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Chapter 2356 Take It!

The most stunned was the Treasure Seeking Mouse.

At this moment, it was utterly stunned.

Truly and utterly stunned!

It may have been stunned, but the woman wasnt.

As the instant those Divine Treasures and Pseudo Divine Treasures attacked, her face had instantly turned ghastly pale, and shed retreated over 300m away.

However, the mouse on her shoulder hadnt been able to leave with her.

It was because a hand had grabbed it.

It was Wang Erya!

Wang Erya held it by the throat and questioned it, What are you doing

The mouses eyes opened wide, and it was bloodshot.

Obviously, Wang Erya wasnt just squeezing down lightly.

Let it go! Suddenly, the woman shouted with rage.

As soon as it heard her, Oxxy leaped up to her and slammed its fist at her!

The womans expression changed drastically, and she slapped her palm at Oxxys fist.

Sparks flashed on her palm.

However, shed clearly underestimated Oxxy.

As soon as they collided, the womans arm exploded apart, and her figure was blasted away.


She slammed against the city wall over 300m away, causing it to collapse and cover her in rubble.

Meanwhile, the man hurriedly charged over and pulled her out of it.

He was about to leave with her, but she refused to leave and just stared at Wang Erya, L-Let it go!

Obviously, she was speaking about the mouse!

At this moment, the mouse was shivering in Wang Eryas grasp because numerous Divine Treasures and Pseudo Divine Treasures were aimed at it!

Yang Ye glanced at the mouse and shook his head.

Kill Snowy

That was no different than courting death! Could Snowy be touched It could be said that if anyone dared to touch Snowy, the consequences of that would be very, very severe.

Conversely, the consequences of touching Yang Ye wasnt that severe.

Because if someone attacked him, these fellows wouldnt be this enthusiastic.

Wang Erya turned around and gazed at Snowy, What should we do

Snowy blinked, and then went over to it.

At this moment, the mouse was beyond shocked, and it didnt dare look Snowy in the eyes!

Snowy gazed at it for a long time, and then she opened her mouth and inhaled slightly.

A short while later, the mouse was visibly in pain, and it howled madly while horror and a pleading gaze filled its eyes.

However, Snowy didnt stop.

A short while later, a wisp of white light flashed out of it and was swallowed by Snowy.

In an instant, the Treasure Seeker Mouse seemed to weaken!

Sprite Devouring! Sword Scroll glanced at Snowy with an extremely solemn expression on her face, and there was a trace of fear there.

Sprite Devouring Yang Ye was puzzled.

Sword Scroll explained, The Treasure Seeking Mouse is a spirit beast, a spirit beast of nature, and its the heavens that bestowed its ability to seek treasures upon it.

Its that very same ability that gained it respect from others.

But Snowy devoured its spirit, so while it wont die, it will lose its ability.

Moreover, its cultivation will plummet.

In the end, itll be worse than an ordinary beast!

Snowy pointed at the weakened mouse with an innocent expression on her face.

She was saying that it had wanted to kill her.

Sword Scroll glanced at Snowy and spoke softly, Sprite Devouring harms the balance, so refrain from it if possible.

Of course, this mouse isnt worth any pity.

Youve been kind enough to spare its life for trying to kill you.

Yang Ye nodded.

If it were up to him, he would have killed it.

However, Snowy merely took its spirit.

But it was normal because Snowy had never taken the initiative to destroy anything.

Yang Ye put all his treasures away and gazed at Wang Erya and Oxxy.

Wang Erya grinned, Ill just stay outside, alright

Oxxy pointed at itself to say that it wanted to stay outside too!

Yang Ye smiled, Alright! Lets go!

He took Snowy in his arms and walked into the city.

Wang Erya casually tossed away the mouse, and the one-armed woman immediately ran over to get it.

At this moment, the Treasure Seeking Mouse had lost the sparkle in its eyes.

Sword Scroll suddenly went over to the woman and the man, and they instantly became visibly vigilant.

Sword Scroll sized up the two of them and said, Many want to kill him, but you and whatever powers that stand behind you dont have the right to kill him! Understand

She transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the distance.

The womans face instantly warped, Ill kill them! Kill them

The man glanced at her and said, Since he dared to reveal so many treasures, it shows he isnt afraid of trouble.

Sister Lian, we

She suddenly howled with fury at him, Are you a man or not!

He glanced at her and left.

She remained on the spot with resentment on her face.

At this moment, the crowd gradually dispersed.

Some left, and some had other intentions.

Divine Treasures and Pseudo Divine Treasures!

So many too! Thus, they were naturally tempted!

Since it was tempting, some would naturally take action!

But Yang Ye wasnt worried at all.

As far as he was concerned, he had too many enemies who wanted to kill him, so a few more made no difference to him!

Moreover, he really didnt take the people here seriously.

In the city, Yang Ye found a deserted pavilion and sat cross-legged on its roof.


He was cultivating Profound Primal Energy.

The strength of his saber was determined by the strength of his arms and Profound Primal Energy.

But he was still at the initial level of both.

Profound Primal Energy was divided into three levels, and he was only at the first level.

As for his arms, he could only move mountains.

But behind it was the realm of raising the earth and shaking the world.

As for why hed stopped in the city, it was because he sensed that his Profound Primal Energy was about to advance.

According to his estimations, it may be related to his Primordial Violet Energy.

He didnt just have Profound Primal Energy within him, he had Primordial Violet Energy too, and the Primordial Violet Energy wasnt just nourishing his body every day, it was nourishing his Profound Primal Energy too.

So, as time went by, it was gradually transforming.

Something worth mentioning was that Snowy desired his Profound Primal Energy a little, and she would occasionally absorb some of it while he cultivated.

Profound Primal Energy filled Yang Yes body, and they flowed incessantly through him along with the Primordial Violet Energy.

When Yang Ye circulated his mental cultivation technique, both types of energy would start to circulate, and the color of the Profound Primal Energy gradually started to change.

Snowy laid quietly on Yang Yes shoulder while inhaling slightly from time to time, causing a little Profound Primal Energy to escape Yang Yes body.

She seemed to feel guilty about stealing it from him, so she would immediately close her eyes upon absorbing some and act like she was sleeping.

A short while later, she would sneak a glance at Yang Ye and inhale again

Just like that, an entire night passed

A ray of sunlight descended, and the city started to bustle.

On the pavilion, faint golden light suddenly appeared around Yang Ye.

It was caused by the Profound Primal Energy that seeped out from him, and the light grew more and more solid.

Just like that, it continued until noon, and then all the golden light vanished.

Yang Ye opened his eyes and circulated his mental cultivation method.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

In an instant, countless strands of Profound Primal Energy flowed along his meridians and blood!

The 2nd level!

His Profound Primal Energy was finally at the 2nd level.

Now, if he used his saber, he could improve its strength by at least 50%.

Moreover, he could use the Profound Primal Energy on his sword too!

Besides that, after he cultivated the saber, Yang Ye had made a new discovery, the flaws and advantages between the saber and the sword.

The sabers advantage was how it was used with large swings and overcame everything with sheer force, and the swords advantage was how light and swift it was.

Simply speaking, he was using the saber to verify his attainments in the sword!

While he was only at the True Dao Real right now, if the Sword Domain and his treasures were included, then his strength was capable of breaking the limit.

Yang Ye wasnt fully bound by his realm of cultivation.

The reason it was only partial was because he still had to rely on external sources of strength like treasures.

If he didnt have to rely on treasures like Tian Xiu, and he could do so with just his own strength, then he would truly be a person who wasnt bound by his realm of cultivation!

The most monstrous geniuses of the world were those who werent bound by their realms of cultivation!

Yang Ye took a deep breath on the pavilion, and then he glanced at his hands.

Presently, he had the strength to break the limits of a world.

However, he had to use all his trump cards to accomplish that, and he even had to risk his life.

Simply speaking, he was still quite inferior when compared to a true Limitbreaker Realm expert.

Moreover, he could sense that he didnt have much time left!

Yang Ye looked toward the north of the city.

The Northern Sword Tomb was in that direction.

Yang Ye spoke softly, I hope I gain something during this trip.

As soon as he finished speaking, he was about to leave, but he suddenly turned to the side.

An old man and three middle aged men were there.

The old man was at the True World Realm, and the middle aged men were at the True Void Realm.

Besides that, there was a woman by the old mans side.

She was the same woman hed met yesterday.

Her arm hadnt been restored, and she was still a one-armed woman.

Besides that, the Treasure Seeking Mouse was on her shoulder.

At this moment, it didnt have the spirit it used to have, and its entire body was shriveled up as if it had been sucked dry.

The mouse stared at Snowy with resentment in its eyes.

The old man sized up Yang Ye and asked, Where are you going

Yang Ye told the truth, The Northern Sword Tomb.

The old man said, A demon beast of yours did this to my granddaughter, right

Yang Ye nodded, Oxxy did that.

The old mans eyes narrowed slightly, How about you compensate her with those Divine Treasures, Pseudo Divine Treasures, and that little bastard on your shoulder

Little bastard

Snowy blinked and gazed at Yang Ye.

Obviously, she was asking what that meant.

Yang Ye rubbed her head, and then a ray of light flashed.


The womans remaining arm flew up into the air!

Everyone here was stunned!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye was still on the spot as if hed never moved.

A moment later, a ray of light flashed.

The old mans expression changed drastically, and he was just about to attack when a sword pressed against his forehead.

The old mans body stiffened on the spot.

Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and then the Sword Gourd, the Primordial Axe of Creation, the three ancient swords, and the two flying blades appeared before the old man.

Yang Ye looked the old man in the eyes, Theyre all here.

Take them Yang Ye pressed his sword a little deeper into the old mans forehead, causing blood to spray out of it.

Yang Ye pressed his sword further in and said, Hmm Why arent you taking them! Im giving them all to you! Take them!

As soon as he finished speaking, a blood red glow suddenly appeared around him, and his eyes seemed like an ocean of blood!


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