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Nihonium Dungeon Basement 6th floor.

Inside this limestone-esque cave were filled with poison mist.


Though I wasn’t affected by the poison because of my current stone state, I wonder just how deadly this poison is.


……This made me curious to test it out.


I left one Normal Bullet on the ground and took a distance from it.

It’s the case if the monster was the same as the dungeon’s no matter which floor, but if it were from a different dungeon, the item would turn into a rogue monster.

The reason why I knew was due to the fact that we discovered it during the time when Emily came to Silicone during the Magic Storm day to help me.


I wanted to take the Normal bullet that wasn’t an item from Nihonium and let it turned into a rogue monster.

After leaving it there for some time, the Normal Bullet hatched into a Slime.

It was a Slime that originally resides in Teruru Dungeon’s first floor.


The moment it was hatched——it melted away.

It was hit by the poison mist, and melted away like jelly.


[Ain’t this just deadly poison, it’s dangerous as heck.] (Ryouta)


Now that I thought of it, I was also in a pretty bad shape.

Even when my HP(SS) and Endurance(S), it was still bad for me.

Thus,  I can imagine how terrifying it was for a normal Slime to take a damage from such poison and immediately melted.


As expected, the only strategy in conquering the 6th floor is to become a rock.


Though as we found out, there were some limits as to what we could do once we became a stone.

So I guess I’ll leave it to my trusty revolvers and Repetition.


[Repetition!] (Ryouta)


Poison Zombie encountered, thus I used my repeating magic to attack.

Without any problems, the magic immediately destroyed the zombie and it dropped an Intelligence(INT) Seed.


Next was my revolvers.

Starting from the Normal bullet then the Flaming bullet, Freezing Bullet, Infinite Lightning Bullet, and lastly the Homing Bullet.

Loading the bullets accordingly into my revolvers, I continued forward into the depths of the dungeon.


After a Poison Zombie appeared I fired it with my revolver, and the Normal Bullet normally headshot it, same goes for the special bullets.

After testing various stuff, I came to a conclusion that this Poison Zombie was just your typical zombie but it releases poison.

Though it releases a deadly poison mist all around the dungeon, it’s Durability and Speed was exactly the same as the second floor zombies.

It was similar right to the finite details, be it the attack patterns and the movement at which it launches itself at others.


As for it’s regular attack, I can’t test it as, I’m now a stone.

Though I was in such a state, I wasn’t attack once.

Poison = freaking scary.


Well at least I knew the general gist of how this floor works.


Thus I slowly moved around the floor while using Repetition and my Normal bullets to headshot them alternatively, hunting the INT seeds in the process and getting my Intelligence from F to E.

After completing my usual routine, I went back up to the surface.


[Fumu, it seems that the poison wouldn’t follow it’s way up to the floors.] (Ryouta)


The moment I climbed back up to the fifth floor, the mist was completely cleared up.

If I look at it closely, it seemed as if a transparent lid was at the boundary of each floor, preventing the poison mist from spreading up, and probably the floors below too.

The poison was probably a characteristic of that particular floor, hence why the poison mist that was emitting from the Poison Zombie wouldn’t leak out to other floors, similarly it would be impossible for other monsters from the same dungeon to exist in other floors.


While thinking of various possibilities, I safely climbed out of the dungeon and went to the K-I-A Board to check my status.






After confirming that my Intelligence did went up, the usual routine was done for today.

After leaving the dungeon, I went to my usual spot.


A place which was devoid of any human, it was a place where I frequently used it to hatched countless rogue monsters.


I opened my pouch, and dropped one INT seed on the ground.

I was curious as to what new special bullet awaits me after hatching this INT seed into a rogue monster and killing the Poison Zombie.

Thus I was here to test it out.


After waiting for awhile, the seed hatched into a Poison Zombie.


[Ryouta, so you were here~]

[Oh, hey Alice.] (Ryouta)


Turning around, I saw one of my friends, Alice, walking towards me.

Her shoulders were carrying the 3 chibi monsters, and she was coming closer with a friendly facial expression on her face.


[What’s the matter] (Ryouta)

[I wanted to discuss something with Ryouta.

Since Ryouta wasn’t in the dungeon I thought you would be here.] (Alice)

[So that’s why.

So what do you want to discuss with me about.] (Ryouta)

[Un, actually—–Aah.] (Alice)

[Aah] (Ryouta)

[Ryouta, what’s that.] (Alice)


Alice facial expression changed and pointed behind me.

I looked back and the Poison Zombie was there.

It was the Poison Zombie that was just hatched from the seed.

It wasn’t just a zombie, the zombie was emitting mist all over!


[Damn! Repetition!] (Ryouta)


After using my magic, the Poison Zombie was instantly killed.

Though I defeated it, the poison mist did not disappear along with it.


The mist was being carried by the wind and scattered——towards the direction of the city.


[What is that] (Alice)

[It’s a poison mist, not talking about what would happen if you inhale it, your skin would melt just by it touching your skin!] (Ryouta)

[Isn’t that a dangerous thing!] (Alice)

[Damnit! Repetition!] (Ryouta)


I once again used the magic, but it had no effect.

A poison mist wasn’t a monster, even the instant kill Repetition magic that could kill a Dungeon Master after defeating it once had no effect.


[What should we do, it’s spreading!] (Alice)

[Damnit.] (Ryouta)


I took out my revolvers and looked at my bullets.

I found a bullet that might work.


[The Flaming Bullets!] (Ryouta)


I took the special bullet Flaming Bullet and loaded it into my revolver.

But the bullet penetrated the mist, and no flame was emitted and it faded far away into the air.


[Ryouta! The trees are melting!] (Alice)

[I know I know! Are there other bullets…..that are effective….Ah the Annihilation Bullet!] (Ryouta)


I loaded all the Bullet Enhancers, and with my dual revolvers I loaded 1 Flaming and 1 Freezing Bullets on each revolvers respectively.

After firing it, the two bullets went to the direction of the poison mist.


Along the way the Flaming and Freezing bullet fused and became an Annihilation Bullet.

As if a small black hole, the black ball swallowed the poison mist whole.


[Yay you did it! If it’s this you can do it Ryouta!] (Alice)

[Yeah! With this it’s alright!] (Ryouta)


I continued reloading and firing more Flaming and Freezing bullets, and the Annihilation Bullets swallowed the poisons.


After what seemed to be a long time, and I used a total of 24 sets of Annihilation Bullets to eliminate all the poison mist.


[Fuuu……That was dangerous….This may have been the first pinch that I had since coming here.] (Ryouta)


If it spreaded to the city of Shikuro—–It would be frightening just imagining it.


[Sorry Ryouta, because of me.] (Alice)

[No it’s not Alice’s fault.] (Ryouta)


I headed to where the Poison Zombie was and picked up the dropped bullet.


[It was this Poison Zombie’s characteristics, so it was dangerous to hatch it outside in the first place.] (Ryouta)

[Un…..] (Alice)

[What’s more.] (Ryouta)


This time it was Alice, my friend so it wasn’t a problem, but if this was shown to other people that I could obtain a drop from a rogue monster, trouble might start looking for me.

The power of my S Drop, was a secret within our Family.

Thus, it was wrong in the first place to do it at such an open place.


This was something that I had thought for a while now, but I kept postponing after obtaining the pouch.


[I want a place where no one interferes with me while I hatch rogue monsters.] (Ryouta)


A land, or maybe even inside a huge building.

I don’t know which was better, but I thought it would be a necessity in the future.


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