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Chapter 52

Perhaps I was too stupid to understand the contents of the letter It was like how I couldnt understand a barking dog.

“Where is this person now”

Khan carefully replied, “Earl Steim has sentenced him to 10 years in prison.”

It was ridiculous.

“No, why Wasnt Rabbit the one who helped Winston”

“He is certainly a hero who saved Winston, but Winston was in this crisis in the first place due to the Mero Company.

He eventually realized his sins, but the earl thinks its too unreasonable to completely wash away his sins.”


“Shit… What is this…”

Didnt Rabbit promise to make me rich But now he was trapped in prison Stupid bastard! He said he would do something good for me, but it ended up like this.

Khan patted my shoulder as I was feeling frustrated.

“I understand the sadness of seeing the person who rescued you now trapped in jail, but cheer up.

You have your life.

Dont be so frustrated.”

What was he saying

“No… I dont care about Rabbit right now… Oh, by the way, I heard that you were also arrested after me You didnt get hurt, did you”

Khan laughed.

“Why are you worried about me when you were framed and insulted Your heart is truly as wide as the sea.


The smiling man was once again in tears.

“I actually heard the story.

You were surrounded by knights, and didnt you open your mouth to protect me Once again, I am deeply moved by you.”

Was he referring to the incident in the interrogation room I tried to give up Khan as the one who commissioned Huroi, but I couldnt answer because my mouth was gagged.

I laughed awkwardly.

“Well… I couldt sell you out.”

“Sob… even if you were tortured… Grid! I believe that I can entrust it to you!”


“This smithy!”

“… Huh”

What did he mean by the smithy


Ah, I mustve heard wrong.

I shouldnt count my chickens before they were hatched.

As I felt doubts, Khan smiled benignly and said, “You disguised yourself as my successor to defend this smithy and compete with the Mero Company.

From then on, I have already thought of you as my successor.

This smithy will be yours in the future.”

“… No way.”

There were some users who received a position from a NPC.

But Id never heard of a user becoming the successor of a business.

Maybe I was the first.

“You arent joking”

“Haha, have I ever said anything false before As you know, I dont have a successor.

Very soon, I will become too old to work… then this smithy will lose its owner and be neglected.

I dont want this smithy that has been in my family for generations to disappear.

I sincerely want you to take over this smithy.

You are Pagmas Descendant and have a great personality, so my ancestors will be delighted.

Also, my son is dead…”

Khans face darkened the moment he brought out the story of his dead son.

He stimulated a persons emotions so I asked him to make sure.

“Dont just say it with words.

Write a contract! Then I will believe you and will work hard for the sake of this smithy!”


After a while, I received a contract from Khan about the smithy ownership transfer.

Then a notification window popped up.

[You have obtained the position Smithys Successor.]

[Smithys Successor]

You will have the same status as the owner in Khans Smithy.

“This isnt a dream, right” I pinched myself as hard as I could.

“It hurts…”

I used so much strength that my cheek was tingling.

It wasnt a dream.

“This definitely isnt a dream! Its real.

Hah…! Hahahat! Puhahaha! Yes! Oh yes! Ye~!”

I couldnt suppress my joy at the thought of this large two-storey smithy someday becoming mine.

Khan looked at me smiling like crazy and declared, “Im glad that youre so happy.

You can definitely lead this smithy well.”

“Of course! Now! Lets work.

We will make great items and tell people how amazing our smithy is!”


Isnt this good Youre really motivated!”

I would receive recognition from my parents from my work at the smithy.

I devoted myself to making items for the next few days.

From morning to afternoon, I headed to the labor jobs.

Then from night until dawn, I connected to Satisfy and made items.

“I am doing labor again… It seems I am unable to escape from the quagmire of labor…”

I was only sleeping for four hours a day due to excessive motivation.

I was tired, but I could endure it due to the money, stats and skill experience accumulated.


The Tzedakah Guild only had 17 members, but they were composed of top rankers and a few elites!

Among the 17 people, Jishuka was the guild leader and she developed the habit of checking the auction house every day.

It was because she was addicted to the performance of the Special Jaffa Arrows, which she bought around two months ago.

The Special Jaffa Arrows had the best attack power among the existing arrows.

The Special Jaffa Arrows were twice as powerful as general Jaffa Arrows, and had a chance of ignoring the enemys defense completely.

Jishuka had been thrilled as she felt the excellent performance and destructive power of the Special Jaffa Arrows.

But after that first day, the Special Jaffa Arrows never appeared in the auction house again.


Usually blacksmiths would create thousands of arrows.

In other words, it was likely that thousands of the Special Jaffa Arrows existed.

But the creator of the Special Jaffa Arrows only offered up 99 at the auction.

‘It cant be… has another guild already found the blacksmith

Jishuka became nervous.

If another guild got their hands on the blacksmith and monopolized the items, Jishuka and her guild members would be cut off.

“Its Jishuka.”

“Wow, her body looks even more amazing up close.”

“Shall I give it a try”

“Hey you.

You will have a terrible experience.”

Jishuka was the focus of peoples attention as usual.

The tanned skin and sensual body made the hearts of men pound.

Many males were drawn to her sharp eyes and full lips.

Jishuka tried to ignore them, but there was a limit.

The users started to gather after hearing that Jishuka was at the auction house, so it wasnt long before the auction house reached the limit.

“Can you get out of the way”

The half moon eyes drew in the men.

However, her heavy-handed tone caused an invisible wall around her.

In the end, the men couldnt endure it anymore and gave way.

After leaving the people at the auction house behind, Jishuka summoned a hologram keyboard.

Then she declared in the guild chat window.

{If you dont find the blacksmith within this month, you will all enter hell training.}

{Ohh! I welcome hell training!}

{Regas! Dont talk nonsense! It is called hell training for a reason.}

{Captain, to be honest, it is almost impossible to find a person in Satisfy with so little clues.

Do you know how many users there are in Satisfy}

{It cant happen.}

{…Ohh…I agree…}

The guild members started complaining.

Jishuka told them seriously.

{A small guild of elites like us must be stronger than others in order to accurately show our value.

We need the blacksmith to become stronger.

So please find them.}


I will be sure to find the blacksmith.}

{Hey! We should make a bet.

100 gold from each person for the one who finds them first!}

{What I will make 1,600 gold if I win Okay, I will find them!}

Jishuka was always tenacious.

She truly was a steely woman.

It was extremely rare for her toask something from them.

Therefore, the guild members were able to realize the urgency of the situation and became motivated.

Only Regas had a complaint.

{I want to train…}

{Where are you ^^}

Jishuka used emoticons! The guild members saw it and thought simultaneously.

‘Captain is angry.

‘Regas is dead.

At that time, there was a notice in the guilds chat window.

[Vantner has logged in.]

It was the appearance of Vantner, who finally took the top spot in the guardian knight rankings five days ago.

{Welcome Vantner.}

{Hey, why were you sleeping for seven hours Arent you being too lazy Your ranking will be taken away.}

{I saw something interesting on the Internet.

I was a little late because I was looking for articles related to the incident.

Have you heard of a place called Winston}

{A village in the north of the Eternal Kingdom}

{Ah~ that place I stopped by it once on my way to Bairan Village.

Why Whats going on}

{There was an item creation game that took place there.

It was said that one of the competitors created an epic rated dagger in three hours.}

{A user, not an NPC}


{That person!}

{The blacksmith finally appeared!}

{Weve got you!}

The guild members became excited.

A blacksmith who could create an epic rated item in just three hours wasnt common.

Even the number one blacksmith, Panmir wasnt capable of it.

Jishuka commanded.

{Everyone head to Winston! From now on, we will focus our investigation in Winston!}


{If its Winston… It will take around three days for me to get there.}

{I will take a week.}

{…The person who arrives the latest should be prepared.

And Regas, if you dont arrive in half a day then I really will kill you ^^}

{C-Captain! Im in the Burns Principality right now! It will take me two days to get to Winston on horseback!}

{Dont rely on a horse and run there directly! Then wont you somehow arrive in a day}

{O-Ohhh! Can I arrive in half a day}

{I will kill you if you dont arrive in half a day.}

{What should I do}

The Tzedakah Guild started to gather in Winston.


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