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Chapter 62

While all of them were murmuring with amazement, Grid approached the administrator and asked, “How much will this be worth Didnt you say it before If I make good items then you will pay a higher price!”

“U-Ummm… That…that…”

The administrator couldnt answer, the value of this work was just too high! He would have to decide on purchasing and pricing decisions only after discussing it with the lady.

However, Irene had already made up her mind.

“Sir Phoenix.”

“Yes, My Liege.”

“If you have this sword, will you be able to take care of one of the Seven Servants”

Phoenix compared the testimonies from the defeated soldiers and compared it to his ability.

He thought carefully before answering.

“I think I can fight.

No, I am a little bit stronger.

Of course, that is if I am using this sword.”

This wasnt overconfidence.

Phoenix was one of the strongest knights in the north, and among the top 10 in the entire Eternal Kingdom.

Irene smiled at his dependable answer.


Administrator! Buy this sword! I will leave the price up to you.”

“Yes, My Lady.”

Grid liked Irene.

‘Her words are big.

As expected, a noble is different.

How much would he get for it Grid was filled with expectations.

“Lets go to my office.”


Then, My Lady, I will be leaving first.”

“Ill see you again, Grid.”

Irene held out a held to Grid.

It meant to kiss the back of her hand, which was the highest honor a noblewoman could bestow on someone.

Irene felt respect towards Grid after witnessing his blacksmithing skills.

‘Huh Grid noticed a blue ring on Irenes necklace as he kissed her hand.

‘Where have I seen it before

Grid tried to remember but he couldnt think of anything.

‘It must just be the ring design.

After Irenes party left, Grid heading towards the administrators office.

“Sit down for a moment while I figure out the purchase price.

It might take some time, so please understand.”

“Yes, please take your time.”

The administrator sat on one side of Grid and started to move the abacus.

It seemed like the calculations were fairly complicated as he had a troubled expression on his face.

Grid had drunk exactly eight cups of warm tea and was feeling sleepy by the time the administrator finished the calculations.

He announced the price,

“Um… theAnticipated Sword will be bought for 7,000 gold, and I will buy theSword of Self-transcendence for 200,000 gold.”

The sleepy Grid was sincerely offended,

“Are you kidding me You want to buy the Sword of Self-transcendence for 20 gold No, the other swords are 7,000 gold, so why is the Sword of Self-transcendence 20 gold This is really ridiculous… I used 950 gold worth of materials to make this sword!”

The administrator was embarrassed as he said, “No, I think you heard me incorrectly..

I said 200,000 gold, not 20 gold.”

“200,000 gold”

“Thats right.”


Grids heart stopped for a moment.

After a few moments, he exclaimed, “Huu…huuk…huuuck! … 200,000 gold Are you serious”

Grid could barely breathe as he asked the question.

The administrator asked him carefully.

“Do you think the amount is too low… This is the highest value, even more than the heirlooms passed on in Earl Steims family for generations… Do you still think it is too little Uhh… I am willing to pay 20,000 gold more but any more than that is impossible because it will cause a serious blow to our financial situation.

Please understand.”

Winston currently boasted a population of 330,000 and a growth rate of 22% a year, with an operating budget of 170,000 gold.

The value of the Sword of Self-transcendence was so higher that it exceeded Winstons annual operating budget.

The administrator tried to persuade Grid.

“Once again, this is the highest value I can offer, and it will become an heirloom of Earl Steims family.

It is very difficult if you arent satisfied with this amount.

It would be hard to find a noble or merchant offering a higher price.”


Grid couldnt say anything.

The administrator was deeply concerned.

He thought that Grid didnt like the amount he presented.

However, he was mistaken.

Grid was thrilled beyond satisfaction.

‘The many misfortunes I suffered in my 26 years of life is all for this one lucky moment!

220,000 gold was 264 million won.

‘After paying back my debt, I will have 254 million won left!

Grid wanted to complete the transaction and log out right away.

Then I would go to Mothers Heart is Happy and pay off my 10 million won debt.

He wanted to yell.

“Thats it! Is this okay I paid back the money so dont call me anymore! You money-grubbing jerks!”

This was what he wanted to yell.

Then he would buy a foreign car and luxury clothes.

In a month, he would attend his high school reunion.

‘I will appear in luxury clothes and a foreign car.

Grid, who was just a debt-ridden game lover, had always been disregarded by the other alumni.

Whenever he attended a reunion, he was always ashamed by their ridiculing words.

So he didnt attend the last reunion, despite it being the only place he could meet his first love, Ahyoung.

But now everything had changed.

Grid would confidently attend the reunion and show thatI am a competent person.

‘They wont be able to ignore me anymore.

Then I can confess to Ahyoung!

In fact, Grid had worried about it before coming here.

Should he sell the Sword of Self-transcendence on the item trading sites Wouldnt the first legendary item sell for a huge price With that in mind, Grid wouldve abandoned the administrators quest and register the sword on the item trading sites.

But he didnt think about it for long.

At the present time, no users existed who could meet the terms of use for the Sword of Self-transcendence.

If he put it on the item trading sites, it was likely that only merchants who wanted to buy it for the future would be interested, rather than pure buyers.

In other words, Grid didnt sell the Sword of Self-transcendence for the same reason why he didnt sell the Ideal Dagger.

In the first place, the administrator stated that he would buy it at a high price.

He judged that it was better to sell it to the administrator since he wouldnt have to pay a separate fee.

As a result, Grid got his hands on 264 million won.

Grid was very satisfied with this transaction.


I will sell it at that price.”

“Ohh, that is a wise decision.

Now this trade is completed.”

[The deal has been completed.]

[Quest success!]

[234,000 gold has been acquired.]

[3 pieces of blue orichalcum has been acquired.]

[Obtained the status ofWinstons Person of Distinction]

[Affinity with the administrator has risen to the maximum.]

‘Blue orichalcum!

Grid opened the production method for Failure.


Rating: Unique ~ Legendary

Unique Rating Information:

Durability: 699/699 Attack Power: 733~1,621 Defense: 50

* Agility 30

* There is a low probability of blocking the enemys attacks.

* There is a certain probability of activating the5 Joint Attacks skill.

* There is a high probability of activating theCutting skill.

* There will be a fear effect if the enemy is more than 20 levels lower than the user.

* Attack power 20% in dark places.

Legendary Rating Information:

Durability: 1,090/1,090 Attack Power: 874~1,820 Defense: 80

* Agility 50

* There is a low probability of blocking the enemys attacks.

* There is a certain probability of activating the5 Joint Attacks skill.

* There is a high probability of activating theCutting skill.

* The skillBisect will be created.

* There will be a fear effect if the enemy is more than 20 levels lower than the user.

* Attack power 20% in dark places.

It is designed by a legendary blacksmith.

It is a greatsword, but its cutting ability is excellent because of its unique shape.

It resembles the predator of the sea, a shark, and gives fear to the enemies.

The small blades spiking from the sword will increase the defense.

Blue orichalcum is used as a material.

Its lightness means the attack speed doesnt fall.

Due to the nature of the blue orichalcum, it becomes stronger in the dark.

User Restriction: Level 300 or higher.

More than 5,000 strength.

Advanced Sword Mastery level 8 or higher.

Weight: 550

Once again, it had an overwhelming performance and to produce such a fraudulent item, he needed 15 pieces of blue orichalcum.

It was a rare material dropped by the Guardian of the Forest, but he managed to obtain three of this precious material.

The administrator smiled at Grid, who was stunned by the blue mineral.

“Indeed… you are a great blacksmith so you can see the value of that mineral.

It is a gift I received in the past for helping others.

I have been using it as a decoration due to its mysterious color, but you can use it more appropriately than me.”

Grid felt joy at the unexpected profit of blue orichalcum, then became interested in another reward.

‘Winstons Person of Distinction What is this

Grid looked for more information about the new status.

[Winstons Person of Distinction]

This is a status given to technicians that Winstons ruler acknowledges.

Works produced by Winstons Person of Distinction will have a higher value in Winston and will be exempt from all taxes there.

‘Ohh…Khan has to pay various taxes when he runs the business.

Once I become the owner of the smithy, I wont have to pay taxes

Grids expression brightened.

He once again thought that the deal with the administrator was good.

But what was the truth Grid actually suffered a huge loss in this deal.


Grid and most users didnt know this, but the current top 20 rankers were close to mastering the intermediate level skills.

In a few months, there would be a number of rankers with advanced level skills.

If Grid registered the item at the item trading site, the price could rise to billions of won due to fierce competition between the top rankers.

This wasnt an exaggerated amount.

There were at least two billion users in Satisfy.

Many of them earned money and they invested cash to acquire better items.

On the other hand, the item supply rate was very low.

The prices would skyrocket if a legendary item was placed for auction.

In other words, Grid was in the position to trade with some of the richest people in the world.

Grid lost his original intention to make a legendary item and rip off the people around the world!

Grid would be able to amass a huge fortune just from selling one legendary item.

But he ended up selling it to an NPC and only got 264 million won, a ridiculous amount.

The only comforting thing was the status of Winstons Person of Distinction.

Grid would get steady gains in the long run from selling the Sword of Self-transcendence for a cheap price.

“Mother! Father! Sehee!”

I exited the capsule and ran straight to the living room.

I wanted to share the good news that their disappointing son had made a big amount of money.

However, the living room was empty.


The dark living room.

I felt something bad.

“D-Did something happen to my family while I was in the capsule…”

I was overwhelmed with an unknown anxiety.

“This, I should try calling…” At first, I wanted to call my parents but I couldnt find my phone.

“No, where is my phone I should just use the home phone… Now, stay calm.


I stood in front of the phone.

I eagerly prayed for my family to be safe as I listened to the ringing sound.

Then I checked the electronic clock next to the phone and was surprised.

“…It is 3 in the morning”

I had logged into Satisfy for so long that my sense of reality had dulled.

I didnt even know that it was almost dawn.

I opened the doors to the bedrooms and found Sehee and my parents sleeping peacefully.

“Phew…Im glad.”

I called myself a stupid bastard and returned to bed.

I would give my family the happy news once it was morning.

And in the morning.

I opened my eyes and figured out the source of the anxiety.

“Youngwoo… Sehee… this isnt a joke so listen carefully.

Your father made a big mistake.”


My mother was crying while my father was smoking, despite quitting 10 years ago.

“Actually, your father became a guarantor for a friends loan… and that friend has been out of contact for a long time… Oh my~~ !! What should we do now”


My father, who divided one chicken over three meals, acted as a guarantor for a friend! The father that I admired was actually so stupid! As I was feeling shock and disappointment, Sehee asked our parents calmly,

“So, how much is the debt”

“800 million… If I sell the store, this house and use the money weve saved, I can pay back 400 million.

But Im sorry Sehee, the money that we saved to send you to university and your marriage…”

Didnt something seem to be missing

“Father…if you collected money for Sehees university, then surely you collected my marriage funds as well”


“N-No How come I am the eldest son! Why are you saving money for Sehees marriage first In the first place, why does a woman need marriage funds The cost of purchasing a home, the wedding, and honeymoon are all paid for by the groom!”

I jumped up in agitation, but Sehee pulled me back and declared, “I wont go to university.

Ill get a part-time job and help pay off the debt.”

“W-What is this…!”

Unlike me, Sehee had a good appearance and a smart head.

She never missed being first rank since her elementary school days.

The fact that she intended to give up her university education made my parents angry.

“You dont have to worry about this, so just live normally! You just have to study.

By the time you graduate high school, Ill have paid back the debt and will surely provide you with the university tuition.

So dont say such things!”

“Oh my, I am so sorry towards Sehee…”

A melodrama involving three family members.

As I was remained alone on the outside, I belatedly became aware of reality.

‘Yes… right now, my family is in a crisis.

Now is my chance.

It is time for me to be the eldest son.

I stood up and shouted.

“I will make money, so you dont have to worry! Father! Theres no need to sell the store or house.

Mother! You dont have to worry.

It will be okay.

Sehee! As Father said, you just need to think about studying.”

“Sigh… I have to look for work tomorrow…”

“Ill go to the restaurant and do the dishes…”

“Father, Mother, Ill get a part-time job for the weekends.”


This wasnt merely the reaction to a barking dog, my family was treating me like I was invisible! I was both an incompetent son and brother who couldnt instill any sense of trust in my family.

I calmed down first before sitting in front of my family, straightened my posture, and stared into the eyes of my family.

“In fact, I was going to tell you this.

10 days ago, I quit the labor job.”

“W-What… You havent been working”

I stared straight into my fathers eyes and said.

“In the past 10 days, I made over 200 million won in the game.

In the future I…I will be the eldest son of this family! I will be responsible for both of you and Sehee!”

It was the first time I felt a sense of responsibility since I was born.

A foreign car Luxury clothes I couldnt afford to worry about such things.

My first love, Ahyoung There was no room in my head for unrequited love.

Until the crisis was overcome, I had to take care of my family.

Then I had to change my way of playing Satisfy to be more cautious.

TL Note: Dont worry.

The story doesnt drag out the debt after this one, and he doesnt spend the whole novel in debt and unlucky.

For those wondering about the character growth, I translate a brief overview of Overgeared that I found:

The basis of this novel is a virtual reality game called Satisfy, developed by the worlds top genius scientist Lim Cheolho and world-class scientists.

The main character is timid, flaky, selfish, cares about money and easily feels jealous of others.

Because the author set up the character in this way, the story was difficult for the readers to read.

But as the main character encounters various people and geniuses, he internally matures and his personality changes.

If the main character is described as cancerous early on, at present he can be called a mature adult.

However, those who dont read beyond the early parts of the 5th volume (~ chapter 90) find it hard to believe.

The basic settings and story line are similar to other VR novels, but the praiseworthy thing is the content development.

The early parts arent much different from rival novels, but the novel rating has exceeded the market average in recent years due to the writers growth.

Like other novels, it contains a munchkin element, but it is different from typical munchkins.

In the early stages, the game progresses with the main character using is class of a legendary blacksmith.

The main character expands the game content and the level of the existing users dramatically increase.

Hidden talents, new players in the official rankings, classes that could break the balance, all of this makes the main characters one-man show impossible.

The main character grows internally and externally while competing with others.

In fact, if you compare the simple and ignorant battle method in the beginning to his abilities in the present time, it is possible to feel such a sense of distance that he doesnt seem like the same character.

As for the evaluation of the work, the criticism was severe in the beginning, but the popularity increased rapidly after that.

As described above, the improvement in the authors writing and the growth of the main character led to rapid changes in the comments.

However, the main characters selfish and frustrating behaviour caused many readers to stop reading in the beginning.

For the readers who have gone beyond the beginning, it is a tragedy that seems really pitiful.

Currently, its popularity is increasing and a webtoon was recently released.

However, there are many criticisms of the webtoon due to the various changes made.


Koreans believe that the story truly becomes good from volume 5, which is around chapter 90 in my raws.

For those curious about the webtoon, here is the link to the raws, although only the first 3 chapters are free.


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