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Chapter 50

Grids status window was unusually gorgeous.

While he was only level 45, his total stats were comparable to a user in the mid-200s.

Particularly impressive was that he had six rare stats such as: persistence, composure, indomitable, dignity, insight, and courage.

But was that all He also owned four titles.

Originally, titles were very difficult to obtain and those with four titles could be among the top rankers.

Grid already had four titles at level 45.

Befitting of a legendary class in Satisfy, the status window was truly overwhelming.

But Grid was dissatisfied rather than pleased.

‘I hammered day and night, trained my stats and succeeded in ridiculously difficult quests, but this is it Didnt I fight one-on-one against a knight at level 21 But the result is too bad compared to my hard work.


By now, all my stats should be around 300 points.

What type of legendary class is this Dammit… Euphemina has an epic class but she is so OP she can use all types of magic with no chanting… Ah… Im unhappy.

Grid was paying attention to Euphemina and Rabbit while grumbling.

Euphemina was wearing a magicians robe, Rabbit was wearing chain mail and held a one-handed sword that seemed expensive, and his subordinates were holding various weapons such as spears, swords, and bows.

‘They arent heavily armed so if I increase my attack power, I can easily handle them… Im not wearing armor right now so I need to increase my stamina and defense… my agility is more than enough with the Ideal Dagger…

This was a desperate situation! Grid made a quick decision without thinking too deeply.

‘150 points in strength and 90 points in stamina.

Since Grid was essentially a blacksmith, it was wise to invest as many points as possible in dexterity.

The higher the dexterity, the higher the probability of producing a higher rated item.

But Grid was born as a warrior.

He had a basic desire to strengthen his combat power, plus it was wise to raise his strength and stamina to avoid the immediate crisis.

‘Anyway, my dexterity stat will naturally increase the more items I make, so there is no need to invest my points in it.

Furthermore, he received the title ofFirst Unique Item Maker after making the Ideal Dagger in the item production game against Euphemina, and this gave him 200 points in dexterity.

Thus, Grid didnt feel sorry about not investing in dexterity.

[You have invested 150 points in strength.

Is this correct]


[Once the points are invested, it cant be reversed.

Do you want to proceed]


[You have invested 90 points in stamina.

Is this correct]

‘Thats right.

That is no need to ask, so do it quickly.

[Your changed stats will be applied.]

As a result, Grids strength was at 316 and his stamina was at 334.

Considering that the current average of blacksmith users was 80 strength and 100 stamina, Grids strength and stamina was an unbelievably high number.

No, it was possible to explain the greatness of Grids stats more clearly by comparing it with a combat class, rather than a blacksmith.

A level 45 combat class had an average of 210 strength and 100 stamina.

The average of a class that emphasized defense was 100 strength and 230 stamina.

The average of a combat class that emphasized speed was 120 strength and 80 stamina.

More importantly, a level 45 combat class had a total of fewer than 500 stat points.

Compared to general users, Grids stats were really great.

It was overwhelming.

But Grid wasnt aware that he was strong.

Starting with Earl Ashur and his knights, to Doran, Yura, Leo, and Euphemina.

From the moment he became a legendary class to the present, Grid had encountered strong people in succession and carried out difficult quests.

So he thought he was weak when he compared himself to them.

But what was the truth When equipped with the Ideal Dagger, Grid was stronger than a level 100 combat class.

The moment when Grid was about to attack Euphemina and Rabbit.

“Hey Rabbit! Why are you talking to that evil girl I need you to save me!”

Baron Lowe shifted Rabbits gaze towards him.

Then Rabbit spoke with an expressionless face, “You still havent grasped the situation I didnt come here to help you.

I am the one who hired Euphemina to break into your castle in the first place.”



Baron Lowe and Grid spoke at the same time.

Rabbit dropped a bombshell remark, “I dont belong to the Mero Company anymore.”

“What does that…”

“Valmont is becoming increasingly oppressive.

It has become noticeable ever since he took control of Winstons trade with your help.

Its pretty obvious that he cant read the mood in the village and will soon fall; therefore, I have decided to leave because a dark cloud is hanging over the Mero Companys future.

And today, I am prepared to punish you and Valmont.”

Baron Lowes face turned red as he yelled, “You! You are just a traitor! What right do you have to punish us You are a merchant, not an apostle of justice!”

“As you said, I am a merchant.

Thats why I only move for profit.

I have no sense of justice.

He is why I want to kill you and Valmont.”

Rabbit pointed to Grid.

Grid found it strange.

“Eh Me”

Rabbit bowed to Grid, who looked dumbfounded.

“Im glad you are safe, Grid.

It was correct to leave this to Euphemina.”

“What is this Why did you betray the Mero Company”

Rabbit smiled and explained, “I saw your blacksmithing and realized a new future.”

“New future”

“Grid, you know it yourself, but your potential is excellent.

It is clear that your work will one day be traded among people at high prices.

You will make a big amount of money.

However, it is hard to do business with the power of an individual.

There will obviously be limitations to the amount of money that can be earned.

So I would like to work with you.

I will help you use all the experience Ive accumulated as a merchant, as well as the network Ive built.

I will make it so that a lot of people can use your work, from the Eternal Kingdom to other kingdoms.”

Rabbit spoke his aspirations,

“We will make the best smithy, which will have profits comparable to a small and medium-sized company.

If you and I join forces, we can clearly succeed.

However, in order for me to work with you, I need to reform my image and appeal to you and the residents of Winston.

That is why I rescued you, and also prepared a means to take down the Mero Company and Winstons lord.”

“Yes… so you betrayed the Mero Company because you want to work with me Thats why you sent Euphemina to rescue me”

“Thats right.”

“It is appreciated.

But why are you trying to obtain the liking of the Winston residents”

“Our business will be starting at Khans smithy.

It has geographical advantages, so Khans smithy is the most ideal place to act as a base.

In other words, I need to get a job at Khans smithy.

But how can I get a job when I am blamed by Winstons residents”

“…Ahh, I understand.

How exactly do you plan to do business”

Euphemina urged Rabbit to explain quickly, “Do you have enough time to spare We are in a hurry.”

“Yes, I understand.


Grid, Im afraid the detailed explanation needs to be left for the next time we meet.

First, you only need to know one thing.

I will make you rich.

Then Im going now.”

Rabbit bowed politely to Grid and turned around.

The man who was an enemy was now talking about becoming a business partner… Grid couldnt adapt to the sudden development and was confused.

“It cant be helped.

Im tired so my head isnt working properly.

Lets log out and take a break.”

Euphemina called out to Grid who was about to leave.

“Hey Grid, did you forget something”

‘This girl, she only saved me because of a quest so why is she acting so condescending.

But well… she did rescue me and gave me back my unique dagger…

If it hadnt been for Euphemina, Grid wouldve failed his quest to rescue Huroi.

Grid greeted Euphemina genuinely after thinking this.

“Thank you again.”

Euphemina frowned.

“Did you think I called you just to hear that Surely you havent forgotten”


“You promised to make me a unique rated orb.”

“H-How could I forget Of course I remember.”

He had actually forgotten.

The thought of forgetting and then Euphemina killing him because he didnt keep his promise sent a chill through him.

“I will make it for you.

Instead, I need a method of making orbs.

Naturally, Ill also need the materials for it.”

Grid was sincere.

He intended to make the orb to fulfill his promise to Euphemina.

Was it to repay Euphemina after being helped be her No.

Grid was trying to keep his promise with Euphemina for another reason.

‘This is a great chance to learn another production method for free!

But was that all Every time he made an item, the level of his skills related to production would increase.

Wasnt it good to raise his skill level using free materials

“I understand.

I will contact you again when I obtain them.”

Euphemina said goodbye to Grid.

Grid fell into deep thoughts once he was alone.

‘If I join hands with Rabbit, can I really become a blacksmith who earns the equivalent of a small business company

Grid was already aware that his class was lucrative.

If he tried hard, he would be able to get rid of his debt someday.

Maybe he could even buy a foreign car.

But the future that Rabbit spoke about was different in scale.

The revenue from converting a small amount of gold into cash was nothing compared to the revenue of a small business company.

If he could earn an equivalent amount as a blacksmith, Grid would definitely be able to buy the car.

‘No, a foreign car is nothing.

I can live in a mansion with many foreign cars.

If I have that much financial power, Ahyoung will be attracted to me!

Grid shook with excitement.

On the other hand, Rabbit asked Euphemina after they left Grid.

“Grid seems afraid of you.

Did something happen”

“What Does it make sense that he is afraid of me”

Euphemina laughed.

“Grid is the one who defeated the knight called the Northern Nova.

In addition, he overwhelmed four knights with just his presence.

Does such a mighty person fear anything in this world That guy is just playing with me.

He isnt actually afraid.”

“Hoh…wait What did you say just now” Rabbit doubted his ears.

“Grid has the power to overcome a knight”


“Isnt Grid a blacksmith”

“Yes, he certainly is a blacksmith.

But he is also strong.

I dont know what his identity is.”


A blacksmith who could create a unique item and was strong Rabbit was able to get a vague hint about Grids identity.

‘Perhaps he is…

The legendary blacksmith.

His name was Pagma.

Maybe people only knew him as a great blacksmith, but Rabbit searched through related documents and found out that Pagma wasnt exactly a blacksmith.

‘If he has inherited Pagmas skills…not only is he an excellent blacksmith, he also has excellent combat skills.

Is Grid Pagmas Descendant Thats right.

It is the most likely option.

He never thought that the person he decided to be his business partner wouldve been a legends descendant! Rabbit felt an enormous joy that was beyond words.

‘I am lucky.

This is an opportunity to sell works that contain Pagmas soul.

If he worked with Pagmas Descendant, he could earn a profit that was equivalent to a huge business company.

Rabbit was exuberant.

He hastened his steps towards the Mero Company.

“R-Rabbit! You bastard!”

Valmont and Philipson, who hadnt yet noticed that the castle had collapsed from intruders, was caught by surprise by the attack.

Philipson was murdered by a furious Euphemina after she discovered he had kidnapped a young girl.

Then Valmont and Baron Lowe were sent to Frontier and executed by Earl Steim.

But there was a variable.

“It is obvious that Rabbit saved the Winston residents from the crisis, but he has noticeably been the Mero Companys second hand man for a long time.

Rabbit could be considered a felon for persecuting the residents of Winston, so I will sentence him to 10 years in prison.”

Rabbits mistake was to overlook that Earl Steim was a stern figure.

Rabbit had expected his sins to be forgiven in recognition of his contribution to the downfall of the Mero Company and Baron Lowe, but he was unexpectedly sentenced to prison.

Rabbit was unhappy, but he had to accept it because it was the earls decision.

“I have formed a relationship with Mr.

Grid… It is regretful, but he recognizes my merits so I should just be glad about that.”

Rabbit smiled as he went to prison.

He was satisfied at just decorating one page of the biography of a future legend.

Winston entered a new era.

The village was upgraded to a city and the new lord of Winston, dispatched by Earl Steim, distributed exclusive merchandise to the residents and reimbursed the heavy debts of the residents.

The residents of Winston started talking about the heroes who freed them from their nightmare.

“Do you know the person called Rabbit Originally, he was the second highest ranked person of the Mero Company, but he was unable to tolerate Valmont and Baron Lowes evil, leading to their downfall.

He is currently in prison, but he is the reason we can live like this now.”

“Do you know the most beautiful woman in the world Her heart is as beautiful as her face, and she ran alone into the castle to save the residents of Winston.

She is the protagonist who caused Winstons peace.”

“There was a young blacksmith.

The young man with a strong sense of justice fought valiantly to protect the residents of Winston from the Mero Company and Baron Lowe.

He tried to protect Khans smithy and jumped into the dungeon to rescue the man who was arrested for trying to get to Earl Steim.

I am over 80 years old this year and that man is young enough to be my grandchild, but I respect him regardless of his age.

Such a just and courageous person is indeed rare.”

Rabbit, the beauty and the young blacksmith.

The travellers who came to Winston were exposed to stories of the three people from the residents.

This was evidence that the three peoples reputation had reached its peak in Winston.

Irene, Winstons new lady, showed great interest in the beauty and the young blacksmith.

“Anyway, their merits should be recognized.

I would like to meet them as soon as possible.”


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