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Chapter 73

I lost my temper and challenged the enhancement of the Ideal Dagger again using the remaining four enhancement stones. This time, even though I reached 5 without failing…

[A weapon enhancement stone (1) has been consumed.]

[You have failed to strengthen the 5 Ideal Dagger.]

[The 5 Ideal Dagger has decreased by 3.]


Obviously, the Ideal Dagger was a unique rated dagger. I knew that the higher the rating, the lower the probability of enhancement. But I was Pagma\'s Descendant, and it was a mockery for Pagma\'s descendant to fail to reach 6 consecutively!


I had spent 1,000 gold to buy 10 enhancement stones, but the result of said gold was merely a 3 enhancement. I couldn\'t just leave it like this. I was filled with poison as I headed to the auction house again and purchased another 10 enhancement stones.

“If I fail to reach 6 again, I will use the blessed enhancement stones…

The price was too expensive, so I wanted to sell the blessed enhancement stones instead of using them. Having lost my temper, I was ready to use the blessed enhancement stones as I once again challenged strengthening the Ideal Dagger. Then!

[A weapon enhancement stone (1) has been consumed.]

[The 5 Ideal Dagger has been strengthened.]

Oh…! Ohh!!

The moment the Ideal Dagger became 6, a blue aura started circulating around it. I was thrilled.


5 enhancement couldn\'t be seen with the naked eye, so there was no obvious difference between 0 and 5 items.

There were no features. But after reaching 6, the Ideal Dagger had a change in appearance.

The color that manifested was representative of the item\'s attribute.

If people see this…

I immediately went to the city square.

I held the 6 Ideal Dagger and struck a nice pose, like a movie poster. People immediately turned to look at me.

“Wow, look at that weapon! It\'s at least 6!

“It has a blue aura.

Really beautiful…

They admired the Ideal Dagger in my hand.

“He must be rich to enhance a weapon to 6.

Should I tempt him once

Hey, he might just be lucky with the enhancement.

Don\'t act too carelessly. 

Wow… this is the first time I\'ve seen a 6 weapon.

Mine is only 3.

I\'m envious.

I was ecstatic as people looked at me with envy

\'Huhuhu… a 6 weapon is truly special.

I used a lot of money to enhance it to this.\'

The central square. The gazes of the people gradually changed from admiring the 6 dagger to looking at me like I was a madman.

“Bah, boasting like this when you only have a lowly 6 dagger.

At that moment, a familiar voice was heard behind me. I looked back and confirmed the identity of the voice. The person was…


“Blood Warrior Katz!”

Katz was among the top 40 rankings and had the third epic class. People cried out as they witnessed his appearance in the square.

\'Why is that bastard here\'

I knew Katz.

I didn\'t personally know him, but he was an infamous troublemaker who often appeared on TV. In other words, Katz didn\'t know me. That guy was staring straight into my eyes. He looked me up and down with a mocking expression and said, Heh…you are too vulgar.

“What are you implying all of a sudden

Katz shrugged at my words before pulling out the sword at his waist.

His sword shone orange like the sun. It even hurt my eyes. The users in the square cried out with amazement and Katz laughed,

Puhahaha! How about it Isn\'t this different This is the majesty of a 8 weapon! A stupendous weapon that a person like you can\'t get your hands on for all your life! Puhahaha!

He laughed before leaving the square with dignified steps. The crowd was dismayed as they looked at his back.

What is this Did he come just to show off his item”

He\'s just like the rumors say…

“My goal, goal.

The people clicked their tongue at Katz.  They ridiculed Katz before going back to their daily lives. But I couldn\'t move from where I was standing.

I shook because I couldn\'t suppress the sense of defeat.

“That bastard, he dared disgrace me He is just an epic class, yet he talks such nonsense to a legendary class

After this, I couldn\'t just be satisfied with a 6 weapon. I returned to the smithy.

Then I took out the two blessed weapon enhancement stones that were in a corner of my inventory.

I am Pagma\'s Descendant.

Blood Warrior X him!

[The blessed weapon enhancement stone (1) has been consumed.]

[The 6 Ideal Dagger has been strengthened.]

[The blessed weapon enhancement stone (1) has been consumed.]

[The 7 Ideal Dagger has been strengthened.]

[The item enhancement value is 8, so the option effect is slightly increased.]


I succeeded successively with the blessed enhancement stones. The blue aura of the Ideal Dagger became stronger. If Katz\' sword was like the sun, then the Ideal Dagger was a deep blue like the sea. 

Hah…! Hahahaha! Puhahaha!

[ 8 Ideal Dagger]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 168/168   Attack Power: 378~413  Attack Speed: 13%

* There is a rare chance of instantaneously killing the target.

* Agility 30

* The skill \'Wind Blast\' is generated.

* The skill \'Quick Movements\' is generated.

A dagger created by a craftsman with great skills and potential, but lacks experience and reputation.

It was made with the renowned blacksmith Khan. 

There is nothing special about the materials or method used, but both the craftsman\'s skill and the co-operation with Khan have created an ideal dagger.

User Restriction: Level 180 or higher.

More than 450 agility. Advanced Dagger Mastery. 

The attack power of a dagger, not a longsword or greatsword, was over 400. Thanks to the unexpected encounter with Katz, I succeeded in the enhancement and got a top-class weapon.

As I was feeling jubilant, Huroi entered the smithy. My Liege! What happened with the raid

I looked at Huroi carefully and lied, Um… unfortunately, the raid failed, so there are no items.

I\'m sorry about the result, despite your courageous sacrifice.

In fact, the raid was successful.

As a result, I obtained a lot of items. But I lied that the raid had failed. Why I was concerned that Huroi would ask me to share the items if he knew the raid succeeded.

Huroi trembled after hearing the result. It is because I was incompetent.

Kuock… I will now leave to train! So that next time, I am able to help My Liege!


Huroi left after making the oath, and I prepared to leave for Kesan Canyon.

I have the Ideal Dagger as a weapon and Khan is making armor…

I had the orc chief\'s helmet.

The only thing left was the creation of gauntlets and boots. I pulled out a hammer and started making the gauntlets and boots. Then two days later.

[Khan\'s Masterpiece]

Rating: Epic

Durability: 300/300   Defense: 359 Movement Speed: -7%

* 20% reduction in damage from physical attacks.

This armor is made using the know-how that the best blacksmith in the north of the Eternal Kingdom, Khan accumulated in his life.

The inner armor made from the leather of the frostlight orc absorbs impact from the outside well. 

Khan proudly calls this armor the masterpiece of his life.

User Restriction: Level 160 or higher.

More than 550 strength.

More than 480 stamina.

Intermediate Heavy Armor Mastery.

Weight: 1,900 

[The Best Gauntlets]

Rating: Epic

Durability: 150/150   Defense: 47 Attack Speed: 4%   Accuracy 8%

* There is a slim chance to activate \'Double Barrage.\'

An item made by a craftsman with great skills and potential, but his experience and reputation is somewhat lacking.

Helps you attack the target faster and more accurately. 

User Restriction: Level 160 or higher.

More than 150 agility.

Weight: 220 

[Adventurer’s Boots]

Rating: Rare

Durability: 120/120   Defense: 60 Movement Speed: 6%

An item made by a craftsman with great skills and potential, but his experience and reputation is somewhat lacking.

It is comfortable to wear.

Ideal for long-distance travel.

User Restriction: Level 160 or higher.

Weight: 200 

Okay, this is perfect! I made an epic and rare item and got my stats, so should I go

I headed towards the Kesan Canyon without any delay. Then I arrived at Kesan Canyon. I recalled past memories as I looked at the canyon.

I came here only to die, die and die…

It was so terrible than Kesan Canyon kept appearing in my dreams. I experienced so much horror here.

I would only be able to sleep by defeating Kesan Canyon.

“The monsters here are so weird…

The monsters of Kesan Canyon were incredibly grotesque in both both their appearance and inclination. Among them, the \'canyon spider\' was the one I remembered vividly.

\'The giant spider eats people alive.


The shock and horror of being trapped in a spider web and not able to move as the spider\'s mouth neared me.

\'I\'m glad that I didn\'t feel myself being chewed because I died the moment my head entered its mouth…\'

I shuddered at the memories of that time and cleared my mind.

“Stop wasting time on useless thoughts and find Pagma\'s swordsmanship.

In the past, I kept dying here.

Now I am different! I will show you the power of items, you monsters! Revenge! Revenge!

I cried out as I entered the canyon.

But unlike my words, my body was trembling. The memories of the past made me very scared.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 74


The wind blew through the curved walls that stretched as high as the sky.

Small cuts burned my skin. The flow of the river was strong, and falling in it would make me drown.

It was a place that boasted more spectacular views than anywhere on Earth, Kesan Canyon.

Never be deceived by outward appearances.

As I explained several times, it was a very dangerous place. 

I looked closely at the caves in the curved walls.

I recalled the reason why I came here and looked at the quest information.

[Pagma\'s Descendant]

Difficulty: Class quest.

You have certainly been given Pagma\'s blacksmith skills. 

But do you know exactly who Pagma is Can you proudly carry out his will

Who is Pagma If he was simply a blacksmith with good skills, his legends wouldn\'t be scattered across the continent.

First, start with the clue of the swordsmanship that pierced the sky and follow Pagma\'s legend.

If you can collect all of the legends, you will truly understand Pagma and succeed his will. 

At that moment, a new legend will be born.

* There is no time limit for this class quest.

* If you accept the class quest of a legendary class, you can\'t change your class again.

* The legendary class quest has the power to transform Satisfy\'s world, according to the result.

Class Quest Clear Conditions: Complete all linked quests successfully.

Class Quest Clear Reward: Unknown.

* First Class Quest: [Pagma\'s Swordsmanship.]

The person who witnessed Pagma\'s swordsmanship 130 years ago has shown up and given you a clue.

If you head to Kesan Canyon to the south of Winston, you will find a clue to Pagma\'s swordsmanship carved on a northern cliff.

* First Class Quest Clear Condition: Learn Pagma\'s swordsmanship.

First Class Quest Clear Reward: Dainsleif (Reproduction).

[Dainsleif (Reproduction)]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 500/500   Attack Power: 451~635   Attack Speed: -8%

* Additional damage equal to 10% of the target\'s current defense will be dealt.

* The greater the number of enemies, the greater the damage.

* The skill \'Golden Flash\' will be generated.

A work created by Albatino, the first human to receive the nickname of \'craftsman before Pagma\'s era.

He attempted the reproduce the mythical weapon, Dainsleif.

It is far lacking compared to the original Dainsleif, but he succeeded in restoring some of its features, making it a masterpiece on its own.

It was acclaimed as a \'masterpiece of human history\' by the founder of the Eternal Kingdom and king of the north, Loran.

The legendary blacksmith Pagma is said to have received great inspiration from Albatino\'s work.

User Restriction: Level 250 or higher.

More than 1,800 strength.

Intermediate Sword Mastery.

Weight: 1,580 

While the Ideal Dagger had been strengthened to 8, it had a level limit of 180.

Meanwhile, Dainsleif had a level limit of 250.  Therefore, the basic performance of Dainsleif was bound to be better than that of the Ideal Dagger.

In addition, Dainsleif was a greatsword.

My main weapon as a warrior was a greatsword, so I couldn\'t help wanting Dainsleif. More than anything else, I wanted to learn Pagma\'s swordsmanship as soon as possible.

Pagma\'s swordsmanship that allegedly pierced the sky… It is clearly a tremendous offensive skill.

An offensive skill is what I require more.

I had a clear sense of purpose and stepped forward to find the north cliff. How far did I walk


A small pebble fell from above him.


I looked up and saw dust rising between the walls. I sensed it.

\'The enemy!\'

The entrance of a cave was exposed as dirt was removed and a monster popped out. It was a giant lizard that reminded me of a dinosaur, but its tongue was sharper than any sword. I knew the identity of the lizard: a level 162 canyon lizard.


I was so strong now that I couldn\'t be compared to my days as a warrior.

I was at a level where I could fight the canyon lizard in front of me. But instincts were scary! In the past, I experienced that blade-like tongue piercing my heart. Then the canyon lizard descended the curved wall towards me at a tremendous speed.

“Aaaagh! Get lost! Please get lost!

I begged to the canyon lizard.

But god was never a merciful person.


The canyon lizard caught up to me and turned to the side, swinging its tail.


I barely escaped the lizard\'s tail and the huge rock was struck and shattered instead of me. I was hit in the head with a fragment of rock and started bleeding.

This damn lizard… yes, fighting is inevitable! Blacksmith’s Rage! Wind Blast!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

A sharp wind flew towards the canyon lizard.

But the force of Wind Blast was incredibly fierce.

The moment that the blast of wind struck the canyon lizard, it shrieked in pain.

[You have dealt 1,230 damage to the target.]


The canyon lizard was an aggressive and agile monster, but their defense was relatively low. Perhaps the canyon lizard\'s defense was only slightly higher than that of the frostlight orcs.  Still, the damage caused by Wind Blast was enormous. It meant that the power of Wind Blast was different compared to when I faced the frostlight orcs.

Indeed, it was natural when I thought about it. The dagger had been 0 when I hunted the frostlight orcs and now it was 8.

The weapon attack power rose, so the skill damage would naturally rise as well.


I was no longer afraid of the giant lizard in front of me.

Rather, it looked just like a frostlight orc.

Unbreakable Justice!

[You have dealt 12,507 damage to the target.]


It wasn\'t a critical hit, but the damage was amazing! The canyon lizard twisted its body in pain, but the scary monster came back and attacked.


[You have suffered 2,019 damage.]


The tail struck from outside my field of vision and I became dizzy.  I would\'ve suffered tremendous damage if I wasn\'t armed with the Frostlight Orc Chief\'s Helmet and Khan’s Masterpiece.

\'Khan, thank you.\'

Khan’s Masterpiece had an option that reduced damage from physical attacks by 20%.

It boasted an outstanding defense against physical attacks. I felt thankful towards Khan for giving me this good armor for free. Then the lizard\'s tongue flew accurately at my heart.

I puffed up.

This damn lizard.

I was already killed with the tongue once before and now you want to do the same thing again Don\'t think I will go quietly today! Quick Movements!

My agility and evasion rate greatly increased, allowing me to approach the lizard\'s jaw without difficulty and attack its tongue.

Taking advantage of the situation, I then jumped up and stabbed the Ideal Dagger into its jaw.


[The Ideal Dagger\'s option effect is activated, instantaneously killing the target.]


I killed the canyon lizard that appeared in my dreams and tormented me.

The subject of fear was helpless in front of me, transforming into a grey light.

[You have defeated a canyon lizard.]

[9 gold has been acquired.]

[The canyon lizard\'s tongue has been acquired.]

[329,000 experience has been acquired.] 


I had to feel admiration.

Isn\'t this really great

No matter how high my stats were or the effect of the Ideal Dagger, I was a level 85 user who easily took care of a level 162 monster!

This is the power of items!

This was why people tried to buy good items.


New monsters emerged due to the noise from the battle. This time, the opponents were three lizardmen. I was outnumbered, but I didn\'t back down. I knew that if I tried to run away, they would keep chasing and new monsters would emerge, eventually leading to me being surrounded by monsters.

I can win.

I will win!

I hypnotized myself a few times.  I swiftly avoided the attacks of the lizardmen with Quick Movements, used Blacksmith\'s Rage, drank a mana potion and then used Unbreakable Justice.



The lizardmen were also tough.

The three of them blocked my attack with a shield, before counterattacking. Nevertheless, there was some confusion as they couldn\'t absorb all the damage. I gained greater confidence after Wind Blast collapsed their formation. 

Then I attacked using the gap where they were confused.

Puuok! Puk!

Blue light flashed from the Ideal Dagger every time a lizardman was wounded.

[You have dealt 2,600 damage to the target.]

[You have dealt 2,830 damage to the target.]

[The Best Gauntlets option effect is activated, causing you to attack the target twice.]

[You have dealt 5,705 damage to the target.]


The canyon lizardmen had leather like the lizards and were armed with crude iron armor. The defense of the canyon lizardmen greatly exceeded that of the frostlight orcs. But these lizardmen screamed with every strike from my dagger.

I succeeded in defeating them shortly after the cooldown of Quick Movements and Blacksmith’s Rage was over.

[You have defeated a canyon lizardman.]

[You have defeated a canyon lizardman.]

[You have defeated a canyon lizardman.]

[11 gold has been acquired.]

[9 gold has been acquired.]

[12 gold has been acquired.]

[A damaged sapphire has been acquired.]

[Crude Scimitar has been acquired.]

[316,000 experience has been acquired.]

[316,000 experience has been acquired.]

[316,000 experience has been acquired.]


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 75


Two-thirds of my health was consumed when fighting the three lizardmen.

I was completely drained of mana.

\'I only have four skills to use, but my mana is so lacking…\'

Currently, I only had around 500 mana.

Even though my mana recovery rate wasn\'t slow, my mana was almost gone once I used my combat skills. I didn\'t want to waste a mana recovery potion, so I sat down and rested. Once my health and mana were fully recovered, I got up again and started moving.

\'If I catch two more mobs, I can level up.\'

I no longer feared the monsters in the canyon.

The monsters in the canyons were like clumps of experience, just like the frostlight orcs. But there was one monster that was the exception…

Tadak! Tadak! Tadadak.

A very bizarre and sinister stepping sound descended rapidly down the curved wall, approaching quickly. I hurriedly shifted my gaze and almost peed my pants as I saw the owner of the steps.

The huge spider, which was as large as two 15-ton trucks, was heading towards me.

C-Canyon spider!

The canyon spider was a top predator among the canyon monsters.

It was level 180! Even the canyon lizards and lizardmen would be caught in its spider web and become prey. There was speculation that the monsters of the canyon lived in caves because they were protecting themselves from the canyon spider.

Such a big monster actually appeared in front of me.


In the past, I had been trapped by the canyon spider and suffered a huge trauma.

So now I had an allergy towards spiders. I got goosebumps and my legs couldn\'t even stand up straight.


The canyon spider made a strange sound and shot out a spider web.

Then it ran down the web and stopped right in front of my nose.


The canyon spider\'s head was incredibly small compared to its huge size.

As soon as the head stopped right in front of me, the mouth of the spider opened wide and the sharp teeth revealed a threatening appearance.

I randomly swung my dagger in an attempt to resist. But the blind attack didn\'t touch the body of the canyon spider.

The canyon spider avoided my attack while hanging on the web, then fired a web towards me.


It was initially launched in cocoon form and spread 3m wide in less than a second. If the web draped over my body then I would become the prey of the canyon spider. I was well aware of this and desperately wanted to avoid the web, but I still couldn\'t move because my legs were weak.

At that moment!

[A legend doesn\'t feel fear easily.]

I was freed from the spider allergy and moved my body, avoiding the spider web.

As I let out a sigh of relief, the spider looked at me like it was a trivial move. Then its onslaught started.

Syuk! Syuk!

Spider webs were shot out continuously, forming a fearsome net in the sky.


I frantically avoided the spiderwebs.

As I was diligently avoiding it, I felt my limits.

‘This damn spider… no matter how much I avoid it, the spider keeps shooting out the webs.

If this continues, I will become tired and unable to do anything.\'

There was a need to stop it from easily launching the webs.

Wind Blast!

I made a decision and cast Wind Blast towards the torso of the canyon spider.

The spider was hit by Wind Blast and shook a few times while hanging on the web.

But it wasn\'t a substantial blow. 

[You have dealt 300 damage to the target.]

Crazy! What is this defense

The canyon spider only suffered a slight amount of damage from the Wind Blast of the 8 Ideal Dagger! This meant the canyon spider\'s defense was overwhelming to the point that it was superior to the frostlight orc chief, as well as the canyon lizards.

While the canyon spider was 40 levels higher than the frostlight orc chief, it was but a normal monster in comparison to the chief, which was a boss monster.

A normal monster having more defense than a boss monster…

‘Of course, its health will be much lower than the frostlight orc chief\'s health, but what good is that The defense is so high that I can\'t deal any damage to its health to begin with.\' 

I was frustrated while the canyon spider started firing the spider webs even more quickly.

Kuk! Quick Movements!

My evasion and agility temporarily increased. I barely avoided the spider webs while the duration of Quick Movements continued running out. In the meantime, the cooldown of Wind Blast finished.

Blacksmith’s Rage! Wind Blast!


The canyon spider was so huge that it was easy to aim at it.

Wind Blast was reinforced by Blacksmith’s Rage and hit the canyon spider, but once again, the spider didn\'t receive a high amount of damage.

[You have dealt 344 damage to the target.]

No, what type of defense it this Such a scam!


I avoided the webs that started to fly again while trying to think of a plan.

\'I can\'t fight against it using Wind Blast alone.

Unbreakable Justice will work to a certain extent…\'

Originally, Wind Blast was a skill that dealt 60% of the caster\'s attack power.

But since I didn\'t meet the conditions to use the Ideal Dagger, I was penalized by having only half the option effect applied.

In other words, Wind Blast only dealt 30% of my attack power.

On the other hand, Unbreakable Justice fully dealt 300% of my attack power.

Even the canyon spider would be damaged by Unbreakable Justice.

However, Wind Blast was a ranged attack skill while Unbreakable Justice needed to hit the target directly.

I couldn\'t use it since I couldn\'t reach the canyon spider.

And right now, it was impossible to approach the canyon spider.

\'This can\'t continue.

Is there any way I can reach that spider\'

I was troubled as I looked at the spider webs covering the sky.

\'It is impossible to approach due to the spider web.

Then I…\'

What was this Did I need to once again experience being chewed alive

Dammit… Eh”

I suddenly got a good idea.

“I don\'t know if a combo will work… but it is worth trying!

The degree of freedom in Satisfy was infinite.

That also applied to skills.

It was possible for users to create completely different effects depending on how they used or combined their skills. I walked forward.

Then I checked and found that the cooldown of Wind Blast had ended.

Now I had somewhat figured out the pattern of the spider webs, so I easily avoided them and accurately aimed Wind Blast at the canyon spider.


Unbreakable Justice!

I used Unbreakable Justice.

There was also the freshly generated Wind Blast.


The energy of Unbreakable Justice combined with Wind Blast.

Wind Blast and Unbreakable Justice couldn\'t be broken so they were combined into one, then a message window popped up.

[The new skill fusion has succeeded.]

[Fusion skill \'Wind of Justice\' has been created.]

[Your intelligence has increased by 10 due to the successful fusion of a new skill.]

[Wind of Justice]

The force of Unbreakable Justice has been combined with Wind Blast. 

Deals 320% of your attack power to a target that can be up to 6m away.

Skill Damage Range: 2m radius around the target.

Skill Mana Cost: 400

Skill Cooldown Time: 100 seconds

Skill Usage Conditions: Ideal Dagger 

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The dark blue aura, reminiscent of a sword master, flew towards the canyon spider.


As the wind sword flew forward, the canyon spider scrambled up the spider web in an attempt to escape.

But the spider couldn\'t be faster than the wind.



Wind of Justice hit the canyon spider, causing it to fall down the web while a yellow liquid emerged from its mouth.


The canyon spider crashed into the ground, causing a huge crack. It fell on its back and was so big that it couldn\'t raise its body.

I was confident that now was my chance to get rid of it.

I drank a mana recovery potion.

Blacksmith’s Rage! Quick Movements!

Once my attack power, attack speed, evasion and agility increased, I rushed towards the canyon spider.

It couldn\'t raise its body yet, but the spider kept trying to resist. The eight legs waved and threatened me several times, but I only had light injuries on my shoulders and thighs due to Quick Movements. 


I laughed as the eight legs twisted in the air, then stabbed the Ideal Dagger deep into the canyon spider\'s chest.


The back, legs, and head of the canyon spider were all covered with a thick shell.

But the chest was covered with hair.

In other words, the chest of the canyon spider didn\'t boast an overwhelming defense, unlike the other areas.

[You have dealt 2,880 damage to the target.]

[The Best Gauntlets option effect is activated, causing you to attack the target twice.]

[You have dealt 6,040 damage to the target.]


The terrible screams of the canyon spider echoed in Kesan Canyon. Yes, now was the chance…

“Revenge… it is the true revenge time! Kuhahahahat!

In the past, how much had I suffered from the monsters in Kesan Canyon I was stabbed to death by a tail, killed by a tail, stunned, trampled and even eaten. I lost items and experience in this place, and my mental state was shattered.

It was so bad I developed an allergy to spiders.

However, the monsters in the canyon were so strong that I never dared dream of revenge. Then what about now I was different now.

I was significantly different.

“Now is the time for you to fear me!



[You have defeated a canyon spider.]

[18 gold has been acquired.]

[The canyon spider\'s leg has been acquired.]

[The canyon spider\'s eyeball has been acquired.]

[The canyon spider\'s spiderweb has been acquired.]

[387,500 experience has been acquired.]

[Your level has risen.]

At this moment, my allergy to spiders disappeared forever. Meanwhile, a long-haired man was watching Grid from a high cliff.

“This is the first time in ages that I\'ve seen someone take care of a canyon spider alone.

His skills are still very poor, but he has a rapid growth rate…

The canyon spider lost its web and crashed into the ground.

It fell to its back and was helpless because there was no nearby terrain to fire and attach new webs to. 

If the canyon spider had fallen on its stomach and there was terrain close enough to aim a spider web at, the spider would\'ve instantly recovered and attacked Grid again.

In other words, luck played a huge role in Grid\'s successful hunt of the canyon spider.

However, the man couldn\'t help admiring Grid.

His ability grows every time he hunts a monster.

His potential is beyond imagination… He seems a good choice to be my agent of revenge.

The name of this long-haired man was Piaro. He was once the strongest knight of the Saharan Empire. He was originally a knight captain, but he was framed as a traitor and hid in Kesan Canyon…

“Asmophel… I will make you die a cruel death!

They were trackers looking for Piaro all throughout the continent.

Piaro couldn\'t escape from this place so he needed someone to get rid of Asmophel, who ruined the lives of Piaro and his colleagues.

Piaro was convinced that Grid was the person he wanted.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.


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