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Chapter 411

One hour before the start of the opening event, in the Korean team\'s waiting room.

Peak Sword was pointing at 11 areas on a map of Tira.

“The target processing will be very crowded because everybody from 32 countries is participating.

A huge 224 people were divided into 32 teams to compete.

Enemies would be present in all directions.

“The team that stands out too much is likely to be attacked.

We should first focus on securing terrain favorable to taking care of the targets.

Yura\'s marksmanship was optimized for targeting.

But if she focused on destroying the targets, it was likely to raise the alertness of the other teams. Peak Sword decided that it wasn\'t too late to start the target processing after leaving the center of the battlefield and finding a suitable spot.

Park Jonghwa checked the points on the map and was puzzled.

“Why are they hills and rivers

Park Jonghwa was a level 235 archer. It was 39 levels lower than the average level of the participants in the National Competition, but he was the top ranker in the Korean team after Peak Sword, Yura, and Grid.

He was a famous miser who always smoked and left his wallet at home when meeting friends, but he was quite good as an archer. From his point of view, the areas marked by Peak Sword weren\'t very appealing.

Wouldn\'t it be better to occupy the highlands It\'s easy to shoot the targets and snipe enemies. 

“The higher the terrain, the more noticeable we are to other teams.

We won\'t be able to occupy it for long.

Peak Sword realistically analyzed the power of the South Korean team. Apart from Grid and Yura, it was true that the average stats of the members was weaker than other teams.

It was right to be extremely careful.


Park Jonghwa couldn\'t say anything further.

His pride was strong, so he didn\'t like this opinions being ignored.

It\'s easy to build a barrier on a hill or river.

Compared to the highlands, the competition to occupy them will be lower.

I think it\'s good.

The level 233 tanker, Kyunghoon, responded positively to Peak Sword. The level 220 magician Sumin and level 191 tailor Jinhee also agreed.

Since the most important Grid and Yura had nothing to see, they decided to go with Peak Sword\'s plan.

Peak Sword pointed to Area B among the 11 areas.

“This point is particularly good.

It\'s deep in the forest and optimized for people to act secretly.

As soon as the target processing starts, we\'ll move to the northern forest, avoiding the enemy\'s gaze and securing Point B.

Then Jinhee will unfold his defensive tent and…


The silent Grid finally opened his mouth. Everyone\'s eyes focused on him.

Is there a problem

Peak Sword glanced at Grid. Grid and Yura recommended that he act as the operations manager in this National Competition, but Grid had the final say on plans. This was the authority and responsibility of the captain.

“At first, I thought it was a good plan.

But as I heard more, I noticed something strange.

“What is strange

Peak Sword couldn\'t easily understand Grid\'s thoughts.

Grid told him. 

“Avoid conflicts with enemies and build up a base before aiming for the targets Can we get a gold medal with such relaxed actions

Gold medal…

Jonghwa, Kyunghoon, Sumin, and Jinhee looked surprised at the words. South Korea, the team with the lowest average level and power, they would win a gold medal at the team events It was only a dream. They thought Grid was joking.

However, Grid was serious.

“Don\'t we need to obtain 400 points first to win the gold Why are you wasting time camping Meanwhile, the other teams will raise their scores by a significant amount.

Just focus on taking care of the targets from the beginning.

Park Jonghwa frowned.

“Do you plan to start a full-scale war with the enemies It\'s just a path to self-destruction.

Grid, you might be strong, but the four of us aren\'t.

With our specs, it\'s impossible to compete 1-on-1 with the representatives from other countries.

It\'s a team event, so you have to consider the average level of the team members.

Park Jonghwa believed that he was a clever person.

He was absolutely negative about things that he saw were wrong.

“We\'ll be destroyed in an instant, even if we only face the US team.

Grid burst out laughing at the certain person.

“Self-destruction Destroyed in an instant


Grid\'s eyes flashed ferociously.

People shrank back at the sight. Grid hammered in the point.

“It doesn\'t matter if you discount your own value, but don\'t put others down.

In particular, I am stronger than you could possibly imagine.

Grid turned to stare at Peak Sword.

“Answer me.

What ranking will South Korea get with your plan

3rd place.

Peak Sword was confident in his plan. Their average power might be weak, but Peak Sword believed that they could win a bronze medal if they had a favorable terrain and the power of Grid and Yura.

The bronze medal. Being ranked third among 32 countries was amazing.

Perhaps most Korean people didn\'t even hope for it. But Grid wasn\'t satisfied with this. Grid wanted the gold medal in order to obtain adamantium.

3rd place Come on, let\'s go for something higher.

Yura will focus on handling the targets from the beginning, while the rest of the members will try and protect her.

But, we\'ll be hit right away…

In particular, we will be defeated in an instant if hit by the high rankers.

The higher rankers mentioned here were those in the top 80 who had completed their third class advancement. Grid spoke to the nervous team members.

Don\'t worry.

I will burn them all.

This was the result.

South Korea! Block South Korea!

Is he crazy

Shortly after the commencement of the target processing. The 31 teams watching each other concentrated on South Korea at once. It was a natural phenomenon. They didn\'t know where this confidence came from, but after the game started, only South Korea was destroying targets.

They were a good scapegoat for the other countries, who had to reduce the number of competitors.

“We are going as well.

Grid smiled as he confirmed that the representatives of other countries were acting to stop the Korean team. Zibal wanted to smash Grid, who was like an eyesore.

Lauel calmed him down.

Why do you need to be so obsessed with the Korean team when the other teams will take care of them We\'ll use this time to take over the highlands and concentrate on target processing.


Yes, why should Zibal care about this person Don\'t get caught up in his emotions. Zibal coldly nodded and the US team broke away from the confusion. Britain, Russia, Canada, Italy, Brazil, Japan, and other teams from 20 countries made the same decision as the US.

The teams aiming at South Korea were made up of 11 countries, including the Turkish team led by Bubat and the French team led by Bondre. It wasn\'t a small number. The 7 members of South Korea had to fend off 77 people.

Bubat and Bondre smiled with satisfaction.

\'PvP damage has been reduced by 50%.\'

\'Grid\'s Transcended Link is a ranged skill and can\'t threaten us.\'

\'Stupid Koreans! You will be embarrassed as the first to leave!\'

The 77 enemies rushed joyfully. They were like moths to a flame as Grid looked at them and started his sword dance. The sword dance had an unmatched splendor compared to his previous one.

Linked Kill Wave.

[Linked Kill Wave]

Performs three sword dances simultaneously.

Summons eight consecutive Kill attacks that inflicts 1,500% attack power, chasing all objects within a 2m radius.

The targets hit will have all speeds reduced by 50%.

* This skill doesn\'t share a cooldown with Link, Kill, and Wave.

Skill Mana Cost: 2,000

Skill Cooldown Time: 20 minutes.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

It was Grid\'s Greatsword, which had a basic attack power that exceeded Iyarugt and increased the damage of skills. The eight stems of energy released from it caused fear to appear in the enemies aiming for Grid.

\'Linked Wave Kill\'

\'It\'s different from Transcended Link!\'

‘Much more powerful…!\'



The representatives attacking Grid scattered. It was an almost instinctive behavior. However, it was already too late. Eight of them already became targets of Linked Kill Wave.


Linked Kill Wave changed orbits like a guided missile and chased after eight people.

[You have suffered 31,300 damage.]

[You have become stunned from the big blow.]

[You have suffered 34,100 damage.]

[You have died.]

[The Frame Shield has been used.

Your defense will increase by 30% for 10 seconds.]

[You have suffered 19,500 damage.]

[Three Step Turn has been used.]

[The evasion has failed.] 

[You have suffered 37,500 damage.]

[You have died.]

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

It was an overwhelming sight. It was enough to silence the hundreds of thousands of spectators in the Stade de France National Stadium, as the strongest representatives turned to grey.

S-Such a thing…

In the National Competition, PvP damage was reduced by 50%. Killing rankers with one blow

\'Why is he so strong\'

Grid\'s attack power was beyond everyone\'s imagination.

\'The patch has no meaning!\'

Wasn\'t this patch to nerf Grid, who showed a unique strength in the National Competition last year Bondre whispered to Bubat, who was amazed at the unbelievable result.

Stay calm.

The deceased were only rankers in the 200\'s who don\'t have their third advancement class.

Furthermore, most of them are damage dealers.

Grid only attacked relatively weak opponents.

It was heard. Bubat regained his calmness and smiled grimly.

“Grid, I think you used your ultimate skill.

But didn\'t you just handle the small fries

Grid retorted.

You should know that you\'re also a small fry.”

Grid had to repay the debt to the masters of the seven guilds. Those naughty people who tried to invade Reidan when he wasn\'t there.

Pagma\'s Swordsmanship.


Grid leapt forward and unfolded his sword dance. Bubat reflexively took a defensive posture. However, Grid didn\'t use a skill.

“Fake, you bastard.


Grid passed by Bubat and reached Bondre. Bondre was excited to face Grid. 4 seconds! How much had he been embarrassed after being defeated by Grid in the National Competition last year This was a perfect chance to pay back the grudge of that time. He had been waiting for this day!

“Crying Ice Spears!




The hundreds of thousands of spectators were astonished at the overwhelming sight that occurred. Bondre fled to the sky to avoid Grid, created dozens of sharp ice spears and caused them to rain down.

Bondre, that bastard!

The representatives from other countries, who were paying attention to the Korean team, screamed angrily. It was because they suffered a great deal of damage from Bondre\'s wide area magic, despite temporarily being on the same side.

[You have dealt 8,900 damage to the target.]

[You have dealt 7,500 damage to the target.]

[You have dealt…]

Hahat! Kuhahahahat!

Bondre was thrilled by the constantly rising notification windows. He was excited with this spell that showed off his great power. Bondre believed that Grid was being beaten by the magic and would soon die.

Crying Ice Spear was a continuously unfolding spell that lasted as long as his mana allowed, so it was possible for Bondre to completely destroy the area. But there was a phrase that constantly appeared between the notification windows that were rising.

[You have dealt 3,100 damage to the target.]

[The target has resisted the damage.]

[You have dealt 2,900 damage to the target.]

What is this

Bondre\'s eyes widened. There was one person who wasn\'t receiving his magic damage properly! That someone was naturally…


“Fly, Kill.


Blood splattered from Bondre\'s chest as he screamed at Grid, turning the ice spears red. The red ice spears had hit the strongest defense items against magic, the Holy Light Set.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 412

[Ice Shield (Lv.8) has been used.]

[Creates a shield that absorbs 10,000 ( 11,532) damage.] 

[The shield will increase your physical defense by 30% and magic resistance by 20%, and will reflect back 30% of the damage as ice debris.]

It was necessary to use a lot of magic in order to increase the proficiency of magic. But it shouldn\'t be used in a meaningless manner.

It needed to be used with a purpose to increase proficiency.

For example, in order to increase the proficiency of shield magic, it was necessary to defend against an enemy attack with the shield.

However, a magician was a class with low health and weak defense.

They were extremely reluctant to allow enemy attacks, so the actual combat method was focused on not allowing enemy attacks.

They took advantage of various spells to maintain a proper distance from the enemy and killed them before the enemy could approach.

Therefore, most magicians only had low level shielding magic. However, Bondre raised the level of Ice Shield through his constant efforts.

If he raised it two more levels, it would be mastered. It was a result of abandoning the typical magician combat style and confronting the enemy\'s attacks with his shield.

Why Why suffer in order to raise the level of Ice Shield The reason was simple.

It was to prepare for a decisive battle with Grid.

\'I only dreamed about getting revenge!\'

Grid used Fly and his various resistances to magic in order to instantly narrow the distance. Indeed, this was the counter for a magician. But Bondre had already faced Grid once before and didn\'t panic. As soon as he faced Grid\'s Kill, he calmly cast the Ice Shield and then started the chant for an attack spell.

\'The shield can endure the bombardment!\'

Bondre believed in his shield. He was convinced that his level 8 Ice Shield  couldn\'t be destroyed in the National Competition where PvP damage was reduced by 50%. But Grid caused a reversal.



[You have suffered 23,210 damage.]

[21,532 damage has been absorbed.]

[The target will receive 30% of the damage.]

[You have dealt 6,963 damage to the target.]

[Ice Shield is turned off.]

Cough…! N-No, this is crazy!

Bondre\'s face distorted as he coughed up blood. Grid suffered the most damage, but Bondre\'s mental shock was great.

‘What a monster!\'

His shield was smashed despite the 50% drop in damage How powerful was Grid\'s original attack It was only a moment, but Bondre felt afraid of Grid. But it cleared in an instant. As the peak of 41,000 ice mystics and a representative of his country, he could never weaken or feel distress.


Bondre barely sidestepped Grid\'s swing and shouted the last words of his spell.

Ice Dragon\'s Fury!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The whole area became dominated with a chill. From the turbulent earth, huge ice pillars rose like dragons and threatened Grid. Power, speed and range. Bondre\'s magic wasn\'t lacking anything.

The earth quickly froze and frost covered the forest. The frost, ice pillars and Grid who was stiff like a statue, not moving. It was like he was overwhelmed by the phenomenal magic.

The French people who saw it cheered.

“Grid is stuck!

There is no escaping this magic! Indeed, Bondre is great! A genius!

“That’s right! Last year Bondre wasn\'t alert! Go Bondre! Take down Grid!

Bondre!! Bondre!! Bondre!!

At this moment, most people in the world thought that Grid would be defeated. Bondre was different from the person who couldn\'t endure Grid\'s strike last year.

This impression was implanted on the spectators.

In the distance, the US team competing with other teams to capture the highlands also believed in Bondre\'s victory.

Zibal smiled at the sight of the ice pillars rising high in the sky.

Bondre\'s mighty power can\'t be endured.

By taking advantage of the structure of ice, the enemy\'s actions are blocked and a complete victory can be achieved.

The successful emergence of S-grade magic means it is the end for Grid.

“Don’t make me laugh.”

Someone snorted at Zibal\'s words. It was Pon, a member of the Spanish team that was confronting the US team. He asserted as he threatened Zibal with his spear.

“You can\'t measure Grid.

“Baby small fry.

Pon, who was 10th on the unified rankings, was one of the five influential figures of Overgeared.

But Zibal was 2nd on the rankings. It was natural that he should be dominant. However…


Zibal was shocked. Pon\'s spear flying from the front suddenly changed orbit to the side.

It was unexpected and Zibal was slow to respond.



Zibal groaned as his side was hit. He was once again shocked as he saw the damage.

\'Why is it so painful\'

Zibal had been steadily taking elixirs and used the overwhelming resources he accumulated as master of one of the seven guilds to arm himself with the strongest equipment. He was even 20 levels higher than Pon. From a common sense point of view, it was normal for Zibal to not suffer great damage from Pon. But he was confused by the unexpected damage.

Lauel summoned a gust of wind to block Pon\'s next attack and warned.

“Zibal, I admit that you are strong.

But don\'t be overconfident.

The power of Overgeared can\'t be compared to what it was a year ago.

That\'s right. Due to the Reidan desert, the vampire cities and the Behen Archipelago, the Overgeared members reached a level that was beyond common sense. And Grid had achieved overwhelming development among the Overgeared members.

[A powerful frost has frozen your body.

All speeds will decrease by 20%.]

[You have resisted.]




Grid stood still as he faced the huge and mighty ice pillar dragons. He wasn\'t humbly accepting death. By rotating his sword, he reversed the path of the ice pillar, causing Bondre to be directly hit.

“W-What A counterattack…!

Typically, counterattacks could only be used against attacks of the same type. Physical force was counterattacked with a physical attack, while magic was counterattacked with magic. However, Grid used physical force to counterattack against magic. Furthermore, the attack was returned with more than 100% of the damage.

It was unbelievable, a fraudulent skill.

But Bondre wasn\'t surprised at the function of the skill itself.

He was amazed at Grid\'s skill to fully utilize the counterattack. It needed to be used at the perfect timing, so very few players could use a counterattack in a fight against top rankers.

But Grid…

Grid, who was rated as having a low level of control, used a counterattack perfectly against Bondre.

\'This guy… What has he been doing in the past year\'

Bondre became bloody. He looked at the deep eyes of the approaching Grid and realized.

\'I can\'t measure him.\'

He didn\'t know what trials Grid had gone through over the past year and how he had overcome them. Bondre couldn\'t imagine it at all.

{Bondre! We\'ll join in!}

The French representatives hadn\'t participated in the battle because Bondre asked for a one-on-one match against Grid. Bondre hurriedly shouted at them.

{No, abandon me and run away.

We can\'t handle Grid without some sacrifices.}


The rankings were constantly going down due to the rapid growth of the Overgeared members, but Bondre was still in the top 20. His pride was high and he had some of the best skills. Bondre and most people believed that he was defeated by Grid last year because he wasn\'t vigilant.

But right now, Bondre acknowledged Grid\'s skills.

This person was above him. It was unfamiliar to the French team, who knew Bondre well.

{I will earn as much time as possible, so run away.

Leave the South Korean team alone and focus on the targets.

Aim for a bronze medal.}

As Bondre was talking with his team members…


Grid recalled Grid\'s Greatsword and took out Iyarugt. The sword scattered a red light like jewels, capturing the eyes of the hundreds of thousands of spectators. The cameras were dazzled by Iyarugt\'s beauty and zoomed in. It was natural that the appearance of Grid, the master of Iyarugt, would receive the attention of people from all over the world.

“Bondre, you developed a lot compared to last year.

I acknowledge your growth.

Grid\'s original personality would\'ve mocked Bondre. Bondre was one of the guild masters who dared to invade Reidan. However, Grid didn\'t disparage Bondre.

Was he worried about the image of Overgeared in the competition where millions of people were watching

That was a secondary problem. Grid didn\'t ridicule Bondre, because he truly acknowledged Bondre\'s skills. He could see how hard he had worked and how much Bondre had grown over the past year, and Grid couldn\'t put him down.

You are strong.

But I am stronger.

“…Hat! You are ridiculous.

Bondre burst out laughing and summoned ice barriers. He was worried that his team members would become Grid\'s targets and wanted to buy as much time as possible by squeezing out all his power.

“It won\'t be so easy when we meet again next year.

Bondre shouted at Grid from behind the ice barriers. Grid nodded and rushed forward.

Chaaeng! Jjejeong! Jjeejeeeong!

Subsequently, the ice barriers were destroyed by Iyarugt. The sharp ice arrows and ice spears couldn\'t stop Grid\'s movements. Grid didn\'t try to avoid the ice arrows and spears.

He just accepted them while approaching Bondre.

The magic resistance of the Holy Light Set was extremely high and there was also the 50% drop in PvP damage.

The synergy between the patch and his armor made Bondre into a fool.

『 B-Bondre, logout!! 』

Bondre, a leading figure in France, eventually kneeled down and died. This helplessness left a great shock on the French people.


The rejoicing of the winner was short. After confirming that Bondre has logged out, Grid headed towards the South Korean team who were experiencing a crisis.



The explosion of demonic power made a road around Grid. Grid\'s skin became paler and contrasted with his black hair, causing the female viewers to cheer.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.


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