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Chapter 888

Please read the announcement read: Talks about a lot of relevant things.

[Protagonist of the Extremely Honorable Painting]

[* One-time limited skill.

When used, your information will return to what it was when the extremely honorable painting was made.

However, it will only be the stats and skills information.

Additional information such as titles, class, status, race, age, and so on arent affected.]

This was the new skill at the bottom of Grids skills list.

Grid had a headache for the past 20 days because of this skill.

At first, he was happy about being the protagonist of an extremely honorable painting and was excited to realize that he had a power similar to a single playersave point.

Then he reached a stage of anxiety.

“It seems to imply that I will soon experience something terrible...”

It was a natural phenomenon.

Think about it.

A save file was only needed in the worst situation.

Going by the way things were now, the save file would be his last resort.

The fact that Satisfy provided a save point was like a warning that sooner or later, he would experience something he couldnt resolve.

Grid already felt sick, and the expression in his eyes was dark.

“I dont know what will happen...”

He was afraid.

Grid was reminded of the fact that he was currently experiencing an episode regarding the gods and seven malignant saints.

“Well, nothing has ever been easy.”

The Hexetia temple had been completed.

Grids shaking eyes calmed as he wore the crown on his head prior to the completion ceremony.

It was just like the days when he was an unknown warrior, when he sought for Pagmas Rare Book, when he became a lord, when he fought against a great demon, when he became a king, or when he cleansed the Behen Archipelago.

Grid had walked along a thorny road.

It had always been painful and difficult.

However, he had endured the pain and finally overcome it.

He had gotten good results and was now able to step forward.A new trial might be waiting for him, but he had been tempered both mentally and physically.

Grid thought,The save point is insurance.

So far, I have fought without insurance.

I can overcome the trials in the future more easily.

He wouldnt stop.

He would challenge how far he could reach.

Grid pledged inside his heart and left the office.

He went down the stairs to the first floor and saw the extremely honorable painting that Picasso had drawn 20 days ago.

All those who entered the castle would see the extremely honorable painting first.

Grids expression twisted, and he started sweating.

“Why did you hang up the painting here”

Lauel followed him and responded to the question, “Isnt it natural to decorate the castle with a portrait of the king”

“No, its embarrassing.” Grid blushed.

No matter how he looked, he was too handsome in the portrait.

It was clear that Picasso had beautified him in the painting.

“I dont want to scam people like this...”


“Dont you know what a selfie swindler is This is something that will cause extreme levels of hatred!” (TL: Someone whose selfie looks really good but the real appearance is much poorer)

“Hah... Havent you looked in a mirror There is no difference between your actual appearance and the extremely honorable painting.

Picasso has reproduced the image of the time when you were in full concentration.”

“Dont talk.”

How could Grid be so good looking when he was concentrating If that was the case, would he really be single Wouldnt women be lining up in front of him Grid shook his head and rushed forward.

He didnt have a lot of time because the opening of the Hexetia temple would soon begin.

‘Im curious about what Hexetias reaction will be.

What would Hexetias reaction be after the first temple for him was built Grid hoped that Hexetia would rejoice.

He wanted Hexetias feeling of alienation to be removed, for his self-esteem to be restored, and for him to stop feeling envious.

At that moment...

‘Then I will be able to cleanse the First Holy Sword.

Grid would get the goddess blessing and use it to enhance his blacksmithing, reaching a higher level.


“Protect King Grid, the sun that surrounds the kingdom!”

Dozens of young knights saluted Grid and started to escort him.

Coke was an exception.

He was waiting in the palace for Prince Lord to finish his preparations.

“The king is coming!”

“Open the way for the king!”

As Grid was surrounded by knights, thousands of elite soldiers wearing the Grid mass-produced set made by craftsmen opened the way for him.

Tens of thousands of people on the street watched the kings procession.

Duguen! Duguen! Duguen! Grids heart thumped, and he completely shook off the anxiety about the dangers he would face one day.

He had faith.

After all, Grid was no longer alone and didnt have to rely on his own strength.

‘They are protecting me, just as I protect them.

This wasnt a time to be aloof.

He was too weak to remain aloof to everyone.

It was a time filled with countless people, making him even more powerful.


The Hexetia temple, open to the public and people of the Overgeared Kingdom, was very small in comparison to the Goddess Rebecca temples.

The temples of Goddess Rebecca, which existed all over the continent, boasted the same size as one of the larger churches in the middle of Gangnam, while the Hexetia temple was like a temple built on top of a mountain.

Still, no one could scoff at the quality.

Its exterior and interior were all crafted from the finest marble.

The design work of dozens of architects was visible, and dozens of sculptors had worked hard to sincerely recreate Hexetias image.

Additionally, there were hammer and anvil motifs everywhere.

The highlights of the temple were the two statues placed side by side outside the temple.

The five-meter-tall Hexetia statue was a recreation of God Hexetia whom Grid had seen.

Meanwhile, the seven-meter-tall Rebecca statue had on a dignified and compassionate expression.

They were much better than any statues Grid had ever seen.

He heard the sculptor had asked for a ridiculous pay, but wasnt this worth it Well, perhaps...

[A temple of God Hexetia has been completed in Reinhardt, the capital of the Overgeared Kingdom!]

[This is the first temple for Hexetia!]

[The artistic value of the statues that perfectly recreated the appearance of God Hexetia and Goddess Rebecca has pierced the sky!]

[The new artifacts will enhance your insights.

We recommend that you visit Reinhardt.]

An effect appeared

“Eh” Grid was completely shocked by the world message that appeared.

Meanwhile, Lauel was delighted.

“It is very rewarding! Now many more people will visit Reinhardt than there were in the past! They will leave their money here! It was worth hiring that vicious sculptor!”

“What You guessed this would happen”

“Huhut, it is the first statue and temple of God Hexetia.

Isnt it natural for this temple to be a tourist attraction for those who have never seen the blacksmith god before Didnt you expect this as a genius among geniuses”

“...” Grid never expected this, but he couldnt say such words.


“The culture of Reinhardt is blossoming thanks to King Grid!”

“King Grid! I love you!”

“Wow, amazing...

My intelligence increased by 10 for looking at the statue...”

“The level of the blacksmithing skill increased It is really amazing.

Im jealous.

It is a kingdom founded by a blacksmith for a reason.”

Both the players and NPCs were happy and praised Grid.

Their cheers spread through Reinhardt, and Grid smiled at them.

“This is Reinhardt, the capital of the Overgeared Kingdom! The temple and statue of God Hexetia built by Overgeared King Grid are now unveiled to the public...”

“It is a whole new temple and will probably attract many effects.

For most people, new quests related to God Hexetia will be generated, and they can enjoy a stats boost effect…”

“Experts have predicted the birth of new classes with this launch of a new religion.

Examples are priests, paladins, or blacksmiths who can use divine power.”

Reporters from all over the world were already at the scene.

They were deeply grateful to Grid as they started spreading the news in real time.

After all, hadnt he directly told them the time of the scoop His new temple provided them with big news.

Thats how the reporters had been able to come to Reinhardt beforehand and catch the scoop in real time.

‘How did the reporters come here so quickly Do they have a magician who can use Mass Teleport for each broadcaster

Of course… Grid didnt actually know anything about this.

The one who told the broadcasters about this scoop was Lauel, not Grid!

‘I will spread all your feats to the world. The loyal Lauel laughed madly.

[You are the first human to set up a temple for God Hexetia!]

[The gods, including Hexetia, are very surprised.]

Hexetia finally bit the bait that Grid cast.

In this festive mood, Grid alone looked up at the sky as he received notification windows.

[The goddess of light, Rebecca, is showing a warm smile.]

[The other gods are staying silent because the god of war, Zeratul, is defending you.]

[The voice of the blacksmith god, Hexetia, is heard in your ears.]

-Thank you.

[Affinity with God Hexetia has increased by 50!]

-But it is worrisome...

Can you, a human who can look beyond my abilities and laugh behind my back, truly serve me

[God Hexetia is feeling suspicious.]

-Are you honoring me because of respect Do I want to be respected by humanity The people right now seem to be respecting you more than my statue.


What was this strange attitude Grid got a chill as he felt something ominous from Hexetia, who was hesitating to accept all of this.

[Affinity with God Hexetia has decreased to -10!]

Grid lost favor with the god with low self-esteem.

He now reached the requirements to receive the curse!

‘This is crazy!

Everything in front of Grid was dark.

In the chairmans office in S.A Groups headquarters, Chairman Lim Cheolho smiled in a meaningful manner.

“Didnt I tell you You can look forward to the gods curse.”

Hexetia shouted at Grid, -I am challenging you to a duel!

[★Hidden Quest ★Win a Blacksmithing Competition with a God is in progress.]


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