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Seeing Nie Suijings frightened face, Luo Xinrui felt a little relieved.

She picked up her bag and walked out.

Luo Xinrui felt disgusted even breathing the same air as that piece of trash.

She left and looked at the cement stairs and red-painted wooden handrails in the old corridor.

Her heart couldnt help but ache.

This was the place she missed the most.

No one knew that Luo Xinrui was actually an illegitimate daughter of the Luo family.

Her maternal grandparents had a military background.

Given their status, they forbid their daughter from marrying an insignificant businessman.

However, they did not expect their daughter to get pregnant behind their back.

At that time, Luo Xinruis father, Luo Chenghui, chose to marry someone else.

Unfortunately, his legal wife encountered a mishap during labor, and their child died.

Luo Xinruis mother lost her life as well.

With that, Luo Xinrui was brought into the Luo family.

She had to call another woman her mother.

When she was 4 years old, her maternal grandparents came looking for her.

Only then did Luo Xinrui learn that she wasnt the biological child of the woman she came to know as her mother.

Luo Chenghui agreed because he felt guilty toward Luo Xinruis mother.

Every year during the holidays, Luo Xinrui would come to stay with her grandparents for a while.

Her maternal grandfather was a soldier and had always lived in the military compound, so he kept it a secret.

It was completely different from the Luo familys atmosphere.

Her grandfather could play the violin, and her grandmother could play the piano.

The two of them were harmonious and didnt force Luo Xinrui to do anything.

As for the Luo family, everyone placed their interests first.

In order to sell her for a good price, Luo Xinrui participated in countless blind dates.

However, she only loved He Xun.

After seeing a man like He Xun, who was like a god, how could she still have feelings for someone else

Moreover, given her relationship with her grandparents, she could have left the Luo family.

But then, if she left the Luo family, she would not be able to see He Xun every day.

For He Xun, she had rejected her maternal grandparents, who were the only ones who had doted on her, and had suffered in the Luo family for so many years.

Why did she have to sacrifice so much for He Xun

Why couldnt He Xun belong to her

She would definitely snatch He Xun back!


After receiving He Xuns seemingly threatening message, Chen Weiers brain began to spin.

Did her husband see through her

Did He Xun realize she forgot about him

Thinking of this, Chen Weier felt even more guilty.

She was really preoccupied with something else, but she couldnt just admit that!

Chen Weier pursed her lips and typed a line of words in a cheerful tone.

[Youre my dearest husband.

Of course, I miss you!]

However, for some reason, He Xun did not reply this time.

He was probably busy.

Chen Weier pouted and snorted in her heart!

This indecent husband of hers had changed.

He Xun actually stopped replying to her messages!

Did he become a bit proud of himself

Or was she ineffective this time

Chen Weier waited for a long time, but He Xun still didnt respond.

She began to feel that something was wrong.

Although He Xun would occasionally kid with her and pretend to be angry, he never failed to reply for so long.

Even if her husband was in a meeting, He Xun would take the time to comfort her.

What could be happening to her husband then

The more Chen Weier thought about it, the more her heart sank.

He Xun couldnt be really angry, right

Nie Suijing had mentioned elopement on the internet, which was a taboo for He Xun.

It was indeed the truth that his wife attempted to elope with her first love.

This time, Nie Suijings words should have completely poked the wound in He Xuns heart that he didnt want to mention the most.

Chen Weier knew that no man would be able to accept this kind of betrayal.

She was at a loss.

In the next second, Chen Weiers face turned pale.

Back then, her brain must have been greatly damaged…

She curled herself up in the chair, not knowing what to do to appease He Xun.

This was her fault, but how was she going to make up for it

She had always thought that as long as she didnt provoke Nie Suijing, the past would be in the past.

Who would have thought that someone who had been stained with dog ** would come to find her again!

Chen Weiers mind was in a mess, and she began to let her imagination run wild.

Would He Xun be disappointed in her And then he went to find the woman in his diary

No! It wasnt easy for her to reveal her identity as He Xuns wife.

Moreover, they just began their married life.

How could she accept such a loss

Everything seemed to point at Nie Suijing.

Chen Weier thought that as long as she rejected Nie Suijings goodwill and got rid of that stinky dog **, He Xun should be able to see her true feelings.

As Chen Weier thought about it, she cheered herself up again and opened her social media account.

After typing for a long time, she published it.

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