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Chapter 2010 – The Sky Guard!


The surroundings were deathly silent as all of them stared at Yang Ye.

“How dare you!” Luo Wuxue suddenly roared with fury, and then a silver circle of light appeared in his grasp.

His profound energy surged madly into it, and then it started to tremble lightly.

“Watch out! Thats…” Meanwhile, Gu Cangyan intended to warn Yang Ye, but he seemed to have thought of something and stopped.

Watch out

Was Luo Wuxue stronger than the Blood Demon King The answer was clearly a no.

But Yang Ye could fight the Blood Demon King.

Moreover, Yang Ye was clearly much stronger than he had been!

Yang Ye glanced at Gu Cangyan and smiled, “Its fine!”

Suddenly, Luo Wuxue leaped up, and he hurled the silver circle of light at Yang Ye.


The circle of silver light instantly appeared above Yang Ye, and then countless circles of light surged out and enveloped Yang Ye.

Suddenly, Yang Ye stomped his right foot down and transformed into a ray of light that shot upwards.

In an instant, Yang Yes afterimages filled the sky, and every one of them emanated dazzling light!

Shadow Sword!

Rays of light crisscrossed through the sky.

The sword energy was sharp and overbearing!

Just like that, the sword energy remained for around three breaths of time, and then they dispersed while Yang Ye had vanished on the spot as well.

Everyone was stunned by this and looked towards Luo Wuxue.

There was a man standing in front of Luo Wuxue, and his sword was pressed against Luo Wuxues neck!

The surroundings fell silent!

Luo Wuxue had lost just like that!

Luo Wuxue gazed with disbelief at the man in front of him.

He hadnt expected himself to lose just like that.

He hadnt even been able to react when Yang Ye attacked him just now!

Yang Ye lowered his sword, glanced at the surroundings, and said, “Ill be waiting here.

What I said before wont change.

Anyone from the sky races younger generation, no matter the amount, all of you can challenge me together.”

The expressions of the people from the sky race became quite unsightly.

It was a form of provocation!

Gu Cangyans challenges were a form of provocation to them too, and Yang Yes provocation was worse.

He wasnt just challenging the geniuses on the Talent Rankings, he was challenging all the geniuses of the sky races younger generation!

The younger generation of the entire sky race!

Meanwhile, the woman suddenly appeared in the arena, and she looked Yang Ye in the eyes, “What do you want”

“What do I want” Yang Ye chuckled and said, “Isnt the sky race a superior race I want to see whats so noble about you.” He glanced at the others down below and continued, “See, Im a human, and all of you are from the sky race.

As far as all of you are concerned, Im from a lowly race.

Now, Im **ing asking a superior race like you, who dares to come here and fight me”

Who dares!

The sky race never lacked hotblooded men.

It didnt take long for a man to appear in the arena.

He gazed at Yang Ye and was about to speak when Yang Ye suddenly vanished on the spot.


A moment later, the mans figure had curled up as it flew through the air.

The man crashed to the ground around 3km away, and he was unconscious!

The surroundings were deathly silent.

Yang Ye lowered his fist and said, “Next!”


This time, no one dared to rashly challenge Yang Ye.

The gap in their strength made it so that they would only be asking for insult.

The woman in front of Yang Ye stared at him and said, “Youll die!”

Yang Ye smiled, “You said the same thing once, but Im still alive and well.

Moreover, does the younger generation of the sky race really have no one capable.

I may not refuse a challenge from the older generation too.

However, the noble sky race wouldnt bully the young, right”

The woman wanted to say more, but Yang Ye waved his hand, “Im not in the mood to waste my breath on you, so just leave.

Of course, you can fight me if you want to prove the sky races strength.”

The womans face became quite unsightly.

But Yang Ye closed his eyes and ignored her!

Yang Ye was in deep thought.

He was naturally not here to fight the entire sky race.

While his strength wasnt bad, it was clearly impossible for him to fight the entire sky race.

It was impossible even if he attained the Sage Realm.

But he couldnt stand the sight of the sky race.

So what should he do about that Hed thought of a solution for that.

Since he couldnt defeat the old, he planned to bully the young!

Hed challenged the younger generation of the entire sky race!

The sky race would definitely not send someone from the older generation to deal with him.

Because if they did that, the world would think that the sky race bullies the young and doesnt have anyone capable in its younger generation.

Under such circumstances, it would definitely become the laughingstock of all the other races.

Of course, while they may not openly look for trouble with him, they would definitely act in secret!

Suddenly, an old man in a white robe appeared in the arena.

The old man sized up Yang Ye, “I never expected you to dare to return!” Obviously, he recognized Yang Ye.

Yang Ye spoke indifferently, “Are you planning on fighting me yourself”

The old man ridiculed, “Do I even have to”

Yang Ye smiled, “I like the sky races confidence, its just like my own.

Since thats the case, tell the geniuses of your sky race to come here.

Let me see what makes you so noble.”

The old man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time, and then he said, “I think you wont be able to leave the Sky Dimension.

No, if you die, your corpse will be moved out of the Sky Dimension.

A lowly human isnt worthy of dying in the sky races territory!”

Yang Ye roared with laughter and looked the old man in the eyes, “I! Seek death!”

“Let me send you off then!” Suddenly, a voice resounded from the sky.

Everyone looked over, but they saw nothing.

It didnt take long for some to realize what had happened, and they looked at the arena.

A young man in a blue robe had appeared before Yang Ye.

The young man was around the age of 20.

He was handsome and had an extraordinary and carefree bearing.

“Whos that” Countless people were bewildered.

As for the woman who was standing near Yang Ye, she frowned slightly and spoke softly, “I didnt expect someone from the Sky Guard to come!”

The Sky Guard!

It was a mysterious organization in the sky race, and they used to be directly under the command of the sky races guardian.

But after the guardian of the sky race perished in battle all those years ago, this organization fell under the command of the Sovereign of Sky.

For the sake of holding all authority in his possession, the Sovereign of Sky hadnt allowed another guardian to be selected!

The members of this organization were the trump card that the sky race fostered in secret, and they usually only showed themselves at a critical moment.

So, she hadnt expected her father to send someone from the Sky Guard now!

However, it made sense because ordinary geniuses couldnt rival Yang Ye at all.

Even she couldnt fight him.

The young man sized up Yang Ye and said, “The Hear Dao Realm! Haha! Nowadays, the so-called geniuses of the world think theyre invincible just because they have some skill! How childish! How laughable!”

“Youre absolutely correct!” It wasnt Yang Ye who said this, it was Gu Cangyan.

The young man gazed at Gu Cangyan, “What”

Gu Cangyan smiled, “Its nothing.

I just think youre absolutely right.” He gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “Brother Yang, the people of the sky race call themselves a noble race, but their actions are usually not noble at all.

Be careful.

After all, its difficult to guard yourself against surprise attacks while youre in the sky races territory!”

Yang Ye smiled, “Thanks for the reminder!”

As he spoke, he gazed at the young man and said, “Come! Make your move!”

The young man shook his head, “You do it!”

Yang Ye asked, “Are you sure”

The young man chuckled, “Human, looks like youre very confident.”

Meanwhile, the old man in a white robe reminded, “Dont underestimate your opponent!”

The young man chuckled and said, “Dont worry, Elder Zhu!” As he spoke, he glanced at the surroundings and gazed at Yang Ye, “10 moves! Ill kill you in 10 moves.

I asked you to attack first because Im afraid you wont have another chance to.”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

“Fool!” Gu Cangyan shook his head.

Perhaps there were people in the younger generation of the large universe who were capable of defeating Yang Ye, but as far as he was concerned, it was absolutely impossible for any one of them to defeat Yang Ye in 10 moves.

While experts were hidden throughout the large universe, Yang Ye was someone whod come from the Dead Dimension.

Moreover, Yang Ye could be considered to be at the top of that terrifying place.

The number one genius from the Dead Dimension was someone that most geniuses of the large universe couldnt compare to at all.

Perhaps only those who practiced reincarnation, or some other special people could fight Yang Ye.

But the young man was no reincarnated expert or anyone special.

So, defeating Yang Ye in 10 moves As far as Gu Cangyan was concerned, that was a joke.

Meanwhile, the young man suddenly said, “Make your move!”

Yang Ye nodded slightly, “Alright!” As soon as he finished speaking, a sword started spinning rapidly on his palm.

At this moment, Yang Yes aura instantly changed.

Yang Ye was like a sword that would pierce the sky!

The old mans expression changed, and he hurriedly gazed at the young man, “Dont underestimate him!” His voice was slightly more serious.

At this moment, the young mans expression was solemn as well.

As the sword on Yang Yes palm spun even faster, the young man started to panic slightly.

His intuition told him that it was very dangerous! Yang Yes attack was extremely dangerous!

“Dont let him accumulate strength!” The old mans voice suddenly resounded in the young mans mind.

The young man hesitated for a moment and nodded slightly.

After that, a blood red scythe appeared in his grasp, and then he vanished on the spot.

A ray of blood red light shot forward!

Yang Ye was stunned, “Didnt you say that youd let me attack first Youre not a man of your word!”

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