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“President He, the technical department already checked the surveillance videos of all the streets, including the train stations, airports, ports, and all travel records to ensure that Nie Suijing was still in the city! He never left.”

The head of the technical department was also trembling—afraid that he would say something wrong.

But all the investigations pointed to Nie Suijings neighborhood, so how could they not find him

He Xun fell silent.

He was also pondering this problem.

Nie Suijing shouldnt be able to escape the He Groups technical departments search by himself.

This meant that someone was helping him.

He Xun was very confident in the He Groups technical department.

As long as the He Group wanted it, they could find anyone.

The person who helped Nie Suijing escape should be very familiar with the He Groups technology.

A thought flashed through He Xuns mind.

“Who did Nie Suijing contact recently Dont let a single person off.” The cold voice resounded in the office.

The team quickly nodded and left.

He Xuns gaze once again focused on the phone.

His eyes darkened.


In the quiet courtyard, only the occasional passing cars and the voices of the elderly could be heard.

Nie Suijing sat in a half-old chair and looked around the room.

He was inside a three-story building where each floor was about 100 square meters.

The house was quite antique and looked like it had not been lived in for a long time.

There were even cobwebs on the roof.

Luo Xinrui walked over in her high heels.

“Drink, theres only water.” She then placed a glass in front of Nie Suijing and sat down on a dusty old sofa.

Nie Suijing raised his eyebrows but didnt take it.

“Youre afraid Ill poison you” Luo Xinrui sneered.

“No, I am not,” Nie Suijing picked up the cup, trying to prove that he didnt mind, but he couldnt force himself to drink it.

The cup was too old, and the water was still hot after it was boiled from a kettle that had not been used for many years.

Although Nie Suijings family was poor, he had lived the life of a big star for a while and was now spoiled.

“Its fine if you dont want to drink.” Luo Xinrui snatched the glass of water.

If she wasnt forced by the situation, she wouldnt have brought Nie Suijing here.

This represented Luo Xinruis entire childhood.

No one knew about this place except her.

Similarly, He Xuns men would never be able to track them down.

“Miss Luo is so rich.

How could she have such a run-down house” Nie Suijing looked around with a contemptuous expression.

“This is none of your business.” Luo Xinruis cold eyes swept across Nie Suijings face and threw him a phone.

“Give me your phone.

Use this phone to contact the outside world and use this number to register a new account.

He Xuns people wont be able to find the IP address.”

“Its that powerful” Nie Suijing picked up the phone and looked at it.

It was no different from an ordinary phone.

Even the He Group wouldnt be able to locate it

But Luo Xinrui obviously didnt want to explain to Nie Suijing.

She coldly ordered, “Unless I let you out, you cant leave this place.

If you leave, you will be caught by He Xuns men.”

After a pause, Luo Xinrui continued, “I will take care of your food, clothing, and accommodation.

Someone will send you three meals a day.

You just need to post news about Chen Weier on the internet on time.”

Nie Suijing narrowed his eyes.

“Youre putting me under house arrest.

Im at a disadvantage, arent I ”

Luo Xinrui took out a thick leather bag from her bag.

“Heres 500,000 yuan in cash.

Ill give you another sum of cash every month.

The amount will be decided according to your performance.

After its done, well settle the bill.”

Nie Suijing smiled immediately.

“Miss Luo, youre a straightforward person.

Ill do as you say.”

“Also, youre not allowed to touch anything in this room.

Youll sleep in the outermost room,” Luo Xinrui ordered.

“Alright!” Nie Suijing agreed.

He wasnt interested in Luo Xinruis privacy.

He was only interested in her money.

Luo Xinrui frowned in disgust when she saw him like this.

She didnt know why Chen Weier would fall for such a man, but Chen Weier was only worthy of such a man, not He Xun.

“Im leaving.

If you dare to play any tricks, Ill send you directly to He Xun.

I believe you wouldnt want to go!” Luo Xinrui stood up, picked up Nie Suijings phone, and left a cold threat.

“Miss Luo, I definitely wont!” At the mention of He Xun, Nie Suijing was actually a little afraid.

The last time he failed to elope with Chen Weier, He Xun had imprisoned him in a dark room.

He Xun didnt hit him or scold him, but he tortured him mentally.

He Xun made people play 4D horror movies day and night for him to watch.

He really didnt want to fall into He Xuns hands again!

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