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Chapter 121 – Poison


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Morning, the usual outskirts


After arranging the stones dropped by the Absolute Rock equal to the number of my teammates, we came here to do a performance check with my Family.


[Then, here I go desu~] (Emily)

[Aah, come right on.] (Ryouta)


Emily nodded, used the item and turned her entire body into stone.

Afterwards she held her hammer on top of her and gave it a spin, followed by jumping onto my direction—-but.




Just by slightly jumping, Emily went crashing onto the ground, falling face first on the ground.

As if acting like a klutz girl in a cliche anime, a splendid head sliding.


[Are you alright Emily!] (Celeste)


For now, Celeste who was on spectators mode went over and checked on Emily.

Emily immediately stood up straight, and had an expression as if nothing ever happened.


[I’m alright nanodesu~, it didn’t hurt one bit nodesu.] (Emily)

[Emily looked like a rock just now.] (Alice)

[But, movement was weird.] (Eve)


Just as Eve pointed out, Emily’s movement were indeed weird.

Although she wasn’t a natural born Power Fighter or an Infighter, but it does not mean her movement was that dull.

Rather, Emily was more of the lighter body type and would swing her hammer around while jumping, and landing hits with a single hit.

That was her usual fighting style.


Even so, when she tried jumping over she slipped and fell.


[Emily, can you try that again.] (Ryouta)

[…….Yes desu.] (Emily) (TLN: Poor Emily)


Emily looked at me straight in the eyes, and with great determination she nodded.

I think the person herself realized…..no it’s because it’s herself that she would’ve realized it.


After gaining a distance and becoming a stone, Emily once again swung her hammer around and jumped towards me.




The results were the same, no it was one step higher than the previous result.

Emily who fell face first onto the ground, made a crack on the ground which formed a huge crater.


[So she slipped and fell down again.] (Alice)

[Was it because of that] (Celeste)

[Yes desu.] (Emily)


Emily firmly nodded.


[What do you mean by because of that] (Ryouta)

[When I turned into a stone, I could normally move around just fine nanodesu.] (Emily)


As soon as Emily said that, she took out a knife and carrot out of nowhere, and peeled the carrot with her brilliant handwork.

The peeled carrot with a single piece of skin were slippery and looked delicious.


After giving it to Eve, Emily picked up her hammer and started swinging it again.


[It’s only when I start attacking when my movements would suddenly turn dull nodesu.] (Emily)

[I didn’t know there was such an obvious hole for this item.] (Celeste)

[Celeste, can you try using it.] (Ryouta)

[I got it.] (Celeste)


After Emily revert back to her normal body, this time it was Celeste that turned into a stone.

While under her current state, she tried casting her magic.


[Inferno!] (Celeste)


It was one of Celeste’s signature move, a Level 3 extensive magic, Inferno.

A magic that could even burn down the Frankenstein by calling the flames of hell—-but.


[It, it won’t come out!] (Celeste)

[It looks like a charcoal.] (Ryouta)

[So this is the famous, or should I say infamous Inferno nano…..] (Alice)


Everyone was lost for words when looking at such a sight.

The Inferno that Celeste casted was only the power of a fireworks, hot enough to probably heat up charcoal, that was it.


Celeste was then smacked by Emily’s hammer.

Emily who returned to normal stood up and landed a devastated attack so much that it caused a small earthquake, however Celeste who was currently in a stone state was still intact.


[So hard desu, my hands went paralyzed from the impact desu.] (Emily)

[But in return you can’t attack at all…..guess that was it.] (Ryouta)


The girls all silently nodded.

I have come to know how it’s performance worked.



After testing for some time, the sun was up in the middle, indicating that it was noon, so it was time for our lunch that was specially made by our lovely Emily.

She spread and laid the sheet on the ground, and readied various dishes on top of it.

Though it was just a vinyl sheet but she made it looked like a high class carpet that boosts it’s comfortability, and the cooked dishes was steaming with it’s scent tickling my nostrils.


Despite being outdoors, Emily’s space was warmer and gentler than always.


[During the stone state, the users attacks will definitely become weaker.

Plus decreasing till the lowest level possible.] (Celeste)


While grabbing onto a sandwich on one hand, Celeste was looking over her memo on the other hand while talking.

We tested various other methods and she jot the results all down to her memo.


[It was funny seeing Ryouta’s strength weakened that he would lose to me against a sumo wrestling.] (Alice)

[Bunny’s biggest weapon…..is left as it is.] (Eve)


After saying that, Eve once again turned into a stone, and made a sensational pose.

The sexy bunny suits wearing girl with her proud eyes.

Even when she turned into a stone her sexiness did not change in the slightest.

I understood what her “biggest weapon” meant.


[……I was kidding, you know] (Eve)


Wait so that was a joke.


[But Yoda-san seemed to be able to use his revolvers properly desu, plus Alice-chan’s buddies could normally fight too desu.](Emily)

[Well, Alice’s monsters are a different being.

As for Ryouta-san’s revolvers—–] (Celeste)

[Is it because it’s a dropped item from rogue monsters, or maybe it’s the Dungeon Spirit lending me her strength.

I don’t know which is which, but I wonder though.] (Ryouta)


As I said that, Celeste nodded.

Because the girl who had the Bicorn Horn could not activate it while she was on the stone state.


While having our meal, we’ve summarized what we’ve learnt about the ability of the stone so far.

You’ll become impeccable to damage, you can move, but your damage would weaken tremendously.


That was what we knew so far.

Though it was disappointing that your damage would weaken, but being able to run while being immune to attacks would still make this item strong.

Plus it seemed like you could use it without any cooldown.


[Help me, Low level.] (Eve)

[What’s wrong Eve.] (Ryouta)


Responding to her cry of help, I could see Eve in the stone state with what seemed to be a sad expression.

She was holding onto a bowl, and the contents inside the bowls were the Carrot Soup made by yours truly, Emily.


[The carrot’s smell, I can’t differentiate.] (Eve)

[Now that is some urgent news.] (Ryouta)


I see, so you can’t differentiate between smells too.

So you don’t even breathe when you turned into stone.

Well, you’re a stone after all.



After separating with them after lunch, I head straight to Nihonium.

After completely capturing Arsenic, the next in line would obviously be you, Nihonium.

Bringing the three sacred treasures, and handing it over to Nihonium.


That was my next objective.


Running right as I stepped foot into the first floor, I gradually went down the floors.

Nihonium Dungeon, basement 6th floor.

After going through the Dungeon Snow, now I could hardly see anything in this fog.


[So after the snow it’s fog.] (Ryouta)


While I was murmuring, my vision was suddenly skewed.

My head was spinning, and I kneel down on the ground.


What What’s happening

Is this from an attack Or perhaps—–


[——–] (Ryouta)


I got up quickly and began to run away.

My feet was wobbling but still I desperately ran—–even when out of breath I kept running.


I returned to the road I came and returned to the 5th floor.


[Puhaaa….Haa….haaa…..] (Ryouta)


Both my hands and my knees were attaches to the ground as I desperately try to breath.

After sucking in some air from the 5th floor, my head starting to lift up.


After recovering my HP by firing a Recovery bullet at myself, I went back down and take a look again.

Nihonium 6th floor, was a place filled with poison that eats away your HP.


[Thaaat was dangerous as heck, if I didn’t run away in time, I would’ve died.] (Ryouta)


A dungeon filled with poison, it was common in games as well.

I don’t know whether it’s poison, or am I going mad.


But if one were to breath on that, it would deprive your HP the more you keep on it.


[……Well, I guess it’s fine.

I do have the Infinite Recovery Bullet.] (Ryouta)


I checked the condition of my body.

After sucking the poison fog on the 6th floor I felt lightheaded, but after returning to the 5th floor and shooting a Recovery bullet onto myself, I felt better.


Even with the gradual decreasing in HP, there wouldn’t be much of a problem if I kept using the Infinite Recovery Bullet.


Thus I decided to check the floor again—-And at that moment.

I remembered something.


The appearance of Eve, sadly talking about not smelling the carrot soup after becoming a stone.


I took the stone that was dropped from the Absolute Rock, and turned myself into a stone before setting off to the 6th floor again.


The 6th floor was full of mist, and I stood there and waited for a while.

My head was not dizzy, I was fine after all that.


Poison doesn’t seem to work at all in this stone’s body.

I was lucky, as I wander around the dungeon thinking.


Then, I came across a monster.

It was a Red Zombie.

It looked like the corpse of the body was further advanced compared to the zombies at the 2nd floor, and a poisonous colour fog was sipping out of it’s upper body.


[I see, so this fog was released by these monsters.

Another way to put it, it was a Poison Zombie.] (Ryouta)


The Poison Zombie started attacking me by hugging me and trying to bite.

Of course it could not bite through me as I’ve became a stone with impeccable defense.


I tried punching it with all I got—-which did not work at all.

I did not have enough power to push the Poison Zombie too.


Even if I were to become a stone, I can’t fight it close combat either.

However, since I’ve checked the abilities of this stone.


I pulled out my revolvers and fired at the head of the zombie at point blank distance who desperately tried to bite me.


A head shot from zero distance, the Poison Zombie’s head blew up.

It fell backwards and eventually it disappeared.


The seeds that dropped from the disappeared place, I picked it up.


———Intelligence is upped by 1.


I heard the usual announcement.

TLN NOTE: RYOUTA WILL FINALLY BE **ART!!!! OH MY GOD also P.S: I’ve already bought the first and second book of Level 1 Guy’s light novel, so hold onto your butts as I will be showing all of the Illustrations they have!!! Stay tuned~~


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