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Chapter 407


It referred to a coat hanging from the shoulders without any sleeves.

From a general point of view, tailors made cloaks because the commonly used materials were cloth and leather.

But blacksmiths also knew how to make cloaks.

It was natural.

Blacksmiths made all types of leather armor, and due to this they were also skilled at making cloaks.

Of course, it was a reality that the options and designs lagged behind cloaks made by tailors, since they were specialists in cloth and leather.

However, the blacksmith cloaks had better basic defense.

From that point of view, Lantiers Cloak was clearly made by a blacksmith.

‘The cloak stopped my blade.

What was the quality and elasticity of the cloak that it couldnt even be torn by Noes claws Grid thought about it during his return journey to Reidan.

He actively used his knowledge and experience as Pagmas Descendant, looking at every type of leather.

The leather he came up with


Of course, there were some leathers that were as hard as rocks that were excellent in defense.

Typical examples were minotaur leather and blue griffin leather.

In fact, they were used as materials for the best leather armor.

But they werent appropriate as a material for a cloak.

‘Its too thick and heavy.

They arent soft enough, despite being leather.

Making a cloak with it Rather than a cloak, it was more like a box.

There was no utility as a cloak.

If so, what was Lantiers Cloak made out of

‘I bet it isnt cloth.

Pagma had prepared the equipment for Lantier, who became a death knight.

Pagma was a blacksmith, so he couldnt handle cloth at a high level.


A smile appeared on Grids face as he recalled something.

He remembered that with Lantiers Cloak, the inside and outside were different colors.

‘The outer part is black.

And the inner lining was red.

‘Pagma used two types of leather to increase the defense of the cloak.

Once he realized this, he knew that he didnt have to cling to minotaur or griffin leather.

The durability might be lower, but there were more suitable leathers to make the cloak.

Now Grid went through the different types of leather to find a red and black one.


The black leather wasnt too much trouble, but there was no red leather.

The only one similar to red leather was the pink leather of the lizard queen.

‘The lizard queens leather is too hard to be used as the inner lining of the cloak…

In the past week, Grid had completed his armor, helmet, and leggings.

He faced a challenge when he tried to recreate Lantiers Cloak using the Legendary Blacksmiths Creation skill.


Her eyes were confident and her mouth relaxed.

Yura was filled with unique intellectual charm and was the most beautiful woman in Asia.

Her hairstyle had changed somehow.

Her ebony hair fell down and reached her chest.

‘I am ashamed.

Yura blushed as she stood in a full-length mirror.

The pink flush on her white face was reminiscent of a peach.

‘It feels awkward.

Her short dress revealed her thighs.

It highlighted Yuras ideal figure.

Yura normally wore jeans, simple t-shirts, or suits, so she couldnt adapt to her appearance in the mirror.

She shivered shyly at the thought of going out with her body exposed.

Honestly, she wanted to change her clothes right now.


Today she was meeting Grid.

In other words, she was meeting Shin Youngwoo.

She wanted to increase her favorability with the first man she was interested in.

Therefore, she changed her style.

It was to match Grids taste.

The problem was her breast size.

Didnt Grid like at least a D cup


Yura thought about borrowing the power of items, but shook her head.

It was a matter of pride.

She was already bigger than average.

On this day.



“I dont care if I die right now!”

The men who witnessed Yura on the streets cried out emotionally, regardless of their age.

There were some people who vowed never to wash their eyes.


Ding dong~

There were 3 days remaining until the National Competition.

Someone visited Youngwoos house.

“Ohh~! God Grid!”

It was Peak Sword.

Youngwoo frowned in dislike at his loud voice.

“Youre as lively as ever.”

“I have to welcome God Grid, so of course I will be energetic!”

“Ah, really.”

Peak Sword was like Khan.

They were people who had an infinite affection towards Grid.

He couldnt be disgusted by such people.

Shin Youngwoo laughed and wore slippers onto the porch.


Light blue old slippers and a green training suit.

Peak Sword was impressed as he looked Youngwoo up and down.

Youngwoos body was much fitter than it was several months ago.

His broad shoulders and thick thighs were very good.

“Last time, you were jogging every morning.

Now it seems like you are constantly working out as well”

“I need to be healthy so I can focus more on the game.”

Thats right.

He couldnt play the game without stamina.

In particular, the fatigue of virtual reality games was very high.

“This is a very good attitude.

But what are those severe dark circles under your eyes Have you been sleeping lately”

“Im making a few items before the National Competition… Huh”

Youngwoo, who came out of the house, discovered the car that Peak Sword was standing next to and felt astonished.

Peak Sword saw his expression and asked earnestly.

“How is it Isnt my new car very good It is a rare sports sedan that can stand side-by-side next to God Grids 800 million won 13 series.


“…Moonlight blue.”

Youngwoo was paying attention to the color of Peak Swords car.

It was blue under the sunlight, but black when in the shade.

‘Dont tell me…!

The red leather that made up Lantiers Cloak.

It might not be red.

After remembering that the 61st island was covered with flames, Youngwoo was enlightened and rushed into his house.

“Im going back into the game!”

“Eh H-Huh”

Peak Sword panicked.

Wasnt today the day when he promised to attend the operational meeting with the participations of the Korean national team Now he was going to one-sidedly withdraw from that promise

“We can work out the plans, but Yura will be disappointed…”

Yura and Peak Sword were friends since a long time ago.

Peak Sword one-sidedly followed Yura after joining theDo you know club, but he could still be regarded as a friend.

In particular, after their reunion in the Overgeared Guild, they became closer and Peak Sword was able to notice that Yura was attracted to Youngwoo.

She would be worried about what to wear today, but Youngwoo…

“Well, this is fine.”

This was God Grid, who broke the sky.

The only Korean player who could be viewed as Satisfys best.

Peak Sword didnt want to disturb him.

He respected Youngwoos choice, since it would eventually boost the status of South Korea.

As a result, Yura became depressed.

“…Youngwoo-ssi isnt coming”

“Ah, eh, yes…”


The finest Korean restaurant in Gangnam.

Yura, who was waiting for Youngwoo and Peak Sword with the other participants of the National Competition, changed clothes.

She put on a white shirt and jeans instead of the alluring one piece dress that showed off her body.

The men in the room were forced to blame Youngwoo, while the women could be freed from their feelings of self-consciousness.


“Yes, this is it! Why didnt I think of this”

Reidans super large smithy.

As soon as he reconnected to the game, Grid opened theItem Production List and cheered.

The item he was looking at was the leather armor that he gave to Faker a few months back.

[Chameleon Armor]

Rating: Epic ~ Legendary

Epic Rating Information:

Unique Rating Information:

Legendary Rating Information:

Durability: 390/390 Defense: 539

* 35% reduction in damage from stabbing, cutting, and throwing attacks.

* There is a normal chance of disrupting the enemys gaze.

* The effect of theStealth skill will rise.

* Various resistances will increase depending on the climate.

Armor made from the skin of the chameleon lord.

It boasts excellent elasticity and changes color and options depending on the surrounding materials and climate.


The chameleon was around 2 meters in size and had muscular human limbs.

Their leather was very resilient, making them resistant to physical attacks.

Their color and nature changed instantly in order to protect themselves from danger.

It was shown that Lantiers Cloak could neutralize Noes claws and stay in the blazing fire.

‘Due to the high elasticity, a synergy will occur when it is attached to other leather.

Then wouldnt it be good to use the leather of the puri minotaur

Grid smiled with satisfaction and recreated Lantiers Cloak using the Legendary Blacksmiths Creation skill.

The result was a great success.

[Lantiers Cloak]

Rating: Unique ~ Legendary

Unique Rating Information:

Legendary Rating Information:

Durability: 153/153 Defense: 206

* 20% reduction in damage from stabbing, cutting and throwing attacks.

* There is a 10% probability of deflecting the enemys attacks.

* Various resistances will increase depending on the climate.

The puri minotaur leather is used as the outer material, while the chameleon lords leather is used for the inner lining.

The chameleon lords leather slightly alleviates the rigidity of the puri minotaurs leather.

The cloak boasts an unbelievable defense and is especially strong against blades.

There is a low probability of blocking the enemys attack.

The chameleon lords leather isnt exposed to the outside, so the effect of disturbing the line of sight and increasing stealth cant be expected.

User Restriction: Level 320 or higher.

Weight: 690


This was an excellent protective cloak that all Overgeared tankers should have.

There were 10 hours before his departure to France.

Grid was becoming a complete tanker.

His thorough preparations for the National Competition were complete.


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