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Chapter 76

The canyon spider wasn\'t just big in size.

Its overwhelming strength was comparable to boss monsters.


Lee Junho, Choi Chansung and Sim Kiwan.

The three people who attended high school with Shin Youngwoo were trapped in the canyon spider\'s nest, wrapped in the spider web. They felt extreme fright at the canyon spider\'s sharp teeth and legs, wondering which one of them would be eaten first.

“Damn… I just wanted to go to Winston… Lee Junho lamented. 

Winston was the name of a popular city in the middle of nowhere. The three people heard that there were hunting grounds of various levels where they could hunt and earn money, so they headed to Winston.  But thanks to the antics of the mischievous goblins, they almost froze to death and found the canyon. Now they would become the meal of a canyon spider.

“Dammit, why did you decide to go to Winston Sim Kiwan grumbled.

Then Lee Junho\'s face distorted. 

It was Lee Junho who first talked about going to Winston. Lee Junho glared angrily at Sim Kiwan\'s complaint. “Didn\'t you agree Now you\'re trying to blame me Did I know it would be like this Eh

Lee Junho had a bad temper and was the best fighter in his high school. There was no kid in high school who hadn\'t been bullied by Lee Junho.  In the period where Lee Junho was his most rebellious, Choi Chansung and Sim Kiwan suffered despite being his closest friends. They knew that Lee Junho still had a temper, so Sim Kiwan didn\'t grumble anymore.

However, Lee Junho didn\'t relax.

Ah, this damn… the more I think about it, the more **ty it is.

Hey, Sim Kiwan.

You jerk, try talking again.

I told us to move to Winston so we were caught by that damn spider Didn\'t we all agree You said it was a good idea, right But now you\'re blaming me once things became worse You jerk, what type of friend are you

…I\'m sorry.

I didn\'t mean to blame you.

I was just so agitated that I mispoke.

“Ah, **.

Why don\'t you do something if you\'re sorry This jerk should really go to hell.

The silent Choi Chansung quickly mediated between them. “Why are we fighting now Let\'s try to figure how to escape instead of fighting.

To be honest, Choi Chansung and Sim Kiwan didn\'t like Lee Junho. Lee Junho was a friend, but he tended to look down on Choi Chansung and Sim Kiwan.  They were now 26 years old and didn\'t want to keep acting like their high school years.

On the other hand, Lee Junho was unable to adapt to society due to his dirty nature and because he had few friends.

Therefore, he frequently wanted to hang out with Choi Chansung and Sim Kiwan. Choi Chansung and Sim Kiwan wanted to ignore Lee Junho, but they couldn\'t easily dismiss Lee Junho after knowing each other for 10 years. 

But now they were reaching their limits.

‘Is he crazy He\'s calling a friend a jerk\'

\'That bastard Lee Junho, he can\'t fix his dirty habit.

Kiwan also has a lot of pride.\'

As the atmosphere became tense… The wind from outside brought the sound of disturbance.

“! $ #! ~%”

The sound was coming from a distant place, so the three people couldn\'t precisely grasp the contents of the disturbance.

But the canyon spider was different. The canyon spider locked the three people up and glanced towards the outside of the nest. 


The canyon spider sprang up excitedly.

It seemed to rejoice that a new prey had appeared. The three people were relieved to see the canyon spider leaving the nest. 

Phew… I thought I was going to die.

I agree…

“Come on, let\'s escape this place!

Lee Junho was a level 88 warrior.

Due to his aggressive tendencies, he invested most of his stats into strength.

Therefore, he tried to break the web with his body.

But no matter how he moved his body, the web didn\'t budge.

“What is this damn thing I can\'t break it even with my strength”

Lee Junho became exhausted and eventually gave up on breaking the web.

Then Sim Kiwan, who was a level 87 fire magician, chanted a spell and summoned fire.


The spiderweb around Sim Kiwan\'s body started to burn.


The three people cheered at the thought of the spiderweb turning to ashes. But after a while, the flames died down and revealed the spiderweb only had a blackened surface and was still tightly trapping Sim Kiwan\'s body.

Sim Kiwan\'s face turned white. 

What is this It can\'t be burned with fire

“Leave it to me.” The level 89 thief, Choi Chansung came forward.

He held a dagger in one hand and tried to cut the web with a dagger.

However, even the sharp dagger couldn\'t cut the web.

“Unbelievable… not even a scratch

This was why the canyon spider left this place so easily.

Only three people were so low-levelled that they couldn\'t get rid of the spider web or avoid death. They were desperate.

In the end, we\'re going to be eaten by that spider bastard…

“Hey, if we are going to die anyway, let\'s just log out.

Isn\'t it better to give up experience than being eaten

Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan had already tried to log out.

But \'In this situation, you can\'t avoid death.

If you log out, it will be treated as a death.\' floated in front of them and they had hesitated. However, these circumstances meant it was better to log out.

“Okay, let\'s just log out.

I will completely lose my dignity as a human if I experience being eaten by a spider.

“Okay, log…

Choi Chansung tried to stop the two people who wanted to log out.


Isn\'t it too shameful to take our lives, even if this is a game We don\'t know what is happening, so let\'s hold on a little longer.

What are you saying The spider will come back soon! Do you want to be eaten by a spider I might get arachnophobia for the rest of my life!

If you have the courage to take your own life, use that courage to find a means to fight the spider.

What nonsense are you saying Stop speaking.

Aye, I don\'t know.

We are going to log out, so you stay here alone! Logout…eh

The three people fell silent at the same time.

Their gazes headed towards the entrance of the cave.

Thump, thump.

They weren\'t mistaken. There was the sound of human footsteps from the entrance of the cave.



The three men held their breaths as they watched the situation. After a while, a person entered the cave.

“That spider bastard has been alive for decades, so did it gather any treasures in its nest This bastard, it was hard hunting you.

This person hunted that fearful spider Lee Junho, Choi Chansung and Sim Kiwan looked at the man with disbelieving expressions.  Half the man\'s face was covered by a big helmet, which seemed to be made from the skull of a giant monster.

The helmet\'s appearance was hideous.

The three people whispered to each other, because they were worried the man would hear.

That guy doesn\'t seem ordinary…

“That’s right.

He is like a psychopath with that odd aesthetic sense.

“But let\'s ask for help.

H-Hrmm… he looks dangerous…

Won\'t he just kill us

… That\'s possible.


The three of them were conflicted. The appearance of the man\'s helmet was just as terrible as the canyon spider. On the other hand, inside the helmet, Grid found the three people tied up by the web.

He was startled.

\'Isn\'t that Lee Junho Why are those guys here\'

Lee Junho and his followers! They were famous as gangsters since their school days.  In particular, Lee Junho was an uncontrollable gangster.  He often committed violence against his classmates.

He even dared go against the teachers.


No, Shin Youngwoo was his target not just once or twice. It was seven or eight years ago, but Shin Youngwoo remembered all the evils Lee Junho had committed against him.

\'During high school… the amount of money that bastard took from me from second grade to graduation is exactly 67,300 won… His follower was 23,000 and the other one 14,000… Those damn three people.\'

It wasn\'t a good memory for Shin Youngwoo.

His head was bad. He couldn\'t remember small things.

But he remembered the things that happened to him.

\'His harassment didn\'t end just in school.\'

Lee Junho was the first person who laughed and ignored Shin Youngwoo at the alumni meeting two years ago. The alumni heard that Shin Youngwoo had become obsessed with games and debt-ridden and couldn\'t laugh.

Only Lee Junho continued teasing Shin Youngwoo and calling him pathetic. As the alumni meeting continued and everyone started to drink, the other alumni followed Lee Junho\'s example and started laughing at Shin Youngwoo. Shin Youngwoo became a laughing stock with all the alumni.

\'This unforgivable bastard… Dammit, how did I come across this bastard in a game I really have no luck.\'

Shin Youngwoo glared at Lee Junho and his followers.

Lee Junho felt his gaze and asked gently. “E..Excuse me Can you help us As you can see, we are trapped.


Lee Junho never imaged that the man inside the helmet was Shin Youngwoo. Shin Youngwoo thought this was ludicrous.

‘That bastard… he acts like such a devil towards me, but makes such a fake smile towards others! Ah, isn\'t my face covered right now Then they don\'t know who I am Oho, maybe this…\'

Honestly, Shin Youngwoo didn\'t like the Frostlight Orc Chief\'s Helmet. As a unique set item, its functions were very good.

However, it was too ugly. But at this moment, he was delighted with the Frostlight Orc Chief\'s Helmet. 

Why The helmet had a shape that covered half his face.

Therefore, Shin Youngwoo\'s appearance wasn\'t revealed and the ID of Grid didn\'t appear over his head.

‘Now that I\'ve met this scum here, isn\'t it a chance for revenge\'

Shin Youngwoo started laughing and Lee Junho\'s group looked at each other. Shin Youngwoo\'s laugh that emerged from the helmet caused Lee Junho and his group to feel an eerie chill. The eyes that could be seen in the helmet were similar to those of the canyon spider. Yes, like they were prey…!

‘Did we step in poop\'

As Lee Junho\'s group trembled, Shin Youngwoo focused his gaze on Choi Chansung.

\'Choi Chansung…\'

Choi Chansung was clearly a person who hung out with Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan.  Choi Chansung was with them whenever Lee Junho or Sim Kiwan were committing violence against someone.

But Shin Youngwoo had never witnessed Choi Chansung\'s direct involvement in any cheating, swearing or violence.  Rather, Choi Chansung watched Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan with an uncomfortable expression.

Youngwoo didn\'t know why, but he often saw Choi Chansung arguing with Lee Junho. 

‘One time, he apologized to me on behalf of Lee Junho… He also never made fun of me at the alumni meetings… Not long ago, he called and asked if I was going to the reunion… I didn\'t call back or reply to his email, despite several attempts to contact me.

It was like he was worried about me! Yes Perhaps he really is a good guy\'

Shin Youngwoo\'s interpretation was correct.  Choi Chansung was really worried about Shin Youngwoo after what happened at the alumni meeting.  He was afraid Shin Youngwoo might make the wrong choice out of shame.

While Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan always mocked Shin Youngwoo, Choi Chansung kept his mouth shut. Choi Chansung hung around Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan due to the relationship that started from their first year in high school, but he was reluctant to harass anyone.

However, Shin Youngwoo had doubts.

\'… Anybody who is a friend of Lee Junho can\'t be a good guy.

If I look at examples from the movies or comics, he is the truly evil mastermind who is pretending to be good on the outside!\'

Wasn\'t Choi Chansung standing behind Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan when they bullied him in high school Wasn\'t he behind Lee Junho when he laughed at Shin Youngwoo at the reunion Shin Youngwoo was so suspicious that he considered Choi Chansung more of an enemy than Lee Junho.

Then he raised the 8 Ideal Dagger.


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Chapter 77



Lee Junho\'s group trembled.

It was the first time they had seen such a dazzling enhanced weapon.

\'He truly is an amazing person who can take care of a canyon spider.\'

\'He might look ignorant but he clearly has a high-level! Amazing.

When can we be like that\'

In front of their longing gazes, Shin Youngwoo cut a spider web tangled on the wall with a single blow. Lee Junho\'s group once again felt admiration.

\'He got rid of the spider web so easily, despite it not budging under our combined attacks.\'

Shin Youngwoo shrugged as their eyes shone in admiration. Anyone who can\'t break a spider web at this level is, honestly, quite incompetent and pathetic.


A truly nasty tone! Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan were indignant.  Lee Junho\'s standoffish nature would usually cause him to spit out curses right away, but but refrained from doing so, as he was currently in a lower position.

“Haha, we are still low-level users… It is hard for us to deal with the spider webs.

So please help us.

If you don\'t help us, we won\'t be able to escape this web and will eventually die.

Lee Junho smiled somewhat subserviently. It was a truly fresh appearance for Shin Youngwoo.

\'Hasn\'t this guy always run around with no fear of the world Now he is acting like this\'

Shin Youngwoo barely suppressed his laughter.

He cupped his chin and gestured lazily. “Hmm~ why should I save you guys What benefits can I obtain from saving you I am inherently predisposed to hate things like a free service.

The man in the helmet blatantly asked for a payment! Lee Junho thought the man was an inconsiderate bastard, but he had no choice.

“We spent most of our money on potions, so we only have a little bit left.

Don\'t be weak.

Do you guys set the value of your lives that low

“… As you know, we don\'t have a lot of money because we aren\'t high-level users.

“Based on your equipment, aren\'t you at least level 80 If you combine all your money, won\'t it be a decent amount

“If we give you all our assets, how will we live… Please have mercy.

Shin Youngwoo was excited to hear Lee Junho begging.

He felt as though he had been constipated for 10 years and it was finally released.

‘He always acted heavy-handedly in front of me… Kukuk, okay! Let\'s release all my grudges today! This is the perfect chance to pay back all my shame.

Blacksmith\'s Rage!\'

[Blacksmith\'s Rage has been activated.

Your attack power and attack speed will increase significantly for 20 seconds.]

Shin Youngwoo vowed to let him know how it felt to be bullied. Then he started beating Lee Junho up with no notice.



Lee Junho screamed as he was beaten by bare hands, although it felt like a hammer. This wasn\'t an exaggeration. Shin Youngwoo was only level 86 but his strength was over 700 points. In addition, Blacksmith’s Rage was used. 

Even if Shin Youngwoo didn\'t have a legendary class or high stats, Lee Junho was an ordinary level 88 warrior who invested most of his stats in strength instead of defense, so Shin Youngwoo\'s attack power was a threat. 

Lee Junho wasn\'t equipped with special armor so he was at a risk of dying from 200 hits of Shin Youngwoo\'s bare hands. And it was very easy to hit people 200 times when they couldn\'t resist.

W-What is this

Shin Youngwoo grinned at Lee Junho.

It was like a demon\'s smile. “You don\'t intend to give me money but you still ask me to save you You have no shame!



Shin Youngwoo\'s fist hit Lee Junho\'s abdomen. Lee Junho coughed up a small amount of blood and Shin Youngwoo raised his fists.

Then he hit Lee Junho\'s jaw.

Peok peok!

Cough! N-No! Will you spare us if we give you money Why should I give you money

Aren\'t your potions valuable

“Do you really want me to give you all my assets

Yes, you jerk!


Ugh! W-Wait a minute! Stop beating me.

Think about it! You want me to give you all my assets just for cutting some mere spider webs

“Mere spider webs Yes, that’s right.

To me, they are just spider webs.

But what about for you You can\'t break free from this web and will die!”

Peok peok!

“Ack! I-I understand! Sorry! I made a mistake.

S-Spare me! I will give you all my assets!

That\'s okay.


I don\'t want money.

“I-It was a joke Hahat! Hahaha! Hey, you are funny.

You must be having some fun because you would save us anyway!

What are you saying I will save you

What Didn\'t I say I would give you all my assets if you save me

You bastard, how do I know you really will give me all of your assets You might have 100 gold, then give me 1 gold and say \'I\'m sorry, this is all I have.\' Eh

No! I wouldn\'t do such a thing


I won\'t save you even if you give me all of your assets.


“I don\'t want to save you because I hate impolite people!

Bam bam bam!

In the party window, Lee Junho\'s health gauge was going down. A warrior\'s health was being noticeably decreased just from being hit by bare hands Choi Chansung and Sim Kiwan were scared.

\'Lee Junho invested most of his points in strength, but the basic health of a warrior is very high.

But the damage from bare hands… Strong…! He is quite strong.

No wonder why he can hunt the spider canyons.



Why use violence against someone who asked for help If he didn\'t want to help, just don\'t help.

Bam bam bam!

Lee Junho was beaten up without being able to move, like a poor dog tied to the tree in the backyard. The two people disliked Lee Junho, but they couldn\'t stay quiet in this situation.

Hey! Why are you suddenly beating people We didn\'t even do anything wrong.

Sim Kiwan inquired.

Shin Youngwoo stopped hitting Lee Junho and shifted his gaze. Sim Kiwan jumped with surprise.

\'That look in his eyes… They aren\'t the eyes of a normal person!\'

Shin Youngwoo\'s eyes, revealed through the helmet, seemed to shine with insanity…

Bam bam bam!

“Kuaack! Eek! Ugh! Ughh!

Unlike Lee Junho, Sim Kiwan was a magician so his basic health was very low. Thus, half of Sim Kiwan\'s health was gone after Shin Youngwoo beat him for 10 minutes. Sim Kiwan wanted to curse but he didn\'t dare let them out.

“S-Spare me…

Shin Youngwoo\'s eyes widened. What Spare you Hahahaha! Do you want to live Huh Do you want to live Huh Puhahahat! Hey~~ why do you look so worried Okay, I will keep going!



Choi Chansung watched this situation and wanted it to be a dream. The person they asked to save them turned out to be a madman who wanted to kill them! How could this happen

\'Is he a professional PKer\'

Satisfy had PK users who killed users to steal items or at someone\'s request. But the number of PKers wasn\'t high due to various disadvantages.

An ordinary user who played Satisfy every day would rarely meet a PKer. However, now a PKer appeared in front of them.

He appeared in the middle of nowhere! Wasn\'t the situation worse now

“… Do it in moderation.

Lee Junho, who had been silent for a while after being beaten, opened his mouth while Sim Kiwan was being hit. Shin Youngwoo\'s gaze returned to Lee Junho.

What did you say just now

Lee Junho\'s eyes were filled with killing intent as he shouted. “I told you to do it moderately, you bastard!

The roar echoed through the cave. This was the backbone of a warrior. Sim Kiwan, whose face was bloody, looked over towards Lee Junho expectantly.

\'Yes, Junho! Show this psychopathic bastard! You aren\'t an ordinary person.\'

Sim Kiwan was just someone who followed and imitated Lee Junho.

On the other hand, Lee Junho was a born gangster.

He was someone who didn\'t fear anything.

It was rumored that even his parents didn\'t dare go against them.

Sim Kiwan knew him for a long time, so he was well aware of Lee Junho\'s violent personality.

He thought it was possible for him to somehow go against the madman in a helmet. But…

Why are you screaming so loudly inside that spider web Well Shitty guy Aren\'t you just a dog Eh

Peok peok!

If I don\'t stop, what will you do Huh Huh

Bam bam bam!

Why don\'t you try getting rid of that spider web before shouting You incompetent bastard.


Lee Junho might be strong in reality, but this was Satisfy. It wasn\'t a place where real strength would have any effect. A strong person would naturally stand on top.

Here, Shin Youngwoo was much stronger than Lee Junho.

Bam bam bam!

Lee Junho struggled against the web for a while before glaring at Shin Youngwoo.

Then he spoke in a voice quivering with anger. Hey, you jerk.

Where do you live Eh Do you dare encounter me in reality Do you want to die Tell me where you live right now! I will go and kill you!

Instincts were truly frightening. Shin Youngwoo knew that he was in a far superior position, but he couldn\'t help flinching at Lee Junho\'s words. Then after a moment. Shin Youngwoo recalled that Lee Junho could never figure out his identity and replied unabashedly.

“Me I live in Argentina, you bastard.

Argentina! Despite being the world\'s 8th largest country, its total population was below that of South Korea, which was ranked 109th largest in the world.  A country famous for soccer powerhouses! It was a country famous for food culture such as asado (meat on skewers and baked on a charcoal fire). More than anything else, it was on the other side of the planet from South Korea.

Bam bam bam!

After learning that the madman lived far away, Lee Junho eventually changed his attitude.

I-I\'m sorry.

I was wrong so please stop… I was unable to grasp my situation.

I\'m really sorry.

So please spare me.

I really will die…

Unlike Shin Youngwoo who could hunt high-level monsters due to his items and high stats, Lee Junho was an ordinary user. A great deal of time was needed to recover from the experience lost after dying. In addition, he would drop items when dying. 

Therefore, Lee Junho sincerely didn\'t want to die. Lee Junho was also strong against the weak and weak before the strong.  Among the alumni, Lee Junho was called a mad dog, but he was a typical gangster.

If Lee Junho\'s body wasn\'t trapped in the spider web, Shin Youngwoo would give him the chance to lick Shin Youngwoo\'s feet.

Bark like a dog.

In addition, call me master.

Then I will save you.



Then I will.


The moment Lee Junho was about to bark, Choi Chansung interrupted. “Junho, are you really planning to do this

Choi Chansung didn\'t like Lee Junho.

However, Lee Junho was a friend so it was natural to take his side over the madman.

“Is there a problem with dying once In addition, is there any guarantee that he will spare you if you follow his request

Shin Youngwoo felt certain after he saw Choi Chansung being calm alone, unlike the terrified Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan.

\'Choi Chansung…! He truly is behind Lee Junho! He is the boss.

Choi Chansung was the one behind Lee Junho in our high school days!\'

Finally, Shin Youngwoo moved in front of Choi Chansung.

Then he starting hitting Choi Chansung.


Choi Chansung had low health so he received the biggest damage.

But Choi Chansung laughed instead of feeling agitated.

Yes, kill us.

Being killed by a madman is better than being eaten by a spider or committing suicide by logging out.


Shin Youngwoo had no intention of killing Lee Junho\'s group. He just wanted to insult and hit them as much as possible, while they felt despair.

He wanted to inflict all the pain that he had endured. He wanted to see Lee Junho beg.

However, Choi Chansung was able to proudly resist.

You… you bastard! You really aren\'t afraid to die Is it okay even if your experience and items drop when you die Eh You aren\'t ashamed to die It will also hurt.

Satisfy used overwhelming technology to reproduce all senses exactly like reality. It was the same for pain.

But in the case of pain, it was decreased to less than 12 times that of reality. For example, being stabbed by a knife would feel like the prick of a needle. If hit by a fist, it was just a mild pain.

However, it was like how people got drunk on alcohol. Every time they were hit, their health was reduced and their minds became confused.

In addition, a person would naturally feel fear when seeing blood. 

Satisfy recreated reality, so some users became psychologically weak when they suffered great damage. There was a phenomenon that many users experienced and was a social problem. But Choi Chansung\'s mentality was strong. He could clearly see that this was a game, so he stayed calm despite the blood in his eyes.

He wasn\'t afraid of Shin Youngwoo\'s violence.

It is shameful to take my own life.

Now, kill me.

It doesn\'t matter if you kill me, so do what you like.

It really is the answer of the final boss…

Final boss

Choi Chansung was confused by the incomprehensible words.

Shin Youngwoo was very agitated.

‘Shit, if he shows this attitude, I won\'t get any pleasure from my revenge.\'

On the other hand, Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan confirmed that the madman\'s violent momentum stopped after Choi Chansung\'s words.

Then they started whispering to each other.

Hey, I can\'t be sure but… that crazy man, doesn\'t it seem like he lost his desire for murder after hearing those words

“It seems so.

Originally, psychopaths are obsessed with a certain thing… isn\'t it the case with him as well

“So he is a psychopath who wants to kill when people beg for their lives, and he doesn\'t feel like killing someone who begs to be killed



The two people exchanged a look and started shouting.

Yes, that\'s right! Kill us! I\'d rather die! We would rather die than grovel!


Now Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan acted like Choi Chansung.

Then Shin Youngwoo fell in deep thought.

\'Damn, I don\'t know what to do… Should I really kill them No, no.

I will become a PKer, my reputation will decrease and I will be locked in prison.



After a while. In the end, Shin Youngwoo made a decision.

Che, whatever.

I\'m going.

Do as you wish.

Starve to death in that spider web.

Shin Youngwoo declared and left the cave.

It was a really neat goodbye. Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan panicked as they looked at his departing back.

“… This wasn\'t what we wanted.

Ugh! There was no guarantee he would save us, but there is no need for him to kill us either!

In the end, it shifted back to the beginning. The three people had to choose.

They could either starve to death or commit suicide by logging out. They would die anyway.

Lee Junho trembled. Shit! If he wasn\'t going to kill us, why did that crazy guy beat us up Damn scum.

Why did someone like that appear before us

Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan had begged the crazy person in a helmet to spare them. In particular, Lee Junho was about to bark like a dog.

This was a shameful memory they would remember forever.

Meanwhile, Shin Youngwoo exited the cave and…

There are no spiders If possible, I should capture it and release it into the cave.

Those scum, they should have the horrible experience of being eaten.

Shin Youngwoo didn\'t want to miss the chance for revenge that the heavens had given him.

So he ran hard to find a canyon spider. But could the canyon spider be so easily captured The odds of defeating a canyon spider in a one-on-one fight was still unlikely. Now he wanted to capture instead of killing it It was an impossible task for Shin Youngwoo.

In the end, Shin Youngwoo failed to catch a spider and Lee Junho\'s group starved to death.

Under the moonlight, Grid shouted like he wanted to wake up all the monsters in the canyon.

I missed out on the golden opportunity for revenge! Dammitttttt!

Shin Youngwoo had sought a spider for the sake of his perfect revenge. He hunted all types of monsters in the process, so he was now level 92. Therefore, he didn\'t panic when he saw five canyon wolves rushing over because of the noise.

Bark bark! Bark!

Shut up, you dog scum! 


After a fierce struggle, the five wolves were killed and the hungry Grid ate their meat.

It is late so I should go sleep… I will finish the quest tomorrow.

Now the north cliff wasn\'t far away.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 78

As many people knew, the highest waterfall in the world was Angel Falls in Venezuela.

It was a huge 979m in height. Angel was Ángel in Spanish, so it was Ángel Falls.

It was said that the name was due to the majestic and mysterious appearance of the fog at the bottom of the waterfall.

Of course, I saw that one day on TV. Anyway, it was a beautiful and mysterious waterfall reminiscent of angels! One of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world! Satisfy created a waterfall that was more spectacular, mysterious, beautiful and fantastic than Angel Falls.

That waterfall was located in the north of the Eternal Kingdom.  Where in the north

“Right here.”


The north of Kesan Canyon. At the end of the canyon, there was a 1,300m high waterfall. The water vapor around the waterfall created a dreamy atmosphere.

Rainbows appeared everywhere, making it seem like a fairy tale world.

I was overwhelmed by the intersection of rainbows and the fall of water.

“This is Loran\'s waterfall that I had only heard about in rumors.

This waterfall was named after the discoverer of the waterfall, as well as the founder of the Eternal Kingdom, Loran. It was one of the most sacred places for the people of the Eternal Kingdom, but there were no tourists at all.

It was because Kesan Canyon was too dangerous. The common people were afraid of the monsters in the canyon, so they didn\'t dare come here.

Anyway, there would be few users who managed to visit this place.


It\'s really amazing.

Originally, I wasn\'t someone who worshipped natural scenery.

I had never visited any famous tourist sites in my life.

So what if nature was beautiful Would beautiful nature feed me I used to belittle nature in my thoughts.

But my thoughts changed at this moment. I could understand why people visited such attractions.

Amazing… I finally realize how insignificant and trivial the asphalt world I live in is.

The spectacular high-rise buildings designed and built by the world\'s top architects The majestic bodies that were registered as world heritage sites They were nice and great.

But it was nothing in front of nature.

My narrow world view expanded a bit, and I felt like my perspective had increased.

\'If I feel such excitement seeing a virtual reality landscape, how will the scenery in reality be like Once I pay off the debt, I should go on a trip.

Angel Falls, Iguazu Falls, the Amazon, the Grand Canyon… There are many other famous places.\'

I watched the waterfall in a pleasant mood. I regained my spirit.

This is crazy.

What am I doing I need to go and find Pagma\'s swordsmanship!

The north cliff was just below Loran Falls.

I searched the north cliff for any engravings about Pagma\'s swordsmanship. But 10 minutes, then 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours passed… I couldn\'t find Pagma\'s swordsmanship.

I even climbed the cliff, but I couldn\'t see anything that might be a mural. Before I knew it, sunset arrived. The rainbows cleared and the waterfall became touched with gold, creating a spectacular sight.

It was like an illusion of pouring gold.

But he couldn\'t afford to keep looking.


I am getting irritated.

Khan\'s ancestor said that he engraved Pagma\'s swordsmanship onto the north cliff! Was he lying Did I come here and struggle in vain because of his lie

“… I was a fool to trust a ghost\'s words in the first place.

Originally, ghosts were evil! That\'s why ghosts who appeared in horror movies were mostly ugly and cruel! Despite the fact that I had been on guard against ghosts for all my life, I was tempted by a ghost and sent on a wild goose chase.

“Kuoh! It is the worst mistake of my life…um

As I was feeling frustrated, my eyes suddenly noticed something at the back of the waterfall.


In my middle school days, I admired the martial arts movies that were released half a century ago. When I watched those martial arts movies, there was always a cave at the back of the waterfall.

‘What if the creators of Satisfy watch the same martial arts movies as me…\'

I jumped into the waterfall. As I expected, there was a small cave behind the waterfall where murals of a man dancing with a sword that was carved in a sequential manner.


Once again, ghosts were evil beings.

That ghost…! I would\'ve found it sooner if he explained that the place was behind Loran Falls.

Why did he say the north cliff No, dammit.

If he wasn\'t Khan\'s ancestor, I would go and kick him.

He is Khan\'s ancestor, so I will spare him!

… Could the ghost hear my voice I looked around nervously because I was afraid that the ghost would appear, before examining the murals. The murals were carved a long time ago and were very old and dim.

But there were no difficulties seeing the contents.

This is Pagma\'s…

The face of the man in the mural had hawk-like eyes.

He had the slender egg-shaped face, lips and eyes that were popular among women.

“Shit… Pagma was handsome…

I thought Pagma would have a macho appearance, like the blacksmiths I had seen so far.

But he had a slender and neat appearance. I disliked handsome and skilled people, so my favorability towards Pagma dropped exponentially.

“…I am thinking about the appearance of an already dead person.

I concentrated on the murals.

That is Dainsleif.

Based on the proportions in the mural, Pagma was considerably tall.

Nevertheless, the greatsword in Pagma\'s hands was much larger than Pagma.

This proved that the greatsword was Dainsleif.

In fact, the total length of Dainsleif was close to 3m and 20cm.

“How amazing.

However, Pagma in the mural was freely wielding Dainsleif with one hand.

His strength was incompatible with his body, and he seemed as elegant as a butterfly. It was a swordsmanship that expressed a powerful strength and a gentle softness.

How was that possible Through the murals, I could see Pagma\'s swordsmanship that reached the peak.

I examined the murals from start to finish.

What Why haven\'t I learned Pagma\'s swordsmanship

I thought that if appreciated this mural, I would naturally acquire Pagma\'s swordsmanship.

But it was strange.

It seemed like I couldn\'t learn it just by examining the murals.

Do I have to touch it…

I laid my hands on the mural.

But I didn\'t acquire Pagma\'s swordsmanship.

What If I couldn\'t obtain it from looking or touching, how could I learn it Did I have to follow the actions in the mural

… Was that really the case I had to reproduce and acquire Pagma\'s swordsmanship directly with my body!

Ah, annoying…

But it couldn\'t be helped, no matter how annoying. I grumbled and pulled out the Ideal Dagger.

Then I copied Pagma\'s swordsmanship shown in the murals. At first, I couldn\'t get used to it.

So I tried again.

I was still lacking and started again from the beginning. 

Three hours later. How many times did I follow the swordsmanship in the murals I sat down and breathed roughly because Pagma\'s swordsmanship took more energy than expected.

“I…can\'t do it.

I memorized the swordsmanship in the murals after repeating it several times.

However, I failed to reproduce the movements. Come to think of it, I had never once danced in my life.

“I went to clubs several times, but I don\'t remember dancing properly.

I see.

Hahaha! I was born with two left feet! So it\'s hard for me to learn Pagma\'s swordsmanship.

… No!


A game skill that I couldn\'t learn unless I knew how to dance What type of nonsense was this 

There can\'t be a skill that can\'t be learned unless I know how to dance.

There\'s clearly another reason.

After that, I struggled to find a reason while examining the murals.

Then I noticed some moss at the last mural.

Surely the last part of the mural isn\'t covered by moss Haha, there wouldn\'t be such a foolish development.

It couldn\'t be, but I brushed away the moss just in case. Then I saw it. Another mural was hidden by the moss. 

Then a notification window popped up.

[Pagma\'s swordsmanship has been acquired.]

[You have completed the first class quest.

Return to Blacksmith Khan.]

“… I, what have I been doing for the last few hours

This damn thing… My hands shook.

I wasted my time and stamina due to the moss! I wanted to rip off the moss and curse. But I refrained. I didn\'t want to waste more time on the moss when I had already learned Pagma\'s swordsmanship.

This damn moss…you are lucky.

I stomped on the moss that I had already taken off the wall.

Then I took deep breaths. What was the identity of the swordsmanship that pierced the sky Was it a passive skill like Sword Mastery Or was it a powerful attack skill

Whatever the case, it was necessary for me who lacked combat skills. I was filled with joy and hurriedly opened the skills window. Then I was able to confirm that Pagma\'s swordsmanship far exceeded my expectations.

[Pagma\'s Swordsmanship]



-When the skill is deactivated-

You can become one with the sword at any time.

Increases physical attack by 20% and critical hit rate by 10%. 

* This effect is only applied when a sword is equipped.

* The skill consumes no mana.

-When the skill is activated-

Become one with the sword.

Wave, Restraint, Link, Kill, Transcend.

You can unleash a total of five sword techniques.

* The effect of the deactivated skill will be lost.

* 20 mana is required to activate the skill.

* Once deactivated, it will take 10 seconds until the skill can be activated again.

Nothing will be consumed when deactivated.


Unleash a violent sword dance like a high wave. 

Inflicts 155% of your attack power to all enemies within 1m, as well as reducing their speed.

Skill Usage Conditions: Have a sword equipped.

Skill Mana Cost: 350

Skill Cooldown Time: 120 seconds


A restrained and understated sword dance. 

Overwhelms the surroundings.

No one will have access to you for three seconds.

* Does not apply to the undead.

Skill Usage Conditions: Have a sword equipped.

Skill Mana Cost: 300

Skill Cooldown Time: 300 seconds


A dazzling sword dance that is like the wings of a butterfly.

Deals 500% of your attack power to a single target.

Skill Usage Conditions: Have a sword equipped.

Skill Mana Cost: 350

Skill Cooldown Time: 100 seconds


A killing sword that expresses hatred.

Deals 1500% of your attack power to a single target.

There will be a bleeding and desperation effect.

Skill Usage Conditions: Have a sword equipped.

Skill Mana Cost: 1,200

Skill Stamina Consumption: Consumes 50% of your stamina.

Skill Cooldown Time: 500 seconds


A sword dance that transcends imagination.

Your attack power is doubled and your default attacks will turn into ranged attacks.

Skill Usage Conditions: Have a sword equipped.

Skill Mana Cost: 1,800

Skill Duration: 30 seconds.

Skill Cooldown Time: 3,000 seconds 


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 79


Pagma\'s Swordsmanship was beyond my imagination.

The skills\' capabilities and damage was something I could never imagine.

\'There is one passive skill and multiple active features… I don\'t have any mastery skills, so this is really amazing considering my lacking combat skills.\'

Most classes had passive skills such as Weapons Mastery or Armor Mastery.

These passive mastery skills increased the performance of weapons and armor. However, Pagma\'s Descendant didn\'t have any mastery skills at all.

It was a drawback and an unsatisfactory part of the class.

But now it\'s different.

Pagma\'s Swordsmanship increased my attack power and chances of a critical hit when deactivated.

This had a similar effect to Weapons Mastery. 

\'It is also the performance of Intermediate Weapons Mastery…! The effect disappears when the skill is activated, but that isn\'t a huge problem.

When activated, five active skills are generated.\' 

Pagma\'s Swordsmanship! It was a skill worthy of a legendary class! I was now able to take pride in having a legendary class.

\'Although I\'ve been disappointed in some production aspects, my class is fraudulent.

But it isn\'t a combat class.

I can play the role of a tanker due to my high resistance to abnormal conditions, so I can become more fraudulent if my combat skills develop.


There was one problem.

“… Why does the skill consume so much mana

Currently, I had around 500 mana.

I was able to obtain this figure because my intelligence increased when steadily making items.

I never invested any stats in it, so I wouldn\'t even have 100 mana if it wasn\'t for that.

Anyway, the bottom line was that I couldn\'t freely use all the available skills at the moment.







A total of five sword techniques. The minimum amount of mana required was 300.

In particular, Kill consumed 1,200 mana and Transcend consumed 1,800 mana. In order to use these skills freely, I needed to invest a lot of stat points in intelligence to increase my mana. But I had never invested any stat points in intelligence since my days as a warrior.

\'With magicians, the higher their intelligence, the higher the magic damage.

Therefore, they were willing to invest their points in intelligence.

But I…\'

I honestly didn\'t want to invest stat points into intelligence. In my position, focusing my stat points on strength and stamina was ideal.

Strength and stamina meant I could spend a long time making items, and my attack power also increased. 

But intelligence Did I have any skills that were influenced by intelligence Of course not. I needed to invest in the intelligence stat just to increase my mana!

Shit…but I can\'t not invest in intelligence.

That\'s right.

It didn\'t matter how much I complained.

I had no choice but to invest my points into intelligence. It was in order to use the sword skills. 

Status window.

Name: Grid

Level: 92 (1,531,400/3,798,000)

Class: Pagma\'s Descendant

* The probability of adding additional options when making items will increase.

* The probably of item enhancement will increase. 

* All equipment items can be worn unconditionally.

However, there is a penalty depending on the rating of the item. 

Title: One who Became a Legend

* Abnormal conditions don\'t work well on you.

* You won\'t die when health is at the minimum.

* Easily acknowledged.

Title: First Unique Item Maker

* Dexterity 200

Title: Only Legendary Item Maker

* Dexterity 350

Title: Knight Slayer

* Stamina 100 

* Strength 30

Title: Apostle of Justice

* All stats 10

* The Apostle of Justice\'s bravery is unmatched.

Health: 8,330/8,330     Mana: 522/522

Strength: 775   Stamina: 523   Agility: 208  Intelligence: 180 

Dexterity: 855  Persistence: 210

Composure: 155  Indomitable: 176   Dignity: 155 Insight: 155

Courage: 99

Stat Points: 0

Weight: 9,404/19,700 

When I entered Kesan Canyon yesterday, I was level 85.

After hunting all the monsters in Kesan Canyon, I was now level 92. And I had 70 stat points.

I should\'ve left it…

As you could see, I currently had 0 stat points. Why I invested 70 points into strength. 

It couldn\'t be helped, since it made hunting the canyon spiders easier.

The canyon spiders had excellent defense.

I increased strength in order to do a little bit more damage. But now I regretted it.

I should\'ve collected the stat points until I got Pagma\'s Swordsmanship…

My maximum mana increased by three points every time I gained one point in intelligence.

If I still had the 70 stat points from yesterday, I could increase my intelligence and gain a certain amount of mana. It was too bad.

…I need to raise intelligence.

I was very annoyed at the thought of not being able to use the skills I learned because of a lack of mana. Who wouldn\'t be nervous at not being able to use some skills So I made an unusual choice.

Hunting! Level up! Increase intelligence by raising my level! At the minimum, I need enough mana to use Kill!

Kill was a skill that deal 1500% of my attack power to a target. But 1,200 mana was required to use Kill. In other words, I needed at least 400 points in intelligence.

Obtain 400 intelligence through levelling up!

… It was my rough estimate.

Hah, this sucks.

I started hunting for the first time since becoming Pagma\'s Descendant in order to obtain Pagma\'s Swordsmanship. I faced the frostlight orcs in the northern snowfields and then the monsters in Kesan Canyon…

It was the fun taste of hunting after a long time. 

\'That\'s right.

I became addicted to Satisfy through this taste.\'

I could feel myself getting stronger through my level increase, and I was proud to see the gold and loot piled up in my inventory. For the moment, I should stay in Kesan Canyon and keep hunting.

But what was the reality For me, hunting was a luxury. My family was sitting on a pile of debt.

My parents and Sehee still couldn\'t shake off their anxiety.

I needed to make items instead of hunting so that my family could sleep more easily.

Yes, I should return to Khan\'s smithy quickly.

Then I can obtain Dainsleif.

Isn\'t that good

I barely suppressed by desire to hunt and left the cave behind the waterfall.

I was soothing my sorrow while admiring the stars in the night sky when-


A roaring sound was heard from the bottom of the waterfall.

There was a huge spray of water and I was surrounded by six mermen.

… The fish are shaking.

Mermen were male mermaids.

But unlike the mermaids in fairy tales, Satisfy\'s mermen were very ugly. I frowned as I saw the gills on the mermen.

Are you going to dry out on land and choke to death

A merman in the front waved his trident and shouted threateningly. Don\'t worry about that and give me your heart!

Mermen wanted human hearts for nutrition.

They were as terrible as their appearance.

\'Six mermen…\' 

The mermen adjusted to the natural environment without much difficulty.

Therefore, they were distributed throughout the continent.

But the mermen living in Kesan Canyon were the most notorious.

The mermen of Kesan Canyon had a level of 175, known to be one of the highest levels among the mermen on the continent.

\'The mermen are especially strong in the water.

There are six of them…\'

Before I learned Pagma\'s Swordsmanship, I would be trying to run away from this place. But things were different now. I raised the 8 Ideal Dagger which shone a darker blue in the darkness.  I wasn\'t going to give the mermen my heart.

You want to take my heart Or should I just eat all of you

A merman snorted. Bah! This human is bluffing.


The mermen moved on the water at a tremendous speed, like a surfboard meeting a wave. I waited for them to get close to me.

Just before a trident was going to hit my body, Pagma\'s Swordsmanship, Restraint!

At the moment, my body started dancing. The blue light radiating from the Ideal Dagger shone in the moonlight as my body moved quietly. Then!


The mermen\'s rush stopped, like it was originally a lie.

The mermen acted restless and struggled to get away from me. I hurriedly linked some skills before they could escape from the influence of Restraint.

Blacksmith\'s Rage!

[Blacksmith\'s Rage has been activated.

Your attack power and attack speed will increase significantly for 20 seconds.]

Wind Blast!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!


The blade of wind scraped against the mermen\'s upper bodies.

[You have dealt 3,750 damage to the target.]

[You have dealt 3,802 damage to the target.]

Mermen had excellent defense on their lower bodies which were covered in scales, but their human upper bodies were weaker.

Therefore, attacks on the upper body were very painful. I attacked in rapid succession before stopping.

\'Shit, I ran out of mana.\'

I quickly opened my inventory and took out an inferior mana recovery potion.

After confirming that my mana had fully recovered, I deactivated Pagma\'s Swordsmanship.

Then I used the skill I developed.

Wind of Justice!

Pepeng! Pepepepeng!

Wind of Justice exerted a powerful destructive blast that couldn\'t be compare to Wind Blast.

By deactivating Pagma\'s Swordsmanship, my attack power and chances of a critical hit increased, making the destructive power more enormous.

Wind of Justice swept over the mermen from side to side, and those struck in the upper body couldn\'t even scream.

Quick Movements!

[Quick Movements has been activated.

Your agility and evasion rate will increase significantly for 1 minute.]

Splash splash!

I suddenly plunged into the mermen.

Then I started to slash at their upper bodies with the 8 Ideal Dagger.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 80


\'Okay! Good!\'

I felt bliss as I watched the mermen suffering every time I wielded my sword. It was because I felt stronger. 

[The Best Gauntlets option effect is activated, causing you to attack the target twice.]

[The Ideal Dagger\'s option effect is activated, instantaneously killing the target.]

One of the six mermen was killed due to the Ideal Dagger\'s option activating. I was immediately attacked by the remaining five mermen.  However, I was using a dagger as a weapon, while their weapons were 2m long tridents.

They needed a certain distance to attack me properly.


In the end, the mermen gave up on the immediate counterattack.

They moved a certain distance away and glared at me wildly.

I followed and attacked one of them relentlessly.

Bam bam bam!


The merman were monsters famous for having a strong camaraderie. The mermen didn\'t know what to do as I stuck to their companion like a leech and stabbed.

They wanted to help, but were afraid they would end up being stabbed. Indeed, they were stupid bastards.

\'Mermen… these damn guys!\'

As a warrior, I fought mermen at Lake Fabian.

The mermen at Lake Fabian were very low level, unlike the mermen here, but they were very strong opponents at the same time.

In the end, I was killed by them.

\'Revenge for back then!\'



The merman received my dagger with no mercy and eventually died.

The watching mermen shed tears of blood and started a violent onslaught.

[You have suffered 2,900 damage.]

[You have suffered 2,830 damage.]

Indeed, the mermen had powerful attacks.

I lost more than half my health just from two of their attacks.

\'A fearsome strength! I am armed with the Frostlight Orc Chief\'s Helmet and Khan’s Masterpiece, but I still received this much damage!\'

But there was no need to be afraid. The cooldown time of my mana potion was up.


I used a new skill straight away after verifying my mana gauge.

Pagma\'s Swordsmanship, Wave!

My body was like Loran Falls behind me, but the calm stream started to move. Then waves of energy shot in every direction.



The four mermen were hit simultaneously and screamed in pain.

They tried to counterattack but due to the influence of Wave, their movement speed and attack speed were slowed by almost two times. It wasn\'t difficult to deal the final blow.

Wind Blast!


In the end, all six mermen died and I confirmed the money, japtem and experience that dropped.

[Your level has risen.]

Invest 10 points in intelligence.

[You have invested 10 points in intelligence.

Is this correct]


After 10 points in intelligence, my mana rose to exactly 600. There was still a long way to go, but I was very proud.

\'If I make an item, my stats will rise.

Someday, I will have enough mana to use Pagma\'s swordsmanship freely.

But I don\'t know when that will be…\'

By the time I paid back the debt, would I have thousands of mana As I imagined it and prepared to leave, a man appeared before me. It was a man with a scraggly beard.

He was also wearing odd clothing. At a glance…

\'A beggar.\'

What This beggar

\'Don\'t tell me he wants money\'

I was concerned that he would beg me for money, so I hurriedly tried to leave this place.

But then the beggar called out to me. “I have a favor to ask of you.

… Ah, damn.

Of course this beggar would be asking me for money.

\'He found the wrong person.\'

I wasn\'t proud of it, but I never once put 10 won in the Salvation Army donation box during my 26 years of living.

Therefore, I had no intention of helping a beggar in the game.

\'How can I help when I am trying to stay alive in the first place\'

I turned around calmly as the beggar placed a hand on my shoulder.

“Can\'t you hear me

I heard you.

Then why aren\'t you answering

Why would I reply to a beggar

The man\'s face distorted. What Beggar I am a beggar

You aren\'t You look exactly like a beggar.

Kuk! Kuhahahaha!

Was this beggar insane Why was he laughing all of a sudden

“Hey Mister, would you mind being quiet This place smells of mermen blood and other merman might appear, so it will be dangerous to make loud noises.

Gurgle gurgle!

As we were talking, a huge foam started to rise from the bottom of the waterfall. In the end, new mermen emerged. I guessed that more than six would appear, so I had wanted to leave this place as quickly as possible.

\'I don\'t think I could fight more than seven.\'


I was hurrying away when the beggar called out to me again.

But I responded without stopping.

“Hey beggar, if you don\'t want to die, then just leave.

Well, I don\'t care if you die or not.

Then I\'m going…

Peeng! Peeng! Peeng!

… Damn.

I was too delayed because of the beggar. 11 mermen popped out of the water, surrounding me and the beggar.

Who… Someone murdered our kin!

I will kill you… Kill him and chew up his heart!

I screamed towards the mermen. “I witnessed with my own eyes that this man killed your brethren!

My finger pointed towards the beggar. This wasn\'t an intentional act, it was instinctive. It was my nature to sacrifice other people for myself!

You…! It was you!

The mermen believed my words immediately and turned their eyes towards the beggar.

Then I hurried to escape. However…



It was clearly the sound of a sword. I reflexively looked back and saw the beggar holding a longsword that would\'ve been used in the past.

\'That\'s clearly a sword! How does a beggar have such a thing\'

Perhaps he wasn\'t a beggar Yes, it was common sense to think that no ordinary beggar would be in Kesan Canyon.

An ordinary beggar wouldn\'t survive a day here!

\'Then this person…!\'

I belatedly focused my attention above the beggar\'s head. Then I confirmed the name.


I didn\'t know who he was, but he was clearly an NPC. The fact that the NPC approached me first must be related to a quest! The beggar, no Piaro spoke.

I don\'t like fish.

Sasak! Sasasasak!

He was on a completely different dimension from me. I relied on my skills when dealing with the mermen.

However, Piaro didn\'t use any skills.

He just fought the 11 mermen with his sword skills.


His sword flashed a few times before Piaro placed his longsword back in his sheath.

Then the mermen coughed up blood simultaneously and disappeared into grey light. I was stunned as I witnessed Piaro\'s ridiculous display of strength.

Then he said with a frown.

“You are the type of person who will sacrifice innocents to survive… You are the type of person I hate most in the world.

I-I\'m sorry…

I was afraid that he might be killed, so I apologized.

Then he shook his head. There is no need for any pretenses.

I don\'t want to talk to you for too long, so I will cut to the chase.

Help me.


There was a familiar sound and the quest notification window popped up.

[The True Traitor of the Red Knights]

Difficulty: S

The Red Knights were once the strongest knight division on the continent.

It wasn\'t an exaggeration to say that the Saharan Empire could now exist because of the Red Knights.

Asmophel, the vice captain of the Red Knights, had a secret rendezvous with the Empress.

Then he framed Piaro, who knew the truth.

Due to Asmophel skillfully borrowing the power of the Empress, Piaro and his men were framed as traitors to the Emperor and were forced to flee.

Piaro couldn\'t forgive Asmophel or the imperial family, who drove the lives of his comrades to the brink of ruin.

But it was impossible for Piaro to move directly due to the trackers scattered throughout the continent, who were released by Asmophel.

In the end, Piaro was forced to give up on revenge himself and needed to entrust it to an agent.

Quest Clear Conditions: Punish Asmophel.

Quest Clear Reward: Title \'Agent of Revenge.\'

* Agent of Revenge: The \'Cruelty\' stat will be opened. 

 Attack Power 100.

Skill \'Murderous Impulse\' will be generated.

Quest Failure: Level -4.

The Saharan Empire was adjacent to the Eternal Kingdom.

However, it was natural to take a long time to go there and back. Furthermore, I needed to punish the vice captain of a knight\'s division. Even Leo, who was called the Northern Nova, was just a chick in front of Asmophel.

\'I like the reward, but there is no guarantee of success and the distance is too far.

It is wiser to create items at the smithy rather than doing this quest.\'

I made a decision and firmly declined. I don\'t have the time or ability to help you.

[The quest was refused.]

Piaro clicked his tongue.

You don\'t like the reward

No, I don \'t have the time or ability.

I am familiar with people like you.

You must be hoping for a bigger reward by taking advantage of my desperate situation.

No, that isn\'t it.

It isn\'t about the reward.

I really don\'t have the time or ability to help you.

“Bah, I will add my sword as a reward.

[Piaro has changed the quest reward.]

Quest Clear Reward: Title \'Agent of Revenge\' Piaro\'s longsword.

* Agent of Revenge: The \'Cruelty\' stat will be opened. 

Attack Power 100.

Skill \'Murderous Impulse\' will be generated.

* Piaro\'s longsword.

Rating: Unique

Durability: 110/213  Attack Power: 387   Accuracy: 10%

The skill \'Hatred\' will be generated.

* Stamina -100.

It is somewhat damaged, but that doesn\'t change the fact that it is a great sword.

But it is cursed because it contains Piaro\'s strong grudge.

There is some risk involved in using it.

User Restriction: Level 190 or higher.

More than 900 strength. 

More than 300 agility.

Advanced Sword Mastery. 

It was difficult to talk about the options since I didn\'t know what skill \'Hatred\' was.

But the attack power was great.

\'It is a one-handed sword, but the attack power exceeded the legendary rated Sword of Self-transcendence… Of course, the level limit was 30 levels higher than the Sword of Self-transcendence.

But considering the difference in rating, this attack power was really amazing.

It is definitely an item that can be sold at an expensive price.’

I was greedy. Why did I want to make items To make money. But even if I made dozens or hundreds of items, there was no guarantee that items with a unique or higher rating would be produced. Perhaps I could obtain bigger rewards from this quest than from making items, since the item could be sold for a high price.

\'But I truly don\'t have the capabilities.\'

I was strong.

However, it wasn\'t enough to face the vice captain of the once strongest knight division on the continent. I needed to calm down. I closed my eyes tightly and turned away from Piaro\'s longsword.

“I truly don\'t have the ability to carry out your request.

[The quest was refused.]

Piaro bit his lip.

He seemed angry.

“You truly are a greedy person.

Don\'t you know that excessive greed can be a poison

Words didn\'t work. This vaguely familiar situation made me recall someone I had forgotten. Yes, Doran. No matter how much I rejected the quest, I somehow ended up doing Doran\'s quest. Piaro resembled Doran.

\'I might be dragged into the quest if I don\'t show a definite attitude.\'

I came out strongly. “How many times do I have to say it When did I say that I don\'t like the rewards I don\'t have the ability, the ability! Why are you misunderstanding a person in a strange way

You don\'t have the ability It isn\'t easy to kill canyon lizards, lizardmen, spiders, eagles, crocodiles, wolves and six mermen at the same time.


W-What was up with this guy How did he know everything I did in Kesan Canyon This must be…!

Y-You! Are you a stalker What do you want from me Surely not my virginity…! Dirty bastard!

Didn\'t I already say it All I want is Asmophel\'s death.

It seems talking won\'t work with you.


Piaro hit my thigh with his sheath. Then I literally fell to my knees.

[You have suffered 7,500 damage.]

[The Apostle of Justice\'s bravery is unmatched.]

[The Apostle of Justice is in a crisis.

You won\'t easily collapse in front of the enemies.]

[All stats will increase by 30%.]


My health fell just from a hit on my thigh from a sheath He also took care of 11 mermen in an instant.

Who was this person As I was feeling appalled, Piaro looked down at me with cold eyes.

“Make sure to answer.

Will you accept my request Or will you die here

I was mistaken when I thought Piaro was like Doran. Doran was stubborn, but nice.

This man was completely different.

He was more like a demon. A selfish demon!

T-This is ridiculous…! An NPC will kill me if I refuse the quest… What the hell is this…

What are you saying Answer me.

Dammit! I\'d rather die! If I fail the quest, I will lose four levels and waste my time.

But if I die here, I will just lose experience! Hmph.

I would prefer that! I will be resurrected in Winston so it will save me some time!

“… Really, you don\'t know what a life is worth.

Why did God create immortal beings like you, and why are you living among ordinary humans like us I can\'t understand, no matter how I think about it.

An NPC was questioning the existence of a user. I was temporarily speechless at the intelligence of an NPC. Then Piaro glanced at me.

“Get lost.


“Get out of my sight.


No, weren\'t you going to kill me if I refuse your request

“Bah, I don\'t have the hobby of killing innocent people. Piaro left this place.

Just before completely disappearing from my field of view, he stopped and said. If you are willing to accept my request later, come here.

I\'m not forcing you.

It\'s just hope.

Thus, my brief encounter with Piaro ended. Then I returned to Winston.

In the process, I fought several monsters in the canyon and reached level 95, investing all the stat points into intelligence.

\'Shit, I\'m like a magician.\'

Investing stat points in intelligence just to increase the amount of mana! It was regrettable, no matter how I thought about it. But I got some happy news.

[The skill level of Blacksmith\'s Rage has risen.]

[The skill level of Unbreakable Justice has risen.]

[Blacksmith\'s Rage]



Increases attack power by 15% and attack speed by 30% for 30 seconds.

Skill Mana Cost: 40

Skill Cooldown Time: 60 seconds 

[Unbreakable Justice]



Deals 320% of your attack power.

Skill Mana Cost: 300

Skill Cooldown Time: 90 seconds 

In the case of Wind Blast and Quick Movements, they were skills built into the Ideal Dagger, so the skill level wouldn\'t increase no matter how many times I used it. But Blacksmith’s Rage and Unbreakable Justice were my own skills.

Like any ordinary skills, it gained experience and the level rose.

I realized I was becoming stronger as I saw the effects of the upgraded skills.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 81

Khan welcomed me as I returned from Kesan Canyon. “You defeated the ghastly monsters in Kesan Canyon! You\'re truly amazing! How about it Did you learn Pagma\'s Swordsmanship properly

“Of course.”

“Can you give me the chance to appreciate the great swordsmanship that thrilled my ancestor


It is narrow here, so let\'s go to the yard.

This was Khan\'s smithy. I picked up the Ideal Dagger in a place where there was a lot of firewood.

Then I activated Pagma\'s Swordsmanship.

Pagma\'s Swordsmanship, Wave!

I danced, scattering blue light in every direction.

Khan was impressed by the spectacular sight.

Ohhhh! Amazing! It is so beautiful and intense!

“In fact, there are four other sword techniques, but it has to end here today.

Why I want to watch the rest of the sword dance.

I wanted to show off to Khan.

But I currently only had 630 mana! After activating Pagma\'s Swordsmanship and using Wave, I only had 260 mana left.

I didn\'t have any mana for another technique. In the end, I had to be honest.

“I don\'t have enough mana to use it continuously.

I can drink mana potions, but it\'s a waste of money.

Hah, I see.

Unfortunately, it can\'t be helped.

Now follow me.

Khan dragged me into the smithy.

Then he picked up Dainsleif on the second floor and handed it to me.

This is the promised reward.

You are Pagma’s Descendant, so I believe you can understand and use Dainsleif more than anyone else.

[Dainsleif (Reproduction) has been acquired.]

[Quest success!]

[Dainsleif (Reproduction)]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 500/500   Attack Power: 451~635   Attack Speed: -8%

* Additional damage equal to 10% of the target\'s current defense will be dealt.

* The greater the number of enemies, the greater the damage.

* The skill \'Golden Flash\' has been generated.

A work created by Albatino, the first human to receive the nickname of \'craftsman before Pagma\'s era.

He attempted the reproduce the mythical weapon, Dainsleif.

It is far lacking compared to the original Dainsleif, but he succeeded in restoring some of its features, making it a masterpiece on its own.

It was acclaimed as a \'masterpiece of human history\' by the founder of the Eternal Kingdom and king of the north, Loran.

The legendary blacksmith Pagma is said to have received great inspiration from Albatino\'s work.

User Restriction: Level 250 or higher.

More than 1,800 strength.

Advanced Sword Mastery.

Weight: 1,580 

The conditions of use were fairly high, but it was a weapon that was above the Sword of Self-transcendence when just looking at the function. I believed that Dainsleif was currently one of the top weapons that existed in Satisfy.

\'Only top rankers would have a weapon like this in their hands.\' 

I really liked Dainsleif.

First of all, it was a greatsword.

Secondly, the performance was good.

Finally, I liked the appearance. Dainsleif was around 3m and 20cm in length.

Its appearance was overwhelming. The blade made of black iron expressed elegance and strength at the same time.

While the silver handle made of mithril wasn\'t much to boast of, it made a subtle and elegant combination of black and silver.

If I carried this on my back, it was clear that everyone would look at me with envy.

\'If I enhance it, won\'t it generate an amazing effect\'

I was thrilled and vigorously shouted. Okay! Next is Valhalla!

Khan had been waiting for someone who could use and appreciate the value of Dainsleif and Valhalla. And that person was none other than me.

Khan! What next How do I obtain Valhalla

Khan laughed and patted my shoulder. “First of all, let me rest.

If I get rid of it too quickly, I\'m afraid my medical conditions will act up.

Based on Khan\'s reaction, it seems I didn\'t meet the conditions for the second class quest yet. I nodded towards Khan, believing that someday the time would come.


The Eighth Servant appeared! All users belonging to the Yatan Church gained 20% more experience for a certain period of time.  As a result, the number of new users who signed up for the Yatan Church increased dramatically.

In the end, everything resulted in the Yatan Church\'s growth. The world showed a great interest in how the growth of the Yatan Church, the most impure and wicked among all forces in Satisfy, would affect the future of Satisfy. 

Most of them had negative interpretations.

It will be difficult to maintain Satisfy\'s security if the Yatan Church keeps growing.

Even now, there are cities where the number of NPC victims are increasing exponentially and the population is sharply decreasing.

There are countless villages that disappeared altogether.

The Alliance must be victorious in battle against the Yatan Church.

There were also people guarded against Yura\'s growth.

The Eighth Servant is definitely Yura.

As a high ranking member of the Yatan Church, she will enjoy tremendous success as the Yatan Church becomes stronger.

It is something that regular users can\'t even imagine! Then the confrontation between rankers will become a one-sided game!

Well, there were many other concerns. But I had no interest in such things.

\'I\'m busy with my own life.

It\'s painful that Yura is eating all the good things alone, but wasn\'t it originally like that It\'s funny to be jealous now.\'

Three days had passed since I returned from Kesan Canyon. In the meantime, I just devoted myself to making items.

But in those three days, I only made three normal and one rare rated item… 

“The production rate is really dirty.

This is why it\'s better to make money by hunting.

When will I earn the money to pay off the debt Sigh.

I wanted to rush towards the northern snowfields right away.

I would be able to raise my level by hunting the frostlight orcs while collecting the sylphid scales at the same time.

\'It would be nice to collect 20 sylphis scales and make the Hooded Zip Up… I can also raise my experience by leveling up.\'

But the sylphid scales had a terrible drop rate. I needed to repay the interest on the debt in five days of real time, so it was difficult to expect anything with the low drop probability.

\'Let\'s concentrate on making items for five days.

I need stable profit to pay off the interest.

If I don\'t pay off the interest, a foreclosure notice might arrive.\'

Are you Mr.


While I was sighing over my life, two soldiers arrived at the smithy.

“What is it”

I was in a bad mood so I spoke bluntly, and they immediately replied. The administrator is urgently searching for you.


It seemed to be a continuation of the Business with the Administrator quest.

‘What do I need to make this time\'

Wasn’t it possible to earn a large amount of money this time I headed towards the castle with expectant thoughts. 

The administrator\'s office. Once I entered, the administrator handed me a scroll like he had been waiting.

It is urgent.

Would you be able to produce an item with this production method

“What is it”

I opened the scroll.

[\'Divine Shield\' Production Method]

Prerequisite: Advanced Blacksmith Mastery Level 3 or higher.

* Divine Shield: A shield that contains the power of Rebecca, the goddess of light.

Due to its strength against dark magic, all followers of demons and the Yatan Church will suffer when facing this shield.

User Restriction: Level 190 or higher. 


I was being given this precious production method 

The administrator asked me cautiously. “You don\'t have the ability to understand and make this

I shook my head. “Nope, I can understand and learn it easily.

Ohh! If so, please learn it and make this shield!

It was a chance to learn how to make a level 190 item for free.

There was no reason for me to refuse.

But there was a separate matter.

“I can make the shield according to the production method, but I don\'t have the divine power to imprint on the shield.

An item containing divine power couldn\'t be completed with a blacksmith alone.

I needed help from a priest or magician. It seemed the administrator also knew this.

“Don’t worry.

I already have a priest prepared.

The administrator looked to one side.

I looked over and saw a young man in a white garment, with the symbol of Goddess Rebecca on it.

‘What, who is this person\'

Despite being in the same room, I hadn\'t been able to detect him at all. He was a strange person who didn\'t give off any presence, even when I was facing him now. I felt an instinctive discomfort.

The priest ignored my vigilance and greeted me. I am Cassus.

This body serves Rebecca, the goddess of light.

Please look after me.

The name above Cassus\' head was green.

In other words, he was an NPC. I answered warily. “Ah, yes.

Thank you.

Then a quest information rose up.

[Business with the Administrator (2)]

Level of difficulty: AA

Winston is defenseless after consecutive losses and great damage to the troops.

Administrator Valdi needs the Divine Shield to prepare for the Yatan Church\'s counterattack.

You must work with Cassus, a priest who serves Goddess Rebecca, to complete the Divine Shield.

Quest Clear Conditions: A Divine Shield with a minimum of an epic rating delivered within two days.

Quest Acceptance Reward: Learn how to make the Divine Shield.

Quest Clear Rewards: Depends on the level of the item delivered. 

Quest Failure: The business deal with the administrator is cancelled and the quest will be destroyed. 

[Would you like to accept the quest]

There was no reason to refuse.

No, I was looking forward to the quest. But there was one thing I had to consider.

“Is the Yatan Church likely to invade Winston

In order for the enemy to advance here, they must go through Kinban Fortress.

And Kinban Fortress holds the elite army of the north.

So the possibility of enemy forces invading Winston is very slim.

But we can\'t rule out the possibility that a small number will sneak in here to attack.

The Divine Shield is necessary to go against them.

Hmm… I see.

I hope my strength will be a help.

[The quest has been accepted.]

[You have acquired the method to make the Divine Shield.]


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 82


I rejoiced as the production method for the Divine Shield entered my hands and the administrator urged me. There\'s no time! There\'s a smithy in the castle, so make the shield there!

I couldn\'t even waste time going back and forth from Khan\'s smithy

I need to buy the materials needed to make it, so I have to stop by the market. 

“I will give you a servant to do all the menial work.

“If you say so…

I headed straight to the smithy in the castle. The level of the blacksmith was much lower than Khan, but the facilities were comparable to Khan\'s smithy. I opened the scroll.

[Do you want to learn how to make the Divine Shield]


[Your have learned how to make the Divine Shield.]

[Divine Shield]

Rating: Rare ~ Legendary

Rare Rating Information:

Durability: 360/360  Defense: 189  Magic Resistance: 150

* There is a rare chance of completely resisting dark spells. 

Epic Rating Information:

Durability: 430/430  Defense: 230  Magic Resistance: 181

* There is a certain probability of completely resisting dark spells.

Unique Rating Information:

Durability: 510/510  Defense: 295  Magic Resistance: 238

* There is a certain probability of completely resisting dark spells.

* The skill \'Divine Light\' will be generated.

Legendary Rating Information:

Durability: 680/680  Defense: 370  Magic Resistance: 280

* There is a high chance of completely resisting dark spells.

* The skill \'Divine Light\' will be generated.

* The skill \'Divine Favor\' will be generated.

A shield that contains the power of Rebecca, the goddess of Light.

Due to its strength against dark magic, all followers of demons and the Yatan Church will suffer when facing this shield.

Conditions of Use:  Level 190 or more.

More than 500 strength. 

More than 1,000 divine power.

A member of the Rebecca Church.

Weight: 800 

\'The minimum rating is rare…\'

I checked the details of the Divine Shield and the list of materials required.

\'A magic stone is in the centre and will be the medium to inject the divine power.

Mithril will be used for the skeleton then covered in steel.

And gold plating I need gold\'

Rebecca, the goddess of light, had two symbols.

One was the sun and the second was gold. It meant a large amount of gold was required to make the Divine Shield.

‘Magic stones, mithril and gold.

The value of the materials is great.

This is truly a luxury item.\'

The main ingredients needed to make the shield were one top grade magic stone, 2kg of mithril ore, 15kg of iron ore and 400g of gold.  I had the helper that the administrator lent me a list of materials needed to make two shields.

After a while. The helper came with the ingredients and submitted a receipt.

The total purchase cost is 16,935 gold and 20 silver.

I needed this much money to make just two shields! This was close to my entire fortune!

‘Even if it is guaranteed to be finished with at least the rare rating… if the materials cost is too high, I will receive damage if it ends up with just a rare rating.\'

The administrator needed a Divine Shield that had at least the epic rating.

In the worst case, if only rare shields were created, I would have to sell it elsewhere.

However, the terms of use meant it was limited to the Rebecca Church.

\'Ah, this is **.\'

It was ominous.

I didn\'t like it. I thought about giving up the quest.

‘But even if the materials are expensive…the profits will be higher if an epic rating emerges.\'

Two shields, one of which must have at least the epic rating! After a long period of thinking, I made a decision and took out a hammer.

I will make it.

Ttang! Ttang!

The quest duration was only two days. I immediately began smelting steel and mithril.

Suddenly, I was surprised to see Cassus standing quietly at the wall behind me.

‘What He\'s still here\'

Cassus seemed to have followed me from the administrator\'s office.

But he didn\'t have any presence, so I wasn\'t aware he was behind me. An expressionless face! Pale skin! Those rotten eyes! It was the pious appearance of a priest of the goddess of light.

Excuse me, Mr.



“Why don\'t you go rest Your turn won\'t be for a while.

Cassus shook his head. “I appreciate the courtesy, but I can\'t.

You can\'t suffer alone.

I will pray to Goddess Rebecca while watching.

It will be a prayer to help you produce a great shield.

Unlike my first impression, he was a good person.

But it wasn\'t all good.

\'Don\'t you know that I don\'t want to see that ghastly face\'

I suppressed the words I wanted to say and devoted myself to the production. How much time passed As the night deepened, the other blacksmith fell asleep. I finally finished smelting the mithril, which was quite a struggle.

Ah, mithril is a tricky material.

The moment I took a break to take out bread and water…

Have this.


I freaked out as I heard a voice behind me.

I turned around to see Cassus holding cheese in his hand.

Y-You! Have you been standing there the whole time

Cassus nodded and replied with an expressionless face. Yes.

I have been praying.

“No, to be honest, praying doesn\'t help anything so just go and relax…

Cassus\' face changed for the first time.

He lightly frowned. “Rebecca is the goddess of light.

This light encompasses all positive energy, including good luck.

My prayer will surely invoke your good luck.

When I thought about it, I made a mistake disparaging prayer in front of a religious person.

I didn\'t want such a frightening person to have a grudge against me. I nodded. I see.

I am ignorant about faith and made a mistake.

I\'m sorry.

Then please continue to pray.

Yes. Cassus immediately joined his hands together, closed his eyes and started praying.

\'He is a very active person.\'

I started work again after eating the bread and cheese from Cassus.  Then one hour later. I fixed the magic stone to the mithril skeleton and called out to the praying Cassus.

Now it is your turn.

Infuse it with divine power.

Cassus stepped forward silently.

He fell to his knees in front of the magic stone and started praying to Goddess Rebecca.

Oh~! In the name of Goddess Rebecca!

Blah blah.

He started an even longer prayer.

\'He didn\'t sit down and prayed all night, but he still has this much stamina… Amazing.\'

I became drowsy. I fell asleep and woke up when I heard Cassus\' gentle voice.


Grid, the divine power infusion is over.


As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw Cassus\' pale face and dark eyes.

This bastard, he was a priest but he looked more like a demon.

“What’s wrong”

Did he have to ask Has he looked in the mirror I wanted to confront Cassus, but I refrained.

It is nothing.

Now shall I begin”

I continued to make the shield until the sun came up. I spent 23 hours making the shield. I usually invested 20 hours when making an item, but this time was different.

I didn\'t willingly invested 23 hours to make one.

I needed 23 hours to make it.

\'It\'s difficult.\'

Dealing with mithril and the magic stone was very difficult.

It would be different if my experience was higher, but it was hard for the current me.

\'It requires Advanced Blacksmith Mastery level 3 or higher, so isn\'t it a difficult item to make Experience also plays an important role.’

Satisfy pursued realism.  Even if a user had the same level and skill, the user who had more experience with the skill would use it more efficiently. Item production was similar. As Pagma’s Descendant, I knew how to smelt mithril.

However, since I had never actually smelted mithril, I needed to spend a lot of time smelting.

‘Well, now that I\'ve accumulated some experience, I can make the next shield faster.\'

I embarked on the production of the second shield. The blacksmith watching from the side questioned me.

“Haven\'t you made one shield up to the stage just before completion You only have the gold plating left, so why are you working on a new shield instead of finishing it

“I want to complete both at the same time.

I told the blacksmith the truth.

\'If the first shield I complete has a rare rating, my motivation will completely fall.

It is better not knowing the rating until it is over.\'

I only had enough materials to make two shields.

So I was going to complete both at the same time and wish that one of them would be above the epic rating.


Lim Cheolho, the CEO of the S.A Group and developer of Satisfy, was rumored to work 20 out of 24 hours.

People thought that Lim Cheolho only took a break to sleep. But that was somewhat exaggerated.

Lim Cheolho also had a separate rest time. He lay comfortably on the office sofa for one hour a day to monitor Satisfy\'s users. In the last few days, Lim Cheolho was intensively monitoring Grid.

“Hoh, indeed.

Lim Cheolho kept exclaiming.

His eyes were shining, like a child watching an exciting cartoon.

How interesting.

He meant it. Lim Cheolho was greatly interested in Grid. Grid didn\'t play the game efficiently, unlike most users.

Nor did he use any shortcuts.

He played simply and honestly.

Whenever he made an item, he invested 20 hours of Satisfy time.

Wasn\'t this too pure Lim Cheolho liked this type of pureness.

Hahaha! This is ridiculous! He defeated a level 188 knight in such a lucky manner! Ohh, he received a partnership offer from a NPC How refreshing.

Huh, Grid\'s works achieved the highest auction prices.

Oh my…it is too much to sell a legendary item to a NPC.

But it is really fun watching such a user.

Um He didn\'t recognize Doran\'s ring that Irene is holding Isn\'t this a pity If he did, his relationship with Irene would grow.

Hoh, creating a transparent cloak is a smart choice.

Um In the end, he isn\'t even trying to make the invisibility cloak Well, he\'ll be able to make it someday.

Ohh! A two-man raid! Hrmm, he got a lot of levels and some items, but I would\'ve liked it if he focused more on finding Pagma\'s Swordsmanship.

Okay, he finally found Pagma\'s Swordsmanship.

No Hahaha! Imitating the murals for hours! What a masterpiece!

Sometimes Lim Cheolho was complimentary, sometimes he was regretful, sometimes admiring and sometimes excited when he watched Grid. Then he got angry for the first time at a certain part.

No! Why did he turn down Piaro\'s quest It would\'ve been a good result!

Asmophel, who Piaro asked to be punished, was now severely ill.

Grid would be able to clear the quest.

Then he would receive a great reward. But Grid was overly cautious and missed the golden opportunity.

“He has changed since Kesan Canyon.

At first, he acted in an unplanned and impromptu manner, but now he has his own plans.

But he is still inexperienced and immature…

Director Yoon Sangmin called Grid a fool.

It was because Grid couldn\'t properly exert the efficiency of a legendary class. Lim Cheolho had laughed, but as he watched, it felt like he understood a little bit of Yoon Sangmin\'s frustration.

One day, Yoon Sangmin had said this:

‘If I was Grid, I would\'ve joined a guild.

No matter how low my level, I would be able to sign up to a top level guild just because I have a legendary class.

Then I would grow with the support of the guild.

They would support the cost of items and help with quests.

Wouldn\'t he clear the class quest sooner if he had the support of a guild By now, I would\'ve moved with a larger goal! But he doesn\'t have the capacity and is trying to do everything alone.

He doesn\'t move with any great plans.

He is just staying in a smithy and making items.\'

It was true. Most people would probably think like Yoon Sangmin.

He was confident that he could do better if he was Grid.

But Lim Cheolho questioned it.

Is it fun to play like that

Satisfy was already recognized as another reality.

People who considered Satisfy a mere game were rare. Success in Satisfy would equal success in reality.

Therefore, users who played Satisfy only pursued efficiency. 

But Satisfy was essentially a game.

Lim Cheolho produced Satisfy for it to be enjoyed by people.

So users should enjoy playing it.  Those who played like others might soon lose interest in the game.

Lim Cheolho didn\'t want that.

“It isn\'t obliged to have an obsession with Satisfy.

Grid should play as he likes.

But Lim Cheolho overlooked one thing. While watching Grid, Lim Cheolho thought that Grid was a user who simply enjoyed playing the game.

However, the reality was quite different. Grid was playing Satisfy with the hopes of succeeding.

He just didn\'t have the ability!

Huh Lim Cheolho saw the administrator of Winston Castle commission Grid to make the shield, as well as the priest of the Rebecca Church. This…

Lim Cheolho brought his wristwatch to his mouth and spoke. “Morpheus.”

After a moment, a voice was heard from Lim Cheolho\'s watch.

[Did you call me]

“Please search the list of NPCs currently in G-HFO6C1E.

Is Isabel among them



Doubt appeared on Lim Cheolho\'s face.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 83

The remaining time for the quest was two hours! Then I finished the plating for one shield. The information of the finished item popped up.

[Divine Shield]

Rating: Rare

Durability: 360/360  Defense: 189  Magic Resistance: 150

* There is a rare chance of completely resisting dark spells. 

An item made by a craftsman with great skills and potential, but his experience and reputation is somewhat lacking.

Thanks to the power of Cassus, a priest of the Rebecca Church, it shines with the divine power of the goddess of light.

Due to its strength against dark magic, all followers of demons and the Yatan Church will suffer when facing this shield.

User Restriction: Level 190 or higher.

More than 500 strength.

More than 1,000 divine power.

A member of the Rebecca Church.

Weight: 800 

[A rare rated item was produced, so all stats have permanently risen by 2 and reputation throughout the continent has risen by 30.]

T-This is **.

The first final product was a rare rated shield. I was hoping for it to have at least the epic rating, so I was beyond frustrated.

…One of my hopes has disappeared.

I invested almost all my fortune in making these two shields.

If the next shield was rare rated and this quest failed, it would be hard for me to break even. As I shook from the anger that I couldn\'t endure, Cassus spoke.

The other one will be finished with good results.

I exclaimed. “I thought you said that praying would have a clear effect! But what is this Does a god really exist

Cassus didn\'t say anything, despite being the target of my venting.

There was no change in his expression, but he seemed to think I was being absurd.

I had been stuck with him for the last two days, so it was possible to read his expressionless face to a certain extent.

Ah…I\'m sorry.

I shouldn\'t blame the innocent Cassus.

It was just my dirty luck. I apologized and carefully finished plating the remaining shield.


[Perfect Divine Shield]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 680/680  Defense: 370  Magic Resistance: 280

* There is a high chance of completely resisting dark spells.

* The skill \'Divine Light\' will be generated.

* The skill \'Divine Favor\' will be generated.

An item made by a craftsman with great skills and potential, but his experience and reputation is somewhat lacking.

Thanks to the power of Cassus, a priest of the Rebecca Church, it shines with the divine power of the goddess of light.

Due to its strength against dark magic, all followers of demons and the Yatan Church will suffer when facing this shield.

User Restriction: Level 190 or higher.

More than 500 strength.

More than 1,000 divine power.

A member of the Rebecca Church.

Weight: 800 

[An legendary rated item was produced, so all stats have permanently risen by 25 and reputation throughout the continent has risen by 1,000.]


I was so surprised that my breath was blocked for a moment. Cassus\' pallid face smiled for the first time as he looked closely at the shield.


His pale skin and eyes gave off a bad impression when he was emotionless, but he looked good when he smiled like this. I felt some appreciation towards Cassus for the first time.

This is all thanks to your prayers!

It is Goddess Rebecca\'s divine favor.

Yes! That’s right! Goddess Rebecca, hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

Goddess Rebecca is eternal.

Don\'t cheer for her like that.

…Ah, yes.

“Now, let\'s return to the administrator.


I placed the shields in my inventory and rushed off quickly, filled with a desire to show the shields to the administrator as quickly as possible.

However, Cassus didn\'t lag behind my speed, despite only seeming like he was walking.

\'Is he walking so fast because his legs are long\'

We arrived at the administrator\'s office as I was thinking.

You came.

The administrator who always greeted me energetically was nowhere to be seen.

\'His face doesn\'t look good.

Did he have a fight with his wife But his depressed mood will be gone the moment he sees this!\'

I handed the legendary Divine Shield to the administrator.

Now, how about this Isn\'t it impressive No, isn\'t it amazing

The administrator didn\'t say anything.

He just looked closely at the Divine Shield. Heh, he was struck speechless. Last time I made a legendary sword, and now it was a legendary shield! He must be wondering if it was possible for such a great blacksmith to exist in the world, while also being confused over whether this was a dream or not.

\'Even I am wondering if this is a dream.\'

As the number of items that I made increased, I couldn\'t help getting a feeling. In order to create high rated items, it was necessary to have good luck, quality materials, time invested, and effort.

The first item I made in Bairan Village were the epic rated Special Jaffa Arrows, so I thought it was easy to make an epic rated item. 

But what was the truth I was mistaken.

Since I made a unique rated dagger in a short time period during the item making game with Euphemina, I thought it was easily to make unique rated items for a while. 

But what was the truth I was once again mistaken.

\'Making a legendary item is like winning the lottery.\'

Once I concluded that, I suddenly remembered Cassus\' prayer.

\'Maybe the prayer really did have an effect.\'

I was sincerely grateful for his hard work in praying for the two days that I made the items. I turned my gaze towards Cassus.

He was once again expressionless, but I didn\'t feel uncomfortable.

I smiled at Cassus.

Then his expression stiffened. Do you have any complaints towards me

Was my smiling face that strange One day, I would have to practice smiling in front of a mirror. I was seriously considering it when the administrator opened his mouth.

“Good work.

Huh What was this boring reaction Didn\'t he originally make a fuss He was the one who made a fuss when I first came with the Sword of Self-transcendence, so why was he so calm this time

While I was surprised by the unexpected reaction, the administrator said to me. I will determine the value as soon as possible.

You should go back for today.

Didn\'t you price the Sword of Self-transcendence immediately Why do I have to go back empty handed today

There is a financial crisis due to the recent war.

I will set a price after meeting with the lady.

…Hrmm, okay.

I was convinced and extended a hand towards the administrator. The administrator asked with confusion, This hand

What I pointed to the Divine Shield in the administrator\'s hand.

“That, give it to me.

The administrator frowned. “Why do I need to give it back”


What was wrong with this old man today Did he take the wrong medication

Isn\'t it natural to return the item to the owner

Owner Are you the owner of this shield

Then whose is it if it isn\'t mine

You…what are you saying The owner of this shield is someone we can\'t go against…!

The administrator\'s face reddened.

He seemed sincerely angry.

\'Someone we can\'t go against Is he talking about Lady Irene Anyway, money hasn\'t been paid yet, so isn\'t this shield mine I am exercising ownership over my property, so why is he so angry\'

As I was feeling strange towards the administrator,

“Guards! Come and capture this person!

The guards outside the administrator\'s office were summoned. Four guards armed with armor and spears rushed into the office.

Then hesitated when they saw I was the target, but eventually followed orders and seized me.

I was frustrated and offended. What are you doing right now Why are you capturing an innocent person Isn\'t this misconduct

The administrator held the shield tightly and exclaimed. “Shut up! I treated you well due to your accomplishments in the past, yet you dare to go beyond your means!

Excuse me It is common sense.

Who is the one in the wrong right now

But the administrator didn\'t bother talking to me anymore. Lock him in the castle\'s dungeon right now!

What Y-You crazy person!

The moment that the administrator was about to leave the office with the Divine Shield…

Wait there.

Cassus blocked the administrator\'s way.

Then he drew a cross over the administrator\'s head.

Light of Purification.


A brilliant light flashed through the office. The light wasn\'t intense enough to hurt my eyes.

Rather, the light gave off a restful feeling. Then the administrator looked around with surprise.

Eh What is this situation What is everybody doing here Grid, why are the guards capturing you Eh What is this shield Why am I holding something like this

Did the administrator already have dementia, despite only being middle-aged The administrator was crying out with confusion.

Then he suddenly staggered and fell down.


As the guards rushed to support him, Cassus approached me and said. Indeed, the administrator was brainwashed by the Yatan Church.


Didn\'t it say from the beginning Only members of the Rebecca Church can handle the Divine Shield.

There is no one in Winston who can use the Divine Shield.

Even if the Divine Shield is owned, it is impossible for Winston to use it to defend against the Yatan Church.

So why did the administrator ask you to create the Divine Shield

Come to think of it…

I was suspicious from the time the administrator asked the Rebecca Church to send a priest to make the Divine Shield.

If the administrator was really trying to defend Winston using the Divine Shield, he would\'ve asked not just for help to make it, but the support of a paladin to use the shield.

I see.

I made a small mistake.

So I was suspected.

One of the four guards supporting the fallen administrator muttered. Cassus\' gaze fell on the guard as a dark energy erupted from the guard\'s body. Then after a while, the darkness was lifted and the young guard became an old man.


I panicked and the rest of the guards were shocked.

W-Who are you Where did Roy go

Their companion suddenly turned into an old man. The old man waved his hand like the guards were annoying. Then black nails suddenly appeared in the air, killing the guards.

Cassus saw him.

“Dirty infidel, you dare to commit murder in front of a priest of Rebecca

The old man laughed at Cassus while picking up the Divine Shield that the administrator had dropped. From my point of view, you are the dirty infidel.


Before the old man finished talking! An explosion occurred and the wall of the office broke.

A girl appeared from among the dust. \'Isabel\' was written in green above her head, and she was a pretty girl in an embroidered blue dress, making her seem reminiscent of a heroine from a manhwa.

Then Cassus rebuked Isabel. Why did you go through the wall when there is a door

Isabel gave a refreshing laugh. Isn\'t this cooler

What was going on now What the hell was going on  I couldn\'t understand the situation.

Then Isabel raised a hand.

A gold circle appeared in the air and a white spear emerged from it. The old man was shocked as he saw it.

“Lifael\'s Spear… D-Don\'t tell me!

What does the Yatan Church want with the Divine Shield

Isabel smiled while holding the white spear.

Unbelievable! Why is Rebecca’s Daughter here…

The old man was forced to run away from Isabel.

Shall we play

Isabel licked the spear before chasing after the old man, with Cassus following her. I was left alone in the office.

“What is this No, wait…

Something flashed through my head.

“Hey, this crazy geezer! My shield!

I belatedly realized that the old man took my Divine Shield and rushed out of the office.

Isabel and Cassus were at the end of the corridor.

I thought I would be able to chase the old man if I followed them, but I couldn\'t keep up.

Their running speed was on a different level from the general public.

\'I am going to miss them!\'

I squeezed out all my strength and ran.  But in the end, I completely lost Isabel and Cassus.

Pant… pant..

where Which way did they go

Winston Castle was very large.

There were hundreds of rooms. I came to a point where it was impossible to figure out which direction Isabel and Cassus went in.

Ugh…! It would be good if there were witnesses!

I wandered around the third floor of Winston Castle. As I walked down the corridors, I waited for a new notification window to appear. What notification window was I waiting for Of course, it was the new quest notification window!

I invested huge amounts of materials into the le.gen.da.ry.

shield, so there should be a quest to retrieve the shield from the old man! But…

Five minutes later,

10 minutes later,

30 minutes passed and a new quest information window didn\'t pop up.

This really stinks.

Random quests were always foisted on me, so why didn\'t the desired quest appear in this situation

Shit! Shit! Is this a lie Eh”

Was it so easy to lose a legendary item that I made Wouldn\'t it sell for hundreds of millions of won

No way…

I was robbed of a legendary item!  Uncontrollable anger bubbled up.

Uwaaaaaah! Gimme my shield, you @ ~ # $!  I could pay off half my debt if I sold that, you #$!~^ jerks!

My shout contained all my heartbreak. But my cry only echoed in the void.


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Chapter 84

A fortnight passed since the war between the Alliance and the Yatan Church began. In the process, the Giant Guild had gained many achievements, so they were celebrating today.

“Congratulations on the master\'s inauguration as a lord! Cheers!


The Giant Guild was one of the best guilds since Satisfy launched.

Their guild master, Chris, was a top ranked player who was third on the unified rankings. Chris, who was appointed as Lord of Pedro for his achievements on the battlefield, proclaimed towards his 530 guild members.

“Now is the time for stabilization! For the next fortnight, we will stop going to battle! We will focus on Pedro\'s defense and strengthening our power! And!

Chris stopped talking and pulled out a leather armor.

He once again checked the information of the armor.

[Unexpectedly Comfortable Rat Leather Armor]

Rating: Epic

Durability: 24/24   Defense: 22  Movement Speed: 3%

An armor made of rat leather by a craftsman with great skills and potential, but lacks experience and reputation.

It is designed and created so that the wearer won\'t be inconvenienced when moving.

The wearer can move a little faster. 

The fact that this type of armor was made with meager materials is amazing.

User Restriction: Level 13 or higher.

Beginner Leather Armor Mastery. 

The unknown craftsman who created the first epic rated arrows and caused a hot topic for a while! How to find him He desperately searched for a while, but couldn\'t even gain the slightest clue. However, not long ago, he accidentally found a clue while reading a post on a community site.

\'Please make it in time…!\' Chris once again eagerly prayed.

“Have half of the guild form a search team! Go to Winston! The goal is the unknown craftsman! Find him and invite him to the guild! No matter what conditions he presents, accept it unconditionally!

In order for the guild to become stronger quickly, they needed a number of high level combat classes.

But in order for the guild to become more robust and complete, it needed skillful support classes.

Chris failed to invite Panmir and Steng, who were first and second ranked on the blacksmith rankings. He succeeded in inviting the fourth and fifth ranked blacksmiths, but it was still lacking.

Therefore, he wanted to invite the unknown craftsman.

Chris wanted to establish the supremacy of the Giant Guild with him.


We are lacking in people.

The Tzedakah Guild were too busy to worry about their mental conditions. They searched for Euphemina and completed quests against the Yatan Church to increase the reputation of the guild.  They were also still looking for the unknown craftsman. 

First of all, the Tzedakah Guild only had 17 members. The guild members might all be rankers, but they were lacking the numbers to do various things at once.

In the end, the guild members didn\'t think it was possible to maintain this and presented their opinion to Jishuka.

Thus, a meeting was held.

“Let\'s postpone Euphemina\'s death.

The reason we want to kill her is to get revenge for our members and the dignity of the guild, but there is no immediate benefit.

On the other hand, the Yatan related quests and the unknown craftsman all directly benefit the guild.

I think it is better to postpone the revenge and focus on the quests and finding the unknown craftsman.

I agree.

It isn\'t easy to catch a girl who hides like a rat. 

“7 votes for.

7 votes against.

3 people have abstained from voting.

“I think we should go ahead and proceed like we have been.

If we quit along the way, rumors will increase.

I\'d rather take off the quests related to the Yatan Church.

To be honest, we are skilled and can always improve our guild reputation without having to rely on these miscellaneous quests.

“That’s right.

Getting revenge is a matter of our pride.

It shouldn\'t be delayed.

Has everybody forgotten about the Tzedakah Guild\'s pride

“7 votes for.

5 votes against.

5 people have abstained from voting.

Regas, who had been watching the meeting progress silently, finally spoke up. What about looking for the unknown craftsman

Jishuka asked Regas. “Do you think we should postpone it

Regas instantly replied. “No, to be honest, don\'t you think it should have the highest priority What about you

I agree. Jishuka concluded. “We will stop the Yatan related quests.

Concentrate our power on finding Euphemina and the unknown craftsman.


After the meeting, the guild members scattered.


The Tzedakah Guild was staying in this city.

Due to many circumstances, it was likely that the unknown craftsman was staying here.

“Hrmm, the meeting was boring.


After the meeting. Regas discovered an Asian person while he was going to his inn.

Then a bright smile crossed his face.

Hey! Gladiator of the body!


Grid, who had been walking with his head down, looked up with frustration when his path was blocked and someone called out to him.

He recognized Regas straight away.


Haha! You know me I thought you wouldn\'t remember. Regas rejoiced.

Grid sat down at the fountain and replied. “A good loan guarantor… No, you were the only one who defended me against the accusations, so how could I forget you

Several months ago, when he was at leve -3, Grid tried to participate in the Guardian of the Forest raid party. But when he applied, he became the subject of criticism by the other raid party members.

At that time, the only one who believed and supported Grid was Regas. However, Grid felt reluctance rather than appreciation towards Regas.

The pure and good nature was the opposite of Grid, and he also disliked the fact that he was handsome.

But after a conversation, Regas seemed more naive than Grid thought and was someone who would act as a guarantor for a debt.

So he finished the relationship with Regas as neatly as possible.

Now they met again! It was time to eat the rice that had been laid at that time.

Regas was worried. Why is your expression so dark Did something happen

Grid made the saddest possible expression and explained. An old man stole my item.

Regas jolted with surprise.

Such a wicked…! There is such a bad person in this world!

Hah…it seems like it.

People who take the livelihood of others should die.

Grid expressed his resentment.

Regas nodded. “People like that should pay the price.

Grid started preparing to eat. “Hah…how good would it be if someone helped me… Well… there is no chance.

In this harsh world, there is no one who would help others for free.


Regas jumped up. “This world is harsh, what are you saying This world is warm and beautiful!

“Is that right Huh…but the world that I\'ve experienced is harsh and poisonous.

Having my item stolen…

What is that item It is that important

“Yes…really important… It was my life… But I lost it… I think I will commit suicide…

Regas\' face paled from fear. S-Suicide! You can\'t commit such a sin! Aren\'t you sorry towards your parents Filial duty! Have you forgotten the spirit of Taekwondo

“Hah, I’m sorry.

I\'m so physically and mentally tired that I had a bad idea.

In the end, Regas bit the bait. This can\'t continue! I will help you! I can\'t forgive anyone who would deal such a big injury to others!

\'Yes! I got you!\'

The moment Grid was cheering with delight…


Jishuka incidentally heard the conversation between the two people and hit Regas on the back of the head.

Then she pulled at Regas\' earlobe. “You\'re going to help someone Haven\'t you forgotten a lot of things

Grid\'s eyes were shining as he looked at her. Tanned skin! Red and plump lips.

Long and curved eyes! A big chest! Jishuka was the ideal girl that Grid had dreamed of.


Despite his earlobe still being pulled, Regas explained to the questioning Grid. She\'s my guild master.

Ah! Ack! I-It hurts!

“Does it hurt, you pathetic bastard


Jishuka pulled Regas\' earlobe more strongly and turned towards Grid. She sighed as she saw Grid look up and down her body with explicit eyes. She was used to attention from men, but it was still unpleasant.  Even if this was virtual reality, not reality.

“Hey you.”

Huh Yes!”

Grid came to attention as Jishuka called out to him. Grid was generally strong in front of women, but it was different when the woman was his ideal type.

He couldn\'t help being nervous when standing in front of his dreams.

Jishuka glanced at him and sniffed. Newbie.

Regas is busy right now, so you should take care of your own matters.

Now then, we\'re going.

Jishuka kept holding Regas\' earlobe and pulled him away.





Grid looked at Jishuka\'s departing back while the word echoed in his mind. Then…

“She looked at me like I was a dog.

An ideal type was just an ideal type. Grid recovered his spirit and caught up with Jishuka.


Jishuka was surprised when Grid, who couldn\'t even meet her eyes a short time ago, blocked her way.

But it was only for a second. Jishuka gave him a relaxed smile and crossed her arms, emphasizing her chest.

“Why are you calling me


Grid\'s gaze focused on Jishuka\'s chest.

But he quickly cleared his mind.

“Can you give me Regas He said he would help me.

What right do you have to interfere

“I have a natural right.

I\'m his guild master.

So he must follow my commands.

Do you understand Don\'t be offended and go away.

“Just because you\'re his guild master, doesn\'t give you the right.

“Then Does a third party have the right

Jishuka naturally had the advantage.

Rather than fight with her, Grid chose to bow.


I am really desperate right now.

“We are desperate as well.

We can\'t spare any people.

“I’m more desperate!”

“We are more desperate!”

I am more desperate!”

We are!



A large number of people gathered as an adult man and woman began a childish argument. In particular, it caused a big wave because Jishuka was famous.


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Chapter 85

Isn\'t that Jishuka

Wow, that proud woman

“Why is the guild master of the Tzedakah Guild squabbling like a child 

Jishuka grit her teeth as she heard those criticizing words.

She felt like claiming damage compensation for her ruined image and reputation. 

Meanwhile, Grid was unaware of what was happening around him, simply because he was really desperate. It was natural since hundreds of millions of won were stolen right in front of him. Now Grid\'s head was filled with reclaiming the Divine Shield.

Please lend me Regas!


Grid didn\'t think of withdrawing, so Jishuka was forced to retreat.

“Okay, let\'s leave it to Regas. Jishuka let go of Regas\' ear and then placed the burden on him. Do you know better than anyone what a desperate situation our guild is in right now Do you have time to help others


As Regas hesitated, Grid begged, Regas, I\'m asking you.

You are the only one I can rely on.

Regas\' worries didn\'t last long. Grid expressed that he lost everything and even wanted to commit suicide.

At this time! He said Regas was the only one he could rely on. 

I will help!


In the end, Regas grabbed hold of Grid\'s hand.


There was the sound of something snapping in Jishuka\'s head. All of the spectators looked at her. However, both Grid and Regas didn\'t hear it.

Thank you, Regas! I will consider you my lifelong benefactor!

Haha, it is nothing.

After all, it is my responsibility to protect justice and help the needy!

Regas was very motivated. Jishuka wanted to use violence against Regas right now, but she couldn\'t act because there were too many eyes watching.

… Yes, you have decided Okay, I understand.

Good luck. Her red lips twitched as she suppressed the urge to curse.

There was no energy in her voice.

Regas bowed and apologized to her, I\'m sorry! Please understand this once! I\'ll do this and then help you straight away! Now, Grid! Let\'s go!


Grid and Regas left the area, leaving Jishuka alone in the end.

“Choosing a guy you don\'t know over a friend of a few years…

The spectators watched her mutter and gossiped,

“Jishuka was rejected for a man…

“It wasn\'t another woman, but a man.



Jishuka decided not to listen to the noises entering her ears.

\'I will definitely break both of them.\'

Then the spectators brought up an interesting story:

“But that guy, isn\'t he a blacksmith Don\'t you know He competed against that great beauty in the item creation game.

“Ah ~ The one who joined with Khan for a two-against-one match, but still lost to that woman

Jishuka\'s eyes widened in surprise.

\'Is that guy Khan\'s disciple\'

Apart from the whereabouts of Euphemina, the Tzedakah Guild also wanted to find Khan\'s disciple.

He was the one who competed with Euphemina, so he probably knew something about Euphemina.

However, he was difficult to find because Khan never revealed his identity. Jishuka hurriedly whispered to Regas,

Regas! The man with you is likely to be Khan\'s disciple! I have to talk to you right away! Where are you now”

[The recipient has blocked all whispers.]

… This bastard.

Regas had blocked all whispers because he was afraid that Jishuka would threaten him with a whisper. Jishuka summoned a holographic keyboard.

Then she spoke in the guild chat window.

{Hey, Regas! Regas Regas Regas Regas Regas Regas Regas Regas Regas!}

{Guild Master (ㅡ.ㅡ)  Don\'t spam the chat.}

{Shut up = _ = This isn\'t the time for jokes.}


{Regas! Can\'t you see the chat Hey! Do you really want to die}

{If he is quiet in front of your bombardment, has he blocked the guild chat What is it Did Regas get into another incident}

{Regas is with Khan\'s disciple! But he doesn\'t know that the person is Khan\'s disciple!}

{Eh Khan’s disciple ㅡ ㅡ; How did that guy end up with Regas}

{Anyway, find Regas right now! If he is Khan\'s disciple, he is likely to have a clue about Euphemina!}

At this point, Jishuka and the Tzedakah Guild members couldn\'t imagine. Khan\'s disciple, who they just wanted to ask about Euphemina\'s whereabouts, was actually the unknown craftsman they wanted to meet!



I explained the whole story to Regas.

Of course, I omitted or changed some parts since Regas knew me as a blacksmith, not a warrior. In the first place, I only needed to convey a description of the thief.

“So, Grid received a quest and went to Winston Castle, where a soldier suddenly turned into an elderly person and stole your item You wanted to chase that old man, but ended up missing him

Yes, that\'s right.

A black aura emerged from the soldier\'s body and he suddenly transformed…

A black aura


Regas thought carefully. Doesn\'t it sound like someone from the Yatan Church

Such a thing The Yatan Church believers were said to feel pain just facing the Divine Shield.

But that old man was fine when holding the Divine Shield in his hand.

I don\'t think it is a Yatan follower…

I cautiously denied it, but Regas shook his head.

“It is definitely a Yatan follower.

Those who deal with black magic have a 90% chance of being a Yatan follower.

Let\'s find the nearby hiding places of the Yatan follower.

If we defeat the hideouts one by one, we will find the one who robbed your item.

In the end, I added to the explanation. “No, in fact, the item that the old man stole was something that would deal great damage to the Yatan Church followers.

But the old man easily touched the item, so he can\'t be part of the Yatan Church…

“If it was a high priest who transformed, he might not be influenced by the item because of his high faith.

“Is that right Hrmm… After a moment of worry, I finally made a decision. Okay.

I will trust Regas\' words.

By the way, where is the hideout of the Yatan Church

Regas scratched his head.

I\'m not sure.

Don\'t we just need to find it


Regas was a powerful person who was called a Taekwon Master.

His combat strength would certainly be amazing.

But he seemed to be lacking when it came to the intelligence aspect.


…This place

Irene woke up in the darkness. Where was this place She couldn\'t tell. It felt like she had been asleep for a very long time. The voice of a man was heard while she was feeling confused.

“Don’t be afraid.

Darkness is originally easy to adapt to.

You will soon realize where this is.

As he said, Irene\'s eyes gradually adapted to the darkness. After a while, Irene discovered where this was.

The Yatan Temple!


This is just a common cave that can be found everywhere.

I just decorated it like a temple.


Irene found a man kneeling in front of a statue of God Yatan. The man turned his head and introduced himself.

I am Malacus.


Irene knew who Malacus was.

No, there were few people on the continent who didn\'t know the name.


He was the Sixth Servant of God Yatan and responsible for the sacrifices of the Yatan Church.

It was Malacus who determined the number of virgins to be sacrificed every year.

One word from him controlled the lives of many virgins on the continent.

H-How are you… Where is this place And why am I here

Malacus got up.

Then he slowly approached the confused Irene. “Winston Castle has a way of making the Divine Shield.

Then I made a deal with a skilled blacksmith.


“Light exists to be colored in by darkness.

Do you know What will happen if the Divine Shield contains dark magic

Malacus gave a wicked laugh. Irene grabbed Doran\'s ring tightly with trembling hands.

\'Doran… Doran!\'

Doran was a shadow who protected the Steim family for a long time. Irene had been saved by Doran whenever she was in danger from her youth. However, now he was gone. That fact made Irene feel despair.

Irene recalled Doran\'s last words.

‘If you find the man who knows this ring, lean on him.

It was thanks to him that I was able to save My Lady this time… He will surely be a big help if he is by your side.

Be sure to keep him with you.\'

When would the man that Doran spoke about appear Irene earnestly hoped for it.

‘Doran… please help me meet him.\'

On the other hand, Grid and Regas arrived at Rolf Mountain. Grid was gasping for breath.

“Pant… pant… what if all of this is in vain

A day had passed and they went through all the forests and mountains near Winston, looking for the Yatan Church\'s hiding place. Grid was tired and sleep deprived, but Regas was full of energy.

If this is in vain, can\'t we just go to another mountain


Regas spoke without hesitation while smiling widely. The usual Grid would\'ve already tackled him.

But Grid was currently filled with the idea of finding the Divine Shield.

So he followed after Regas with no complaints.

Then when he reached the middle of Rolf Mountain.

[Your persistence has risen.]

As Grid checked the notification that had appeared 10 times already, Regas shouted.

“This is the place.

Grid turned his gaze towards where Regas was pointing. He discovered a large cave guarded by Yatan followers.

The numbers aren\'t a joke… Aren\'t there at least 30 of them 

Winston\'s army had gone out several times under the pretext of subjugating the Yatan Church.

Nevertheless, Grid never dreamed that there would still be so many followers in Winston.

\'The army led by the strongest knight in the north… He was armed with the Sword of Self-transcendence, but he still lost.

He really is incompetent.\'

Grid was busy criticizing Phoenix.

“Bring it on! You evil people!


Grid was shocked. He wanted to move as secretly as possible to avoid the enemy\'s gaze, but Regas shouted loudly and jumped into the middle of the enemy.

\'He is crazy!\'

Regardless of whether Grid cursed him or not, Regas was very excited.

“Isn\'t this quite good Gale Attack!


Regas\' legs sprang up as quickly as the wind.

The Yatan followers near him collapsed. Regas was even more delighted when he saw a follower hit by him get up.

Okay! These guys are strong! Bring it on! Force Palm!


The 30 against 1 fight started.


The longer Grid spent with Regas, the harder it was to adjust to Regas.

\'I need to regain my senses.\'

Grid couldn\'t see the old man among the 30 people outside the cave.

Grid moved towards the cave, in the hope that the old man would be inside. He was able to move effortlessly because all the Yatan followers were distracted by Regas.

The moment when he stepped into the cave.

I don\'t like uninvited guests.

A bizarre voice was heard inside the cave, giving the illusion that two voices were simultaneously talking. Then a notification window popped up.

[God Yatan\'s Sixth Servant, Malacus has appeared.]

[The mighty dark power has applied a fear, weakness and immobilizing effect.]

[A legend doesn\'t feel fear easily.]

[You have resisted all the abnormal conditions.]

[Malacus has unleashed a surprise magic attack.]

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!


Grid noticed the black blades flying from the cave and quickly escaped.

However, Regas was different.

Despite being outside the cave, he was overwhelmed by Malacus\' magic power and stood still.

Therefore, he couldn\'t escape the flying magic and suffered great damage.


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Chapter 86

“Kuk… I didn\'t think someone like this would be here.

Regas took a potion to restore his health and immediately changed his system setting.

Whisper unblock.

Guild chat unblock.


{Hey you! You will die if you don\'t find Regas today!}

{T-Take it easy, Master.}

{Yes, excitement isn\'t good for your skin.

Isn\'t Master a woman as well}

{Shut up… All of you, shut up! If you have time to chat, look for that bastard Regas!}


The guild chat window was filled with chaos. Jishuka was reacting worse than Regas expected, so he hesitated for a moment before typing on the keyboard,

{The slope of Rolf Mountain.

Please send support.}

The chaotic chat window became more frenzied.


{Hey, Regas! What have you been doing all day Why did you block the chat Answer me!}

{You don\'t know how we have been tortured because of you!}

{Rolf Mountain… I will visit you soon.


Kwa kwang! Kwang!

Regas avoided the black magic that the followers were shooting from all directions, elbowed the face of the closest believer, and typed in the chat again.

{Come prepared for battle.

Malacus has appeared.}

The chat window got crazy once more.

{Malacus The Sixth Servant}

{Eh Why is he on Rolf Mountain Shouldn\'t he be with the other Yatan bastards}

{What… Where have you been wandering around ㅡㅡ}

{Why is Malacus there}

{Isn\'t he a monster that is level 310}


Everyone was amazed by the presence of Malacus, while Jishuka was obsessed with Khan\'s disciple.

{Hey! Regas! Are you still with the person called Grid}

{ㅇ ㅇ}

{Grab Grid tightly and don\'t let him go! He is Khan\'s disciple that we are looking for!}

What Regas frowned as he saw Jishuka\'s words. “Grid is a blacksmith No way.

Regas exclaimed while kicking two Yatan followers at the same time.

After counterattacking, he quickly hid behind a tree and entered the chat again.

{That isn\'t possible}

{It must be -_-^ I heard it from a witness.

Grid is definitely Khan\'s disciple.}

{That eyewitness must be mistaken or gave you a false report.}

After typing briefly, Regas blocked the chat again to focus on the battle and turned to Grid.

Grid was holding a large sword that was more than 3m long and was facing Malacus alone.

“There is no way he can be a blacksmith.

The guild master… she must be mistaken.

In the meantime, Grid…

\'What is going on\'

Malacus expressed great interest in Grid since he first appeared.

“I am impressed that you can endure the pressure of my magic power. Malacus judged that Grid, who avoided all his status effects, wasn\'t a regular person. “Then you… are you like Yura An extraordinary person among travelers

Grid wanted to solve it with dialogue as much as possible. “Not really… well, I didn\'t come here to meet you.

So can I go my own way

I can\'t allow that. 

Please have mercy just once.


One of the most insignificant words in the world is mercy.

Malacus was one of the most brutal religious figures in Satisfy.

It was foolish trying to communicate with him.

Che, whatever.

Grid opened his inventory.

Then he equipped armor without being conscious of Regas at all.

After that, he pulled out Dainsleif, which had been strengthened to 5.

[ 5 Dainsleif (Reproduction)]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 500/500   Attack Power: 549~772   Attack Speed: -8%

* Additional damage equal to 10% of the target\'s current defense will be dealt.

* The greater the number of enemies, the greater the damage.

* The skill \'Golden Flash\' has been generated.

A work created by Albatino, the first human to receive the nickname of \'craftsman before Pagma\'s era.

He attempted the reproduce the mythical weapon, Dainsleif.

It is far lacking compared to the original Dainsleif, but he succeeded in restoring some of its features, making it a masterpiece on its own.

It was acclaimed as a \'masterpiece of human history\' by the founder of the Eternal Kingdom and the king of the north, Loran.

The legendary blacksmith Pagma is said to have received great inspiration from Albatino\'s work.

User Restriction: Level 250 or higher.

More than 1,800 strength.

Advanced Sword Mastery.

Weight: 1,580

“A great sword.

But can it reach my body

Malacus wasn\'t a monster but a human.

He didn\'t have a special appearance. He was just an ordinary man in his 30s, wearing a black mask and a long cloak covering his body. He seemed less scary than the terrible monsters Grid faced in Kesan Canyon.

You will see soon! Blacksmith’s Rage! Quick Movements! Pagma\'s Swordsmanship, Link!

In the mural, Pagma held Dainsleif in one hand and wielded it.

However, it was impossible for Grid to wield Dainsleif with one hand with his current strength.  Thus, he held Dainsleif with both hands and didn\'t look as dazzling.

Buuuong. Buuuong.

Dainsleif moved with a speed that was disproportionate to its huge size.

Then he slashed at Malacus\' body.  But just before Dainsleif hit Malacus\' body, a black shield appeared, blocking the sword in its path.



After the attack was blocked, Grid hurriedly placed Dainsleif back in his inventory and then pulled out the 8 Ideal Dagger. He consumed 490 mana after using Blacksmith\'s Rage, Quick Movements and activating Pagma\'s Swordsmanship. Grid used his remaining 277 mana to activate one of Ideal Dagger\'s integrated skills. 

Wind Blast!


Wind Blast exploded against Malacus\' body.

But it couldn\'t touch Malacus.

Just before the winds touched Malacus\' body, a black shield emerged at the point of collision and blocked all winds.

Gulp gulp.

Grid pulled out a mana potion and drank it before activating Wind of Justice.


Wind of Justice was much more powerful than Wind Blast. But even Wind of Justice collapsed in front of a shield and didn\'t reach Malacus\' body. 

Grid trembled.

\'What is this fraudulent defense skill How much damage can it prevent\'

Malacus pulled out a hand that was hidden in the cloak and aimed at Grid. “Your weakness won\'t be able to break this.


Divine Punishme…

Malacus paused in the middle of the spell he was casting and then stepped back from Grid because Grid had used Restraint. Restraint overwhelmed everything except for the undead, and the overwhelmed opponents were unable to approach Grid for three seconds.

Grid ran as far from Malacus as possible and shouted, Regas! Let\'s go!

But Regas was still attacking the followers without any thought of escape.


Regas looked at the desperately rushing Grid and declared, I don\'t run away.

I will fight.

When can I ever meet such a strong opponent again I want to fight!

… You are really crazy.

Aren\'t you afraid of dropping items and experience upon death

Grid was reluctant to leave Regas and run away alone.

He wanted Regas\' help finding the Divine Shield.

‘But I can\'t die in the process.

If I die and drop items…\'

Most of Grid\'s currently equipped items were expensive.

He would feel like committing suicide if he dropped one of them. Thus, Grid decided to escape by himself. But at that moment, a sound was heard.


An object shot out from the forest. It was an arrow.



Malacus was still somewhat constrained by the influence of Restraint, so he couldn\'t respond to the arrow that flew without notice and struck his shoulder.  Then a beauty appeared from the direction that the arrow came from.

It was Jishuka.

If you don\'t want to be killed by the arrows like that monster, you should stay in a corner.

Jishuka warned Grid while staring sharply at Malacus.

Then she pulled back her bowstring.


Jishuka, currently ranked 19th in the unified rankings, was a woman who had long been called an expert archer.

The arrow she shot seemed like it would touch Grid\'s ears, but it swiftly flashed passed and hit Malacus\' head.

But at some point, Malacus escaped from the influence of Restraint and created a black shield. 


The arrow was bounced back. Jishuka didn\'t shake at the sight.

She fired five arrows in rapid succession.

Syu syu syu syu syuk!

Ting ting ting ting ting!

All five arrows aimed at the weak parts of the body but were blocked by the shield.

“The speed of casting is really fast Jishuka admired while Malacus smiled.

“Heh, your fragile arrows can\'t touch my body…

Malacus couldn\'t finish speaking. It was because Regas, who killed the 30 Yatan followers, approached his side and punched.




Malacus bent in a strange direction after Regas\' fist hit his side.

The whites of his eyes were revealed. Jishuka loaded a new arrow.

That isn\'t the real one.

This is real.


The arrow flew along the flow of the wind without any sound and struck Malacus\' heart. However, Grid was familiar with this arrow.

Eh The Special Jaffa Arrow There are still some left

Jishuka heard Grid\'s words and cocked her head. How do you know that

Was JIshuka and Regas\' power sufficient to knock down the mighty Malacus If so, maybe he didn\'t have to drop his items Grid was so excited that he spoke without thinking. 

“Oh, I made it.


Jishuka\'s eyes widened. Then Regas shrieked. Kuaaack!


Jishuka and Grid hurriedly turned their heads.

They discovered five black spears piercing Regas\' body. Dark magic was around the wound and Malacus, who had recovered quickly, grabbed Reggas\' head and declared.

It is still useless.

You will all die by my hands!


Are we late

Hey, Regas! You\'re still alive alive

15 members of the Tzedakah Guild emerged, causing even Malacus to flinch for a moment.

“How is a group like this…

Jishuka gave a smile that was brimming with confidence and stated.

“Start the hunt.

The average level of the Tzedakah Guild was above 200.

Many of them were first in their class rankings and within the top 100 unified rankings.

There was also a variable called Grid.

Even if the opponent was one of the Eight Servants, it wasn\'t a power that could be underestimated.


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Chapter 87

The Sixth Servant of God Yatan, Malacus was the priest who oversaw all rituals in the Yatan Church.

In fact, most of the rituals he organized were aimed at the groups hostile to the Yatan Church.

Or he used them to put a curse on the area for the purpose of making people sick.

He was famous for the event where 87 virgins were sacrificed in order to turn the king of the Bungerst Principality into an idiot, as well as sacrificing 607 virgins to raise an epidemic in Earl Raven\'s territory.

“Start the hunt Kukuk! Kuhahahaha! You people want to handle me There is no one in the world who isn\'t afraid of the Yatan Church, who carries out the supremacy of God Yatan and exerts influence on the whole continent.

And I am the one who grew this religion! How laughable to think that you are worthy opponents!

Malacus had a point.

The Yatan Church was one of the greatest forces in Satisfy and a subject of horror.

The growth of the Yatan Church had a lot to due to Malacus. His accomplishments were enormous enough to affect the situation of the entire continent.

How could such a great person be treated as a hunting game in a mountain village He wouldn\'t be easy to kill.

“You guys will figure it out soon.

Especially you, girl.

You will be sacrificed to God Yatan.

Malacus could see that Jishuka and her guild members were strong.

To be honest, he had somewhat flinched when they all appeared at once. But wasn\'t he one of the Eight Servants He had transcended the human realm. Malacus didn\'t doubt that he would be unharmed unless these people attacked simultaneously as a group.

However, Jishuka\'s thoughts were different.

“I don\'t know about Malacus, but our Tzedakah Guild is the strongest.

We have the power to stand at the top at any time.

You can\'t threaten us.


Jishuka smiled while revealing her white teeth.

She provoked Malacus. You will die here, so humbly accept your death.

For us, you are nothing more than game.

Malacus couldn\'t endure it anymore and his face distorted.

You really believe you can harm me

“Of course. 


Malacus shouted and stretched out his hand.

Then a ray of black magic power shot out in a straight line.

It was aimed exactly at Jishuka\'s heart. But Jishuka didn\'t take any actions to defend herself.

Toban, standing on her left side, moved instead.

Patience Shield!

The first ranked paladin and chief of staff of the Tzedakah Guild. He used a large shield and a defense skill to block the ray of darkness.


There was a large sound as dust rose all over the place. The shield didn\'t absorb the shock, so Toban coughed up blood.

“Kuoh… The shield\'s durability is decreased by 20 in an instant.

It isn\'t that bastard\'s unique skill.

It s a dark magic that anyone in the Yatan Church could use.

How powerful is his magic power

Jishuka frowned and kicked Toban.

“Don\'t take it easy.

It is unsightly.

Malacus exclaimed.

“Die before this mighty power! It will be the last time you can do anything insignificant!

Then a notification window appeared in front of all the members of the Tzedakah Guild.

[The Sixth Servant of God Yatan, Malacus has discharged his magic power.]

[The mighty dark power has applied a fear, weakness and immobilizing effect.]

[Malacus has unleashed a surprise magic attack.]

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

From Malacus\' hands, dozens of rays were shot in different directions.

Hey hey.

Isn\'t this too much

This is crazy.

Jishuka and the Tzedakah Guild members immediately tried to protect themselves from the bombardment.

But they were overwhelmed by Malacus\'s magic power and couldn\'t resist due to the abnormal conditions.

[You have suffered 8,900 damage.]

[You have suffered 16,503 damage.]

[You have suffered 11,027 damage.]

It hurts!

“This is foul!

Except for some classes with high magic defense or high dark resistance, the guild members lost at least 30% of their health from that bombardment. In the case of Jishuka, an archer who normally avoided enemy attacks, she was faced with dangerous warning messages.

[You have lost 53% of your health from a single blow.] 

[You can\'t regain your mental state.]

A blow that took 40% of a user\'s health at once would stun the user for three seconds. In other words, Jishuka was now completely defenseless.

Defend the master!

Toban took the lead and the Tzedakah members started surrounding Jishuka. Malacus admired the sight as if it was cute.

Do you understand now It is me who is the hunter, not you.

Jishuka didn\'t care.

She gave the guild a command. Rather than me, Grid… Protect Khan\'s disciple!

The creator of the Special Jaffa Arrows that she had been searching for! Grid was presumed to be Khan\'s disciple who knew the creator\'s information.

No, there was a possibility that he was the creator.

Everybody, remember this.

We need to defeat Malacus, but your top priority is protecting Grid.

You can\'t let him die.

The guild master absolutely had to be obeyed! The guild members looked around simultaneously.

Then they found Grid hiding behind a tree.

Eh That guy

Wasn\'t Grid a blacksmith A normal blacksmith should\'ve died, or at least suffer serious injuries from Malacus\' bombardment. But he was fine

What is going on

Jishuka was more surprised than anyone else as she checked Grid.

\'Now that I\'m looking, isn\'t he wearing armor and holding a sword\'

Was it a false tip But Grid said he was the person who made the Special Jaffa Arrow. She was baffled. But it was only for a moment. Jishuka recovered from her stunned state and drank a health potion.

Then she caught the attention of Malacus, who was staring at Grid.


Aren\'t you too weak You didn\'t manage to kill any of us with that blow.

Doesn\'t it advertise how incompetent you are

Why wasn\'t Grid overwhelmed by him

\'What trick did he use\'

Malacus\' pride was hit when he saw that Grid was safe from his bombardment, but then he looked at Jishuka again. Malacus was very angry.

“Girl, you can\'t come over here.

You are shaking with fear.

That look suits you. 

I heard that the rituals conducted by Malacus exceed common sense.

A person or organization who doesn\'t worship Yatan isn\'t safe from your rituals If the number of sacrifices was infinite, you might be able to conquer the world through your rituals.

Yes, your capabilities as a priest are enormous.

I\'ll admit it.

But you…

Jishuka\'s lips curled up in disdain. It was obvious ridicule. Malacus\' face reddened as Jishuka looked down at him with arrogant eyes.

What\'s the big deal Do you think we don\'t know that your combat ability is the weakest among the Eight Servants

Information was power. The Tzedakah Guild was aiming for the top, so their information gathering ability was naturally high level.  The Yatan Church was currently one of the greatest forces on the continent, so the Tzedakah Guild found out as much information about it as possible.

The Sixth Servant, Malacus. In order to enjoy the game called \'sacrifice hunting,\' he appeared in a random place every three months. Level 310. His class was a dark sorcerer. His specialties were black magic, debuffs and various defense skills.

In addition, he had amazing self-recovery ability triggered by his enormous amount of magic power. As a high ranking member of the Yatan Church, they needed to be careful of his dark magic attacks.

However, the type of attack skills he could use were very limited.

\'His level is very low compared to the other Eight Servants.\'

Malacus was a priest.

His level was low compared to the other servants because he rarely entered directly into combat. He was only level 310 so the Tzedakah Guild, whose average level was well above 200, judged that they could deal with him.

It was only a month ago that you did your last sacrifice hunt… I don\'t know why you strayed from your original timeline and appeared in the Eternal Kingdom, but, I am thankful.

We will sacrifice you and increase our reputation.

Jishuka raised a hand, ignoring Malacus as she ordered her guild members,

How long are you going to let your game run wild Go ahead and start the hunt.

It happened at the same time.


A muscular, middle-aged man waited for the endless talk between Jishuka and Malacus and leapt forward. It was the tank destroyer, Vantner.

Hey you! Give me Regas! Then you will die! Experience death! Wuhahaha!

Vantner wielded his two axes.

He held axes big enough to be lifted with both hands and swung lightly.

Kwang! Kwang! Kwaang!

There was a shockwave every time Vantner\'s strikes collided with the black magic shield. The wind pressure caused Malacus\' cloak to flap in every direction, but that was all. Vantner\'s axes couldn\'t penetrate Malacus\' shield, let alone touch his collar.

He is fine

The confused Vantner backed away, taking deep breaths and thinking about it calmly.

\'That guy\'s shield… My attack power can\'t penetrate it Okay, then it is a game of speed!\'

Malacus protected his body by deploying the shield on the surface that would be hit.

If Vantner attacked at a speed that Malacus couldn\'t react to, would he be able to deploy his shield


Vantner had a simple idea and started to move his arms with all his might.

Chaaeng! Jjejejeok!

The two axes moved without rest, and the momentum was as fierce as lightning bolts. However, Malacus wasn\'t hurt at all.

\'Pant pant… My attack speed doesn\'t exceed his speed.

How is a sorcerer\'s body so impressive\'

Vanter gasped for breath.

Malacus stood still and waited for him to be exhausted.

Hmph, it is unsightly. Malacus laughed at Vantner, then stared at Jishuka. My combat strength is definitely weak compared to the other servants.

But that is only when compared with the other servants.

Compared to all of you, I am absurdly strong…

Malacus couldn\'t finish speaking. It was because a spear shot over Vantner\'s shoulder.



Malacus groaned a little bit as the spear appeared. It was like a lightning streak.

If he had been a little less vigilant, he wouldn\'t have been able to deploy the shield on time.

\'It is fast and strong, unlike the axe-wielding man.\'

The weight of the spear that aimed precisely at his heart was so great that Malacus took a few steps back, despite blocking with the shield! Then the owner of the spear appeared before him.

Ah~ you reacted to the perfect surprise attack How strong are the other servants

Vantner glanced at the owner of the spear, who had expressed his nervous admiration.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 88

Hey, Pon! Don\'t use me as a shield! This jerk, hiding behind me in order to try and suck up all the honey!

Pon, the person famous for being one of the best spearmen in Satisfy. After threatening Malacus, the clicked his tongue at Vantner, who was staggering like an angry wild boar.

Vantner, you\'re a guardian knight.

Isn\'t it natural to use you as a shield The tanker attracts the attention while the damage dealer eats the honey: this is a common sense strategy.

Please start thinking before you get angry.

Isn\'t your brain too small

If Vantner and Pon stood next to each other, the age difference seemed to be around 20 years.

But both of them were turning 36 this year. Vantner was bald, bearded and looked in his late 40s, while Pon was handsome and had a sleek physique, making him seem in his late 20s.

In addition, the relationship between the two wasn\'t good. Vantner, who was inferior in appearance, hated Pon from the moment he realized that Pon was the same age as him.

Pon also ignored the simple Vantner because he thought Vantner was stupid.

No, the two people had a low mental age from the beginning.

Jishuka said they were \'two people who found value in disliking each other.\'

“My class might be that of a guardian knight, but most of my stat points are in strength.

I\'ve told you this many times, so remember it, chicken head! Do I have to teach you again I am a guardian knight, but my defense is low! So don\'t stick with me! Our guild\'s tanker is Toban, not me!

Stupid… You chose a defense class, yet you didn\'t invest the stat points in something appropriate.

No tanking, no attack.

Where are you useful

W-What You bastard! Would you like to experience the power of an all strength guardian knight in PVP I request a 1-on-1 duel!


I will make you experience the incompetence of your character.

But I\'ll have to pass for now.

Vantner was extremely useful in battle between users. 

He had the \'Reduce Damage Received\' passive skill and basic defense skills, as well as heals… Unlike other guardian knights, he had a high attack power so he could gain an advantage in battles.

Of course, if the opponent\'s attack power was extremely high, his defense wouldn\'t be sufficient.

In addition, if the opponent\'s defense was extremely high, the attacker would not be able to hit them with his moderate attack power.

However, the current level of users didn\'t have that type of threat. 

In particular, a guardian knight had a one-time invincible skill.

If the timing was good, it was able to neutralize the enemy\'s movements once.

Therefore, guardian knights tended to be active in PVP.

So Vantner had a great momentum.

“Heh, you are scared.

Pon snorted. “Not at all.

Have you forgotten what we are doing right now It is a boss raid.

But you want a 1-on-1 duel right now How is that possible In the first place, isn\'t my unified ranking much higher than yours Isn\'t the result obvious, even if we don\'t fight

“Shut up! Are you scared Don\'t avoid it! Your mouth sure is good at being nasty! Let\'s meet in real life!

“What will happen if we meet in reality In reality, you wouldn\'t be able to do a single thing against me.

So please act moderately, you bald bastard.

Vantner strongly denied it, “I\'m not bald in reality! I just set my hairstyle to bald when I created the character.

How many times do I have to tell you this, chicken head”

Doesn\'t making yourself bald make you look older Does that make sense You must really be bald.

“If I was actually bald, I wouldn\'t be setting it as bald in the game! I would\'ve made my hair thicker!

“If you are pretending not to be bald, you might\'ve deliberately set your character to be bald.

This $#!~$#!!

Vantner, the 1st ranked guardian knight, and Pon, the 1st ranked spear knight. The two people who played the role of the vanguard in the Tzedakah Guild, they were at each other\'s throat instead of fighting the enemy.

Malacus was angry about being ignored and decided to punish them. “Why are you fighting among yourself These disagreeable guys keep on gathering!


Eight rays of black magic aimed at Vantner and Pon, who saw the attack and quickly jumped to the side. Surprisingly, Malacus\' magic rays changed direction, persistently following Pon.

What Why aren\'t they chasing me You dare ignore me!

Vantner landed on the ground and yelled, while Pon suddenly jumped up.

“This is the first time I\'ve seen guided magic.

Indeed, one of the Eight Servants… That isn\'t a false reputation!

Pon decided he couldn\'t escape the magic power and gathered strength in his spear.

Intense flames appeared at the end of the spear and Pon cast a skill.

Mach Spear!”

Peeeeeong! Pepepepeng!

The sonic spear was unleashed, causing a series of explosions in the air. The explosion was so great that even the Tzedakah Guild members, including Vantner, could feel the aftereffects.


Pure force and pure magic power colliding, which one would win There was no such thing, as onviously, The stronger side would win! Pon\'s rotating spear pierced through the eight rays of magic power in a single red light.


The red flash collided with the black shield. Rare agitation appeared on Pon\'s face.

It couldn\'t pierce through

That\'s right.  Even that skill was helpless in front of Malacus\' shield.

… This is serious.

Pon was 23rd on the unified rankings.

At least in numerical terms, he was the 23rd strongest among two billion users and was one of the top three in the Tzedakah Guild. He had hunted hundreds of boss monsters, but this was the first time Mach Spear had been obsolete.

It was a reminder of how good Malacus\' defense skill was, but Pon thought differently.

\'I haven\'t been able to replace my weapon despite gaining 50 levels.\' This is the limit of my present weapon.

I need a better weapon.\'

Pon was currently level 243.

Yet Pon was using a spear with a level limit of 190. It couldn\'t be helped.

He hadn\'t been able to find a spear better than the one he was using now, even if he visited a famous blacksmith.

Why Pon\'s spear had a unique rating.

It had a level limit of 190, but it was better than level 240 rare and epic rated spears, considering the unique rating and special options. In other words, Pon needed to find a unique spear that exceeded the level 190 limit before he could replace his weapon.

But when he brought the materials to create the best spears, the famous blacksmiths almost always created normal or rare items.

In some cases, epic items were produced, but they weren\'t satisfactory.

\'An outstanding blacksmith is urgently needed.\'

The unknown craftsman who turned the world upside down by making the Special Jaffa Arrows! Pon and Jishuka were longing for him.

‘If he made me a spear, I would be able to penetrate Malacus\' shield!\'

On the other hand, Malacus was suffering quite a bit. He defended against the spear with the black shield, but the weight of the spear had dealt a shock to him. In addition, he deployed a three-fold shield but almost failed to defend against such a big blow. 

“To be shamed like this by a mere traveler…!

Vantner didn\'t miss that Malacus\' legs were weak.

He is in a stiffened state!

Vantner stripped his axes as tightly as possible.

Then he used all his strength to throw an axe.


Throwing weapons was one of the few offensive skills of a guardian knight, but it was light compared to Pon\'s spear.


Malacus made an annoyed look, deployed the shield and deflected the axe.


Vantner witnessed his axe being blown away and grabbed his head.

“Aaaagh! This is really crazy!

He was angry at his powerlessness. The class called guardian knight, it consisted of a skill tree that protected the user and their allies.

But in order to master advanced protection skills, he required high stamina.

Vantner invested points in strength in order to level up quickly.

Therefore, he wasn\'t able to demonstrate the characteristics of a guardian knight or play an effective role against Malacus like Pon.

On the other hand, wasn\'t Pon looking cool after facing Malacus alone In fact, Vantner was 66th on the unified rankings, which was much lower than the 23rd ranked Pon, but it was inevitable that his ego would be wounded.

“There should be an item to roll back the stats!

“Satisfy doesn\'t have a cache system.

It is unlikely that such an item will ever be released.

Vantner hit the ground while Pon sincerely advised him.

“Starting from the next level up, invest all your points in stamina.

If you keep investing in strength, your character will turn to **.

Right now, the strength build guardian knight is emerging as a trend in PVP, but haven\'t you realized the limitations now The stronger the opponent, the more useless a strength build guardian knight is.


Vantner berated himself for ignorantly distributing his points to strength just to become a ranker faster.

In addition, Pon was so caught up in his desire for a stronger weapon that he couldn\'t concentrate on the situation.

Right now, they had completely forgotten. The presence of Regas who was abandoned in the corner!

“Are you guys chatting among yourselves again You really have no tension.

Okay, I will let you know exactly what the situation is right now. Malacus declared while grabbed Regas\' bloody head. 

Pon finally noticed Regas\' presence and asked. What Regas Why are you in that state Did you run out of potions But why haven\'t you run away yet

Regas, who became Malacus\' hostage, laughed as if he was embarrassed. “Haha, I wanted to see how strong Malacus was so I watched as closely as possible.

I thought it would help my training.

… Just die.

He felt it since the L.T.S days, but there were too many idiots in this guild. Pon and Vantner ignored Regas.

Then Malacus shouted to Jishuka, who was watching the battlefield with folded arms. Girl! All of you will soon turn out like this person.

Malacus started concentrating magic power on his fingertips.

He was going to crush Regas\' head like a watermelon. 

For a ranker, death was a tremendous blow. They would lose experience equivalent to one week of hunting if they died. So originally, the Tzedakah Guild wouldn\'t stay quiet if their companion was going to die.

They would try to protect their companions as much as possible.

But this was an exception. Regas was able to live, but he was going to die because of his own foolishness.

He was reaping what he deserved.

It wasn\'t worth braving the threat to save him.

“Die cleanly and fix your mentality.

In a situation where no one in the Tzedakah Guild was trying to save Regas, one man called out.

Pagma\'s Swordsmanship, Restraint!


Everyone\'s eyes, including Malacus and Jishuka, turned to one side. Then they saw it. Khan\'s disciple, the creator of the Special Jaffa Arrows, no, maybe he was just an ordinary blacksmith. The Asian youth, whose identity still couldn\'t be determined yet, was dancing with a shining dagger.


His expression was determined as he danced.  It was a rare, highly skilled sword dance.  It looked like…

Isn\'t this crazy

The Tzedakah Guild members were upset.

What is this Why is he suddenly dancing in this situation 

Grid\'s odd behavior that couldn\'t be understood by ordinary people\'s common sense! Toban saw him and remembered an incident from the past. 

“I remember that guy now…

It was a few months ago when he was recruiting for the Guardian of the Forest raid in Bairan Village. The warrior, who looked around level 80, wanted to enter the raid by pretending to be level 100.

He said that he never wore armour because he was a master of control. Now that loser was Grid

\'This is completely…\'

Toban gave a deep sigh and spoke to Jishuka.


As expected, this time seems to be another false tip.

Grid is a warrior, not a blacksmith.

He was a braggart… Ack

Toban was amazed. The appearance of Grid dancing alone seemed crazy at first, but it was only for a moment.

As he watched, his heart started beating faster and he felt an intense pressure coming from Grid.

\'What is this\'

Toban no longer talked casually about Grid, as he felt overwhelmed and retreated.

He realized that Jishuka and all the guild members were reacting the same way. Even… 

\'Even Malacus!\'


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Chapter 89

… This!

Malacus, who was about to crush Regas\' head, became frightened and stopped moving. 

‘It isn\'t a coincidence\'

Before the Tzedakah Guild had arrived here. Malacus faced Grid 1-on-1 and failed to kill him. Grid wasn\'t strong.

Rather, he was weak.

If Malacus wanted, he could kill Grid in a matter of seconds.

In other words, he was at the level of a bug.  But Grid was somewhat strange.

He was obviously weak, but an unknown source radiated from him.

The overwhelmed Malacus was forced to step back. 

\'I don\'t understand it.\'

He had dismissed it but after experiencing it again, it wasn\'t a coincidence. The pressure felt from Grid was real. How could a newbie exert such a powerful presence

\'I should only fear God Yatan!\'

Malacus was disturbed and let go of Regas.

Meanwhile, Grid was approaching. 


Malacus retreated to the maximum distance, while Grid helped Regas.

Regas, are you okay


Regas gazed at Grid with eyes that were twinkling like lanterns. With a single sword dance, he overwhelmed Malacus who had captured the second-ranked person in the Tzedakah Guild. Grid alone dominated 17 of the top 100 users, so his presence was bigger than any top ranker that Regas had met.

\'He isn\'t even a famous ranker yet he has this dignity…\'

Regas recalled the first time he met Grid. He didn\'t wear armor and only hunted monsters with a sword. Everyone else called him a braggart and laughed, but Regas believed it.

He through Grid was a reliable person.

“The more I look at Grid, the greater he is.

Regas was a ranker in the top 30 of the unified rankings.

Yet he was feeling envy towards Grid. Grid felt an enormous joy at the words. 

\'Until recently, I was an ordinary user and now a ranker is admiring me.\'

For the original Grid, rankers were a vast presence that could only be seen on TV or in the distance. But since becoming Pagma\'s Descendant, Grid\'s life had undergone a great change.

\'My mouth is tingling!\'

Grid wanted to wrap himself in Regas\' words.

But unfortunately, Restraint only lasted for three seconds.

There was no room to relax.

\'Unfortunately, the situation is like this…\' 

Grid\'s brain was busy calculating the profit and losses as he ran away with Regas.

\'After using the sword dance once, I can definitely feel the benefits.

It is definite.

Considering Regas\' nature, he will want to pay this debt back in the future.\'

Three seconds was a short amount of time. After the duration of Restraint finished, Malacus regained his freedom.

Then he appeared in front of Grid in an instant. It wasn\'t a dash type skill, but the manifestation of high-level magic that allowed him to leap through space itself.


Grid was stunned to see Malacus appear in front of him.


Malacus gritted his teeth.

“The feeling of pressure from you has now disappeared as if it were a lie.

Was I mistaken It can\'t be! You have tricked me! Disgraceful person.

Show your skills.

Or you will never leave here alive.

It was like a creepy and bizarre mixture of two voices.


Grid\'s face turned blue.

He bowed his head to try and beg for his life. At that time, a sphere of fire flashed and hit Malacus.


Use this gap to escape!

While Malacus was caught in the explosion, Grid turned his head and found a familiar woman. Then he couldn\'t help asking.


Laella, An 18-year -old British girl, was a global singer and also a top ranker in Satisfy! Why was she here

D-Don\'t tell me Grid, who was her avid fan, asked Regas. “Regas, does Laella belong to your guild

Grid\'s eyes were bloodshot and his nostrils flared.  Regas snorted and nodded towards Laella. “Yes, that’s right.

She is a colleague who has been with us from L.T.S.

to Satisfy.

Grid, do you like her songs

Wow, amazing! I really like Laella\'s breasts… Ah, no, Laella sings great! Haha!

Grid was captivated by a certain part of Laella and forgot his life was at risk. 

Jishuka hurriedly shouted. “How long are you going to stand there Come this way!”


Jishuka fired dozens of arrows into the sky as she spoke. The rain of arrows poured over Malacus\' head, who couldn\'t see due to the smoke caused by the explosion. Due to losing his composure from Grid\'s actions and having his vision blocked, Malacus became a hedgehog without a shield.

Grid and Regas sprinted in Jishuka\'s direction. But once again, he was caught by Malacus.

“Do you think I will let you escape


Malacus pulled out the arrows stuck in his back, waved his arms and three black spears shot through the air.

They flew towards Grid.

“Ah, why is this bastard coming after me Shit! Am I that intimidating

The moment that Grid was going to pull out Dainsleif from his inventory. A shadowy figured appeared and protected Grid and Regas.

Kwa kwang!

The spears that should\'ve pierced Grid hit the ground and exploded.  Malacus\' face distorted.

“There is a rat mixed among the hybrid dogs.

A dark blade appeared in front of Malacus.

Then the blade was fired, aiming precisely at the shadowy figure who protected Grid.


The shadowy figure couldn\'t run away! Rather than blood pouring out, it quietly disappeared into the fog.

A clone Che, I really don\'t like this!

Malacus was furious and started casting spells to chase Grid again.

However, a young man with apathetic eyes appeared and interfered. He moved left and right, created dozens of clones.


Syu syu syu syu syuk!

Daggers and other weapons flew in different orbits. It was impossible to develop a shield for every attacked area. In this case, what measures could Malacus take to protect the body The answer was simple.

It won\'t get through!

Malacus\' black shield expanded to surround his whole body. An absolute defense!  The watching Vantner thought it was ridiculous.

“How is this balanced Isn\'t this shielding ability a scam It can be activated without casting, and could even protect the whole body It is invincible! How do we beat that

Pon didn\'t agree.

If that defensive ability is as invincible as you think, he would keep the shield constantly deployed.

But he didn\'t do that.

Therefore, Jishuka managed to attack him several times.

He only deploys the shield for the minimum time and area to block the attack, then he repeats this again and again.

The magic power consumed to deploy and maintain the shield is considerable.

I agree.

Malacus used chains of darkness to bind the feet of the clones, then summoned hellfire to burn them.

The shadowy figure who rescued Grid and Regas gave their opinion. If Malacus is burdened by the magic power required to use the shield as Pon thinks… Now it is our turn to be attacked.

He will no longer want all his magic power to be consumed by the shield, so he will use it all to attack.

It was the right answer.

“Noble master of hell! Let go of the reins of the dogs you have tamed since eons ago! Command them to eat the hearts of those who have oppressed your lowly servant!

The blue sky turned dark.

There was no moon or stars, just darkness.

Then the thick darkness covered the forest. The dark magic dominated the area and made the bodies of the Tzedakah Guild members go cold.

Pon muttered. Are we going to die

Jishuka hurriedly exclaimed. “Protect Grid!

She had witnessed Grid\'s sword dance a moment ago, so she was no longer certain that Grid was a blacksmith.

Grid\'s class was sure to be a blade dancer.  Still, Jishuka couldn\'t give up hope.

Grid had clearly known the Special Jaffa Arrow with one glance.

Therefore, she decided to prioritize Grid\'s protection.


Toban moved in front of Grid.

Then he used the best defense skill available to him. That wasn\'t all.

Vantner, Pon, Faker, Laella and all the members of the Tzedakah Guild prepared to guard Grid.

The ground where Malacus stood moved like lava and dozens of dark shadows started to rise. The dozens of shadows became dark dogs with three heads.


Bark bark!

The 2m large dogs that could spew out fire, ice and poison from each head. Their red eyes made them seem like rabid dogs.

They barked like truly mad dogs.  Malacus looked at them like they were adorable, and smiled.

“The hell\'s keepers have come here!


The hell\'s keepers ran wildly towards the Tzedakah Guild and Grid.

Where are these dogs going

Vantner\'s twin axes might be useless against Malacus, but they could easily hit the dogs. Vantner confidently ran towards the hell\'s keepers and then spun his axes in every direction like a storm.


Pepeok! Peok!

Bark bark! Bark!

At first glance, Vantner seemed to have the advantage; however, the battle situation changed in just a few seconds. The hell\'s keepers didn\'t die, despite being cut in half with an axe. Vantner was burned all over, and his legs were frozen, making him unable to move.

Furthermore, his skin was turning green and he coughed up black blood, showing signs of poisoning. Even his two axes were rusted and could no longer function as weapons. 

It was caused by the flames, ice, and poison spewed by the hell\'s keepers. It was the same with his colleagues.

Pon used Mach Spear to help with Vantner\'s retreat.

Pepepeng! Pepepepeng!

The sonic spear pierced through the hell\'s keepers surrounding Vantner.

Yip! Yelp!

The hell\'s keepers panicked and scattered all over the place. Using that gap to recover, Vantner used his invincible skill to escape from the battlefield.

Toban\'s face hardened as he watched the series of events.

“Not one died…

A normal monster would die in one hit when attacked by the spear.

If there was a critical blow, even a boss monster would receive enormous damage. Yet the hell\'s keepers survived Mach Spear.

This meant that the hell\'s keepers possessed defense and health beyond ordinary monsters.

Jishuka and the guild members realized the seriousness of the situation.

Vantner distributed all his points to strength, but he is still a guardian knight.

It can\'t be denied that Vantner\'s defense and magic resistance is the highest in our guild.

Yet Vantner was turned into a rag in an instant.

How many times has this happened That dog\'s attack power is top level among the monsters we have met so far.

Pon agreed. “I estimate that these dogs are at least level 300.

We can probably deal with two or three of them alone.

There were 29 monsters that were at least level 300 and armed with three attributes.

There was Malacus as well. The odds were becoming smaller. The atmosphere quickly sank.

The hell\'s keepers fell upon the guild members.

Jishuka commanded.

“Respond with ranged attacks!

They would be severely hurt if they went head to head with the hell\'s keepers. Jishuka\'s command was appropriate, but there were few ranged classes among the guild members.

Bark bark!


Not surprisingly, the hell\'s keepers broke through the Tzedakah Guild members, defeated Toban\'s shield and aimed their poison breaths. Grid, who felt like his life was in danger after seeing Toban\'s shield become corroded in an instant, took out a golden shield from his inventory.

At that moment, an amazing thing happened.

Kiing! Whine!

The hell\'s keepers, who didn\'t retreat even when hit by Jishuka\'s arrows, retreated as soon as they saw Grid\'s shield.


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Chapter 90

For the administrator\'s quest, he created two Divine Shields. While the legendary shield was stolen from right in front of him, Grid still had the rare shield.

[Divine Shield]

Rating: Rare

Durability: 360/360  Defense: 189  Magic Resistance: 150

* There is a rare chance of completely resisting dark spells. 

An item made by a craftsman with great skills and potential, but his experience and reputation is somewhat lacking.

Thanks to the power of Cassus, a priest of the Rebecca Church, it shines with the divine power of the goddess of light.

Due to its strength against dark magic, all followers of demons and the Yatan Church will suffer when facing this shield.

User Restriction: Level 190 or higher.

More than 500 strength.

More than 1,000 divine power.

A member of the Rebecca Church.

Weight: 800 

What, that shield

As soon as Grid pulled out the golden shield, the wildly rampaging dogs stepped back at once. Then they started whining like puppies.

The Tzedakah Guild were filled with admiration.

In particular, Jishuka was extremely shaken. She couldn\'t let go of her hope and asked Grid, That shield… Did you make it Just like the Special Jaffa Arrow


The creator of the Special Jaffa Arrow was Grid The Tzedakah Guild members doubted their ears.

Grid was only focused on saving his life, so he nodded without thinking.

Yes, I made it.

But this…


Grid suddenly gritted his teeth before raising his eyes and roaring, This is a failure! Shit! The real finished product was stolen from me by some jerk!


It was one of the most outstanding shields the Tzedakah Guild had seen. They admired the Divine Shield, so they were shocked to hear it being called a \'failure.\'

T-That great shield is a failure When it\'s one of the top three shields I\'ve seen so far

The guild members were perturbed.

Pon went to Jishuka\'s side.

Grid\'s dagger and armor are unusual.

It is clear that both of them have an outstanding performance.

That dagger seems to require high agility and that heavy armor is only worn by knights.

Above all, Grid revealed a strong sword technique earlier.

However, he is a blacksmith The one who produced the Special Jaffa Arrow… Is he the unknown craftsman we are looking for

What type of blacksmith could be armed with a dagger and heavy armor Didn\'t he also do a sword dance that was typical for a blade dancer Jishuka didn\'t have an answer for the suspicious Pon, but she didn\'t agree either.

Grid recognized the Special Jaffa Arrow with one glance and said it was made by him.

There is no reason for him to lie.

So, let\'s assume he is the unknown craftsman.


Pon had been with Jishuka since L.T.S.

and trusted her judgment.

She was an open and credible person, thus she became the guild master. But this was an exception. No matter how he looked, it was impossible that Grid was a blacksmith.

As Pon was unable to get rid of his suspicions, Malacus cried out. That is the Divine Shield…! Are you the rumored blacksmith who has business deals with Winston\'s lady

Malacus was particularly agitated.

“The Divine Shield is in your hands… It means that Mesta failed his mission… No wonder there was a delay in his arrival!

Now things made sense to Grid. The one who brainwashed the administrator and stole the Divine Shield was a subordinate of Malacus.

You fu*ker! It was you! You are the jerk who stole my shield!

Grid became furious after discovering that Malacus was behind this. Pon shook as he heard the vulgar words coming from Grid. It was because he felt a strong excitement.

\'Even Malacus is calling Grid a blacksmith.\'

It was evidence that Grid\'s identity was as Jishuka thought.

\'A blacksmith who can wear heavy armor and use that dagger, in addition to the sword dance…\' 

Pon thought about it and asked Jishuka to confirm.


Perhaps Grid has a hidden class

It looks that way, right

Jishuka nodded. Pon\'s tone increased in excitement.

In order to determine Grid\'s identity, we have to finish this raid quickly.

Right Regas.

Ah, yes.

Regas emerged from a corner when called.

His health and wounds had recovered with the help of his guild members. Confidence was written all over his expression.

I already know a strategy to attack Malacus, so I will finish it at once.

Regas who watched the battle from right beside Malacus! The one with pure combat skills asked Grid for help, not anyone else.

Grid, these dogs seem afraid of your shield, so I hope you will help us.

All eyes concentrated on Grid at the words. Questioning, doubt, confusion, and expectation were in their eyes as Grid nodded.

I will help you if you promise to give me 50% of the items that Malacus drops.

Vantner, who was sitting on one side and watching for the potion cooldown time to be over, shouted angrily.

Hey! If you add the 17 of us and you alone, there is a total of 18 people.

Therefore, the dropped items should be divided into 18 equal parts.

Why should you take 50% alone In the first place, isn\'t Regas helping you for free You are receiving free help but when you help, it is paid Eh

You shouldn\'t be counted as 17 people.

Aren\'t all 17 of you one organization Shouldn\'t an organization be counted as one person In addition, Regas work with me is different.

I was helped by Regas, but have you helped me Why is this uncle acting so patronizing

“What Hey, you! This is the first time I\'ve met someone worse than Pon! Hey! Who in the world would make calculations like this If it wasn\'t for us, wouldn\'t you already be killed by Malacus So shouldn\'t you thank us Isn\'t this too unconscionable

“It is you who should thank me.

Didn\'t you get a chance to fight Malacus because of me The raid was on the verge of failure, but you survived thanks to my shield.


Stop it Vantner.

Pon quickly determined that Grid wasn\'t an ordinary person. He calmed Vantner and nodded at Grid.

You are right.

I will divide the items 5:5 according to the condition you have proposed.

Please remember.

We are unconditionally kind to you.

Pon was laying the groundwork to have Grid join the guild. But Grid had no knowledge of this and mistook it.

\'They need the help of my Divine Shield to defeat Malacus.

This **..

I should\'ve made the item allocation 7:3 instead of 5:5.\'

Jishuka invited Grid to the party. Grid accepted with an unwilling expression and was surprised to see the list of party members.

\'More than level 200!\'

Grid knew that the Tzedakah Guild was a small and elite force. But he never imagined they would be at this level.

\'Jishuka is level 251.

Pon is 243… Regas 239…  If this is the case, shouldn\'t all three of them be in the top 20 of the unified rankings The others can be in the top 100… What is this monster like group\'

There are numerous guilds in Satisfy.

Among the established guilds, there were a few belonging to the top 1,000 of the unified rankings.

Each guild should have around five rankers at most. Yet all 17 members of the Tzedakah Guild were at least top 200 rankers. They might be few in numbers, but they were certainly one of the strongest guilds in Satisfy. 

On the other hand, subtle complex emotions crossed the faces of the guild members who checked Grid\'s level.

\'Level 95… Low.\'

\'It is high for a blacksmith but… Isn\'t he a hidden class like Master and Pon are suggesting, not a pure blacksmith\'

\'Level 95 for a hidden class is…\'

\'If this is real… I can\'t play games anymore.\'

What What is it

Grid felt somewhat uncomfortable as the Tzedakah Guild members looked at him. But unlike the others, Regas just laughed and grabbed him. “Let’s go!”

“Eh W-Wait a minute…

Regas lifted Grid\'s body.

Then he threw the baffled Grid between Malacus and the hell\'s keepers.

“Aaaaack~~! Do you want to kill me Wahhhhh!”


Oh! My butt!

Yip! Yiiip!

As Grid and the Divine Shield fell from the sky, the hell\'s keepers were frightened and scattered.

But Malacus was different.

That shield, I will thankfully take it! Huh He was confused to see Regas appear in front of him.

Then he laughed. You want to face me head on Kukuk! You must be crazy!

Regas struck him.



Blood poured from Malacus\' mouth. The black shield, which boasted the absolute defense, collapsed in front of Regas\' fist.


Malacus didn\'t make a mistake.

He deployed the shield at the exact point of attack.

But Regas\'s fist wasn\'t blocked by the shield and hit his abdomen unobstructed. Malacus couldn\'t understand how.

Then once again!



Malacus\' face was hit by Regas\' elbow. This time, Malacus was able to grasp the situation.

\'This guy is able to change the trajectory of his attacks!\'

It was correct. As a means of defeating Malacus\' defense, Regas adopted the simple method of changing the attack orbit in real time.



If the fist aimed for the bottom of the chin, the shield was deployed there.

However, the fist would stop along the way and hit the neck instead.



The shield opened on the left side of the head, but the fist stopped in the middle and struck the jaw instead.



Regas\' fists, which had a passive skill that ignored the enemy\'s defense by 33%, hit Malacus at a speed that wasn\'t visible.


In the end, Malacus was hit cleanly in the chest and he flew back into the forest. 

Ku tang tang tang!

Malacus\' body pierced through a few trees before being stuck deeply in a large rock.

K… Keuok…

Malacus was broken and bloody all over as he emerged from the rock.

But he recovered like all that damage was a lie. It was an overwhelming recovery based on magic power. However, this meant an excessive consumption of magic power.

Malacus exited the forest and spoke to Regas in an unconcerned manner.

You are stupid.

If you change the orbit in the middle of the attack, won\'t your muscles tear apart On the other hand, I can heal from all attacks.

The more you hit me, the more you are damaging yourself.

Even more…

Regas ignored the talking Malacus and once against wielded his fists.

Malacus unfolded the shield to protect his whole body. Then he laughed. If I use the shield like this, it doesn\'t matter if your fist can change orbit.

You will never touch my body!


My fists are useless.

But that…

Regas smiled. Arrows flew towards Malacus.



The arrows penetrated through the shield and hit Malacus. Regas explained to Malacus who had fallen down. I saw your shield becoming weaker as the range expanded.

And your weakened shield can\'t stop Master\'s arrows.

Archers were special among the combat classes.

Due to their poor defense, they were rated as one of the worst in close combat, along with magicians.

Instead, they had an extremely high attack power. In all of Satisfy\'s classes, few could do as much physical damage as archers.

And Jishuka was at the peak of archers. The woman who was called the expert archer.

Regas witnessed Malacus using three layers of shields against Pon\'s Mach Spear and two layers against Jishuka\'s arrows, so he developed the current strategy.

Y… You…!

The wound was slow to heal because it was a fatal injury. The Tzedakah Guild poured attack skills towards the temporarily defenseless Malacus.

Kuaaaaak! Divine Punishment!

Kwarururung! Kwang kwang!

Dozens of black lightning bolts fell from the sky. Malacus sensed a crisis and used his best spell. It dealt catastrophic damage to the Tzedakah Guild. 

This enormous attack power…

Toban and Vantner managed to endure it.

However, the other guild members were stunned and became defenseless.

The guild members with weak magic resistance died instantly. Despite the fact that they raised their stats, including health and mana, with various buffs and potions, they suffered a crisis and were on the verge of annihilation.

Fortunately, Jishuka maintained a careful distance and was safe, while Grid was protected by the Divine Shield. Grid sighed with relief when he saw the guild member\'s health go down instantly.

\'If it didn\'t have the option of a rare chance of defeating dark magic, I would\'ve died.

Ku… I should buy the lottery ticket later on.\'


Malacus got up with great difficulty.

Most of his injuries were healed, despite being a semi-corpse a moment ago.

\'This is the last chance!\'

They had to hit Malacus before he completed healed. Jishuka didn\'t want the sacrifice of her guild members to be in vain, so she used her strongest attack skill that consumed 100% of her mana.

Phoenix Arrow!

The Special Jaffa Arrow flew through the air and flames appeared around it in the shape of a huge phoenix.

The phoenix burned everything around it and swallowed Malacus.


An explosion that shook the earth! The Tzedakah Guild hoped that it was the end of Malacus, but no system messages appeared. Malacus, who lost half his body, emerged from the flames.

Ku…keok… Girl…! I…kill…!

The remains of a five-layer shield were in front of Malacus. Jishuka\'s Phoenix Arrow was able to smash through Malacus\' five-layer shield and damage him. But as a result, Malacus survived. Indeed, a boss monster had enormous health.

Toban and Vantner went forward.

We have to end him before he fully recovers!

Toban\'s mace and Vantner\'s twin axes aimed at Malacus\' body. But their attacks didn\'t hurt Malacus or play a role in restraining his regenerative power.

Regas and Pon lamented as they watched.

\'The two of them are lacking attack power…!\'

Jishuka reached her mental limit from exhausting her mana, so she didn\'t try for another attack.

With the exception of Toban and Vantner, everyone else was still in the stunned state. Malacus laughed as he dismissed Toban and Vantner\'s attacks.

“Kuhahahaha! Okay! Okay! Hell’s keepers! Eat those people!


Bark! Bark bark!

This was the end. The raid failed. As everyone was watching the hell\'s keepers desperately-

Pagma\'s Swordsmanship.

Grid, who was armed with a greatsword instead of a dagger, started to dance.

Buuuong. Buuuong.

The greatsword was over 3m in length but it moved through the air to an invisible tune.


Malacus\' expression hardened. That familiar aura was being emitted from Grid again. This was killing intent. It was truly a perfect killing intent. The killing intent around Grid was compressed into the sword.

Y-You… This is ridiculous!

Malacus had sacrificed thousands, tens of thousands of virgins as living sacrifices. He experienced all types of hatred and anger, but this was the first time he was threatened by a killing intent.


It was coming. Malacus wanted to prepare for it.

But his body still wasn\'t fully recovered, so he couldn\'t act freely. Then Grid\'s sword dance ended.


After entering the party, Grid received the buff skills like the other members, causing his stats to rise! His maximum mana increased, allowing him to trigger Kill.


The greatsword filled with extreme killing intent pierced straight into Malacus\' heart. Then a notification window flashed in front of Grid.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 91


[The Best Gauntlets\' option effect is activated, causing you to attack the target twice.]

[You have dealt 77,311 damage to the target.]

Kuaaaaak! This is ridiculoussss!

He endured the powerful attacks of several people, and finally caught the chance for a proper counterattack.

He didn\'t think his ankle would be caught at the last moment! Malacus thought it was unfair as he greeted his end. And…

[You have defeated the Sixth Servant Malacus, who spread fear through the world!]

[Reputation throughout the continent will rise by 3.000.]

[The Yatan Church will be forever hostile to you.]

[Affinity with the Rebecca Church has increased by 2,800.

Visiting a Rebecca Temple will give you great blessings.]

[Affinity with the Dominion Church has increased by 1,500.

Visiting a Dominion Temple will give you great blessings.]

[Affinity with the Judar Church has increased by 800.

Visiting a Judar Temple will give you great blessings.]

[The power of the Yatan Church is extremely weakened after losing a priest.

Until a new priest is elected, there will be no further expansion of its forces.]

[The party leader \'Jishuka\' has acquired 382 gold.]

[The party leader \'Jishuka\' has acquired 8 blessed weapon enhancement stones.]

[The party leader \'Jishuka\' has acquired 10 blessed armor enhancement stones.]

[The party leader \'Jishuka\' has acquired 3 high rated magic stones.]

[The party leader \'Jishuka\' has acquired Malacus\' Cloak.]

[The party leader \'Jishuka\' has acquired Malacus\' Mask.]

[The party leader \'Jishuka\' has acquired the Dark Magic Orb.]

[1,531,050 experience has been acquired.]

[Your level has risen.]


Grid gained a tremendous amount of fame and high affinity with each religion! He suddenly sat down with frustration.

His face paled and he started sweating.

Then after a while, he opened his mouth.



Grid had nicely succeeded in the quest so everyone\'s attention was focused on him. They gulped as they wondered what Grid would say. Then Grid finally spoke.

I… Items…


“The party leader was set to acquire the items…! How could I make such a mistake  Grid shivered and shouted towards Jishuka. Hey, Jishuka! Were you lying to me You said the items would be split in half! But what\'s this Are you trying to trick me Eh I never thought that top rankers would try to cheat a low-level user like me!


He had a wild look in his eyes. Since Grid had gobbled up all the items after the two-person raid, Grid was nervous that Jishuka would act like him. Jishuka, who was amazed by Grid being able to defeat Malacus despite being only level 95, could only sigh.


To be honest, Jishuka\'s heart had palpitations at the sight of Grid. The moment she felt despair at the raid failing, Grid triggered a reversal, looking like a character from a movie. However, the raid finished and Grid\'s true nature appeared again, making that pounding feeling disappear.

\'Based on first impressions, his personality is too horrible.

I don\'t like it.\'

Grid was presumed to be a hidden class with excellent blacksmith skills and some combat capabilities. He was much bigger than the creator of the Special Jaffa Arrows they searched so long for, making her desire to get him into the guild higher. However, it was a bit hard because of his nature.

\'Does it matter if his personality is good All we need is his ability.\'

It didn\'t matter if Grid was disappointing.

Even if his personality is worse, she still wanted to invite him to the guild. Jishuka made a decision and reassured Grid. Of course I will keep the promise.

Don\'t worry.

By the way, it is great.

You managed to finish off Malacus.

The other guild members also joined in.

You are really something! How is your attack power so high despite your low level It is more than Toban and Vantner combined.

Hahaha! G-Great!

If it wasn\'t for Grid, this raid would\'ve surely failed.

I am impressed with your performance.


The Tzedakah Guild members were busy praising Grid.

Among them was the global star, Laella. She was still young and she was thrilled because Grid seemed like the main character of a movie.

She looked cute with her red cheeks.

However, Grid didn\'t care about them.

He was afraid that all his items would be eaten if he wasn\'t careful. Are you trying to make me relax so you can take the items Right Dammit! Do you think I will fall for such a thing How rotten! Don\'t hold out on me! Let\'s distribute the items first.


In the end, the atmosphere calmed down. Jishuka shared the item information to all party members after evaluating the three items.

[Malacus\' Cloak]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 35/81    Defense: 15

* Intelligence 200

* Bloody smell.

A magic cloak that Malacus liked.

It was originally a cloak made of blue cloth, but it became discolored by the blood of many virgins. 

User Restriction: Level 200 or higher.

Weight: 10

[Bloody Smell]

It always gives off a bloody smell.

It is easy for the wearer to become a target of beasts and monsters, and makes other people offended.

[Malacus\' Mask]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 11/20    All Attributes Resistance: 5%

* Reduces magic casting time by 20%.

A black mask used by Malacus.

There are no special features regarding its appearance, but Malacus treats it like a treasure.

User Restriction: Level 200 or higher.

Weight: 1

[Dark Magic Orb]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 90/130   Magic Damage: 14%

Dark magic attack power: 20%

Number of spells that can be stored: 4

A powerful orb used since before Malacus was appointed as Yatan\'s servant.

User Restriction: Level 200 or higher.

More than 500 intelligence.

Weight: 80

The Tzedakah Guild focused their attention on the mask and orb.

“The options of the mask is very good. 


Just raising the resistance of all attributes by 5% and the shortening of magic casting time is great.

They are rare options.

“It is great that a mask has these options.

Almost no masks have options.

So people treat masks as a simple accessory.”

“The orb isn\'t a joke.

Well, the magic damage is low for a unique rating but the rise in dark magic is huge.

Above all, there are four spells that can be stored…

“Don\'t orbs usually store only two or three spells

Just being able to store three spells is a scam.

But four spells…

It will be too bad to sell both items.

Our guild members should use it.

There were only two magicians in the Tzedakah Guild. The second-ranked mixed magician Laella and the first ranked wind magician Zednos. The guild wanted to distribute the mask and orb to these two people. But they promised a 5:5 distribution of items to Grid.

They had to give up one of the items.

However, Grid made an unexpected demand.

“I want the cloak.


They made surprised expressions. It was because the value of the cloak was the lowest among the three items. It was good that it raised intelligence by 200, but the option of Bloody Smell was a big disadvantage.

In general, cloaks were items with good options, unlike masks.

It wasn\'t difficult to find one better than Malacus\' Cloak. So why did he want the cloak

\'What Is he yielding the good items to us on purpose His personality doesn\'t seem like that.\'

Grid prompted the Tzedakah Guild members, who couldn\'t respond quickly because they didn\'t know Grid\'s thoughts.

What It isn\'t possible I want the cloak.

Enough though you fought him, didn\'t I finish him off Honestly, the raid would\'ve failed if it wasn\'t for me.

But why aren\'t you giving me my choice


Regas eyed Grid unhappily.

He wanted to tell Grid to choose something else because the cloak was least valuable. However, he couldn\'t open his mouth because he was afraid of damaging the guild.

His face turned red as his conscience warred with his responsibility.

\'I have to tell him the truth.\'

After a few minutes of conflict. In the end, Regas couldn\'t forsake his conscience and tried to explain to Grid.

Among the three items, the value of the cloak is the lowest.

Do you still want to choose the cloak

It was Jishuka. She told the truth to Grid earlier than Regas. Regas was so proud of his master that she smiled brightly.

On the other hand, Grid was puzzled.

\'Why is the value of the cloak the lowest\'

Grid had completely different thoughts from the Tzedakah Guild. The Tzedakah Guild thought the option of the cloak was good but disliked Bloody Smell.

However, Grid thought that Bloody Smell was a big advantage.

\'Doesn\'t Bloody Smell make it easier to hunt monsters If so, isn\'t the value of the cloak as good as the mask\'

That\'s right. Grid had a rare excellent idea.

This was evidence that Grid was growing. 

Then why didn\'t the Tzedakah Guild have the same thought as Grid It wasn\'t really the case.

The Tzedakah Guild didn\'t care about the concept of hunting itself.

Unlike Grid, they were so high in level so it was less efficient to hunt mobs.

In order to enhance their combat skills and teamwork, they enjoyed hunting powerful monsters in a party.

However, as Grid\'s life centered around being a blacksmith, he didn\'t feel the need to increase his combat skills and just wanted to level up quickly.

Moreover, his hunting efficiency was very high. 

Due to this difference in position, Grid and the Tzedakah Guild had different mindsets.

Thus, they were able to make a transaction that satisfied both sides.

“I still want the cloak.

“Then we will choose the mask first.

What about the orb If possible, we would like to have it as well.

Only if you give me money.


We\'ll give you gold equivalent to half the value of the orb.

Malacus was different from general boss monsters who periodically respawned: he was a special boss monster who didn\'t resurrect upon death, so an exact quote for his items didn\'t exist.

“In this case, we have to use the auction house.

We will register it for 48 hours then cancel it at 47 hours and 59 minutes.

Grid felt unwilling as he listened to Jishuka\'s explanation, Don\'t you have to pay a fine if you cancel the registration of an auction item right before it is over The fine… Do I have to pay it

“We are willing to pay that much.

Um… Then the division of the enhancement stones and magic stones…

The blessed enhancement stones were 1,200 gold per stone.

The high rated magic stones were 4,000 gold each.

There is a total of 18 enhancement stones and 3 magic stones, so the estimated value is 33,600 gold… Divide this…

Grid was busy calculating the money when Jishuka did something that amazed him. She handed all the enhancement stones and magic stones to Grid.

… Eh

Jishuka grinned at the stunned Grid. “The raid would\'ve failed if it wasn\'t for you.

Shouldn\'t this belong to you”

Jishuka\'s smiling face was so beautiful that Grid stared with a stunned expression for a while. Then Jishuka said goodbye to him, “Let\'s split up and meet again in three days, where I will hand you the prepared gold.

Y-Yes… Okay, I understand.

“Grid, I have a lot of things to do today, so let\'s take a break and look for your stolen item tomorrow.

Regas, you\'ll still help me

“Of course! I promised to help, so I should see it through to the end! Then I\'m going!

Jishuka, Regas, and the other Tzedakah Guild members left Grid.


Then Grid stopped in front of the cave where Malacus had been.

\'What was he doing in here\'

Were there any hidden treasures

Heh… This cave stimulates the instincts of a treasure hunter.

Grid had a history of finding Pagma\'s Rare Book in the Northern End Cave, so he had a desire to explore this cave.

\'Surely there isn\'t anything dangerous after Malacus is gone\'

Grid sneaked into the cave. The cave was quite small.

The cave was lit up with flaming torches.


It happened after walking around 10 steps. Grid entered the cave and found a silver-haired beauty who was restrained. She was Irene, lady of Winston.

“Ah, this is what happened.

He made the Divine Shield and it was robbed by Malacus\' subordinate. When he appeared, many soldiers in Winston Castle were killed. In the midst of this chaos, Irene had been captured.


Perhaps she heard Grid talking Irene regained consciousness and slowly opened her eyes. She found Grid and smiled with relief, before starting to sob.

“It was you… The one who helped Doran and saved me… Now you saved me again…

\'Doran Was the one Doran wanted to save Irene\'

As soon as Grid learned about Irene\'s identity, a very familiar notification window popped up.

[A quest has been created.]


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Chapter 92

[Escort the Lady]

Difficulty: A

Irene, who has been kidnapped by the Yatan Church for a second time, has a very weak mind and body.

She can\'t return to Winston Castle with her own power, so you must safely escort her to Winston Castle.

Please note that while Malacus has died, there might still be other followers remaining.

Quest Clear Conditions: Arrive at Winston Castle with Irene.

Quest Reward: Irene\'s affinity will be MAX.

Doran\'s Ring.

* If affinity with a NPC of the opposite sex reaches the maximum, the possibility of a special event occurring will increase.

[Doran\'s Ring]

Rating: Unique

Durability 10/10  Health: 1,000   Black Magic Resistance: 10%   Poison Resistance: 10%

* If you become poisoned or cursed, your condition will recover immediately (60 minutes cooldown).

* 50% of the damage received will instantly be recovered (10 minutes cooldown when the effect is activated).

A treasure that Doran, Earl Steim\'s shadow warrior, loved very much.

He is said to have received the favor of the goddess of health and wisdom.

Conditions of Use: None.

Weight: 0.1

Quest Failure: Irene is likely to die.

Affinity with Earl Steim will fall to the lowest point.

* The entire northern part of the Eternal Kingdom will fall into chaos because Earl Steim will lose his temper when Irene is killed.

[Quest is in progress.]


Grid\'s body trembled as he clenched his fists.

Was it anger due to the quest proceeding without his permission. No, quite the opposite.

\'Yes! Great!\' Grid cheered in his head, \'This is a chance to obtain Doran\'s ring!\'

He had wanted the ring since he first met Doran.

The ring with great options was finally entering his grasp.

\'Wow, this is really great.

There are no conditions of use despite the performance If I have this ring, won\'t I gain an extra 1,000 health\'

Grid\'s strength and stamina were unusually high compared to his level.

As a result, his current health was around 8,000 points.

This was rather high compared to the average health of tankers at the same level.

For low-level users or users with weak stamina, the value of 1,000 health attached to Doran\'s RIng was enormous.

Attribute resistance, recovery from abnormal conditions and health recovery, these options were unquestionably the best.

\'This will unconditionally sell if placed at auction.\'

Unique items without any usage conditions were rare.

The value would be worth tens of millions of won… No, maybe it would be worth hundreds of millions of won… the situation was ridiculous.

\'If I gain this, won\'t it be a result of the Divine Shield\'s robbery\'

What was the reason Grid came to Rolf Mountain It was to reclaim the Divine Shield.

But rather than finding the one who stole the shield, he encountered Malacus by accident, suddenly getting two tremendous quest rewards for nothing… Now a new quest popped up.

It was like dropping an axe, only to pick up two golden axes.

\'I am just like a guy collapsing on the street, only to get back up.\'

Grid knew that good luck was far away from him. Originally, he would\'ve broken his nose when falling down.

But ever since he became Pagma\'s Descendant, he, fortunately, gained some success.

\'It isn\'t just Doran\'s ring that I can obtain.\'

If Irene\'s affinity reached the maximum, he could possibly marry her.

In other words, he would be the husband of the lady of a territory, and an earl\'s son-in-law.

\'In that case, won\'t I be like a lord\'

Right now, Winston was growing to become one of the best cities.

The taxes alone would be astronomical.

‘Huhu, I will raise the taxes if I become a lord.

Then I will be rich!\'

Irene\'s MAX affinity = marriage to her = become the lord = tax was his.

He took a deep breath and decided to embark on the quest.

Believe in me. Grid released the ropes binding Irene, helped her stand up, and gave her the nicest smile possible. “I will safely escort you to the castle, so don\'t worry you too much.

“Thank you…”

Grid\'s confidence had skyrocketed after beating the famous Malacus.

He was determined to fight, even if the Yatan believers were to block his way.

\'The Yatan followers should be at a level similar to that of the monsters in Kesan Canyon.

They are of no threat to me, even without the Divine Shield and Malacus\' Cloak.\'

In the first place, Regas had defeated many followers.

He thought there would only be a few left.

The immediate problem wasn\'t the enemies, but Irene.

Can you walk

“I’m sorry… I am a big burden to you.

Irene was in such a bad condition that she couldn\'t walk on her own.

Grid saw that her health was low and tried to recover it with a potion.

But her condition didn\'t change.

He tried to feed her many potions that would heal the status conditions, but they didn\'t seem to have an effect.

‘This isn\'t something that can be resolved by a user. She will be in this state until we reach the castle.

How rotten… I wasted my potions.’

In the end, Grid placed Irene on his back.


Irene was the sheltered daughter of an earl who never held hands with any man except for her father! Therefore, she now felt confused and embarrassed at being piggybacked by a man.


Grid! You don\'t need to help me this much!

She blushed as she struggled, but she was as weak as a feather.

This was Grid\' first experience with a woman outside of his younger sister, so he couldn\'t help feeling excited.

\'This… A woman\'s touch…!\'

Grid had no experience with dating… so he was now experiencing a crisis in the game.

But this was the best luck! Grid was excited by Irene\'s touch on his back and replied vigorously!

“There is no need to be ashamed! Don\'t be bothered.

I will… No, I won\'t let you do anything hard! Leave everything to me!



In the meantime, Grid had experienced several incidents and did labor, accumulating close to 250 stat points.

Thanks to that, his stamina was incomparable and could run carrying Irene.

\'Okay, let\'s go!\'

The distance from Rolf Mountain to Winston was around five hours on foot! Grid was determined to arrive in Winston, but this was an A-grade quest, after all, so a crisis appeared at the very beginning.

You! You are the one who killed Malacus!

Three followers hiding at the front of the cave emerged and attacked Grid.

“I will get revenge for Malacus! Die!

The Yatan followers used curse magic on Grid.

They also summoned a poisonous fog that would rot his lungs. But their magic didn\'t work because Grid resisted all of it.

The existence of Grid was the nemesis of magicians who specialized in causing abnormal conditions.

“Aren\'t you weaker than Malacus Why are you trying to get revenge when you are so weak Quick Movements!

[Quick Movements has been activated.

Your agility and evasion rate will increase significantly for 1 minute.]

Grid didn\'t activate Pagma\'s Swordsmanship.

When deactivated, Pagma\'s Swordsmanship increased physical damage and the probability of critical damage by 10%.

The attack power when equipped with Dainsleif wasn\'t at a level that a magician could endure.


One hand held Irene on his back, while the other one swung Dainsleif.

He lacked strength so he couldn\'t completely control Dainsleif with one hand, but his incomplete and slow attack was sufficient to deal with the Yatan followers.


For Malacus!

Ahh! For God Yatan!

Grid didn\'t avoid the curse magic, slamming the sword into the followers\' faces. He gained a moderate amount of experience and loot, before running down the mountain.

There were ambushes from Yatan followers all over the mountain.

“Souls of the underworld, use your grudges and fears to ensnare the enemy.

Crush his mind with fear and make him lose his will! Become a doll with a lost soul!

The curse magic poured down from all directions.

It seemed a little grim, so Grid put the big sword away in his inventory, took out the Divine Shield and protected Irene with it.


The Yatan followers suffered just facing the Divine Shield. Grid put away the shield in this gap and pulled out the dagger, aiming Wind Blast in the direction of the magic.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

There was an explosion in the mountain and the screams of the Yatan followers echoed.

T-Too strong…!

The followers of Yatan were completely defeated by Grid\'s style of switching between the shield, dagger and greatsword.

\'The Yatan followers were such great enemies when I met Doran, but now it is the opposite.\'

You monster! Eek!


The Yatan believers fell helplessly in front of Grid who was wearing a strange helmet and Malacus\' Cloak!

Some of them became tearful as they realized they couldn\'t defeat Grid, while others were determined to fight.

However, none of them retreated.

Their madness made Irene frightened.

But Grid was actually happy about it.

He destroyed the followers who kept on appearing.

Hahahahat! Now come! Continue! It is thanks to all of you!

Due to this battle, Grid realized a lot.

General users were reluctant to deal with enemies that caused status abnormalities, but he was different.

\'Don\'t monsters who cause special statuses often have weak attack or defense Isn\'t this a perfect meal for me I should hunt these type of enemies in the future.’

Grid had almost 100% status resistance due to the characteristic of Pagma’s Descendant and the special stats.

He once again realized how fraudulent a legendary class was as he dealt with the enemies on Rolf Mountain.

Dozens of monsters ran over due to Malacus\' Cloak.

After three hours, Grid had reached level 97.

“We are delayed because monsters keep appearing.

I\'m sorry.

“… As Doran said, Mr.

Grid is the only one I can rely on.

You are really strong.

Irene had one of the most powerful knights in the north as her subordinate.

Her father, Earl Steim, also had great people.

Therefore, she had a good knowledge of combat and could tell that Grid had excellent skills. That made it harder for her to understand.

Isn\'t Mr.

Grid a blacksmith But how can you be so strong

Grid easily answered.

“The power of items.


“Well, it is the virtue of having great battle gear.

“Even if you have great battle gear, won\'t it be hard if you don\'t have the skills You are strong and humble.

Irene smiled softly.

Her appreciation towards Grid was rising exponentially.

Grid thought it wouldn\'t be long until he became her husband.

He talked like this with Irene and arrived safely in Winston. 


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 93

“The lady has already been gone for half a day! But we still don\'t know where she is Incompetent people! Don\'t stop looking! Find the lady!

Phoenix had been defeated and seriously injured in battle against the Eighth Servant, Yura.

While he was lying in bed and half losing his mind, a change took place in Winston Castle.

A high ranking elder of the Yatan Church infiltrated the castle, brainwashed the administrator, killed the soldiers and  Irene was missing.

Phoenix couldn\'t even get out of bed, but he started getting seizures after hearing that Irene hadn\'t been found.

Captain\'s wounds are worsening! Please calm down! We will find the lady unharmed.

“Shut up! My health isn\'t important right now! Why are you repeating the same words as before and not doing anything

Night deepened.

Phoenix didn\'t want to imagine what Irene was experiencing right now.

\'My Lady has already experienced being kidnapped.

She still has the trauma from that time… She will be frightened.\'

In the past, there was Doran.

However, now Doran was gone.

\'My Lady, please don\'t worry.

Your subject will help you!\'


Phoenix groaned.

Then he used all his strength and got up from the bed.


The knights freaked out.

It was because blood was seeping through the bandage wrapped around Phoenix\' chest.

‘He will die!\'

Phoenix had a big wound right next to his heart. He was strong enough to speak and raise his body, but he was so seriously wounded that it wouldn\'t be strange for him to die at any moment.

The knights tried to persuade Phoenix.

“If the lady isn\'t found and the administrator doesn\'t wake up, won\'t the castle collapse There is a high probability that the lady is in a crisis.

But you are safe.

If you try to move now then the situation will only get worse.

So please, calm down!

“Shut up!”

The knights were making the right decision, but Phoenix didn\'t hear anything.

He was seeing Irene in a terrible situation.

Then a soldier ran into the room.

The lady! The lady has come back!



My Lady, your faithful subject couldn\'t protect you! This is a sin that can\'t be washed away for three generations! Please kill me!

Irene rushed forward towards Phoenix who was kneeling down.

A half-dead person was running around, Phoenix seemed like a monster to the knights and soldiers.

Sir Phoenix…

Blood was dripping from the bandage wrapped around Phoenix\'s chest.

Due to excessive bleeding, his complexion was pale and his lips were blue.

Phoenix was truly prepared to die.

But Irene didn’t want to lose Phoenix.

“This incident occurred while Sir Phoenix was lying in the infirmary.

So Sir Phoenix isn\'t responsible.

No! It is my fault.

It proves that I neglected the security of the castle…!

Be quiet!

Irene shouted.

Phoenix was stunned because this was the first time he saw Irene act like this.

As his mouth gaped open, Irene firmly expressed her will. 

“This incident is all my fault.

It is my own fault for not increasing the guards after Sir Phoenix became injured.

You have no responsibility.

So stand up.

Please take care of your wound.

I will be really sad if you leave my side like Doran.

\'My Lady…\'

Phoenix\' stubbornness was finally broken.

Then he shook his head and asked.

“Was it the Yatan Church again Did they want to sacrifice you


Irene shuddered at the thought of Malacus\' cold eyes.

The fear of death, which she experienced twice, was so horrible that she couldn\'t bear it.

Irene explained in a trembling voice.

“I lost consciousness and when I woke up, there was a man.

He was the Sixth Servant, Malacus.


The knights were agitated.

“One of Yatan\'s servants dared to invade Winston

 “It seems like the Yatan Church is thoroughly preparing for war with Winston!

“I can\'t forgive them for kidnapping the lady! We must tell Earl Steim and invite the whole army to invade the main Yatan Temple.

No, but…

Phoenix interrupted as the agitated knights were shouting.

It was due to a sense of strangeness.

The servants of Yatan were strong.

In particular, Malacus was famous for being cruel.

It was impossible for Irene to escape from him, and he wouldn\'t have let her go. 

“Who saved the lady

Few virgins kidnapped by the Yatan Church ever returned home.

One of them was Irene, but she was rescued by Doran.

However, Doran wasn\'t here anymore.

\'If the opponent is one of the Eight Servants, even Doran wouldn\'t find it easy to save her.\'

The person who rescued Irene must have a great power.

But was such a great person here in Winston

That person.


Phoenix was stunned by the man Irene pointed to.

He was…

Haha, hello


The person Irene pointed to was Grid.

However, Phoenix knew him as a great blacksmith.

But wasn\'t he just a blacksmith How was he able to save Irene It was against Malacus!

‘Did he use his brains But he doesn\'t seem smart…\'

Irene explained to the confused Phoenix.


Grid is very strong.

He killed Malacus with his companions, then rescued me and smashed the rest of the followers.

A hero.

… My Lady

Irene\'s gaze towards Grid was strange.

It was like a virgin\'s gaze towards someone she liked.

Phoenix was baffled for a moment, but he soon got up.

Then he looked Grid up and down.

Grid took off all his equipment in the safe zone and was once again back to his scruffy appearance.

But Phoenix was able to notice Grid\'s multi-dimensional nature.

Somehow he had the illusion of a halo around Grid.

\'Grid seems like someone who has built up a great reputation… He must usually hide his identity.

Maybe blacksmithing is just his hobby He has tremendous skill for a hobbyist… no, he must\'ve built up his reputation in many ways.\'

Phoenix was convinced.

“Thank you.

You are the lady and Winston\'s savior…! I won\'t forget your grace!

Phoenix\' attitude completely changed from what it was before.

Grid finally saw the notification window.

[Quest success!]

[Affinity with Irene, Winston\'s lady, has risen to the maximum.]


It was an easier quest than he expected.

In addition, the rewards for the A-grade quest were terrific.


Grid, this is a show of my sincerity.

[Doran\'s Ring has been acquired.]

“This is…

Grid was given a ring.

Irene smiled and stated,

“Please swear to me that you will cherish this ring, as it is a keepsake from the one who saved my life.

“The one who saved your life, do you mean Doran Absolutely.

I also have a connection with Doran… I will treasure it.

Will you swear

Grid readily replied to Irene\'s question. “Of course.

At that moment.

[Doran’s ring has been attached to you.]


In Satisfy, the death penalty was very large.

There was a drop in experience and the durability of equipped items.

There was also a certain probability of equipped items dropping.

It was very difficult to regain the items dropped after dying.

Even if the person ran over right after resurrecting, there were many users or monsters who would pick it up.

Who wouldn\'t be angry at dropping items with a tremendous value when dying

Therefore, Satisfy had a system to protect such items.

Items attached to a user never dropped, even if the user died.

It was also impossible to sell it to other users.


Doran’s Ring was definitely a top accessory.

But it wasn\'t as great for Grid, who could resist all sorts of status conditions.

So he had thought about selling Doran\'s Ring but…

‘It is bound to me! What is this\'

Bound items couldn\'t be released.

Even if a user died, they would lose a similar amount in gold instead of the item.

Therefore, most users were willing to take the risk of losing the item and didn\'t use the item binding system.

Grid tried to soothe his boiling emotions.

\'… Let\'s think about this positively.

It is true that this ring is great.\'

It raised his health by 1,000 and had a skill that restored 50% of the damage dealt.

It was definitely a good item.

Even if he couldn\'t make money from it, he could use it directly.

\'I like it… I get to wear such a nice ring… Haha… I feel good…\'

Grid wore Doran\'s Ring instead of putting it in his inventory.

Irene smiled happily at the sight.


Grid, I will soon organize a feast for you.

I hope you will be there.

… Yes.

Grid replied to the blushing Irene and returned to Khan\'s smithy.

It was late, so Khan was already asleep.

In the dark smithy, Grid started to organize his items.

\'Malacus\' Cloak and Doran\'s ring… With this, I am even stronger.

I also have 8 blessed weapon enhancement stones and 10 blessed armor enhancement stones.

In addition, the three magic stones for a total value of 33,600 gold… Isn\'t this terrific It\'s terrific no matter how I look at it.\'

100 gold was worth 120,000 won cash.

This meant that 33,600 gold was 40,320,000 won.

Grid was able to acquire more than 40 million won worth of items thanks to the Tzedakah Guild.

Then three days later, half the value of the orb would enter his hands.

\'Why is she treating me so good\'

Grid realized that the Tzedakah Guild had treated him really well and he wondered why.

He came to a conclusion after thinking alone.

Is Jishuka interested in me Does such a beautiful person want to meet me

Jishuka was one of the idols of Satisfy.

She had numerous fan clubs all over the world, just like Yura.

‘Won\'t numerous men be envious and curse at me\'

It was like a dream.

Grid\'s nostrils flared at the thought.

\'Her personality is wild but she is a global beauty and her body is fantastic… Won\'t a confession be amazing\'

It was time to end his connection.

Grid hummed and logged out.

Then he went to bed without washing as usual.

Meanwhile, there was breaking news around the world.

The Sixth Servant, Malacus, was killed!

The dark power of God Yatan and the attack power users of the Yatan Church were temporarily reduced by 10%!

Until a new priest was elected, it was impossible for a user to become a black magician.

In addition, the strength of the Yatan Church was greatly weakened! It became known that the Tzedakah Guild were the ones who defeated Malacus.

The top rankers hoped to join the Tzedakah Guild. The biggest beneficiary of this incident wasn\'t Yura, but the Tzedakah Guild.

The exclusive interview with Regas…

\'The person who was most active in the Malacus raid was someone else\'

Jishuka gave a press conference for the Tzedakah Guild.

‘The guild plans to expand… But those who want to sign up for the guild have to pass a test.\'

“These days, most of the breaking news is related to Satisfy.

“Isn\'t Jishuka sexy I like Jishuka a lot more than Yura.

I would happily die if I could sleep with such a woman.


You wouldn\'t be able to get with such a woman, even if you die and reborn 100 times.

A woman like that would only be with the world\'s richest and most handsome people.

She is in a completely different world from us.

Rather than those that are rich and handsome… Isn\'t she more likely to date a ranker from Satisfy

Is it possible to be richer or more handsome than rankers


Some of the 45th generation graduates were talking in a cafe.

They met to decide about the reunion coming up, and the story naturally shifted to Satisfy.

Of course, the name Shin Youngwoo was also mentioned.

Hey, didn\'t Youngwoo say he started Satisfy from the Open Beta He\'s been playing Satisfy for over a year, so won\'t he have met someone like Jishuka or Yura by now

Stop talking nonsense.

He is a loser even in the game.

How can he be a ranker, when he is falling deeper into debt instead of making money from Satisfy.

He must be hitting slimes.

Pfff! You are funny! Kukukuk! That is too much.

Surely he wouldn\'t be killing slimes after one year He can at least catch a wolf!

Hey! Are you ignoring Youngwoo Wouldn\'t he have caught a goblin


After graduating from university or returning from studying abroad, they found it hard to live in society.

People better than them were taking all the desired jobs.

For such a gloomy crowd, the \'worse off than them\' Shin Youngwoo was literally a healing balm.

When they talked about Shin Youngwoo, \'I am relieved to know that are many people worse off than me in the world.\'

Ah, I want to see Youngwoo.

I hope he comes to the reunion this time.

I agree… Ah! Ahyoung!


Kim Ahyoung, a beautiful woman who couldn\'t compare to the likes of Yura or Jishuka in the end.

When she was in high school and university, she always heard that she was the most beautiful one, and was also Shin Youngwoo\'s first love.

“Doesn\'t Youngwoo like you Meet him and ask him to come to the reunion, he\'ll definitely come.

Huh He might\'ve liked me a long time ago, but now We have long graduated from high school and we only see each other once a year at the alumni reunions.

Wow~ You\'ve met so many men, but you still don\'t understand them People who don\'t have experience with romance can\'t forget their first loves.

Maybe Youngwoo still likes you

Hehe… He has no dating experience

The corners of Kim Ahyoung\'s mouth tilted up with interest.

She thought it would be fun to play with someone who was barely making a living.

Give me Youngwoo\'s phone number.


Shin Youngwoo\'s fellow alumni didn\'t know that Shin Youngwoo, who they ignored as a loser, was born again as a winner… and they couldn\'t imagine the type of woman who would accompany Shin Youngwoo to the reunion. 


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Chapter 94

I was the same rank as Malacus.

And as I beat more boss monsters, I became the richest man in the world. There were dozens of glamorous girls on my arms, including Jishuka and Laella.

In addition, my first love Ahyoung…

“Why don\'t you like Yura


Yura was an unrealistically beautiful woman.

Honestly, I have never seen a more beautiful woman than her, to the extent that everything else faded in her presence.

Even Ahyoung, whom I had liked for 10 years, was nothing in comparison. 

But she wasn\'t glamorous.

Her chest was slightly larger than average.

If I considered that she might be wearing a pushup bra, her chest might be only average. 

“You aren\'t glamorous so why are you here…

I asked and Yura\'s face became cold as ice. It seems I had touched her sore spot.


I begged for my life, but there was no mercy from the Blood Witch.


A dagger pierced into my heart.

Uh… Cough! Killing a person so casually… Truly the Blood Witch… 

She was a cruel woman.


I opened my eyes to a familiar sight: the dirty ceiling as I laid down on the small and dirty bed in my room. It was a happy dream where I was the richest man in the world and had the most beautiful women in my arms, but it was also a bad dream because I was killed by Yura.

“… I might not have another chance for a raid like that.

With one raid, I gained more than 40 million won in cash. The raid took a lot of time and money to invest in consumables, but it was easier to make money from raids than random items dropping. Of course, this was only limited to top raids.

Tzedakah Guild…

The Tzedakah Guild was already attempting the Guardian of the Forest raid when I saw them a few months ago.

They, along with the top guild, gobbled up the profits from raids and accumulated an enormous amount of wealth.

It was different from the world I lived in.

“But I got involved with those guys… It was an amazing experience.

I was hungry. I saw that it was 12 p.m. I only wore boxers and scratched my stomach as I headed into the living room.

Then Sehee frowned from where she was preparing rice in the kitchen.

You don\'t have a good body, so why do you keep exposing yourself Why don\'t you think about how other people feel Look at the gauntness of your stomach.

Don\'t take off your clothes in front of other women.

“… Why are you home instead of at school at this time”

“It is the anniversary of our school\'s opening.

Come eat lunch.

No, eat breakfast.


Breakfast prepared by my little sister

“It looks like Sehee is ready to marry.

I sat down at the table expectantly. But there were no side dishes.

“What Where are the side dishes

“You want side dishes Our family still has a debt of 560 million won.

There is also the interest to repay every month… Just be grateful that we can eat rice.

… This can\'t be.

I stole the chopsticks from Sehee, who was about to put the food in her mouth.

What are you doing

Sehee was shocked as I took the chopsticks away from her. I stood up and exclaimed. “Let’s go! Go out and eat meat!

My sister was growing so she couldn\'t just eat rice. 

If you continue to eat like this, your breasts won\'t grow!

“… Aren\'t I already pretty big Why should we eat meat when we should be saving money

Huhu… Sehee, your brother earned 40 million won yesterday.

So don’t worry and let’s go!

Eh 40 million won Cash

Yes! In one day! How is it Isn\'t it great Now, let’s go!”

I dragged the stunned Sehee out of the kitchen.

Then I put on the blue sweats that had been my favorite for 10 years. In the meantime, Sehee dressed in a pretty outfit and seemed prepared to go out.

You are my sister, but you are indeed pretty.

How many years had it been since I bought her a meal No, wasn\'t this the first time I was proud of myself and hummed as we left the room. Then we rode four stops on the bus. We arrived at a downtown area with many restaurants.

People watched Sehee walking next to me and spoke to each other.

Wow, really pretty.

Her ratio is amazing.

Is she an idol trainee

“A perfect example of an innocent beauty.

Was there someone like this in the neighborhood But who is that scruffy guy next to her Surely she isn\'t dating a guy like that

What nonsense are you talking Do they look like they would be in the same group They are probably just walking next to each other by chance.

“Yes, something like that can happen.

You are right!

A-A family member…


Sehee was beautiful and I didn\'t resemble her.

Personally, I thought she was prettier and more lovely than Yura.

She was smart and sociable, despite being cold to me, so she was the pride of our family. So I was reluctant to go anywhere with Sehee.

\'It feels like I am harming her.\'

I started walking slower than Sehee.

She would be embarrassed if she walked next to me. Then Sehee grabbed my arm. “What are you doing Why do you want to go alone

“Well, that… Please release my arm.

Everyone is looking.

People looked at us with a lot of distrust. It was as if I was someone who was threatening Sehee. It felt like they would call the police at any moment!

Sehee felt uncomfortable and pressed closer to me. I hate walking alone because men keep trying to talk to me.

This is a prevention method.

It is also good that Oppa gives off a dirty impression.


Then we arrived in front of a Hanwoo (most expensive beef in Korea) specialty store. If each person wasn\'t willing to spend 250,000 won per person, it was best not to walk into a Hanwoo specialty store.

I never thought I would come to a place like this. It was thanks to Satisfy.

I played the game and managed to go to lunch at a place like this. I was thrilled to tears.

Sehee stopped me before we entered the store. “Surely, we aren\'t going to eat here

“Didn\'t I say that I earned 40 million won in one day I wasn\'t joking.

Don\'t you believe me

I believe you.

I am well aware that Oppa is doing well in Satisfy these days.

But can you make 40 million won every day No

O-Of course not.

Sometimes I can\'t even earn anything.

But there might be days when I earn more than 40 million won.

So this isn\'t a burden.

Go ahead and enter.


It isn\'t certain when you will earn a good amount of money.

It is more important to save at these times.

And I like pork more than beef.

“What are you talking about When will you ever get to eat something like this I always wished to eat here someday.

Just believe in me for once.

Come on!

I held Sehee\'s wrist and went inside the store.


The employee greeted me politely.

But his expression wasn\'t so good.

I looked old-fashioned and poor. But his expression changed after seeing Sehee\'s bright appearance.

“Just the two of you


“This way.”

The employee guided me and Sehee to a room.

On the way, there was a lit up hall with several people inside.

It seemed like they were interviewing someone for a magician or TV show.

Is it a celebrity

Sehee sat in her seat and didn\'t reply.

She looked around at the elegant exterior and sighed.

“I would\'ve liked to come to this place with our parents.

“Ah, you are a good daughter.

Don’t worry.

I will take our parents to a better place.

“Oh, aren\'t you a good son

Sehee\'s face lit up. On this day, the brother and sister ate the finest Hanwoo that melted in their mouth.


“Then finally… People around the world are curious about this.

Yura, is it true that you are the new Eighth Servant Most people are convinced that Yura is the Eighth Servant.

Korea\'s representative ranker, Yura. Right now, she was having an interview with Satisfy related media. She couldn\'t focus because the interview place was a Hanwoo store, but was surprised when a couple entered the store. It was because she knew the man.


He was the first one to defeat Yura, who was 5th on the unified rankings. After the incident at the Yatan Temple, Yura wanted to know who Grid was.

She did her own research, but couldn\'t find any clues. Yet she met him in reality in Korea.

\'I never thought I would meet him again.\'

Yura\'s cheeks turned red as she smiled. It was an intense encounter. Thus, the encounter was engraved in her mind. She dreamed of reuniting with the protagonist of that encounter.

“Let\'s move onto the next interview.


The reporters and staff interviewing Yura were speechless due to her sudden alluring smile.

Yura called for a break and left the restaurant. She contacted the informant she had been dealing with since starting Satisfy.

I\'m sending my current location.

I want you to investigate in detail a man who is dining here.

His description…


Pant pant… I can\'t breathe because my stomach is so swollen.

We were on the bus heading home. I gasped as I held my swollen belly.

Then Sehee suggested. “Should we take a walk in the park to assist with digestion

Eh What nonsense are you saying Why do we need to digest the best Korean beef It should stay in my stomach as long as possible.

…Ah, yes.

Huh What Why is your expression like that You don\'t look good.

“Ah, I\'m okay.

There\'s just a strong garlic smell.


An awkward silence flowed because Sehee seemed angry for some reason. Inside my pocket, the basic S cell phone started ringing.


Was this a debt reminder call I had a lot of experience with Mother’s Heart is Happy Financial Services, so I hesitated because it was a number I didn\'t know. But I soon realized.

\'I\'ve already paid off my debt.\'

Right now, I wasn\'t in debt.

Of course, my father happened to become a debtor, but I didn\'t have to be afraid of unknown phone numbers anymore. I answered the call with confidence.


Then I heard a voice that I would never forget.

[Is this Shin Youngwoo\'s phone]

… Ahyoung. My first and only love, Kim Ahyoung.

I spoke in a trembling voice. Yes… Are you perhaps Ahyoung

The voice over the phone replied brightly.

[Yes, that’s right.

You still remember my voice Youngwoo is a detailed person.

I like it.]

I could never forget this voice. The feelings were buzzing in my head.

But in reality, I couldn\'t speak properly because I was nervous.

“T-that… What’s going on”

Ah! Why was I acting so pathetic My first love was contacting me, so why was I asking a question instead of saying hello Really stupid! As I was shaking, Ahyoung made a suggestion.

[I was looking through our graduation album not long ago.

While looking at the photos, I suddenly wanted to see you.

After graduating from high school, haven\'t we only met at the alumni meeting How about it Would you like to have a drink with me]

She wanted to see me My first love Ahyoung wanted to have a drink with me

\'Does Ahyoung like me as well Now she wants to confess her hidden heart\'

I excitedly stood up. “When should we meet

The bus stopped at that moment.

I fell down and rolled, but I felt neither pain nor shame.

[Now would be good.

But did you drop something What was that sound…]

Ah, nothing.

Nothing! You want to meet now Ah, no! Why don\'t we meet in the evening I-Is that okay

[Yes, it is fine.

Then at 7 p.m…]

We decided on a place to meet, then Ahyoung ended the call.


I started making money in Satisfy and my life was changing rapidly. I no longer feared the creditors and was going to win my first love. It was a dream-like situation, and I felt like I was floating amongst the clouds.

“Was that a girl just now Sehee asked me.

I didn\'t look at Sehee as I hugged my phone and replied. Yes.

Heh… Are you going to meet her



After that, we didn\'t talk anymore until we arrived home. I was completely excited at the thought of meeting Ahyoung, while Sehee kept her mouth shut. I showered as soon as I got home, then I asked Sehee.

“Sehee, recommend me some fashionable styles these days.

No, come buy clothes with me right now.

Please style me.

I have to study~


So cold-hearted.

Sehee locked her door and focused on studying, so I was forced to go and buy clothes alone. With the help of the clerk, I bought the latest trendy clothes and went to a hair salon.

Of course, I also got the latest trendy haircut. After that, I exited out onto the street and saw people dressed in the same style as me.

‘Mass production…\'

It didn\'t feel good to have the same style as others.

Honestly, I was ashamed.

But wasn\'t it a thousand times better than wearing old-fashioned sweatpants

\'I\'ve never dressed up, so dressing in the latest trends can\'t be helped.\'

I comforted myself as I ran to the promised place.


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Chapter 95


When I arrived at the meeting place, I recognized Ahyoung at first glance. It was crowded but the appearance of my first love shone in a unique manner.

\'Too pretty.\'

It was true that I had seen beautiful women such as Yura, Jishuka, and Euphemina lately.

I never felt anything when looking at the beauty of top CF stars (commercials).  But was it due to the compensation effect Ahyoung was beautiful even when compared to Yura and Jishuka.

\'In particular, her smile is pretty.\'

I first met Ahyoung when I entered high school.

At that time, she always had a smile that made a person feel good. I fell in love with the way she brightened the mood around her.

I didn\'t have the courage to confess and graduated without saying anything. But now I had a chance.

‘In fact, Ahyoung likes me as well.

If not, why would she want to meet me Okay, I will tell her my heart his time.\'

The last time I met Ahyoung was two years ago at the alumni meeting.

This was the first time just the two of us met personally.

So I was even more nervous. I took a deep breath and cleared my throat to calm myself.

I nervously stretched out my legs.

I was stretching in the midst of a crowd of people.

The people passing by stared at me, but I didn\'t care. After a while. I calmed down to some extent and headed over to Ahyoung. A nice scent wafted from her long straight hair, which was her symbol.

H-H-Hello Ahyoung It has been a while.

How is your family Well, um… Uh, it is already autumn, Isn\'t there a lot of leaves on the street The cleaners must be going through a lot of trouble.

Haha, shouldn\'t winter come sooner When winter arrives, spring will come soon… In the spring, the flowers…

What the hell was I saying right now I tried to greet her as naturally as possible, but due to my extreme tension, my head became confused and I started talking nonsense.

\'So embarrassing!\'

I started sweating from agitation.

\'It is really pathetic.

I can\'t even speak properly in front of someone I like…\'

Ahyoung gave me a slight smile.

Youngwoo is still funny.

Haven\'t you become even more handsome

Ahyoung seemed to like the latest trends I was wearing. Today, I invested 180,000 on my haircut and 1,030,000 won on the shoes, pants, and shirt. My appearance was worth 1,210,000 won.

\'People are looking at me as they pass by… The large amount of money I invested was worth it.

Life is also about the power of my items.\'

I was able to relax and find my confidence thanks to Ahyoung\'s sweet smile and praise.

Then I took her to a nearby restaurant.

“I made a reservation.

It was a restaurant that I found on the Internet.

The price was very expensive because it was a tuna specialty store, but wasn\'t it worth spending money on a meal with Ahyoung

“Isn\'t this place expensive Youngwoo, are you doing well these days

Ahyoung\'s body was a piece of art as she took off her coat and sat down. Her cleavage was revealed by her dress, making me almost have a nosebleed.  I grabbed my nose and explained.

“I got a job.

As far as Ahyoung knew, I was in debt from playing the game.

I had to let her know that my situation was different from the past in order to appeal to her.

My debt has now been cleared.

Omo, really That is good, said Ahyoung in a pleased voice. “Well, Youngwoo was a hard worker so I believed that you would someday do well.


Since I wasn\'t a talented person, I had to work hard to study and exercise.

That\'s how I followed along in the middle of the pack. No matter how hard I tried, there was a limit to my grades and people didn\'t notice I was doing my best. But Ahyoung seemed to be aware of my efforts.

\'Has she been watching me that much\'

The food finally came out.

Ahyoung naturally poured some soju and made a toast.

“For Youngwoo\'s new start after clearing all the debt! Cheers!




The soju tasted like honey when I drank with Ahyoung. This was a famous restaurant, so the dishes were also excellent.

Too delicious! I am able to eat at a place like this thanks to Youngwoo.

 Are you making a lot of money Where did you get a job

If I said that I made money in Satisfy, I might give the impression that I was still just game obsessed. I wanted to show as much as I could, so I excluded Satisfy from the story.

“I\'m just a worker at a small company.

“Heh, is it your major

Um, something like that.

Ahyoung, what have you been doing

“Me~ I\'m just going to work and work and work, it is an infinite loop.

“What about romance

“When will I have time for romance when I am so busy working

Ha! So busy that she didn\'t have time to date I was sure of it this time.

\'Ahyoung really does like me!\'

I had zero experience in dating.

I didn\'t know much about women, but I was certain that Ahyoung liked me. I felt great.

“You know Ahyoung.

I am doing fairly well these days.

It will take a while because my family is going through some tough times these days but… I am planning to collect my marriage funds soon.

That… W-When…


“When I collect all the wedding funds… At that time, marry me!


Eh What was I talking about now It seemed like I couldn\'t distinguish between reality and imagination because I imagined proposal to Ahyoung more than a hundred times. I thought my face would explode with shame.

Then it felt like ice water was poured on me as Ahyoung grabbed her belly and laughed. What, a proposal all of a sudden You really surprised me.

Youngwoo, you really… Have you always been this funny

Unfortunately, Ahyoung dismissed my proposal as a joke. Well, it was natural. No matter what was in our hearts, we were currently just classmates.

In addition, a proposal out of nowhere after not meeting for two years Who would think I was serious Of course she would take it as a joke.

\'How embarrassing.\'

I wanted to hide in a mouse hole. After that, we had a good time and the last dish was brought out.

Three bottles of soju were drunk. I didn\'t drink too much because I was too nervous.

On the other hand, Ahyoung seemed a little tipsy.

I need to go fix my makeup.

Ah, yes.

Ahyoung went to the bathroom. I started to worry after she left.

\'Should we go to a bar Or would it be better to go to a karaoke room But Sehee told me not to sing in front of another woman because I was tone-deaf… Um… Or….

Maybe we should take a break at a m-m-motel because Ahyoung drank too much\'

Today was the day! But wasn\'t Ahyoung taking too long

\'Has she collapsed in the bathroom\'

I was worried and left the room.

I asked an employee about the location of the bathroom and moved down the corridor. At the end of the corridor, there was the bathroom as well as a door to the outdoor smoking area.

Then I heard Ahyoung\'s voice coming from the smoking room.

Ah, he is so embarrassing.


“Why is he wearing clothes that look like they come from the set of an Internet shopping mall You know.

Those pants that are popular these days… Yes, that’s right.

You see a lot of them on the street.

He came fully dressed like that.

People were staring.

I was really mortified.

His hairstyle doesn\'t suit his face, making him look worse.

Sigh, really.

… She was talking about me. Ahyoung who was always friendly and smiled at everyone. She was beautiful with big breasts and a pretty face, but I fell in love with her because of her kindness. But in fact, she was the type of woman who would gossip behind other people\'s back

“Do you know He proposed less than 30 minutes after we met.

Kukuku! Not even dating, but marriage! He is really so pitiful, pitiful.

Are you dying from laughter Huh That’s right.

I am having fun.

Isn\'t it good playing around like this I will be sure to make him come to the reunion.


I couldn\'t believe this situation and pinched my cheeks to make sure it wasn\'t a dream.



It hurt.

It hurt enough to make me cry.

… It isn\'t a dream.

Indeed, if I thought about it, there was no reason for Ahyoung to like me. We didn\'t have a close relationship in our school days, and we only met once a year at the reunions after graduation… Even at the reunions, we never had a proper conversation.

In the first place, our relationship was so small that she wouldn\'t like me. I wasn\'t handsome, rich, well studied or have a charming personality… What woman would like such a mediocre person

\'I\'m not the protagonist of a manhwa…\'

I returned to the dining room, where I drank one more bottle of soju. The sweet soju was now bitter.

What Have you been drinking alone Youngwoo, aren\'t you a drinker Ahyoung grinned as she returned to the room. “Let\'s go somewhere else.

We can talk more in a place where the atmosphere is better…

I wanted to say to Ahyoung, \'You detestable girl! Is it fun playing with someone innocent Stop acting!\' But it was impossible to talk like that to someone whom I loved.

“No, let\'s end it here today.

I have to hurry home.

Huh Already

Ahyoung\'s expression was so natural that I couldn\'t even believe she was acting. If I hadn\'t heard her call by chance, I would\'ve been fooled by her acting forever.

I\'m sorry, I\'ll have to see you next time.

I barely managed to suppress my tears as I got up.

Before I parted from Ahyoung in front of the restaurant, she finally cut to the chase. “Come to the reunion next week, understood


The reason why Ahyoung met me today was because she was instigated by the other alumni in order to use my love to make me go to the reunion, where they could mock me. Why was I always so pitiful

Okay, I understand.”

I nodded without saying no to Ahyoung.

Then on the way home on the bus, I cried like a protagonist of a melodrama.

“Sob sob sob sob~!!

The other passengers looked at me and told me to be quiet, but I cried without caring. I soon arrived home.

“Oppa, what\'s with that stupid haircut Huh Oppa Why\'s your expression like that Are you crying

Was she waiting for me As soon as I opened the door, Sehee rushed out of her room with a concerned look.

I declared to Sehee, “I’ll never love again.

Women… I\'m really scared of women.

I don\'t like them.


There was no one who needed me in reality.

I was just a joke.

But Satisfy was different. Khan was solely dependent on me, while Administrator Valdi required my skills.

In addition, Irene had great affection towards me. Yes, I realized once again that Satisfy was the place for me.

I went straight to the capsule and connected to Satisfy. As soon as I connected, there was a whisper from Jishuka,

-The orb\'s price has been determined. Can we meet now

Then Jishuka came to Khan\'s smithy and handed him the money.

The maker of the Special Jaffa Arrows… We have been searching really hard for you.

We need your abilities.

Grid, please join our guild.

I stared at her. I remember telling Jishuka that I made the Special Jaffa Arrows and the Divine Shield during the Malacus raid.

\'They saw me using Pagma\'s Swordsmanship… They might\'ve already noticed that I have a hidden class…\'

I seriously thought about it. If I joined the best guild, the benefits to me were obviously huge. And Jishuka promised her full support.

\'I don\'t want to waste time socializing if I join a guild, but I don\'t think I need to worry about that if I join the Tzedakah Guild.\'

There were a lot of benefits if I joined the Tzedakah Guild. However, there was a problem to be addressed.

I have a question.

“Ask me anything.”

“The money I will earn from my personal activities and the money I will earn from working with your guild.

Which one will be bigger

Jishuka replied without thinking about it. “Of course you will make more money when you are with us.

You will get more money and reputation.

Really Is that so Hrmm… Then I have a condition before joining the guild.


Whatever you ask.

I am based here at Khan\'s smithy.

I am Khan\'s successor and will someday inherit this smithy.

I don\'t want to move my base according to your tastes.

Jishuka responded instantly. Okay.

We will move our guild base to Winston instead of forcing you to move.

It was unconditionally favoring him. I realized what it meant when one of the best guilds promised their full support.

\'This… Is my worth bigger than I thought\'

I was currently the best blacksmith in Satisfy. I knew this fact better than anyone else. But I never imagined that my value would be so great as to make one of the strongest guilds move their headquarters to Winston.

\'If I want to, I can live well in any guild.\'

However, I had no intention of applying for membership to another guild. Have I ever been recognized and needed by someone before No.

It was my first time. My heart was weakened due to the incident with Ahyoung, so I felt overwhelmed at the fact that the top rankers acknowledged me.


I will join the Tzedakah Guild.

If you don\'t keep any of your promises, I can leave the guild at any time.

Thus, I joined the Tzedakah Guild. This was a stepping stone for my growth.

I was determined.

\'I will become rich quickly.

Then I will show those who ignored me.\'

I would show all the alumni, including Ahyoung, my change as soon as possible.


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Chapter 96

[You have joined the Tzedakah Guild.]

Guild Name: Tzedakah

Level: 5 (57,630,440/100.588.127)

Reputation: 612,140

Master: Jishuka

Number of Members: 18/80

Affiliation: None

Alliances: None

Hostile Relationships: Rio Kingdom/ Fire Dragon Trauka/ Yatan Church/ Iron Style Group/ Helding Clan/ Couch Clan

Inclination: Neutral

Territory: None

I was very disappointed when I checked the guild information window that popped up when I joined the guild.

What is this The number of members is small since it is a group of elites, but you don\'t have any alliances or territory And why do you have so many hostile relationships Why is a red dragon hostile to you

“We haven\'t felt the need to make an alliance yet, and there are many enemies due to quests and raids.

Umm, don\'t worry about the red dragon.

He won\'t do anything unless we enter his territory. 

“Putting all that aside, why don\'t you have a territory As a top level guild, shouldn\'t the Tzedakah Guild have a territory

It had been one year since Satisfy opened. Some top guilds belonged to certain countries and built up their achievements, receiving territory from the kings or nobles. They were barren land, but depending on how the guild manages and develops it, the land could become a city in the future and huge taxes could be collected from it. In other words, the acquisition of a territory was one of the ultimate goals of a guild.

Therefore, it was natural to wonder why the Tzedakah Guild didn\'t have a territory.

Jishuka explained. “Grid, you are mistaken.

Our guild is the strongest guild, not a top guild.

There are fewer guild members so there is a limit to how much we can raise our guild level, as you can see by our low guild level.

The level of the top guilds is estimated to be around 7~8 right now.

Wow… A bad guild with low level and no territory… How can this guild make me rich

It seemed like I joined the wrong guild.

\'I should leave.\'

A man entered the smithy when I decided to leave.

Listen to a person\'s words to the end.

It was Pon who played an active part in the raid against Malacus.

“Our guild might be low in level, but we have steadily built up a reputation as we progressed through quests and raids.

Many nobles and nations know about us, and we have received countless offers of territory from them.

We just refused.

I didn\'t understand. “You refused the territory

Other guilds were eager to snatch any territory they could.

If they could get land, they would lick the feet of the nobles and royalty.

Then why did the Tzedakah Guild refuse to accept the territory

I couldn\'t understand it.

Puhaha! You should bluff more moderately.

Why would a guild say no to a territory

Because of you. Jishuka pointed at me with her long fingers.

Even her hand gesture was seductive. “We had to make the entire continent our area of activity while searching for the unknown craftsman.

That made it difficult to have a base and manage it.

The nobles and royal families started to make suggestions about us becoming their subordinates around the time of your appearance.

In other words… 

“You gave up territory just to find me


But strictly speaking, we didn\'t give it up.

It is just on hold for a while.

We can get territory in any country we want at any time.

I never imagined how much the Tzedakah Guild needed me. “But why do you want me so much You know now that I have a hidden job, but at that time, didn\'t you just know me as a blacksmith

“The reason we want you is because you’re a blacksmith.

Your hidden class is irrelevant.

Pon explained.

“The average user level in Satisfy is 80.

High-level users like us are just a fraction of the two billion users, so there is always a shortage of equipment available for high-level users.

The items with the performance we want are rarely dropped through hunting or raids, so we have to rely on produced items…

Was it to welcome my new colleagues Khan kindly came out with refreshments. He was an NPC, but Pon respectfully accepted the teacup given to him.

Then he continued speaking.

“A blacksmith who can produce high-level items is very rare.

Among users, there are no advanced blacksmiths and even the advanced NPC blacksmiths are only available in major cities.

In addition, advanced blacksmiths only have a low chance of making epic or higher rated items, so the burden of investing the materials and the commission fee is very high.

Jishuka took over. “Then epic rated arrows that not even advanced blacksmiths could make appeared.

We thought that the maker had the ability to produce the items we wanted, so we earnestly searched for you.


The Tzedakah Guild recognized my abilities first and searched for me. I confirmed that I made the right decision in joining them.

We came looking for you.

You have the ability we want.

After that. All 17 members of the Tzedakah Guild, including Jishuka and Pon, gathered at Khan\'s smithy. Then they welcomed me with enthusiasm.

All of them looked at me with expectant eyes, making me feel overwhelmed. But unexpected, not one person asked about my class.

“Isn\'t anyone interested in my class

Jishuka smiled gently.

“It isn\'t that we have no interest.

Everyone, including myself, is curious about the exact class.

But we won\'t ask because we know that hidden classes are reluctant to disclose information about their class.


It was really meticulous care. As I started liking the guild more and more, Jishuka cut to the chase.

“Grid, in the future, I want to commission items for the guild members.

We want epic or higher rated items suitable for our level.

We will buy the completed items for an appropriate price.

“It is okay if you give me money.

But it will take a while to obtain the materials and production methods required…

“If you tell us what you need, we will get it for you.

You just have to worry about making it.

That was convenient.


But I don\'t have a lot of capital, so I can\'t make too many items at once.

Jishuka made a confused sound. “Capital Why do you need capital The guild will supply the materials and production methods.

All you need is time and the technique.

… Eh

Were they going to give me free materials and production methods This sounded like a dream! No, don\'t get too excited.

It was strange.

It was suspicious that they were so nice from the beginning. I couldn\'t believe in people-especially women- because they might hit me in the back of the head!

I  became wary of Jishuka.

You\'ll give me the materials for free and then buy the finished item from me Why are you giving me the materials and production methods Isn\'t it just a loss for you

Hah Jishuka was confused. “What are you talking about Aren\'t you a blacksmith of our guild It\'s natural for the guild to support our blacksmith with materials and the production methods.

Regas laughed from where he was listening to the side.

“Grid, a competent blacksmith is a talent that all guilds covet.

They have to give the blacksmiths the best treatment to prevent them from going to other guilds.

It is obvious that a guild with a competent blacksmith will have a huge growth gap with a guild that doesn\'t have one.


A blacksmith class, wasn\'t it a total honey-like class But this was only for competent blacksmiths!

\'Blacksmiths are very difficult to grow… So the value of an exceptional blacksmith is very high.

However, Pagma\'s Descendant has fraudulent blacksmith skills so it honey…\'

I once again felt the greatness of a legendary class and appreciated it.

\'I want to start working.\'

I was filled with enthusiasm and prompted Jishuka. “So who am I making an item for

Pon raised his hand in a flash.


Vantner grabbed Pon\'s hand.

Then he raised his hand. No, me first!

Toban shouted. “Of course, the master should be first! Then the chief of staff!

“What does chief of staff have to do with the sequence Don\'t abuse your authority.

All members of the Tzedakah Guild were rankers.

They all aimed at and desired to level up.

Being armed with stronger items would make it faster and easier to hunt. It was obvious that all of them wanted their item to be made first.

No, I had to exclude Regas, who was laughing without saying anything.

\'Regas is a martial artist who trains his body, so it seems like he doesn\'t care about items.

That reminds me…\'

I pointed to two men who couldn\'t hide their uncomfortable expressions and Toban. 


And you two.


The three people called became filled with anticipation.

They misunderstood that I would make them items. However, it was the opposite.

“I will make your items last.


I explained to the surprised Toban, “Toban, you were nasty when I asked to join the Guardian of the Forest raid last time…

“Heok It was a few months ago, but you still remember Strictly speaking, it was indifference, not nastiness!


And the other two…

I checked the IDs of the two people. One was a Hispanic male with black hair called Rook, while the other was a slim, middle-aged man called Jeep.

“The two of you.

Didn\'t you come here before

It wasn\'t long after the production making game with Euphemina. They were the two people who entered Khan\'s smithy to ask about Euphemina\'s whereabouts. At that time, they ignored me and disregarded Khan since he was an NPC.

“Our relationship is like this, right

I smiled and the two of them looked at each other before bowing and apologizing, We\'re sorry for that time! We were so impatient that we were rude! We sincerely apologize!

“You need to apologize to Khan, not me.

Khan was watching me and my new colleagues happily! The two people apologized to Khan, but they didn\'t really mean it.

What Are you still ignoring NPCs Well, regardless of whether you ignore NPCs or not, it doesn\'t matter to me; however, Khan is different.

Khan is my precious friend, and if you don\'t respect him, I will never produce any items for you.”

… I\'m sorry Khan.

“Please forgive us.

Rook and Jeep\'s apologies were sincere this time, and it seemed that they realized that even an NPC could be a valuable asset to someone.

\'They will do well.\'

Well, I didn\'t want to criticize them anymore because I also ignored NPCs that I didn\'t need. So the conclusion…

“I want you to make a spear for Pon first.

It was Jishuka\'s will.

As revealed in the Malacus raid, Pon currently has a low level weapon, so he can\'t exert the maximum amount of power in a high-level raid.

He is one of the pure physical damage dealers in our guild, so we have to prioritize his weapon.”

Pon approached.

“I already have a method of making a spear.

[\'Gale Spear Production Method\' has been acquired.]

[Gale Spear Production Method]

Prerequisite: Advanced Blacksmith Mastery Level 4.

* Gale Spear: A spear made of mithril.

It is very light so the more skilled the user, the more the power can be maximized.

However, this lightness can be a disadvantage.

User Restriction: Level 240 or higher. 


Following the Divine Shield, I got another free production method! I failed to conceal my pleasure as Pon asked me carefully,

Is it possible

I replied as if it was no big deal, “Of course.

The Tzedakah Guild members were agitated.

“It means he at least has Advanced Blacksmith Mastery level 4…

“Isn\'t the first ranked blacksmith still at the intermediate level

“Is his excellent combat skills and mastery of blacksmith techniques because of the hidden class

“It must be one of the best among the hidden classes…

I learned the production method in front of them.

[You have learned how to make the Gale Spear.]

[Gale Spear]

Rating: Rare ~ Legendary

Rare Rating Information:

Durability: 210/210   Attack Power: 290

Attack Speed: 5%

* Attack speed will increase by 0.5% for every attack that connects.

Epic Rating Information:

Durability: 280/280   Attack Power: 336

Critical Chance: 5%    Attack Speed: 5%

* Attack speed will increase by 1% for every attack that connects.

Unique Rating Information:

Durability: 363/363   Attack Power: 400

Critical Chance: 5%    Attack Speed: 10%

* Attack speed will increase by 1% for every attack that connects.

* The skill \'True Illusion\' will be generated.

Legendary Rating Information:

Durability: 444/444   Attack Power: 493

Critical Chance: 10%    Attack Speed: 10%

Accuracy: 5%

* Attack speed will increase by 1.5% for every attack that connects.

* The skill \'True Illusion\' will be generated.

A spear made of mithril.

It is very light so the more skilled the user, the more the power can be maximized.

However, this lightness can be a disadvantage.

User Restriction: Level 240 or higher.

More than 750 strength.

More than 400 agility.

Advanced Spear Mastery level 2 or higher.

Weight: 200 

‘Ohh, it is a good spear.\'

It wasn\'t inferior to the Sword of Self-transcendence that I made. The materials required to make it…

Pon, in order to create one spear, I need 15kg of mithril ore, 1st tier high-grade Tipan wood and four griffin tendons.

Pon made an excited sound.

“I will acquire them for you now.

Then while you are making the spear, I will look for the whereabouts of the Divine Shield that was stolen.

So don\'t worry about anything during the production.

I nodded with a much lighter heart. Okay.

I will concentrate and make a good spear.

I was standing on a stage. The guild was filled with expectations for the creator of the Special Jaffa Arrows. And I was ready to surprise them.

‘For some reason, I have a lot of confidence today.\'

Of course, there was a chance it might be ruined. But there was no reason to be blamed if I made a rare rated item. The result of the item produced was clearly luck. So there was no need to be burdened. I started to concentrate on my breathing.


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