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As soon as I gave a hint, his eyes widened to the limit.

It was only then that he seemed to notice that shiny threads were wrapped around his neck.

The identity of the thread was the ‘Spirit King’s Harp String’, a wire weapon obtained by catching Undead Ciel on the 298th floor of the Tower of Trials.

Having Agnes, the weapon master, as my instructor, I was able to handle all weapons at a decent level.

The moment I slightly pulled the wire by moving my fingers as if playing cat’s cradle.



Ash, whose throat was pressed down, coughed.

If I put my mind to it, I can cut his carotid artery as well as the bone.

Looking at Ash’s trembling eyes, he seemed to know everything, so it took away the effort of explaining.

Even though he was sweating in a cold sweat and his vocal cords pressed down, he spoke steadfastly.

“Sc-scary…You’re carrying a weapon.

You can…even work as an assassin.”

“Would you mind not swearing in front of me”

“You’re too harsh.

There should be…no discrimination in jobs.”

As soon as he finished the joke, his expression changed completely.

“Stop it.

I know you’ve never killed anyone.

A killer’s eyes are different.”

“Everyone has a first.

I think that’s going to be you now.”

“Murder is never easy.

I am speaking from experience, so please listen.”

“Can I live in such a tough world without such determination” 

This was sincere.

I poured aura into the spirit king’s harp string.

The wire pierced the flesh a little, and Ash’s neck was covered in blood.

“…If I die, I will haunt Sister’s dream every day.”

“Didn’t you see me clearing out ghosts earlier I’ll make sure your soul is not annihilated in the exorcism.

If you are reincarnated, live as a good little bug.”!


At last, it looked like the battle was over.

After a moment’s silence, Ash changed his strategy.


A dagger fell from his hand.

It was a sign of surrender.

“Sister……I swear to God it’s definitely not Freje.

In the first place, I tend to pick up quests where I don’t have to touch children.

Can you please spare me Please”

I almost laughed at his very pitiful expression and earnest tone of voice.

“I’m afraid I’m quite offended that you swung a knife at me earlier.”

“You know it too, right I attacked knowing you would avoid it.”

“So what if I know The attack itself was the problem.”

“Ah, Sister, please.

I was just pretending, there was no killing intent.

I have not given up on my life enough to seriously attack my lifesaver, right”

“Now you’re pretending to know grace after doing everything you wanted, it’s quite pathetic to look at.”

“Trust me just once.

I’ll show you what a grateful assassin I’m.

I’ll never touch the people around you.


I want to live, sister.”


After making Ash’s heart pound for a while, I said.

“All right, I’ll let you go this time.”

I retrieved the wire that was wrapped around Ash’s neck.

Killing Ash here might turn the entire Night Eagle, the strongest assassination guild, into an enemy, and increasing the difficulty in my survival was not welcomed.

In the first place, I didn’t have the sweet potato obsession to save everyone.

How could I take care of everyone in this terrifying world

This was just a puny baseline I could set to make sure any little kids that I knew didn’t get hurt.

It didn’t matter if it was small. 

Then Ash asked.

“Aren’t you curious as to who my target is”

“Not at all.”

I refused, but he let me know anyway.

“There was one person who had a lot of resentment around him because of his usual behavior.”

It’s Joachim.

“Anyway, thank you for turning a blind eye.

I wondered what would happen if Sister was a tight-knit person like Ray, but I’m glad.”

It was a bit bizarre to see him grinning broadly, with blood dripping from his neck.


Go before I change my mind.”

“Yes, I will.

The longer I delay, the harder it is to follow the target.”

He waved his hand as he pushed his body halfway into the gate.

“See you again, Sister!”

Ash left without waiting for my reply.

No one wants to be associated with an assassin, because everyone knew there was nothing good to reap from it.

I also stepped into the gate.

I had a different destination from the other people because of the restrictions on my range of action.


As I passed the gate, an old-fashioned hall greeted me and as soon as I returned to the tower, a message popped up.

[ Congratulations! Defeated the 299th floor boss of the Tower of Trials, the ‘Random S-class boss’.]

“Yes, Agnes!”

I gave a vigorous answer and I fixed my satchel bag.

As we crossed the hall, messages from the Inspector popped up one after another.

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ lets out a deep sigh and says that there are less than a few months left until the tutorial is over but another accident just burst from nowhere.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ says that this incident was a force majeure, so he will take it into consideration.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ says you did a good job anyway, and now asks you to go out of the tower and quietly focus on your training…]

At some point, while the nagging continued.

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ jumps from his seat in confusion as to why you are going upstairs.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ shouts to stop immediately because it’s the 300th floor!]

‘It’s natural to go to the 300th floor.’

I climbed the steps leading upstairs.

There’s only one floor left so I will get rid of it stat.

There is not much time left in the tutorial to wait for another update and come to challenge it then.

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ stops writing the letter and looks back at you with empty eyes.]

It has also been revealed that there are problems in the tower anyway. 

After going up the last steps of the tower and walking along the carpeted corridor, I reached the front of the arch-iron gate. 

The door on the 300th floor of the Tower of Trials was decorated with more splendor and grandeur than the doors I’ve seen before. 

I can’t just open this one like this.

I didn’t know what kind of enemy would come, so I took out Serpens in advance and equipped it on my waist.

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ grabs the back of his neck asking how much more you want to twist the original.]

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ is already writing his apology and mumbles to do whatever you want.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ pounds his chest with acute pressure, asking if that’s what an official God of the Transmigration Bureau should say.]

The Inspector general tends to think only on the negative side.

‘Oh, please.

Would there be another coincidence such as meeting important people one after another’

It doesn’t matter whether I twist the original or not, I spoke easily and pushed the door.


As the arched iron door split left and right, a feeling of floating enveloped me.

After a while, I opened my eyes to a new place, and what unfolded in my sight…


It was the boundary between deep blue and deep red.

Under the deep blue sky, as if cobalt paint was thrown on the roof, bloodstained land spread out to the horizon.

On a hill made of recently dead corpses, two beings were confronting each other since some time ago.

One was a young black-haired young man with a black sword.

He was wearing the uniform of a paladin, but instead of divine energy, demonic energy was emanating from his body.

The culprit seemed to be the assimilated with a demonic sword that took root in his hand.

And the other was also a young man in a paladin uniform.

He looked tired as if he had been fighting a long battle with the person controlled by the demon sword.

It was hard to control his body, so he was holding out with his sword embedded in the floor.

However, the young man’s appearance was somehow familiar.

Especially his silver hair.


The moment I raised my voice, he turned around.


“E…… Ellet…”



They finished checking each other’s identities in silence.

A system message appeared at the same time as the wind mixed with blood blew.

[ You have entered the S-level dungeon ‘The Hill where the Sword of the Celestial Demon is Sealed’]

And a message from a bitter and anguished God also came.

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ said he knew it was going to be like this and hit the ground while lamenting.]

It was indeed an amazing coincidence.

I reunited with Thesilid Argent after 10 years.


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