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Chapter 870

During the time when he had been waiting for Sticks to recover his mana, when he couldnt teleport straight to the Vatican, when he faced the barrier surrounding the Vatican, and when his ankles were caught by successive enemies...

Grid had inwardly believed that there was no need to fret.

He had believed that Irene and Lord were safe.

After all, Damian and Isabel were in the Vatican.

Grid knew they would watch over his wife and son, and so he calmed his heart.

Yes, Damian and Isabel were a great help to Grid just by existing.

If it wasnt for them, Grid could never be so calm.

It mightve taken him more time to get to the Vatican due to nervousness and a blurred judgment.

“Fortunately, I made it on time.” Grid landed on the ground after exchanging attacks with Yatans Seventh Servant Hill, then he saw Irene and Lord.

Although they were both mentally and physically exhausted, they were mostly unharmed.

There were no injuries on their bodies.

“It is lucky.

It is really lucky...” Relieved, a bright smile appeared on Grids face.

It was an excellent smile.

The first people to see Grid were so pure that they misinterpreted him as an angel.

“Your Majesty!”


Irenes and Lords eyes turned red as they welcomed Grid.

The husband and father who had just appeared in a desperate crisis seemed like the worlds greatest hero to them.

They werent mistaken.

The Grid before them was indeed a hero of heroes.

[You have discovered a strong person of this era!]

[You have discovered a strong person of this era!]

[You have discovered a strong...]

The purple-red aura around Grid thickened rapidly.

Rebeccas Daughters, Yatans Servants, 2nd Imperial Prince Dulandal, and the solo number knights all provoked the Hero Kings fighting energy.

“Everybody...” Grid looked at the young knights while the fighting energy surrounded him.

The knights were so injured that it was hard to find any part of them that was unscathed.

Yet they were still surrounded around Irene and Lord, even as the swords in their hands trembled.

Grid noticed how they had received all types of injuries and had been hit by many curses in their fierce battle to protect their masters.

“Thank you.

I really thank you,” he said to Kasim, Chucksley, and the young knights.

Irene and Lord were safe because they had fought with all their strength.

Grid thanked them before looking at Hill who was getting up.

Hills health gauge had fallen to 9/10th after being hit by Pagmas Swordsmanship, Link.

On the other hand, Grid lost 9,600 health, and his health gauge was less than 9/10th.

Damian confirmed their health statuses and shouted, “Grid, even you will find it hard to face him!”

In the process of dealing with Hill, Damian estimated that Hill had an approximate health of 50 million.

Furthermore, his attack power was at least 1.6 times higher than Damians while his defense was only slightly lower than Damians.

Grids attack power and defense might be two times higher than Damians, but it wouldnt make a big difference to Hill.

Basically, Grid was at a disadvantage in facing Hill.

“He is a monster who can use his skill without any restrictions! You should avoid a frontal fight!”

Hills skill of 12 punches per second could be used continuously while Pagmas Swordsmanship had a long cooldown time.

Hence, Damian judged that no player could win in a one-on-one match against Hill, including Grid.

Grid listened closely to Damians words.

“He is strong.

He has high defense and attack power.”

Grid lost 800 health every time he was hit by Hills fist.

If all 12 punches hit him, he would lose 9,600 health.

Additionally, Hill could unleash the 12 punches every second.

Hills attack power was threatening even when taking into consideration the healing power of Dorans Ring, the blood-sucking ability of Elfin Stones Ring, Tiramets Power, and the health restoration and shield creation of the First King Title.

‘This guy is on a different level from Dark Bus.

Grid had experience with shattering Yatans Servants several times in the past few years, so he could compare the current Yatans Servants with the previous ones in a more objective manner than anyone else.

This meant he was forced to evaluate Hill highly.

‘I wouldve been defeated if we had met at the time of the National Competition.

Yes, Hill was really strong.

It wasnt unusual that a skilled player like Damian was driven to the defensive.

“Item Combination.”

It was why Grid revealed his power right at the beginning.

[Belials Staff and the Lightning Sword Born from Enlightenment and Strong Desires will be combined!]

Grid made a judgment.

If he activated things like the flames emission, the illusions, the red lightning bolt, the black flames, and so on, it would be counted as using magic.

This meant a shield that absorbed 5,000 health would be created.

The combination of the sword and staff was the only means to resist Hills overwhelming attack power.

“A spear” From Hills perspective, an unidentified enemy had suddenly appeared.

Hill slightly shrank back at the sight of the black-haired man with a beautiful crown on his head.

The swordsman who could swing a sword faster than Hills fists abandoned the sword and armed himself with a spear.

In spite of that, Hills confusion only lasted for a moment.

He quickly scoffed inwardly,He must be trying to maximize his strength because it is hard to deal me a big blow no matter how hard he swings the sword.

It was stupid.

Didnt the enemy know it was useless regardless of whether it was a big blow or many blows Among Yatans Servants, Hill was the strongest physically.

While swinging his fist, he shouted, “You cant be just quick or strong! In order to win against me, you need a powerful attack that can penetrate my defense faster than I move! Kuhahahat!”

Hill jumped forward energetically.

His face, chest, and rounded belly seemed ridiculous at first, but no one could laugh at him.

Everyone shrank back at the presence of the powerful man who had already dominated Pope Damian.

“Danger!” Lords worried voice echoed through the banquet hall at the sight of his father in a crisis.

“...!” Hearing the distant scream of a boy, Agnus got up from where he was fighting outside the banquet hall with Lich Mumud.

He had to defeat the enemy in front of him to protect the woman and child! Silvenas fists struck the jaws of the shaking Agnus.

Agnus spat out blood, and his chest was exposed without any defenses.

Silvenas sword cut at his chest.


“What are you— Why do you care about other people when you are dying Why protect the enemy in the first place Are you crazy”

Yatans Servants were wicked people.

The people who aimed at the destruction of the world and the fall of humanity ultimately couldnt be good.

From a general point of view, Yatans Servants were crazy.

Yet even they thought that Agnus was a madman.

Grasping the wound on his chest, Agnus giggled, “Is it possible to maintain my mind in a world with crazy people like you Huh~ Kik...! Kilkik!”

Agnus himself admitted that he was crazy.

He had gone insane the night his lover experienced that terrible pain.

“Mumud!” Agnus cried out to Lich Mumud, who was running out of mana.

“Save the queen and the prince!”

“...” Lich Mumud hesitated.

It was a reaction that showed he hadnt expected his master to give an order to protect others.

Agnus urged him with bloody eyes, “Get out of here quickly!”


The highest level undead lich was able tothink. They had emotions and will.

However, duty was more important than personal feelings and will.

From the day he had been dominated by Agnus until today, Lich Mumud had completed many undesired missions.

He had harmed countless people under his masters commands, causing Mumud to feel like he was in hell.

This time was an exception.

His masters command coincided with his will.


Clack clack… Lich Mumud stepped toward the banquet hall, wielding his magic power.

Silvenas tried to stop him.

“Where are you going” Agnus blocked Silvenas way.

Silvenas turned her sword on the guy who would die soon and had no more mana.

“You crazy guy!” Silvenas sword pierced Agnus abdomen.

She thought that Agnus would die like this because he had already lost his immortality.

“Kik...! Kikikik!” Strangely, Agnus didnt die, yet the abdomen pierced by Silvenas sword didnt heal.

Agnus body was clearly in tatters.

No health could be felt from him.

So how was he still alive Silvenas took a step back out of confusion and belatedly realized that Agnus was on the boundary between life and death right now.

“Lich Transformation You even consumed your soul for the sake of protecting others!”

“Kik...! Kikikik!”

Death knights and demons appeared around Agnus, who recovered some of his magic power after becoming a lich.

Silvenas felt a threat to her life.


‘What is this...!! Yatans Third Servant Aliburn was astonished by the man who had suddenly entered the battlefield.

It was because he knew the identity of the man with the purple-red aura.

‘Hero King!

The legend of Sword Saint and Hero King Muller having sealed several great demons was famous.

The Hero King, Demon Slayer, and Rebeccas Daughters were the greatest enemies for the Yatan Church and the great demons.

The Hero King was now showing up at this timing... Did Rebecca intervene

‘...No, this is the best chance! A smile appeared on Aliburns face as he stopped shrinking back.

Hill was Dark Bus successor and the teacher of former Yatans Servants.

Unlike the previous servants who had been killed due to being vulnerable in close combat, Hill was someone who specialized in individual combat power.

It was impossible to defeat him in a one-on-one match.

‘Hill was specifically chosen by Amoract.

He has a secret weapon that can destroy the Hero King.

Aliburns expectations soared into the sky.

He saw this as a genius opportunity God Yatan created.

It was a chance to wipe out the Rebecca Church and the Hero King at the same time!

“Take this punch!” The shining Hill aimed 12 punches toward the Hero King.

The 25th great demon, Dantalian, had givenFighting Knowledge to Hill.

When it evolved, Hill gained the power to break the sky.

Just like the pope, Aliburn judged that the Hero King would soon be forced on the defensive and forced to his knees.

However, the result was different from Aliburns expectations.

“What” Aliburns eyes shook as he watched the battle.

Every time the Hero King swung his spear, lightning and flames struck.

Hill was turned to rags while the Hero King was surrounded by shields on all sides.

The two of them exchanged attacks, but Hill was the only one damaged while the Hero Kings body was still intact.

“What is this”

Wasnt this above the legendary Muller Alburns face paled.

“Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle!”

A myth, myth, and myth...

The myth rated Belials Staff and Enlightenment Sword, which were combined using a gods blessing, far exceeded the category of a legend.

This was the moment when the Yatan Churchs Hill was sentenced to death.

[You have killed Yatans Seventh Servant, Hill.]

[Dantalians Knowledge Fragment has been obtained.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]


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