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Sulphur Dungeon.

When I went back in again, the setting was definitely a coliseum.


The moment I entered the dungeon, I was standing in the middle of some sort of ring, and around the rings were surrounded by towering walls, you could see spectator seats on the top of the walls, but obviously there weren’t any audience.


An empty coliseum, it was that sort of feeling when inside this dungeon.


Afterwards, a monster appeared.

A monster that was one size smaller than an average male, a Cyclops.

With a club on its hand, it moved towards me, the only target.


As a monster it was low in threat, as seen by its power.

Dodging the wooden club that was swung to me, and using a Cross Counter to attack its face.

Although the dungeon forces the person that enters the dungeon to revert to level 1, I’m level 1 to begin with, so my ability is [as is].

An attack with the Strength of SS instantly destroyed the Cyclops.


The Cyclops disappeared, and wheat dropped.

By looking at it, the small amount totalled around 100 Piros as expected.


A door appeared and began to flash.

Till this point everything was the same as just now, but what would happen after this


Ignoring the door, I waited at where I was standing.

Finally after about 30 seconds, the door disappeared, and another monster appeared.

It was the same green coloured monster, a Cyclops.

Though unlike the ones previously, it was larger in size.

It was clearly larger than an average adult sized male, it was taller and larger than a seasoned basketball player and a sumo wrestler at this point.


He would be holding a club, and chased after me.

The strength in which he swung the club was equivalent to its body mass.

I jumped backwards to dodge its attack, and the club hit the empty ground, making a small crate on the ground and sending little pebbles flying all over.


It wouldn’t look good if one were to be hit by that, thinking of being the lowest level too, that one hit would probably shatter some bones.


I tried guarding that attack.

Zushin, I purposely let him give me a head-on attack, but it didn’t hurt that much.


Well, my Endurance and HP were both the same as they were, at Level 1 and SS Rank.

I grabbed onto the club and twisted it, forcing its grip to let go.

With a full swing, I strike the club in the middle of the Cyclop’s body which made his body torn in half.


The Cyclops disappeared—–even the club that I was holding disappeared along with it, and again wheat dropped.

It doubled from the previous pile, this time it was 200 Piro in amount.


Again a door appeared, and I ignored it and waited for the next round.


Then, another larger than the previous Cyclops appeared.

All these while, I assumed that all dungeons were [floor] based, but this had a [round] based feel to it.


Defeating the 3rd Round of Cyclops, it became stronger by 1 floor, and the drop further doubled.


The more rounds you dwell, the stronger the monster becomes, and of course the drop increases along with it.

After the 10th round, the Cyclops was around the size of a building, a titan~




With my full powered punch on its body, it could withstood it, and if I don’t strike it the second time I won’t be able to defeat it.

Even the power of its swing became stronger, and guarding with both my HP and Endurance being SS made my arms numbed for a moment.


After defeating that, the surrounding walls collapsed.

The sound was like an earthquake toppling a building, and an abundant of light shone.

It was something equivalent to a [Clear] sign.


After the walls completely collapsed, together with the drop I was sent out of the dungeon.


[Welcome back nanodesu.] (Emily)


Emily and the gang came and greet me.

It wasn’t just Emily, but even Elza came.


[Good job out there Ryouta-san.] (Elza)


This is rather sudden but could you please count these] (Ryouta)

[Wheats huh, please wait for a moment.] (Elza)


In order to count the drops, before I went inside the dungeon, I called Elza over to standby after I come out with the loots.

Since I couldn’t bring in my Magic Cart, so I was curious as to how much I’ve earned.

(TLN: Why not just leave your magic cart outside with someone to safekeep it or something)


[Ara.] (Elza)

[How we’re looking] (Ryouta)

[Etto…..That’s right.

Uun.] (Elza)


The perplexed Elza hurried over with the wheats.


[What’s the matter] (Ryouta)

[This is just an assumption, but it’s exactly 100k Piro.] (Elza)

[Exactly 100k] (Ryouta)

[Yes, the loots for today’s battle is exactly 100k.

There might be some errors in calculation that I do not know, but I’ll ignore those minor differences and the sum would be 100k.

Aah, of course it’s not enough.] (Elza)

[So it’s exact.] (Ryouta)


Plus—–] (Elza)

[…..Even Alice gotten exactly 100k, was what you wanted to say] (Ryouta)

[You seemed to know about it.] (Elza)


Elza showed a surprised expression.

We had made some predictions, and that was one of it.


What’s more……


[It’s huge even though it’s a wheat.] (Ryouta)

[What does that mean nanodesu] (Emily)

[Speaking of wheats…..remember the previous case when Ryouta-san crashed the price market for wheats.] (Celeste)


Celeste is good, as I nodded in approval.


[She’s right, having just 100k is a huge deal.

It might be that each time you clear the entirerounds the reward would always be fixed.] (Ryouta)

[I get it nanodesu!] (Emily)


Stroking my chin as I was thinking of something.

I have to confirm it.

This is not the time to earn money, it was time to complete the request that the Dungeon Association Chief asked to investigate on the new dungeon.


[Alice, try going inside again.

This time 3 rounds is alright.] (Ryouta)


By rounds you mean the number of monsters right] (Alice)

[Yeap.] (Ryouta)


Together with her friends, she went inside Sulphur Dungeon.

Though it turns you back to level 1, to her it was miniscule news as her level was low to begin with and she has her monster friends to help fight.


As per what I suggested, Alice immediately came back after the 3rd round.

Together with a pile of mandarin oranges.


[Sorry for the wait.] (Alice)

[Elza.] (Ryouta)

[Yes……It’s 700 Piro.

Probably just the right amount.] (Elza)


With Elza’s assessment I thought as such.

For 1 Round it would be 100 Piro, 2 rounds 300 Piro, 3 rounds 700 Piro.

Then, 10 rounds would be 100k Piro.

Well, I need to completely confirm it.


[Let’s split up and do this.

How far can you go in Alice] (Ryouta)

[I can do all of it~] (Alice)

[All] (Ryouta)


Uhmm, I would call Ryo-chan when I’m inside, but I didn’t call him anymore.] (Alice)

[…….that’s how it is.

You can only call Ryo-chan once when you enter Sulphur] (Ryouta)

[Yup!] (Alice)

[Then use it at the last round…..] (Ryouta)

[And also, I leveled up.

I leveled up to 2, but nothing changed.] (Alice)

[I see.] (Ryouta)


Alice once again provided new information.


[Emily, can I leave you to fight 4 rounds.

If you can’t then don’t push yourself.] (Ryouta)

[Leave it to me nodesu! If I take their club then its a-ok desu~] (Emily)

[Celeste, I want you to repeatedly go in the 1st round and the 2nd round, I want to know whether the drop would change for the 2 rounds.] (Ryouta)

[I got it.

I’ll show you what I got.] (Celeste)

[Eve would——] (Ryouta)

[Bunny doesn’t want to.] (Eve)


She immediately refused me even before I finished my sentence.

It’s rare for her to reject so strongly to something.


Eve was always deadpan, and would usually listen to my request.


[You really don’t want to] (Ryouta)

[If I go in I’ll become like low level.] (Eve)

[So you hate reverting back to level 1.

So no matter what I say you won’t I really wanted Eve’s experience to clear 4 to 5 rounds though unfortunately….] (Ryouta)

[…..] (Eve)


Eve protruded her upper and lower lips forward, as if being rebellious.

[1 year worth of carrots—–] (Eve)

[Got it.] (Ryouta)

[——-that is made by Emily.] (Eve)

[So, what do you think Em’s] (Ryouta)

[Leave it to me nodesu! I’ll make a dish so delicious that Eve-chan’s cheeks would droop desu.](Emily)

[Then, I’ll hold it in.] (Eve)


This was one of the largest rewards she’d ever asked for.


[Alice and I would take turns for the 6th to 10th rounds.] (Ryouta)

[Gotcha !] (Alice)


[Elza, could I trouble you with counting the money then.

Maybe along the way we would come to understand something.] (Ryouta)

[I understand.] (Elza)


Once again, as a team we dived into Sulphur dungeon.

Then, the thing that we understood, was that the drop amount is decided according to the round in which it’s cleared.

100, 300, 700, 1500, 3000, 6000, 120000, 25000, 50000, 100000.


Clearing the last round, which is the 10th round would always be 100k Piro.


Plus, the fact that a person’s level returns to 1, each person’s drop would not matter.

Alice also testified that the [Timing] did not matter either, and even Celeste with Final F did not affect the drop amount either.


I find that this dungeon had less charm in it, but even adventurers with low levels and drop rate could dream of earning 100k Piros if they can fight it till the end.


The pattern of the monsters were also confirmed.

I understood that adventurers who are good at nothing but Tsume Shogi would be best suited for this dungeon.


In just 1 day, the investigation was completed.


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