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[ Core was not created because you did not complete the Aura Advancement mission.

The accumulated amount is temporarily stored.]

What It can be temporarily stored

[ The size of the core is determined after awakening the Aura according to the temporarily stored amount.]

Ohh! Jackpot!

It was the same as divine power.

Just like the divine power was promised to be that of a Cardinal upon awakening, the Aura could also be increased in advance through prior training, and the results could be received all at once upon awakening.

System, you are the best!


Still, I couldn’t awaken the Aura before the Divine Power, so I was a little worried about whether I would have time left after I set the weapon skill level to 49.

However, the answer came soon.

Agnes’ encouragement made me smile.

In 10 years I will be 20-years-old.

No, there’s no need to wait 10 years.

3 years is enough.

The time at which the divine power is awakened will be the same at which the Aura is awakened.

“I will work hard!”

Meanwhile, from the top of a Zelkova tree, there was a person watching what was happening at the iron man obstacle course.


Through the thick leaves, a little animal-like girl could be seen on the ground.

The pink-haired child stared at the air and eagerly shook her head, as she occasionally murmured to herself.

If ordinary people had seen it, they would have thought it was a strange situation.

But the woman who is now secretly watching the little girl was different.

‘My daughter’s teacher seems to be a bit of an unusual being.’

Elthea’s eyes lit up with interest.

Both Frintz and Eyelet were training hard.

At this rate, she will be able to have duels with her children one day.

Elthea smiled delightedly at the expectations that made her heart pound with excitement.

As the peaceful daily life continued, time quickly flew by.

The alchemy business with Dad continued to be successful with each new product launch, earning us a fortune.

Thanks to the steady and repeated training, Rigid Body had already surpassed level 50, and swordsmanship reached level 49.

After that, the level of swordsmanship was adjusted by learning other weapons, training footwork, or concentrating on meditation.

After revealing to the family that I was practicing swordsmanship, duels with Mom and Brother took place frequently.

I always won when dueling with Brother, and always lost when against Mom.

Each time, Agnes, who had a strong desire to compete, doubled the amount of training making it even more difficult.

In order to awaken the divine power, I worked hard in attending the chapel every dawn. 

After coming back from the ‘Black Salt Desert’ dungeon, I never had to use Descent, so there was no chance of missing a morning prayer due to God Fever.

Besides, I didn’t really have to go outside the tutorial area. 

The Chief of the Golden Ivory Tower sent an invitation for an elder position to the alchemist Rodel, but we refused it, and on Thanksgiving, which is once a year, Grandpa who couldn’t wait and came to the Count’s Castle first.

Grandpa officially established his status as an adventurer who earned a lot of money for Mom’s sake, who still hated the Duke’s title, but Bianca, who knows the circumstances tried hard to treat him without any inconvenience while keeping up with Grandpa’s sloppy rhythm. 

Later, it became like an annual event that happens every fall, so Bianca came to simply see him as a Friend’s Grandpa. 

The seasons came and went several times while I was living a small and calm daily life.

I have greeted 3 autumns in this world.

Last week was the third time I ate turkey breast with Grandpa, and yesterday, with the sleet-like first snow of the year, I turned thirteen.

It has been 2 years and 9 months since I transmigrated.

In terms of days, it was only five days away from the ‘A Thousand Days of Prayer’ quest being completed.

Finally! Finally! Finally!

I clasped my trembling hands together with an overwhelmed heart.

Then, with twinkling eyes, I looked at the system screen.


Finally, the message I’ve been waiting for has appeared!

[ ‘Morning prayer’ has been completed.] 

[ ‘A Thousand Days of Prayer’ Completed (1,000/1,000)]

[ Congratulations! The conditions for the awakening of the divine power were satisfied.]


Golden energy enveloped me.

As if this was a leveling-up animation from a game, there was a momentary holy effect of three pairs of wings of light spreading out.



[ Divine Power has been awakened!]

[ Your divine power is that of a Saint.]


I have gone up one step from the Cardinal level to a Saint.

In terms of Magic, it’s like being an Archmage of the 8th Circle, and if it’s Aura, it was the limit of a human being, a Sword Master.

I felt a new and mysterious energy filling my body and I took a deep breath as if enjoying it.

[‘The World-building God’ is moved by your growth and smooth a handkerchief around its eyes.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ says, an S-Level growth indeed. Clap, clap, clap, clap.]

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ compliment that this is enough to be able to climb up to the top 100 floors of the Tower with ease.]

[‘The Harsh Commentator who adjusts the balance’ hopes and encourages you to continue the path of an OP in the future.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ stops to congratulate you on the way.]

On days like this, even a harsh commentator speaks of good things.

The most surprising was the Inspector.

I didn’t expect him to come by himself and congratulate me.

Oh, I should not forget to show my gratitude.

“Thank you!”

I bowed my head toward the four sides of the Chapel to express my gratitude.


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