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Originally, fighting energy—the resource of the Hero King—only accumulated in battle.

It was a great pressure for Grid to use the Undefeated Kings Swordsmanship when it consumed fighting energy.

Once his fighting energy dispersed and his stats fell, the danger was too great.

Grid desperately wanted thesword energy resource of a great swordsman.

Now at this moment...

‘Sword energy!

This was an opportunity to look at how Pagma used sword energy in the past.

Grid sensed it.

‘Sword energy will be released!

So far, Grid had taken every opportunity to learn Pagmas skills.

He had gained them from hidden pieces, murals, quests, and the Hall of Fame.

Grid had been able to acquire Pagmas skills whenever he followed the arrangements Pagma had left behind.

Then what about Great Swordsman Pagmas Swordsmanship

It was a skill that had evolved using the goddess blessing.

Grid hadnt learned it through any knowledge or hints left behind by Pagma.

This meant it was half-completed.

‘I cant miss this opportunity!

Grids eyes widened.

He hoped that in witnessing Pagma fighting Chreshler and understanding the Great Swordsman Pagma, Grid would be reborn as a genuinegreat swordsman.

“Huhu, look at this guy who has committed unpardonable atrocities against humans.”

Contrary to Grids expectations, a battle didnt occur.

It was because Chreshler stepped back.

“You want to point your sword at an old man who might die tomorrow Hey, Im 110 years old this year, 110.

My blood pressure will elevate just from swinging the sword and I can die.

Eh, you are a bad guy.

I didnt know that you would use such means.”

“...” Pagma, who had drawn his sword, showed no special reaction.

He listened to Chreshlers unusual words and replied quietly, “If you might die tomorrow anyway, does it matter if you die today”


“Your Holiness, please be prepared to die and teach me.”

“Hah! I have never seen such a shameless fellow! The cooked stew doesnt taste right, so you added some politeness and boiled it again It is the first time in my life that Ive met someone like you!”

“Your Holiness, the current peace isnt eternal.

If you die after the first pope, the power to suppress hell will disappear.

The age of grief will occur again as the forces of the Yatan Church rise and the great demons run wild without fear.”

“You know that yet you still sealed our churchs three treasures”

“It was a friends request.”

“A friends request Huhu, what ludicrous words.

An insane person like you has friends You dont know what loyalty is.”

“I will become stronger.”


“I will become strong and defend the world without the need for the Rebecca Church and Franz.

I was prepared for this, so I fulfilled my friends request.

Please cooperate with me.” Pagma raised his sword.

Chreshler clicked his tongue.

“Protecting the peace of this world alone As the descendant of a fallen god, you are arrogant.

Tsk, you yangbans.”

“Im ignorant about the history of the yangbans.

I have never thought of myself as the descendant of a god.

I just want to save humanity as a human.”

“Then are you going to kill this old man right now Is that really the duty of a human”

“...Your sacrifice will become an opportunity to save tens of millions of people, so it is righteous and justified.”

“Kuk, kukukuk! You are an arrogant and selfish man!”

Chreshlers anger was transmitted to Grid who was assimilated with him.

Chreshler was disgusted with Pagma.

“From a humans perspective, you are out of line.

You dont feel it yourself”

“I am ready to take the blame.”

“Shut up! Your thoughts arent as sublime as you think they are! You dont know You dont know because you are a yangban! You arent in a position to speak for humans!”

What is the difference between a yangban and a human A yangban lives longer and has gained greater power, but they are no different from humans.

Our minds, our aversion to evil, and our appearances are the same as humans.

We even bleed like humans.

Every human is equal, so I will fight for humans.”

“Crazy bastard.

You are crazy.

A crazy maniac who doesnt know he is crazy.

Oh, good.

It is better for you to die here.

It was too risky to keep you alive.”

It was close to a miracle.

Chreshlers faith was like a sea that created infinite holy power.

This holy power was exercised according to Chreshlers will.

Hundreds of thousands of spears of light poured out.

Pagma looked like his limbs were pierced, and it seemed like he would die instantly.

However, the reverse happened.

Pagma had already completed two linked sword dances.

It was a readable move because Grid currently shared Chreshlers vision.

“Flower Revolve.”

‘...! Grid was astonished.

Hundreds of petals containing sword energy bloomed as they revolved.

All the spears of light that aimed at Pagma returned to Chreshler.

Chreshler set up a barrier of light to absorb the spears and was honestly amazed.

“It is a curious swordsmanship.

You are the best after Muller and the Undefeated King.”

“I cant compare to them in swordsmanship.

Thats why I have to develop.”

“Even by selling your soul to a great demon”


“Kukuk, you arent denying it.”

This man was dangerous.

He shouldnt be kept alive.

Chreshlers intuition told him this.

He believed that his last mission was to kill this distorted man in front of him.

“The pope said this.

He wouldnt have chosen me as a successor if it wasnt for the crisis.

My martial arts were always too weak that he didnt accept it.

However, you are worse than me.

You dont sympathize with anyone.

You are insensitive to the suffering of those who are sacrificed for your purposes.

I dont know if you were like this from the beginning or that youve changed but you are already evil.”

Chreshlers body was covered with 12 colors of light.

The sword and armor hanging on the war were wrapped in five colors of light and flew to Chreshler.

He applied over 17 types of buffs to himself and his battle gear.

A too powerful force shattered the ground and shook the building.

As Chreshlers power overflowed, Grid felt naked.

He could see theworld that transcendents saw.


Time stopped.

In a world where only light refraction occurred, Chreshler advanced by breaking through the stopped fragments in the air.

As the distance between him and Pagma narrowed, Pagmas eyes didnt blink once.

A sword that followed the light—it was only after it penetrated Pagmas shoulder three times that a sound was made belatedly, and blood splashed out.

Grid saw the gushing blood that consisted of numerousdroplets.

‘He avoided it

Grid gulped.

Pagma clearly avoided the popes sword that was fired like a flash of light.

It was originally the heart that should be pierced, but the damage was minimized to one shoulder.

“...” Pagmas physical body started to strengthen.

Blacksmith\'s Rage was a buff that Grid knew, but the other four buffs were unfamiliar.

They could be skills that belonged to Pagmas items or Pagmas own skills.


The swords continued to collide in the air, but there was no sound.

The present world was like a paused movie.

The blood that flowed from Pagmas shoulder froze as thousands of droplets in the air.

Against this backdrop, Pagma and Chreshler moved and exchanged blows.

The sounds could only be heard after the collision.

In that gap, Pagma and Chreshler had already exchanged dozens of blows.

“Transcend Kill Flower.”

“Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.”

“Linked Revolve Pinnacle.”

“Linked Kill Revolve Pinnacle Chop.”

“Linked Kill Flower.”

“Transcended Pinnacle Kill Chop.”

The sword dances continued constantly.

‘Pagma admired the work of Dainsleif and Valhalla and gave an example.

It is said that he showed off his swordsmanship while wearing Dainsleif, which has never been used by any hero.

The beauty of it was unbelievable, and the swordsmanship seemed to pierce the sky, creating lightning. The description that Albatino, Khans ancestor, used to describe Pagmas swordsmanship came to Grids mind.

A swordsmanship that pierced the sky—Grid had always thought it was an exaggeration.

It was because there was a huge gap in the Pagmas Swordsmanship that he had learned and the description of Pagmas Swordsmanship.

However, not now.

This was the true Pagmas Swordsmanship.

“Cough!” Pagma, who was covered in wounds, struggled to stand up.

Meanwhile, Chreshler had only allowed one blow, but he was staggering.

He used heal to restore the wound, but the 17 buffs were coming to an end.

“Damn rotten thing,” the popes disbelieving voice emerged from Chreshlers mouth.

He grumbled like a child, “Ah, I dont know! No! I quit!”



Pant...” Pagma didnt have the energy to even speak.

It couldnt be helped because his magic and swordsmanship had reached the limit.

Chreshler took off his armor.

“It is hard.

My body is heavy.”



“You really tried to kill me.


It is sad to be old.”




Thank you...” Pagma, who had been holding on, finally flopped down.

His fingertips were trembling.

“Thank you for Your Holiness teachings...

More sword dances are available...”

“Tsk,” Chreshler clicked his tongue.

He was still worried.

Chreshler thought that Pagma was dangerous and should be killed.

However, he didnt want to be hurt by such a disaster.

Eventually, Chreshler chose to flee.

‘In any case, Ill die soon, so the fate should be borne by those left behind.

Ah, he didnt know.

He would just take a break.

This was his last thought.

Chreshlers consciousness was cut off.

He had died.

Chreshlers bluff that he would die if he did too much hadnt been an exaggeration.

In his darkening vision...

“Go peacefully.

I will respectfully enshrine your soul in the Sacred Wood Coffin.”

Pagmas figure could be seen bowing politely.

Then Grid returned to reality.

[The past experience is over!]

[You have seen and understood the Great Swordsman Pagmas Swordsmanship!]

[The titleGreat Swordsman has been obtained.]

[The new resourceSword Energy has opened because of the title effect.]

[The effect of the Sword Mastery skill has slightly increased due to the title effect.]

[The information of Great Swordsman Pagmas Swordsmanship has updated.]

[The fusion of sword dances has become relatively free.]

[When using a sword, the resource consumed will be changed from mana to sword energy.]

[The level of all sword dances has been reset to level 1 instead of being strengthened.

The maximum level of all sword dances is three.

However, the level of the fusion sword dances is fixed at one.]

[The new sword dance Flower has been learned.]

“...” Grid opened his eyes quietly in the coffin.

He was licking his lips when Chreshlers voice entered his ears, -Theres nothing special, right Thats all I know about Pagma.

He is a bit crazy—a liar and the murderer of an old man.

“Ah, yes...”

There were too many parts to argue about that Grid turned away.

He shook his head and rose from the coffin.

Grid felt himself becoming stronger.


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