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Chapter 2355 Terrifying!

A Treasure Seeking Mouse!

More and more were gathering here, and their gazes immediately descended upon Yang Ye when they saw that the mouse was growling at him.

Some were curious, some had ill intent!

Creatures like the Treasure Seeking Mouse were only interested in good treasures.

Obviously, Yang Ye possessed extremely good treasure or even a legendary Divine Treasure!

A Divine Treasure!

Just thinking about that made the eyes of countless burn with desire.

Yang Ye sized up the mouse and asked, What do you want

The mouse glared at Yang Ye and growled hysterically as if it wanted to eat him alive.

Yang Ye thought for a moment, and then he raised his palm to reveal three swords.

It was those three ancient swords!

Pseudo Divine Treasures!

The spectators were extremely shocked by the sight of this.

Obviously, theyd recognized those swords.

Even though they were just Pseudo Divine Treasures, it was quite terrifying to be able to produce three of them in such a casual manner.

Moreover, even Pseudo Divine Treasures were extremely precious.

After all, having just five or six in a single universe was pretty shocking.

The mouse glanced at the swords, but it glared angrily at Yang Ye again and started waving its claws.

Obviously, they werent what it wanted!

The gazes of everyone descended upon Yang Ye again.

Theres more

Yang Ye glanced at it, and then he withdrew the Sword Gourd.

As soon as the mouse saw it, its eyes instantly opened wide.

A Divine Treasure!

The mouse wasnt the only one who reacted like that, the others eyes opened wide too.

A Divine Treasure!

It was an actual Divine Treasure.

Because it made them feel an invisible feeling of pressure.

Moreover, it felt extremely dangerous to them too!

Yang Ye waved the Sword Gourd at it and said, You want this one

The mouse glanced at Yang Yes stomach.

Obviously, it had sensed something else, but it still nodded.

Yang Ye shook his head, I cant give this to you.

It belongs to a little fellow.

Right, I advise you to leave right now or youre going to suffer.

The mouse was furious when it heard Yang Ye, and it charged at Yang Ye.

Obviously, it wanted to take it by force.

However, a white little fellow appeared on Yang Yes shoulder.


Snowy gazed coldly at the mouse, and her gaze had no emotion at all.

Take from her It actually dared to try taking from her

Meanwhile, Snowy suddenly transformed into a ray of white light that appeared before the mouse, and it hadnt even been able to react before Snowys paw slapped its face.


A loud slap resounded, and then everyone watched with astonishment as it flew off and slammed against the city walls.


The walls collapsed!

However, Snowy still refused to stop.

She flew over to the mouse, grabbed its long nose, and then kept slamming it against the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

In just a short while, the area around Snowy was covered in holes.

After slamming it around for a while, Snowy suddenly lifted it up and kicked its stomach.


The mouse was kicked flying.

This time, Snowy didnt continue.

She patted her paws and went over to Yang Ye.

After that, she glanced at the surroundings, and then pointed at the three swords and gourd before pointing at herself.

Obviously, she was telling them that they belonged to her.

After that, she gazed at Yang Ye, and Yang Ye hurriedly said, Theyre yours.

As long as you want them, theyre yours!

Snowy cracked a smile, and then hugged Yang Yes head and kept rubbing her head against it.

Is that a Sprite Lord Suddenly, a voice came from afar.

Yang Ye looked over, and he saw a man and a woman walking over slowly.

The man wore a long embroidered robe, had hair that flowed down to his shoulder, and seemed very unrestrained and carefree.

As for the woman, she wore a long dress embroidered with numerous flowers, and her face was concealed behind a veil.

It was impossible to see her face, but her figure was very good, and she had nice long legs!

The mouse was on her right shoulder right now.

However, it was all beaten up.

Yang Ye noticed that the mouse was staring at Snowy, and there was undisguised killing intent in its eyes.eevel.

Snowy had clearly noticed that too.

So she immediately glared angrily at it, and was about to charge at it.

But Yang Ye stopped her.

Yang Ye rubbed Snowys head and asked softly, Is it strong

Snowy blinked and shook her head.

Yang Ye asked, Is it ugly

Snowy glanced at it and nodded.

Yang Ye rubbed Snowys head and smiled, Since its not strong and ugly, and my Snowy is both strong and cute, then why make a fuss about it.

You must be magnanimous and keep a low profile, understand

Keep a low profile

Snowy blinked, and then she gazed at the mouse before glancing at her paw.

Obviously, she still wanted to beat it up.

Ugly Not strong Suddenly, the woman laughed with ridicule, Youre truly shortsighted.

Do you think its an ordinary Treasure Seeking Mouse Its a Black-Eyed Treasure Seeking Mouse, a king amongst its kind.

Its rare to come by in a thousand years, and its ability to seek out treasures can be said to be unmatched by any spirit beast or Sprite.

See its black eyes They can see through everything, even Limitbreaker Realm experts cannot hide anything from it.

As for its nose, it can smell any aura in a vast area of over 50,000km!

The man smiled by her side and said, Sister Lian, the eyes of a commoner arent able to distinguish such a spirit beast, so why make a fuss about it with him

The woman spoke coldly, Its not his fault that he lacks knowledge, but its his fault for making a fool out of himself in public.

She stared at Yang Ye as she spoke.

Snowy pointed at the mouse, and then gazed at Yang Ye.

She was asking him what it was

Yang Ye shook his head, Ive never heard of it either.

Meanwhile, Snowy gestured at the mouse to come at her.

Obviously, she wanted to fight it one on one!

Besides humans, Yang Ye noticed that Snowy didnt fear any Sprites, beasts, or equipment spirits.

Even if their strengths far surpassed her, she still didnt fear them.

No, she did fear Zier, and shed been taught many lessons by Zier in the past! Of course, it was mostly respect that she had for Zier!

The mouse was furious from being provoked like that, but it didnt dare to fight Snowy in single combat.

It could only send a pleading gaze to the woman.

The woman glanced coldly at Snowy, A mere Sprite Lord dares to act so arrogantly Youre courting death!

She was about to attack, but Oxxy suddenly appeared beside Yang Ye.

It glared fiercely at the woman, and then clenched its fists.

After that, it gazed at Snowy.

Obviously, it was waiting for Snowys orders.

Yang Ye shook his head.

Oxxy may seem to be bad at speaking and looked quite dumb, but that fellow was an expert at flattery.

Snowy really liked Oxxy too, so she always brought Oxxy along no matter what she did.

Snowy patted Oxxys horn to say that it did good, and then she gazed at Yang Ye.

Obviously, she was waiting for Yang Yes approval.

Yang Ye gazed at Snowy, smiled, and then gazed at the man and woman, Let me guess.

Since both of you were able to attain the True Void and True World Realm at your age, your natural talent is definitely not bad.

Moreover, since you dared to bring such a great Treasure Seeking Mouse with you, I presume your backing isnt bad either.

If I kill you, the experts behind you will definitely show themselves, and once I kill them, even more will come

Yang Ye paused for a moment and said, Im only saying all of this because I want to ask if you can just tell your greatest backing to show themselves, and then I can kill them.

In that way, I wont have so much trouble to deal with.


The surroundings instantly fell deathly silent!

Everyone gazed at Yang Ye like they were looking at a monster!

That arrogant

Haha! Suddenly, the man started laughing, and he laughed for a while before he gazed at Yang Ye, Needless to say, youre the most arrogant person Ive ever met.

Youre right, our identities arent ordinary, and as for our backing, its very strong.

But why would we need any backing to kill you Just I alone am enough, I

Suddenly, a ray of light flashed.

The man stopped speaking because a sword had pressed against his throat!

Everyone here was stunned.

The young man and woman were stunned too.

One attack!

He hadnt even been able to react!

Yang Ye looked the man in the eyes, I didnt hear you clearly.

What did you say Can you repeat yourself

The young man gulped and said, Big Brother, I was blind to offend you, please show mercy and spare me like a piece of trash.

Yang Ye was stunned this time.

This fellow was really able to let go of everything!

An instant later, Yang Ye smiled, Alright.

Yang Ye lowered his sword once he finished speaking and walked out of the city with Snowy.

When he passed the woman, the mouse on her shoulder suddenly pounced at Snowy.

It had a pitch black dagger in his claws, and it was going straight for Snowys throat.

Right at this moment, something shocking occurred.

The Sword Gourd on Yang Yes waist shook violently, and then three swords shot straight for the mouse.

An ethereal golden pagoda suddenly transformed into a ray of golden light that enveloped Snowy, and then a powerful ray of golden light slammed down at the mouse.

Meanwhile, two golden flying blades shot off from Snowys waist and transformed into rays of light that shot at the mouses throat and forehead!

But that wasnt even the end of it.

Yang Yes Invincible, Hidden Blade, and Sword Supreme instantly flashed out of the Primordial Pagoda and descended upon the mouse

At the same time, the axe in Snowys grasp struggled free of her grasp and chopped down at the mouse!

At this moment, Yang Ye was stunned!

The spectators in the surroundings were stunned.

So many Divine Treasures So many Pseudo Divine Treasures

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