouta)


Estimated money.

In a sense it was a quoted price.


After being told by Cell, I strictly handed the amount as stipulated.

Handing it out, the monsters all came to look at it, while breathing out.


Almost everyone—–except for monsters with no face and some without facial expressions, everyone else had a positive expression.


After a while, the monsters gathered together and cheered [Thank you!].


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