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“Why were you born”


The 10 meritorious retainers who came running at Grids call were stunned.

What was Grids intention in calling all of them when they were so busy Was it for some random question... In the chilly atmosphere, Lauel and Peak Sword answered seriously.

“Is that a question that needs to be asked I was resurrected to rule the world.


I plan to satisfy all the regrets of my past life...”

“I am Daehan! Of course, I was born to raise the status of South Korea! It is the same for Grid!”

Huroi interjected excitedly, “You are truly my liege! I have received great learning!”


What did he learn Grid started sweating at the unexpected response and opened his mouth again, “None of you can answer either.”


“I gave an answer...”

‘Lets skip them. Grid ignored Lauel, Peak Sword, and Huroi and looked at the other meritorious retainers.

“Why were you born How many people in the world can answer this Most people probably cant answer it.

I am the same.

However, my clone is an exception.

Cant that guy answer it easily He was born for the sake of killing Grid.”

“Clone Of Grid”

“Is it the person Yura saw in hell”

“Yes, thats right.

Now he is here, not in hell.

He is heading toward our kingdom.”


The atmosphere sank.

The tenacity and danger of the clone were indirectly conveyed to the meritorious retainers, and they realized the seriousness of the situation.

Grid warned them, “He is dangerous.

The clone is really dangerous.

He only acts to hurt me and is coming toward me at this very second.

In the process, many people will become victims.”

“What is the basis for this Are you certain that the clone is here and heading toward you”

“I am sure when considering the system information and the mindset of the clone.”

The 1st ranked Chris rose from where he had been listening quietly and asked, “Do you have his exact position”

A strong enthusiasm was burning in Chris eyes.

He wondered if he could fight against the current Grid, who had become several times stronger after the 3rd National Competition.

‘I can fight the fake Grid without hesitation. Chris accepted the appearance of the clone as an opportunity and burned with fighting spirit.

“I would be there if I knew,” Grid gave a disappointing answer.

“I dont know where he is.

Only he knows where I am.”

“Then it is imperative to find him quickly.”

“No, didnt you say he is coming here Shouldnt we just wait”

“What if the people and the soldiers get swept up in the battle”

“The soldiers will fight on the plains outside.”

“Its not that simple.”

The meeting was in full swing.

A latecomer appeared and gave a warning to the optimistic Bald Vantner, “Based on the characteristics of the clone that I witnessed and what Youngwoo-ssi told me, the clone can use more skills than Youngwoo-ssi.

He even has the God Hands.”

The latecomer was Demon Slayer Yura.

She paid particular attention to Grids wide-range skills and item changing skills.

“We have to fight as far from here as possible.

If the battle is fought in close proximity to the city, many parts of the city will be destroyed.”

The power of Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle which had caused her to suffer a fatal blow with one hit was still vivid.

Reinhardts proud, high walls would collapse in front of the clone.

Additionally, if the God Hands were transformed into the Red Phoenix Bow...

“The clone is like a hungry predator.

He attacked me as soon as he saw me, regardless of the reason.

He will hurt everyone in his way while heading here.

We have to use all the power of the kingdom to find his position and intercept him as far away as possible.”

The Overgeared members werent heroes who fought for the world; they were people who sought personal profit.

They werent in a position to worry about the wounds of other people.

However, they were colleagues and friends, and they were worried about their leader, Grid.

What if someone with Grids appearance started hurting people The public would quickly condemn Grid and he would suffer a big loss.

The image of the Overgeared Guild would also crack.

For Grids sake and their own sake, the Overgeared members were obliged to stop the clone.

“I will release the shadows right now.

Contact us if you have any additional instructions,” Faker said, taking immediate action.

As he disappeared into the shadows, hundreds of people wearing black cloaks emerged from the castle.

They were the Overgeared Shadows, the strongest assassin group that carried out various duties in the shadows and supported the Overgeared Kingdom.

Their skills, which were trained under King of Shadows Kasim and then Faker, were enough to impress Grid.

The sight of their actions somewhat settled Grids mind.

“Wont we soon know the position of the clones now that the shadows are moving”

“If the clone is running wild, it will be faster than you think.

However, if the clone is acting stealthily...” This was Lauels answer.

His reaction somewhat disappointed Grid.

“Didnt you hear Yura He attacked as soon as he saw her.

Would such a ferocious person act stealthily”

“He isnt a simple monster.

Doesnt he have intelligence Didnt you say he was a super named NPC”


“You know the importance of stamina.

I dont think he will waste resources before getting here.

The shadows information network is spread out like a spider web in the Overgeared Kingdom, but it will be difficult to find the target if he passes through remote places.”


So, ultimately, Grid had to wait until the clone arrived in the capital Grid felt desperate because he had faced the clone directly and knew his strength.

It puzzled Grid that Lauel couldnt come up with an appropriate solution.

Lauel confirmed the shadows on Grids face and asked a question, “By the way, is it true that youll have a low chance of winning when you fight the clone”

“What do you mean by that” Grid frowned as he recalled his long-ago experience with the clone.

“He is stronger than me.

He can use Pagmas Swordsmanship techniques that I dont know and fuse more types of sword dances.

His combat ability is higher than me, and his stats are higher.

Even his control and improvisation are several times higher than mine.”

“Wow...” Vantner let out an admiring sound.

How much more powerful would Grid be if he had better control Vantner didnt want to think about such a monster.

It was questionable if the Overgeared members could even stop the clone.

This was enough to make even the arrogant Katz gulp, so all the meritorious retainers felt fearful.

Yuras words heightened the tension, “I was knocked down with one blow.”

“...” There was an uncomfortable silence.

The meritorious retainers were thinking about how much damage the Overgeared Kingdom would receive in the future.


” Lauel scratched his head and broke the silence.

“It might be bad for me to say this, but to best honest, I think that Grid can also kill Yura in one blow It shouldnt be taken that seriously.”

“...” Yuras eyes narrowed as she doubted her ears.

Who was she Yura had gotten into the top rankings before she received a legendary class, and now she was a Demon Slayer.

In last years National Competition, she had even fought with Kraugel for a while.

It would be a lie if she said she wasnt confident in her skills.

No matter how much she admired and liked Grid, she couldnt acknowledge Lauels assertion that she would be knocked down in one blow by Grid.

It hurt her pride.

Grid was embarrassed.

“Why are you provoking Yura”

“Im just telling the truth.

It isnt a provocation.

Miss Yura, you said that you were defeated by Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle”


“Go to a sparring room with Grid and be hit by a two fusion skill.

Wont you die in one blow”

“...” Yuras face reddened.

She found Lauel detestable because he was denying her worth.

“So what are you saying In fact, Youngwoo-ssis clone is insignificant and that I was defeated by Youngwoo-ssis clone because I am weak” In the end, Yura couldnt endure it.

“No It is true that Grids clone is strong.

Im just claiming that Grid is equally as strong,” Lauel replied with an innocent face.

There was no malice in him.

“Yura, ignore him.

Lauel made a mistake.

Doesnt everyone make mistakes” Grid smiled awkwardly and tried to fix the situation, but it was useless.

Yura knew that Lauel wasnt showing any malice, but she still wanted to be hit by Grid.

“Lets go to the sparring arena.

Hit me once.

However, for the sake of fairness in the experiment, I will summon hell and temporarily raise my stats.”


Huh I-Is this okay”

Sehee was Grids sister, so he had many chances to learn how tiring it was to touch a womans temper.

The woman told him to hit her, but he didnt know what mess was going to happen afterward.

‘Additionally, how can I hit her in the first place

The opponent was Yura.

She was Grids friend and the worlds best beauty.

Randomly hitting a beautiful woman...

He didnt like it.

Grid stubbornly rejected the suggestion.

“If Your Majesty doesnt do the experiment, I will forever be hated and doubted by Miss Yura,” Lauel stated with a sad expression.

Ultimately, Grid was forced to participate in the experiment for the sake of the relationship between the two people.

It was an experiment to hit a woman!

“This is crazy...”

He felt like garbage! Grid was pale as he arrived at the sparring arena with Yura.

“Hell Summoning.” Yura used a field magic that turned the surroundings into hell and greatly increased her stats.

“Now, hit me once.”


Umm...” Grid faced Yura who was pushing forward her chest.

He was worried that someone might be hiding and filming him one-sidedly attacking a woman.

Lauel shouted at him, “I have commanded that no one is to approach! Dont worry, the meritorious opponents are the only ones here!”

‘Thats the problem!

They were indispensable friends whom Grid was truly grateful toward.

Simultaneously, they were the people who made him embarrassed every time.

Grid summoned the Blade Aiming at the Gods and attached it to the sword while performing a sword dance.

It was Pinnacle Kill.

This was because it wasnt possible to kill Yura in one blow with multi-hit skills like Linked Kill and Transcended Link.

Lauel placed a hand on his forehead.

“No, you should use the strongest of your two fusion skills...”

Why did Grid used Pinnacle Kill instead of Linked Kill Did he want Yura to know that Lauels claim was wrong and drive them apart Lauel worried about it when his viewpoint tilted.

[You have suffered catastrophic damage!]

[A legend doesnt die easily.

You can resist all attacks for 5 seconds with a minimum of health.]

“....!” Yura suffered a mortal wound from Pinnacle Kill!

Grid hurriedly apologized to Yura who collapsed with a disbelieving expression, “I-It is the power of items.

Im sorry.”

“...” Yura and the 10 meritorious retainers were speechless.

At this moment, they were reminded of something.

They had received Grids weapons, but they werent fully equipped with his armor.

“Isnt the clone using a rusty knife He might have stronger skills than Grid, but Grid has been polishing his items, so...” Lauels voice echoed in the quiet arena.


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