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The following day, I was hunting zombies at Nihonium’s second floor like it’s a daily routine.

Since I’m starting to get the hang of using the gun, I feel that I can continuously fire it without any problem.

My accuracy and precision has also somewhat increased, unless I don’t get hit with a surprise attack, I am guaranteed to land a headshot every time.

I’ve also practice on a few taijutsu combo.

Hit it, then kick it, and finally throw it.

If I were to be knocked down by the enemy, instead of shooting them, I instead rely on my body to fight them.

[Another surprise attack huh! They love doing that on this floor eh!]

There, a wall which suddenly collapsed, a zombie was there charging towards me.

I used my left hand which isn’t holding anything and grab its head.

While holding onto the zombie’s head, I point the gun in between it’s eyes and shot it on point-blank range.

Although the attack surprised me, but that’s all there is to it.

Following this pace, I continued hunting(mowing) down on more zombies and get their dropped seed and finally, my Strength has increased to A.

During the afternoon, I went into Teruru Dungeon’s third floor.

While reflecting on yesterday’s action, I went alone.

And I was glad I’d done so.

Because, on the third floor, all the female adventurers that I’ve met just ran pass by me in an instant.

Even the people who are diving into this floor, head back up to the previous floor immediately.

The group who consists of mostly female, all ran in a hurry.

A Cockroach Slime has appeared.

Though it looks like a slime, the size is about half of a palm size.

The body is shining in black colour, while rustling sounds could be heard when moving on the ground.

As expected, it is hard for girls to handle this.

But, this is good for practice as I was thinking.

As I positioned myself with the gun, I aimed at the enemy—-Bang!


The missed shot meant for the slime was instead shot on the ground, making a pebble flew.

Rustle, rustle.

The slime closed in—-and flew.


I quickly dodged it.

Scary, that was really scary.

That creature tried to fly into my face.

In that moment, my vision was 70% blurred by that black shiny creature.

My heart skipped a beat.

In a way, this is more heart wrenching than fighting a zombie!

After regaining my composure, I readied my gun, and aimed at that creature–.

Pan! Pashuu! Pon!

Looks like it landed a perfect shot and penetrated the Cockroach Slime, then a huge pumpkin dropped from it.

No matter how many times I’ve witnessed it, the scene of getting a balance ball sized pumpkin reminds me of heating up popcorn.

Although the Slime is disgusting, but in that short moment of getting the pumpkin has somewhat pleased me.

Then, a bunch of them appeared.

I took one glance at them, they are probably around 30 plus–it’s not really 30 of them, but the number is somewhere close to it.

Emily isn’t with me today, so even if the road is block, there wouldn’t be any problem.

I took a deep breath, prepared myself, and started firing continuously.

In the end, I used up a lot of my bullets and was only left with 50 more, though in return I completely wiped out the Cockroach Slimes.

Similar to what happened yesterday, the pumpkin was popping everywhere like crazy till it fills up the entire room.

While trying to carry the entire loot out of the dungeon, Emily called me.

[Today’s another big catch nanodesu~]

[That’s right.

The amount is similar to what we gotten yesterday.]

[Yesterday was…etto, one of them was probably around 10k Piro right]


Speaking of the gram unit, the pumpkin and bean sprouts aren’t that different.

The pumpkin is mighty huge, and it also hurts to carry them all.

Elza was delighted to see the amount because the pumpkins are frequently used in restaurants.

And as Emily have said, 1 of the pumpkin is worth around 10k Piro.

With yesterday’s and today’s amount.

All together, if I sold it I would gained around 500k Piro.

This is quite an income if I do say so myself.

500 thousand huh…..

If I have this much, I can definitely get the Secondhand Magic Cart.

Wait no, I can even get a rather decent house to live in together with Emily.

Before that, since I want to please Emily first, let’s have a feast together as a celebration.

[Well then, let’s do our best and carry these.]

[Hai desu~] (TLN: She’s using english to say this)

While carrying the pumpkin back to the shop, we sold it.

Then we went back and grab more, and sold it again.

Though one of it is equal to 10 kilograms, me and, the 130 centimeters small Emily easily carried it.

What’s more, Emily has her huge hammer to carry.

While I have the strength seed to thank as a result.

Then we continued to carry the pumpkins, we finally come to the last trip—as we wanted to carry it back to the shop….

We saw something shocking.

The remaining two pumpkins that were left there at the entrance are being clustered with black creatures, the pumkins are obscenely swarmed by it.

Even though I was far away from it, I knew what they are.

It’s the black and shiny Cockroach Slimes.

The cluster FK of slimes are moving around the huge pumpkin while digging holes into it and eating it.

Why are they outside the dungeon—.



I abruptly look to my side, and saw Emily’s blank expression….no it’s like a dead fish’s eyes looking at the pumpkins.

[Those pumpkins…..it’s already hopeless nanodesu]

[Wait a minute Emily, don’t act rashly! It’s true that those might be hopeless but.]

[I am…..I was born for this day nodesu…..]

As Emily said so, she immediately disappeared from where she stood and was heading there while holding her hammer.

I guess this is too much for her this time.

[Wait Emily, let me do it!]


[It’s alright, Emily sit and wait.]

I grabbed hold of Emily and pushed her down.

Geez! I did not hear anything about their being any Cockroach Slimes outside here!

I then took out my gun and shot at the huge pumpkin.

Though my ammo is getting lesser, if I don’t get rid of this now, eventually things with Emily will get even worse.

I cannot afford to miss a single shot—.

My concentration level was even stronger than before.

While attacking, the scattered Cockroach Slime was shot one by one.

I shot the creatures(bastard) that are escaping, since letting even a single one escape will cause more trouble, I relentlessly fired.

While continuously firing, I slaughtered the Slimes.

Click, click.

[Shit! There’s no more ammo left.]

[As I thought, for the sake of this day I was—]


I used the emptied gun and hit the pumpkin.

More specifically I hit towards the Cockroach Slime.


Though it was a gross feeling, it was inevitable.

It was something that has to be done.


While hyping myself, I continued hitting the Slimes.

With all my might, I kept hitting at the Slimes and pumpkin simultaneously.

The pumpkin that was attacked by me has turned into dust, and I finally annihilated the Slimes.

Somehow…..somehow I’ve done it.

I sighed.

Then I looked at Emily, once the black shiny creatures were gone, her face instantly turned bright.

Thank goodness, I’ve managed to not let her deal with it.

Although, why are the Cockroach Slimes out here And how does it relate to swarming the dropped pumpkins

Don’t tell me because we left the dropped items there that they were born right at the spot.

As I was thinking of such impossible scenario.




The defeated Cockroach Slimes are dropping items one by one—they were dropping the bullets that I used just a moment ago.

This reminds me.

The Cockroach Slimes that suddenly appear outside the dungeon are probably rogue monsters.

Such turn of events, in exchange for the 20k Piro, it was used to calm the gloomy Emily with a scene of carnage behind her.

As for me, I’ve gained around 500 bullets from the rogue monsters.


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