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Chapter 18 – Mercy is born for people’s sake

At home in the morning.

While resting at the usual warm and fluffy home that is created by Emily, I’m currently worried.

Seating on top of the table in front of me, is our entire savings.

Over there lays roughly around 495 thousand—No, rounding it off it’s 500thousand Piro.

So far, this is how much money we’ve collected, our entire savings.

[What’s wrong Yoda-san, staring at the pile of money.]

[Since we’ve piled up a ton of money recently, I was wondering on how to use it.]

[What are you gonna use it for… In a way it’s already been narrowed down nodesu]

As Emily was observing, I nodded.

[I was thinking maybe even though it’s secondhand, we can afford the Magic Cart, or should we use this sum of cash to move to a new home.]

[Are we moving out]

[Well, though we are used to living here, but it’s still kinda small in comparison.

Since the cost of this 87 year old house is 20k Piro per month, the size of it is only as big as a one room.]

[Well, I don’t really mind it—.]

[As expected, a house should at least have two rooms right.]



What happened, why did Emily suddenly had a surprised expression

[Or maybe 3 rooms would be better~ Since Emily has so much things with her, wouldn’t it be better that way..]

[Ah…..Should we bring it along…..]

Emily suddenly had a happy expression now, what’s going on

Well let’s put it aside for now.

[What’s more, I don’t know what I’m gonna do about the Magic Cart.

As expected, it’s impossible to afford the house and the Magic Cart at the same time.

I thought that if I’m renting a proper room, I will have to pay the security deposit first, moving out would also be—.]

[You can leave the moving to me desu~]

Emily lift both her hands up and did a guts pose.

Ah, she meant by leave it to her if it’s about insufficient manpower.

Seeing the figure of a 130 centimeter Emily working is cute in itself but, it’s unreasonable to let her do all of the work by herself.

Well, we’ll figure out when the time comes.

[I’m at a lost as to choose which option.

Emily, what do you think]

[It’s easy, we should get the Magic Cart first desu.

If we get the Magic Cart first, our work efficiency will rise,.though I understand that having both is better, but I think it’s best if we get the Magic Cart as soon as possible nodesu~]

[That’s understandable.

Yoshi, let’s buy the Magic Cart first then.]

[Yes desu!]

Together with Emily, we went to the streets to get ourselves a Magic Cart.

The amount of cash we’re carrying now is exactly 500 thousand Piro.

Since the market price of a Magic Cart is almost the same as an actual car, with this amount of money, we could only afford a secondhand cart.

Hearing from Elza, she introduced me to a shop called that sells old and second hand Magic Carts.

She also mentioned that the shop sells a bunch of Magic Carts, and many types to choose from, I can’t wait to look at them.

Was what I was thinking, when I entered the shop.

[Old man….What in the world is going on.]

Inside the store was a man in his early twenties.

The young man is having a worried expression.

What happened exactly

[….Uh, Oh a customer.

I’m sorry about this, Welcome.]

The young man who finally saw our presence, fixed his posture, and gave us a greeting with a business like smile.

[Are you perhaps looking for a Magic Cart We sell Normal type and Custom type or even other selection that interests you—]

[What happened just now]

While the young man is introducing me about his store item, I interrupted him.

The young man was shocked for a moment, and slowly opened his eyes, while staring at me.


[I’m sorry for dropping by here on the way.]

[It’s alright desu!]

Emily smiled and nodded.

I looked at the young man again.

[Something seems to be troubling you, is it alright if you tell us what’s wrong]

The young man continuously stared at me.

His business face is gradually falling apart, he looks troubled—that his face looked like it’s about to cry.

After a while, just like a straw sucking in, his face changed and he started speaking.

[To be honest, my old man has been missing for the past 3 days.]

[Eeeeeh! That’s bad nanodesu.]

[Is it the time to be opening your shop]

[I sort of know where he went and thought that it was alright but, I’m worried that it has been 3 days and he still hasn’t return.

In this state, I can’t search for him too.]

[Where did he went]

[Most probably Arsenic Dungeon.

I don’t think something would’ve happened to him at a place where the rock monster wouldn’t even move at all.

Though the young man’s face is showing a worried expression.

Emily and I looked at each other, and we nodded together.

[May I ask, what is the name of your father]

[What does he look like]

[Eh D, don’t tell me—]

The young man had a face as if looking at a messiah.

Arsenic, 10th floor.

Even though we venture down continuously, the rock like monster did not even budge at all, thus Emily and I went straight to the 10th floor.

The 10th floor had the same exact monster as the one’s above, the unmoving rocks.

[They are called desu, it’s the most heaviest monster in Arsenic desu.

If one were to carelessly bring this back, they will turn into rogue monsters and crush anything on it’s path.

It is one of the most threatening monster in Arsenic so please be careful nanodesu.]


There’s something like this too.

Since all of the monsters in Arsenic is an unmoving rock, so I thought that if it were to turn into a rogue monster, it would still be harmless.

Well thinking about it, if the flower were to suddenly turn into a heavy rock, it would certainly be a huge problem.

[Eh It seems that there’s another type above us.]

[That is a desu.

Within the monsters in the 10th floor, it is Arsenic’s most lightest monster desu.]

[The lightest….Now that you mention, it looks like a balloon floating around and easily pushed by the wind.]

Right, I sort of understand the gimmick of this floor.

We are currently looking for the father of that young man.

Well, we found him immediately after searching.

We asked the young man to give us some details about his father.

He describes his father as a forty year old short and stout bearded man.

In a way, what he is describing reminded me of a Dwarf.

I wonder does this world have Dwarfs too, and would they look like how I’d imagined

Though for a moment the suspense was killing me, when we found him, he looked exactly like the Dwarf that I pictured it to look.

That person, is currently sleeping right in the middle of the cave.

That person is sleeping soundly while being surrounded by rocks.

(TLN: OMG Is that you Yato!)






[Hai desu.]

[Kick his head as hard as you can.]

[Hai desu!]

Emily walked towards him with a pitter patter sound, and kicked him.

The guy who was kicked involved other Heavy Rocks together and was blown off, [Ou,ouch] he said as he was holding his head while getting up.

[The hell, all of a sudden.]

[Excuse me, but you’re Alton-san right] (TLN: Name is オルトン)

[Hm It’s true that I am Alton but, what the heck Who are you guys.]

[We’re helping your son to find you.]

(TLN: Alton speaks in a rather olden time way, exp: washi ha, or nanjyai)

[Chuck huh I thought that I’ve properly put a note that I’m coming here]

[People would still be worried if one were to be gone for three days without a word.]

[3 days Ho-, It’s been 3 days already.

Seems like I’ve been engrossed in my sleep for that long jya.]


[Yoda-san, may I have your permission to kick him again]

[Try to hold it, I’m also doing my best in tolerating.]

[Yes desu.]

Well, I did come here to check whether Alton-san was safe or not.

We should head back to his son–Chuck and report to him.

While thinking so, I wanted to turn my body back when…

[What is Alton-san doing] Emily asked.

[I came here in order to gather some materials to remodel my Magic Cart.

You guys also know that we modify carts too right.]

Modified cart…Now that he mentioned about it, it seems that Chuck had said something about that.

[Do you modify it by yourself.]


Since I was fiddling with the Magic Cart and got irritated.

When suddenly, 3 days ago, i thought of a good idea to add a function into the Magic Cart and thus I’m here looking for materials.]

[Haah…..if you’re looking for materials, isn’t everything dropped in Arsenic flowers nanodesu]

[Fufufu…..Since when did I say anything about using the dropped materials]


[What I wanna use is the monster.]

[Monster But if you were to use the monster it would turn into a rogue monster–Ah.]

[Yes, The monsters in Arsenic are rocks that do not move at all.

Even if it’s one rogue monster, we can utilize it well.]


I sort of felt it, and started becoming interested.

What I’m interested is Alton-san thinking of using the rogue monsters, and using it to modify his Magic Cart.

[Though, I can’t even find a single rare Light Rock.

Heavy– and Light, I require both of it, but what I found was only a bunch of these heavy rocks!]

Alton-san got onto his feet, and went to the mountain of Heavy Rocks and kick them.

[If that’s the case, there’s one over there.]

[Really! Where]

Alton-san’s face instantly gotten close to me—and started clinging onto me.

After coming out from Arsenic, we went away from the city, and come to a secluded field.

Over there, 2 flowers are placed there.

Both flowers are roses, one is red in color, and other is blue in color.

After placing it on the ground, the three of us walked away from it.

After leaving it far enough where we can barely see it, we waited till it becomes a rogue monster before capturing it.

After some time has passed, a ‘Pon’ sound was heard and both the roses turned back into monsters.

The rogue monsters that was transformed were The Light Rock and Heavy Rock.

[Yoshaa, With this we can do it—-Oh no!]

Alton-san immediately dash in front.

Although the Heavy Rock was stationary, the Light Rock was floating up.

It is the same during the time we were in the dungeon when it was floating like a balloon on the ceiling.

Alton-san dashed and flew.

The stout and short him reminiscing of a Dwarf could not make it in time.

Emily then dash and flew up, while swinging it with her hammer.

The balloon shape Light Rock that is suppose to be a rock is currently floating in the sky

She almost reach it but, it flew even higher up.

[Aah, Aaaaaah……]

While looking at the Light Rock that left him, Alton-san let out a sorrowful voice.

He seems to be voicing out the pain of finally capturing it but it escaped.

[It’s alright.]

[What should we do Yoda-san.]

[Like this—Luckily, I left one more bullet.]

I took out my gun, and load the Freeze Bullet.

I got it during the time when I met with Princess Margaret and her self-made Air Box, the last Freeze Bullet.

I then use it to shoot the Light Rock.

At the center of it, the Light Rock froze up.

The Light Rock that was frozen to a huge chunk of balloon size ice, was lost by gravity and gradually fell down.

[Yoda-san amazing!]

[You did it boy.]

Both of them were astonished.

Well, at least I wasted it on the Light Rock that is rare.

We finally came back to with Alton-san, and he went behind the counter where his worried son was.

Although the son, Chuck was amazed, he gave up and bitterly smiled.

[Old man, you’re always doing whatever you please.]

Though he said such words, Chuck-san still had a relieved face.

Well, it’s not like he’s in any danger, but since he was relieved, we let it pass.

Emily and I secretly high-five.

Well then, we can finally choose a Magic cart—was what I initially thought but.

Behind the counter, Alton-san came out again.

He was pulling out a Magic cart.

[I’m finally done.]

[That’s fast desu!]

[It was just a moment.]

[Well it’s almost done too, the only thing left is to put these inside.]

The part where he is pushing the Magic Cart, the Light Rock and Heavy Rock was fixed in position.

The heavy Heavy Rock wasn’t crushing anything, and the Light Rock isn’t flying away.

It’s firmly fixed in position.

[Is this the modification]

[That’s right.

I just found two bread lying around]

[Old man! That’s my lunch!]

[After setting the unit price, put this in.]

After Alton-san operated the cart, he put the bread inside.

A piece of 150 Piro sweat bread, it seems that this can be obtained from a dungeon.

Immediately after he put it in, On top of the two monsters, a panel with a number was shown.

The number was, 150.

[And in another bread.]

He put in the second sweet bread, and this time it shows 300.

[Just like that, this function is if you put in an item inside it, after determining the weight, it would show you the exact price of the item.]

[Ooh, now that is convenient.]

When diving into the dungeon, it is certainly good if one can know how much they have earn.

Right, now I understand.

Because it needs to weigh the item, one Heavy Rock is needed.

Though I don’t know how it works exactly, but it somehow worked.

[I’ll give this to you.]


[In return of helping me, and going into the dungeon to find me, I give this to you as thanks.]

[You sure it’s okay]

[Ou! Well then, bye.]

Alton-san then return into the back of the counter, while hearing him saying [What should I create now.].

He only loves making them, he doesn’t care what happens after that.


Emily and I looked at Chuck awkwardly.

[Keep it, my old man always does whatever he wants.

Keep this as a thank you from us.]

[I see….Then I’ll gratefully have it.]

Like this, we received a custom made Magic Cart for free, and we are still left with our money.

If it’s like this, we have enough to move out, was what I thought.


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