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[Pagmas Swordsmanship Lv.


[-When the skill is deactivated-

You can become one with the sword at any time.

* Increases physical attack by 34%, critical hit rate by 25%, and critical damage by 20%.

* This effect is only applied when a sword type weapon is equipped.

* The skill consumes no mana.

-When the skill is activated-

Become one with the sword.

You will be able to perform sword dances like Wave, Restraint, Link, and Kill.

* The effect of the deactivated skill will be lost.

* 20 mana is required to activate the skill.

* Once deactivated, it will take 10 seconds until the skill can be activated again.

Nothing will be consumed when deactivated.]

This was the reason why Grids basic attacks and 100,000 Army Massacre Sword was so powerful.

All active skills belonging to Pagmas Swordsmanship had the disadvantage of a long delayed activation time or cooldown time, but the function of the passive skill was the best.

It was superior to other weapon mastery skills.

Of course, the other mastery skills had the advantage ofalways applied, but Grid had Weapons Mastery in addition to Pagmas Swordsmanship.

Thus, he didnt feel any big regret.

‘What if I enhance this

Grid had originally planned to enhance Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.

He hadnt thought of enhancing Pagmas Swordsmanship itself.

Pagmas Swordsmanship, which served as a conditional passive skill and intermediary to the active skills, was the most important skill for Grid.

It was essential to him like air, so Grid usually forgot about it.

Then he had questions as he used the goddess blessing to enhance his legendary Blacksmiths Craftsmanship skill.

He wondered what it would be like if he had enhanced certain production-related skills like the Blacksmiths Breath.

It was a trigger that made Grid think about enhancing Pagmas Swordsmanship.

‘It could be a really good attempt.

Grid didnt want to use the goddess blessing to enhance skills like Link, Kill, and Transcend.

The power of the skills was better than before, but the cooldown time was fixed at 30 minutes.

Waiting 30 minutes for a combat skill was too inefficient.

It could be interpreted as decreasing rather than increasing attack power.

‘In the case of Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle, the cooldown is reduced from three hours to 30 minutes but...

30 minutes still wasnt a short amount of time.

Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle was used to hit powerful bosses instead of hunting or PvP, but it still could only be used once or twice in one raid, regardless of whether the cooldown was three hours or 30 minutes.

‘However, this is basically strengthening the passive skill Pagmas Swordsmanship itself.

It would strengthen his various swords dances as well as Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle, and the penalties related to the cooldown times might disappear.

‘It might also be an opportunity to gain more fusion skills.

Of course, there was no certainty regarding this.

He could be wishing for too much.


The bigger the expectations, the more disappointed he would be! Grid took a deep breath to calm his excitement and checked if the goddess blessing could be used on Pagmas Swordsmanship.

Fearing the worst situation, Grid prayed desperately,Please! I hope it can be enhanced! Dont say nonsense like the target skill cant be enhanced using the goddess blessing!


A new skill information window rose.

[Great Swordsman Pagmas Swordsmanship]

[* Increases physical attack by 40%, critical hit rate by 50%, and critical damage by 80%.

* This effect is only applied when a sword type weapon is equipped.

* The necessary footwork required for the sword dances will be reduced by half.

* You will be able to perform sword dances like Wave, Restraint, Link, and Kill.

* The enhanced skill is fixed at master level.]


Grid blinked as he checked the information of Pagmas Swordsmanship, which had changed after the goddess blessing was used.

He instantly felt a sense of rejection.

“What is this short skill description” He read it again.

The description didnt even distinguish between activated and deactivated states.

“No, what What is this It is completely ruined...”

For Grid, Pagmas Swordsmanship was a skill was various constraints.

It was powerful in terms of being a legendary skill, but his past experiences gave him an understanding that non-combat classes had clear limits to their skills.

Thus, he was mistaken for a moment.

His face distorted when he saw the evolved Pagmas Swordsmanship.

Of course, it was only for a moment.


Wait, isnt this a jackpot”

Once Pagmas Swordsmanship evolved, the effects of the increase in physical attack power, critical hit probability, and critical hit damage were applied all the time!

‘The attack power has increased by 40%!

Was that all... No, the critical damage had also risen sharply.

Grid enjoyed the effects of theDeath in One Shot! title, and his critical hit damage could now reach 400%.

Normal players normally had 150~210% critical damage, so it was twice the damage value.

‘If Gods Command also activates...


Wouldnt there be a day when he would be able to kill a boss with one skill Moreover, it wouldnt be a normal field boss but a named boss monster!

“...C-Crazy! This is crazy!”

This was a rare jackpot.

His mind went blank, and his language skills degraded significantly.

Grid could only repeat the same exclamations like a parrot.

However, he couldnt act stupidly forever.

Grid barely regained his mind and shouted, “Hey! Is anyone there”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” a woman answered immediately.

It was the legendary knight Mercedes who stood at the entrance of the smithy to protect Grid.

“Was his name Singuled The former Red Knight that Asmophel brought with him.”

“Yes, thats right.”

“What number knight was he”

“The Third Knight.”

“How are his skills”

“Of course, they were the best.

I havent seen him for 12 years, but Im sure he has kept on training.”


Shall I check out the skills of the former Red Knight” Grid smiled and used goddess blessing without hesitation.

[The skill, Pagmas Swordsmanship, has been enhanced.]

[Pagmas Swordsmanship has changed to Great Swordsman Pagmas Swordsmanship.]

Thats right.

This was a good chance for Grid to check out the talents of a former Red Knights and test the power of the evolved Pagmas Swordsmanship.

In fact, Grid had big expectations for Singuled.

It was natural since he knew the talents of Piaro, who was the captain of the former Red Knights, and Asmophel.

‘He is clearly an S-grade card.

Singuled would obviously be lacking when compared to the SSS-grade Piaro and Asmophel, but Grid didnt doubt that Singuled was strong.

“Take me to Singuled.”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” Mercedes said.

Seeing through Grids thoughts, she added, “For reference, Sir Singuled was stronger than Sir Asmophel during their active days.

However, he was lacking in many areas such as leadership and background, forcing him to stay as the Third Knight.”

“...I-Is that so T-That, thats good.”

“...I will support Your Majesty.” Mercedes smiled.

She was sincere about this since she truly admired Grids growth.

It felt like there was no limit to Grids growth, which increased by leaps and bounds every time he went on an adventure.


Hasters orange shield was blocking all attacks classified as a skill.

It was a particularly deadly shield for Aura Master Hurent, who used aura as his primary weapon.

However, there was no discomfort on Hurents face.

He was still confident.

“My earlier actions were just a test.”

Hurent used Super Sensitivity.

His attack speed with his sword reached its peak.

Strikes poured down like rain through Hasters shield and wounded Haster all over.

While slashing and chopping with his sword, Hurent kept talking, “I was like everyone else at first.

I leveled up with the aim of being a warrior or a knight.

Then one day, I became aware of the hidden class called Sword Saint.”

The strongest combat class, Sword Saint—Hurent had become instantly fascinated by it.

He made every effort to become a Sword Saint.

Thinking that the path to becoming a Sword Saint was to train Sword Mastery to the pinnacle, Hurent had sealed all the sword-related skills except Sword Mastery.

He then took on all types of penalties and hunted monsters using just his basic attacks.

“I did this for a few months.

Perhaps I was ahead of Kraugel.

Thats why I was the first player to receive the intermediate level Sword Mastery skill.”

At that time, he received the aura resource.

The system had rewarded Hurent, who fought only with the sword and didnt consume the resource calledmana. The result of his hard work, as well as the crossing of talent and luck, was the growth type hidden class, Aura Master.

Hasters orange shield faded as he was cut by a sword.

It wasnt a skill that ended after it received a certain amount of damage.

Hurent had simply noticed that the duration was almost up and waited for it.

Hurents sword slashed at Hasters chest, and he used his ultimate technique.

“Aura Swallowing.”

It was like a serpent monster.

The aura that rose from Hurents shoulders swallowed Haster simultaneously from the left and right.

This was the strongest PvP technique which inflicted 9,900 x2 damage to the target, physically restrained the target, and applied an additional 9,900 damage after the restraint effect.

The wounded Haster allowed the technique to hit him, and Hurent smiled.

‘There is no response.

Hurents Super Sensitivity was an active skill.

It had a big restriction of consuming 100% mana in six seconds, but it increased agility by 20% for this duration and had the absolute effect ofpredicting every action within 10 meters.

Hurent with Super Sensitivity was like Kraugel during his peak.

The performance was weakened for a Sword Saint because Super Sensitivity became a passive skill.

However, even Kraugels lower level Super Sensitivity boasted an excellent power.

[You have suffered 9,900 damage.]

[You have suffered 9,900...]

[You have suffered 9,900...]


Haster was swallowed up by aura.

He was in a confused state as he suffered continuous damage.

It was surprising that Hurent was much stronger than Kraugel, who Haster had met and fought several months ago.

‘Kraugel became a Sword Saint and developed a sword technique that cuts the world.

Yet Hurent is much stronger than him

Kraugel had reset to level 1 after becoming a Sword Saint, so the levels of his newly acquired skills were still low, making it difficult to fully understand Kraugels current status.

In the confusion, most of Hasters health was exhausted.

[TheKnowledge of the Red Sage has given you Aura Resistance.]

[Any damage dealt by aura will be reduced by 30%.]

These notification windows popped up.

‘It is great.

He was Haster, the undefeated pro gamer.

In the first place, he had no intention of losing.

The reason for allowing himself to be hit by aura had been to gain the power for growth, not to be defeated.

Haster took a potion.

Then he once again activated the orange shield and escaped from the aura.

Thanks to his mentor, he knew about Super Sensitivity and calculated that Hurent would be in an exhausted state.

Well, Super Sensitivity was a relatively ordinary skill.

A few modern Red Knights used it.

For example, the 19th Knight Fulito, who had been defeated by Grid, was one of them.

“Wait a minute, stop.”



Haster, who broke through the Aura Swallowing, and Hurent, who was exhausted, were both shocked.

It was because a black-haired man had suddenly appeared in the middle of their battle.

He had sharp eyes reminiscent of a bird of prey...

This person was...

“Hello I am Grid.

Im sorry to interrupt in the middle of your fight, but please stop for a moment.”


Yes, it was Grid, but wasnt his tone strange

‘What is wrong with this Hurent got goosebumps.

This was because Grid, who had possessed no manners since the 1st National Competition, was acting too politely.

It felt as if he was acting like a stranger.

Hurent had a feeling of rejection to this Grid.

Grid smile brightly and spoke politely, “The fields have been badly damaged because of the two of you.

Who should I claim damage compensation from Can you decide this before continuing the fight”

After his confrontation with the blacksmith god Hexetia, Grids confidence had developed rapidly.

He now knew that respecting others and having manners wasnt shameful.

It was just another way to be respected.

He was different from the previous Grid, who had a distorted view of confidence.

Grid had shown a rough attitude previously because he hadnt wanted to look funny to other people.


Hum hum.” He had misunderstood that people who acted politely were cowards.


E-Excuse me...” Hurent responded awkwardly to the polite complaint.


Excuse me as well...” Haster was also affected by the atmosphere.

Everything seemed to calm, but this ended quickly.

‘...What am I doing now In this awkward atmosphere, Haster suddenly returned to his senses.

He ignored Grid as he remembered that he had to act before Hurent overcame his exhaustion.

Haster tried to attack Hurent again, but his sword didnt reach its target.

[The durability of the Winfreds Sword has decreased by 43.]

It was because Grid used Drop to block the attack.

Grid hadnt shown this skill when he fought the clone.

‘An instant skill Hasters eyes shook as he wrapped a hand around his twitching wrist.

Grid was still smiling, but a bit of irritation filled his voice as he asked, “Are you acting like this because I am smiling”

“I-Im sorry.

I will calm down.”

What was this situation Why were they bowing Both Hurent and Haster were stunned.

They were completely overwhelmed by this mature Grid.


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