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Ttang! Ttang! Ttang!

The clone hammered at the Holy Light Armor, and the shape of the armor changed rapidly.

In just a few seconds, it evolved into Valhalla of Infinite Affection.

‘This... Grid was horrified when the clone armed himself with Valhalla.

Of course, he had expected it to some extent.

From the first time Grid met his clone in the Behen Archipelago, he had known that the clone could copy all of his abilities and items.

In the process of losing to the clone again and again, Grid had found he could learn things from the clone and also gained Blacksmiths Eyes after defeating the clone.

Yes, he understood it was a relationship where they both took things from each other and had predicted this variable.

However, this was serious.

‘XX... Isnt this a scam

In just a few seconds, the clone managed to copy the items Grid was wearing... Moreover, it was done without a production method and materials This was the precious work that Khan had left behind!

“Die…!” Grid couldnt accept it.

He couldnt understand it.

He couldnt forgive the clone for undermining the legacy that Khan had left behind.

Yet Grid, who was furious and had bloodshot eyes, stopped in the middle of his shouting.


It was like black paint.

The clones Valhalla was melting like a liquid.

The molten armor soaked into the clones body and then it hardened again.


I am you.”

Valhalla of Infinite Affection became the skin of the clone, and the clone was now Valhalla of Infinite Affection itself.

The clone had instantly assimilated with the armor.

‘This... Grid, who had been blinded with anger, barely grabbed onto a rope of reason.

He noticed what the Valhalla clone was doing right now.

“Moving Fortress! Avoid it!”

[Moving Fortress]

[It can be activated if the wearers health drops by more than one tenth (Enable/Disable can be selected).

-Converts the durability of Valhalla of Infinite Affection to defense (one durability= two defense).

-Immune to all conditions (including physical statuses).

-It will last for one minute and the current durability of Valhalla of Infinite Affection will be set to 30 points (at the end of Moving Fortress, the current durability will be restored by a third of the maximum durability).

* Please note that if the durability falls to zero, the item will be permanently destroyed.

The wide range skillImpregnable, which deals half of all damage received in the last five minutes in a 50-meter radius, can be activated.

Skill Resources Consumption: Valhalla of Infinite Affections maximum endurance will drop permanently by 200.

Skill Cooldown Time: 10 minutes.]

Moving Fortress was an ultimate skill with high utilization.

However, the result was a reduction in Valhallas durability, and Valhalla could be lost.

It was a skill that Grid could never use as he vowed to be with Khans legacy forever.

However, the clone was different.

He had Grids appearance, abilities, items, and potential, but he didnt share Grids memories.

The meaning contained in Valhalla meant nothing to the clone.


Why do I exist if you exist” The clones ego was developing.

He had been born as something to harm Grid, and now he wanted to replace Grid.

Flash! The clones body glowed red as it approached Grid and his colleagues.

No, to be precise, it was the Valhalla on the clones skin that was heating up.

“Ah!” Grid shouted to everyone to avoid it while the 10 meritorious retainers were already taking evasive action.

Jishuka was constantly shooting arrows from the sky, keeping the clone in check while her teammates took cover.

However, the clone used Quick Movements attached to the Ideal Dagger and showed a speed which surpassed that of the 10 meritorious retainers.

Additionally, Jishukas arrows couldnt destroy the defense of Moving Fortress.

“What is needed Your death.


Grid, Chris, Pon, Regas, Katz and Peak Sword were still within a 50-meter radius, and they were hit by half the damage that the clone had accumulated in the last five minutes.

The dust from the impact of the consecutive battles started to disperse.

All the objects affected by Impregnable—like the tiles, houses and people—were unable to withstand the powerful damage.

Yet Grid and the 10 meritorious retainers were fine.

“...” A question mark emerged over the clones head.

A bald head was shining.

“Did you think I was a folding screeeeen!”

It was a great success for Vantner, who had only invested all his stats into stamina late in the game.

Shields rose from the ground and protected the 10 meritorious retainers.

It was the Sacrifice Shield which consumed 90% of Vantners mana to summon a shield to protect all party members.

[Party leader Grid has suffered catastrophic damage!]

[The effect ofTransfer Damage has shifted the damage to the Sacrifice Shield.]

[Serious damage was dealt.]

[The user of this shield will die the moment the duration is over.]

[Party member Chris has suffered catastrophic damage!]

[The effect ofTransfer Damage has shifted the damage to the Sacrifice Shield.]

[Party member Regas...]

[Party member Pon...]


[The duration of Sacrifice Shield is over.]

[Your flesh, which has crossed the limit to protect your colleagues, will collapse.]

“That bastard...

Get revenge...

for me...”

[You have died.]

[You have lost 36.1% experience.]

[The itemWhite Pauldrons has been lost.]

[Two batches of the itemSuper Limited Resource Recovery Potion has been lost.]

[The durability of theTaldran Mace has dropped by 103.]

[The durability ofBelials Shield has dropped by 209.]

[The durability...]



“Vantner!” The 10 meritorious retainers screamed as they witnessed Vantners death.

Surprisingly, Pon was angrier than anyone else.

“You dare...! You dare!”

Pon was Vantners colleague and rival who had been playing all types of games with Vantner for 10 years before the release of Satisfy.

They always argued because they couldnt determine who was a better gamer, but they had a precious friendship with many memories.

“The poor guy who worked day and night for a few months to gain one level...! His effort was in vain...! Gail!”

Hihihing! The white horse responded to Pons call and jumped off the wyvern.

Pon quickly got on the horse, received all types of compensation effects, and threw the spear at the clone.

The spear flew so quickly that the clone couldnt react to it even with Quick Movements, and his heart was pierced.

Pon had rushed forward from the moment he threw the spear, and he pointed another spear at the clones heart.

Then he tried to use the ultimate techniqueTake the Throne that connected with Mach Spear.

However, the clones counterattack was quick.

He resisted the physical injuries of being hit by the spear and avoided thestiffness state thanks to Valhalla.

Then he unleashed Pinnacle at Pon.

[You have died.]

[You have lost 36.8% experience.]

[The itemPrototype Lantiers Cloak has been lost.]

[The itemWhite Rose Gloves...]



“Pon!” The 10 meritorious retainers were shaken by the back-to-back loss of their colleagues.

The Murray Kingdom players watching the battle felt great panic.

They couldnt accept this scene where the strongest rankers were being overwhelmed by a single enemy and dying.

It didnt seem real.

“Your Majesty...” Asmophel was saddened while still being kept in check by the God Hands.

The helplessness of the 10 meritorious retainers, who had gone through all types of adversities with Grid, was a sight that made Asmophel nervous.

He wanted to quickly shake off the God Hands and help his king.

Singuled approached Asmophel at this moment and asked, “That is your king”

“Thats right.”

“...The king who Piaro also serves.” Singuled watched Grid.

Singuled didnt know him, but he wondered what actions Grid would take after losing his companions to the monster who resembled him.

Haster was the same.

‘If he is a wise king, he would realize that the 10 meritorious retainers have been defeated and pull out Knights Summoning.

Haster evaluated that the clone was several times more threatening than Grid.

The clone had a health that far surpassed Grids, and his power was difficult to gauge because he could copy Grids items instantly.

Could Grid and the 10 meritorious retainers deal with this monster There was no chance of that.

It had been proven several times in the past National Competitions that the 10 meritorious retainers were no match for Grid.

Consequently, it was impossible for them to fight the clone who was much stronger than Grid.

‘A victory cant be guaranteed.

In the end, you have to rely on Piaro.

Great Swordsman Piaro was the person whom Master Winfred had missed all his life and the strongest subordinate of Overgeared King Grid.

Haster judged that this was the only way to beat Grids clone and expected Grid to summon Piaro as quickly as possible.

He also hoped that encountering Piaro would give him a hidden quest which would help him become a Red Sage.

However, Grid didnt meet his expectations.

“Vantner, Pon...” Grid walked on the ground of ashes made by the clone.

Dark red and purple fighting energy surrounded his body.

It was the Hero Kings fighting energy that the clone hadnt copied yet, or maybe couldnt copy.

“...” Broken pauldrons and a torn cloak—Grid carefully picked up the items Vantner and Pon had dropped.

Then Grid told his colleagues, “Buy me some time.”

“...” Haster doubted his ears as he watched the situation.

Rather than summon Piaro, Grid depended on his colleagues.

‘He is willing to sacrifice his colleagues when there are other options...

Was he worried about losing Piaro

‘I understand how he feels, but...

He is a shockingly selfish person.

Grid chose to sacrifice his colleagues rather than risk losing his best knight.

Haster scoffed.

‘He wont keep his position for long.

Grid had been able to become the first player king because he was the leader of the Overgeared Guild.

By relying on his colleagues, he had managed to overthrow the Eternal Kingdom and set up a new kingdom.

Yet he was now sacrificing his colleagues at this crucial moment.

Haster thought a crack would form between Grid and his colleagues.

Then Grid would lose his colleagues, and his position would weaken.



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