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Chapter 405

–In order to raise Reidan\'s fertility rate, you must set an example as the lord. Please share your hot love even more where people are watching.

Lauel meant to actively express positive affection. A simple example was to stroke her cheek or whisper loving words in her ears.

He wanted to engrave the perception \'this couple\'s relationship is beautiful and happy!\' into the public.

But Grid misunderstood.

\'This guy has seen too many Japanese videos.\'

Why would he share a hot love in front of everyone Wasn\'t a hot love beyond kissing Doing this act in the middle of the city, not the bedroom, and in front of more than 20,000 people It was impossible unless he was a complete pervert.

It was a completely crazy idea.

–W-What is it

Lauel saw the contempt in Grid\'s eyes and panicked. It was the day when the pure youth Lauel was labelled as a pervert.

And on this day. Lauel was disappointed with Grid\'s uncooperative attitude and made a pledge.

\'I will take initiative for My Lord.\'

Lauel\'s project to create a second generation had begun. It was at this time that the legendary \'Reidan’s Female NPC Strategy\' was written.


It was only six days before the National Competition and Grid was supposed to leave for France in four days.

Based on Satisfy, Grid had 12 days to spare.

\'I must finish all the preparations.\'

Thus, he hurriedly returned to Reidan. Now wasn\'t the time to be like this.

“I love you, but I\'m sorry.

Please be satisfied with this today.”

Time was short. Grid saw Irene\'s nakedness after a long time and used his hand techniques. After a while.

…I love you, dear husband.

Grid\'s dexterity stat had long gone beyond the realm of a human. Grid satisfied Irene in a short amount of time and left for the smithy.


Reidan\'s super large smithy.

Khan and the young blacksmiths welcomed Grid, who had been missing for a few months. Grid observed Khan with the Great Lord’s Sword and felt admiration.

\'Advanced level 8\'

In fact, Grid had thought Khan\'s blacksmithing skill would stagnate at advanced level 7. But in contrast to his expectations, Khan was steadily developing. The process of training talented young blacksmiths seemed to give Khan a new understanding.

“Maybe you have a chance to become a craftsman

“Huhu, you are overrating me.

Historically, only 10 blacksmith craftsmen had emerged. Khan didn\'t dare aim to be recognized as a craftsman. But Grid thought differently.

\'Khan is Albatino\'s descendant.

He comes from a long bloodline of blacksmiths and has more passion than anyone.

If I support him well, he can become a craftsman.\'

Maybe he would be reborn as a named NPC. Grid felt greedy as he headed towards the furnace located in the innermost area of the smithy. A typical furnace was always dirty, but Grid\'s was clean. It was thanks to Khan always cleaning it for him.

\'Really, I\'m touched by that old man every time.\'

His first friend, Khan. He prayed for the old man to live as long as possible. Grid\'s eyes were red as he started to prepare the firewood, while the young blacksmiths freaked out.

Duke Grid! Let us do these menial tasks!

“It isn\'t your duty!

It was impressive. Two years ago in real time, he had been told by the old blacksmith in Bairan that he couldn\'t even cut firewood.

Now he was in a position where he shouldn\'t be cutting them. He realized that he had become successful.

Grid laughed and waved to the young blacksmiths.

“You can go and do your work.

Today, I want to go back to my state of mind as a beginner.

Grid thought that going through all the blacksmithing processes would improve his concentration. He prepared enough firewood and lit the furnace.

Tak! Tatak!

The flames in the furnace started to slowly rise. Grid controlled the temperature of the flames and suddenly laughed.

\'If Braham saw this, he would be laughing at me.\'

He would\'ve argued that he could\'ve raised the temperature of the flames instantly with magic power. But right now, Braham was silent.

To be precise, he fell asleep just after using Assimilation.

Did this mean that Grid used Assimilation recently No.  Grid hadn\'t use Assimilation during the past fortnight. The reason why Braham was exhausted and sleeping was due to what happened when Grid died on the 61st island some time ago.

\'I don\'t want to go to hell.\'

Grid had used Blackening against Lantier, and was in danger of falling into hell due to dying in the Blackening state. Braham said that if he fell into hell in this state, he would fall prey to the great demons.

Therefore, he suppressed the dark gate trying to suck Grid into hell with magic.

In exchange, a message was added to Grid\'s current status window.

* Braham has 69 days, 9 hours, 3 minutes, and 15 seconds left to restore his magic power and wake up.

You can\'t use the Assimilation skill until Braham wakes up *

By the time 69 days passed in Satisfy time, the National Competition would be coming to an end. In other words, Grid had lost a powerful weapon in the National Competition. But Grid wasn\'t shaken. He believed he could play a role in the National Competition alone, without Braham\'s help.

\'I will make that belief come true.\'

He needed items. He realized that there was a limit to developing his control.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn\'t be a genius like Kraugel and the Overgeared members. Therefore, he needed to make the best items.

\'Horse knight\'s helmet, troll lord\'s vest, crying ogre\'s gauntlets and golden crown\'s leggings.\'

In addition, Lantier\'s cloak. Grid wanted to reproduce some of the items of the monsters he met in the latter half of the Behen Archipelago. It was because he needed new, more powerful armor.

\'The Holy Light set is really good.


The Holy Light Armor had a high probability of resisting dark magic, increased the effectiveness of healing magic by 300%, and increased resistance to physical attacks. The Holy Light Gloves raised attack speed and accuracy, and had a low chance of activating the 5 Joint Attacks skill. The Holy Light Crown raised his intelligence and dignity stats.

Once these three items were worn as a set, defense and health rose significantly. It was why Grid had been steadily using it since level 170. Yes, the Holy Light Set was very good.

\'If it was half a year to a year ago, I would still be able to call it a top-class armor.\'

But not anymore. As the level of monsters and users increased, the value of the Holy Light set was falling. He was able to realize it after meeting Kraugel and experiencing the Behen Archipelago.

\'The problem is that the basic defense is too low.\'

In particular, the crown and gloves had poor defense.

It was almost defenseless. In the case of the Holy Light Armor, it wasn\'t bad, but the defense wasn\'t very high for armor. If there was no set effect, he wouldn\'t have used it from the beginning.

\'The 5 Joint Attacks of the gloves isn\'t too bad.\'

At this point, the only advantage of the Holy Light Set was for healing or when facing magic. This thought became more widespread after dying from two of Lantier\'s blows.

\'I have to make an armor set for defense.\'

Monsters easily neutralized his attacks in the Behen Archipelago. He would gather the characteristics of the armor they were wearing.


Grid confirmed that the furnace was at the right temperature and extracted the black iron and ogre blood.

\'Let\'s make the troll lord\'s breastplate.\'

From the time he became duke of Reidan until the present time, he\'d earned around 147,000 gold from hunting and various quests.

Of course, there was a separate sum that he invested into Reidan.

In any case, 147,000 gold was approximately 200 million won. Grid was planning to pour all of this gold into making items.

\'I will use the finest materials.\'

The National Competition. It was the best stage of Satisfy that the entire world was paying attention to. Grid needed to invest enough to prove his worth on that stage. However, the concept of \'enough\' wasn\'t understood properly by Grid.

In fact, 200 million wasn\'t a big sum. The rankers of various countries participating in the National Competition poured at least billions of won into upgrading items and skill books. Were they crazy

Not at all.

This was a realistic amount. There were many sponsors attracted to the rankers participating in the National Competition, so money poured out abundantly. Of course, many companies offered to sponsor Grid.

However, Grid refused. It was because the amount was too small. None of the companies set a high price on Grid, who had been nerfed.  Most companies predicted that Grid would lose his events, so the average value they offered was 300 million. This was low compared to rankers like Chris and Zibal, who had been offered 12 times as much.

Grid\'s pride was hurt and he had to refuse the offers. Someone might think he was stupid for kicking away 300 million because of his pride. But Grid thought differently.

\'I will get the best result.\'

Companies that sponsored him would get astronomical results. Grid knew this fact, so accepting only 300 million won would make his stomach cramp with irritation.

Grid vowed again. He would prove his worth to those who underestimated him and make them shed tears..


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 406

Scale armor.

As the name suggested, it was armor similar to the scales of a fish. Several small pieces of iron plates were put on leather straps and then joined together with thick cloth or leather. The range of activity was high because it allowed free movements of the body.

In addition, it was good at deflecting swords and other sharp weapons. It had resistance to stabbing and slashing as options.

But the basic defense power was inferior when compared to other heavy armor. In particular, it was difficult to avoid a fatal injury if the joints where the iron plates were joined together were attacked.

\'In the end, the gap between iron plates is the biggest problem.\'

That\'s why tankers hardly wore scale armor, despite it being classified as heavy armor. The scale armor had obvious advantages, but there were also obvious limitations. However, Grid thought of a way to overcome the limitations of scale armor. It was thanks to the hint from the troll lord\'s breastplate.

\'If I make multiple layers of iron plates, I can maintain the advantages of scale armor while covering the deficient defense.\'

Typical scale armor was one layer of joined iron plates.

The moment the weapon struck between the plates, the defense was forced to fail. The troll lord\'s breastplate minimized this weakness with a double layer of iron plates. Was it possible that blacksmiths had never thought of this idea 

No. Existing blacksmiths also knew that multiple layers of iron plates would increase the defense. The reason why they didn\'t make it…

\'The higher the iron content, the higher the weight and the more limited the movements.\'

In other words, it lost the advantages inherent to scale armor. Heavy and movement-limiting scale armor Who would want to use it If it was going to be inconvenient anyway, they might as well wear heavy armor with much higher defense.

\'But the items I make are different.\'

Black iron was two times harder and three times lighter than iron.

\'I can use this to make the plates as thinly as possible.\'

He would make scale armor that was light and easy to move in, even if the iron plates were doubled or tripled. This wasn’t an easy task. Black iron smelting was seven times more difficult than iron smelting. Even Khan, whose blacksmith skill was advanced level 8, wouldn\'t be able to smelt black iron so thinly and shape hundreds of scales.

However, Grid was different. Grid\'s blacksmith skill was legendary level 7 and his dexterity was close to 3,000. For him, smelting black iron was just as hard as ordinary blacksmiths smelting iron.

\'I\'ll prove why I\'m a legend.\'

Compared to other legends, it was true that he was lacking many things when it came to combat.

However, as a blacksmith, he could proudly say that he was the best.

Ttang! Ttang!

The taste of holding minerals in his hands was the best.

The pleasure was greater compared to when killing monsters. Grid\'s concentration rose rapidly as he started hitting the black iron on the anvil.

\'The width of the iron plate shouldn\'t be too wide.’

The joints between the iron plates increased the flexibility of the scale armor.

Grid wanted the iron plates to have a narrow width, in order to maximize the characteristics. However, the smaller the plates, the longer the working time.

In particular, the number of iron plates increased because he needed to make three layers. It was impossible to make hundreds of small iron plates and join them together, even if it took two full days.

But Grid was a craftsman. The increasing workload It didn\'t matter. It was necessary if he wanted to make better items.

Ttang! Ttang!

Small and thin black iron pieces were refined in Grid\'s hands. The appearance, size, and shine reminded him of black dragon scales.

\'Beautiful scales.\'

\'The scales are at least three times smaller than the scales of typical scale armor, but the details are much better.

The technique of the duke is really delicate.\'

\'Wow… It seems like he has made over 100 already How many is the duke planning to make’

\'This would be incredibly boring and difficult work for me.\'

Khan and the young blacksmiths were amazed at Grid\'s workmanship and care.

[The Legendary Blacksmith\'s Patience skill has been activated.] 

[Concentration, stamina and defense will rise to the extremes for one hour.]

[The Legendary Blacksmith\'s Breath skill has been activated.]

[The Legendary Blacksmith\'s Breath has increased the effectiveness of your production items]

The roosters cried out at dawn. Beyond the blacksmith\'s window, the spires of the castle rose in the distance.

However, Grid didn\'t take a break.

Ttang! Ttang!

Grid relied on his high stamina to continue making the iron plates. He devoted himself to work, despite the day passing and it becoming night again.

Excluding meal time and sleeping time, he never released his hammer.

Then two days later.

[You have successfully made the \'Scale Armor.\'] 

[The structure is different from the \'Scale Armor\' on your production list.]

[Analyzing the scale armor.]

[The function of your scale armor is phenomenal.]

[Scale Armor (Enhanced)]

Scale armor modified by the legendary blacksmith Grid.

Unlike conventional scale armor, it has a triple layer of iron plates.

Black iron is used to minimize the weight, and 621 iron plates were made as small as possible in order to increase the range of movement.

[Scale Armor (Enhanced)]

Scale armor modified by the legendary blacksmith Grid.

Grid felt a sense of deja vu from these words. At first, he couldn\'t think of anything, but then he remembered.

[Magic Missile (Enhanced)]

A magic missile developed by the legendary great magician who has completely overturned the activation formula.

Yes, it was Braham\'s magic. Just as Braham strengthened existing magic, Grid was able to strengthen existing items. At this moment, Grid was able to truly understand why he was a legendary blacksmith.

[Please decide the name of the item you have created.]

The system asked before listing the item\'s ratings and options.


Grid thought carefully and came to a conclusion.

‘I made three layers of iron plates.\'

It matched well with the three-layered meat that Koreans were familiar with.

“Let\'s call it Three Layers.

It was the worst. Lauel would\'ve tried anything to stop Grid if he was present. Unfortunately, Lauel wasn\'t here. For the sake of Reidan\'s future, Lauel was busy interacting with female NPCs and didn\'t care about Grid. It was really a pity.

[Have you decided on \'Three Layers\']


[\'Three Layers\' has been added to the list of item production methods!]

[Three Layers has been completed.]

[Three Layers]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 721/721     Defense: 1,115

* 30% reduction in damage from physical attacks.

* 50% reduction in damage from stabbing attacks.

* Passive skill \'Sword Breaker\' will be generated.

* Strength 50

Scale armor modified by the legendary blacksmith Grid.

The 621 small, iron plates made by hand and joined into three layers has ensured a high defense and range of movement.

In addition, each iron plate has a small groove.

If the enemy\'s weapon strikes it, there is a certain probability of the weapon being damaged.

Like the black dragon scales, these 621 iron plates will shine whenever the wearer moves.

Ogre\'s blood was used to increase the durability of the leather straps, slightly increasing the strength of the wearer.

User Restriction: Level 320 or higher.

1,500 strength.

1,830 stamina.

Advanced Heavy Armor Mastery Level 5 or higher.

Weight: 2,501

[A legendary rated item was produced, so all stats have permanently risen by 10 and reputation throughout the continent has risen by 500.]


It had been two and a half years since he became Pagma\'s Descendant.

Not in game time, but in real time. Grid had made a huge number of items in the meantime, but only 12 legendary items so far. He had no luck, despite being a legendary blacksmith.

Thus, Grid cleared his mind. In the process of making items, Grid didn\'t dare think about making legendary items.

But today. He had a hard time over the past few months due to the Behen Archipelago, and now he made a legendary item after a long time. Grid was filled with anticipation.

Finally… Finally, the heavens knows my skills and heart.

Being rewarded for their efforts, it might be natural for geniuses, but not ordinary people. No matter how hard they tried, they often didn\'t get reasonable rewards. It was particularly bad for Grid.

But now Grid\'s efforts were seeing results. It was a result achieved through Grid\'s growth.

Okay… Keep this momentum going.

Grid was very pleased with the result. The material used for the Holy Light Set was adamantium, so the options and durability were much better.

However, the defense of the Three Layers was superior.

“Next is the helmet and leggings.

The balance patch to the National Competition that nerfed him

[Grid\'s attack power, which is his biggest weapon, is suppressed.]

Grid smiled as he recalled that headline.

\'I\'m not a damage dealer.\'

Items were flexible. An overgeared person could be a damage dealer or tanker. In this National Competition, Grid was planning to show off an attack power that didn\'t yield to the patch, as well as his defense. In other words, he would be a flawless damage dealer tank that would overturn the world.

Ttang! Ttang!

The helmet, leggings, and gauntlet were gradually completed, while Lantier\'s Cloak was reproduced through Item Creation. It wasn\'t long before he would become a matchless overgeared person.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 407


It referred to a coat hanging from the shoulders without any sleeves. From a general point of view, tailors made cloaks because the commonly used materials were cloth and leather.

But blacksmiths also knew how to make cloaks. It was natural. Blacksmiths made all types of leather armor, and due to this they were also skilled at making cloaks.

Of course, it was a reality that the options and designs lagged behind cloaks made by tailors, since they were specialists in cloth and leather.

However, the blacksmith cloaks had better basic defense.

From that point of view, Lantier\'s Cloak was clearly made by a blacksmith.

\'The cloak stopped my blade.\'

What was the quality and elasticity of the cloak that it couldn\'t even be torn by Noe\'s claws Grid thought about it during his return journey to Reidan. He actively used his knowledge and experience as Pagma\'s Descendant, looking at every type of leather. The leather he came up with


Of course, there were some leathers that were as hard as rocks that were excellent in defense. Typical examples were minotaur leather and blue griffin leather. In fact, they were used as materials for the best leather armor. But they weren\'t appropriate as a material for a cloak.

\'It\'s too thick and heavy.

They aren\'t soft enough, despite being leather.\'

Making a cloak with it Rather than a cloak, it was more like a box.

There was no utility as a cloak. If so, what was Lantier\'s Cloak made out of

\'I bet it isn\'t cloth.\'

Pagma had prepared the equipment for Lantier, who became a death knight.

Pagma was a blacksmith, so he couldn\'t handle cloth at a high level.


A smile appeared on Grid\'s face as he recalled something. He remembered that with Lantier\'s Cloak, the inside and outside were different colors.

\'The outer part is black.\'

And the inner lining was red.

\'Pagma used two types of leather to increase the defense of the cloak.\'

Once he realized this, he knew that he didn\'t have to cling to minotaur or griffin leather. The durability might be lower, but there were more suitable leathers to make the cloak.  Now Grid went through the different types of leather to find a red and black one.


The black leather wasn\'t too much trouble, but there was no red leather.

The only one similar to red leather was the pink leather of the lizard queen.

\'The lizard queen\'s leather is too hard to be used as the inner lining of the cloak…\'

In the past week, Grid had completed his armor, helmet, and leggings. He faced a challenge when he tried to recreate Lantier\'s Cloak using the Legendary Blacksmith\'s Creation skill.


Her eyes were confident and her mouth relaxed. Yura was filled with unique intellectual charm and was the most beautiful woman in Asia. Her hairstyle had changed somehow. Her ebony hair fell down and reached her chest.

\'I am ashamed.\'

Yura blushed as she stood in a full-length mirror. The pink flush on her white face was reminiscent of a peach.

\'It feels awkward.\'

Her short dress revealed her thighs.

It highlighted Yura\'s ideal figure. Yura normally wore jeans, simple t-shirts, or suits, so she couldn\'t adapt to her appearance in the mirror. She shivered shyly at the thought of going out with her body exposed. Honestly, she wanted to change her clothes right now.


Today she was meeting Grid.

In other words, she was meeting Shin Youngwoo. She wanted to increase her favorability with the first man she was interested in. Therefore, she changed her style. It was to match Grid\'s taste.

The problem was her breast size. Didn\'t Grid like at least a D cup


Yura thought about borrowing the power of items, but shook her head. It was a matter of pride.

She was already bigger than average.

On this day.



I don\'t care if I die right now!

The men who witnessed Yura on the streets cried out emotionally, regardless of their age. There were some people who vowed never to wash their eyes.


Ding dong~

There were 3 days remaining until the National Competition.

Someone visited Youngwoo\'s house.

Ohh~! God Grid!

It was Peak Sword.

Youngwoo frowned in dislike at his loud voice.

You\'re as lively as ever.

“I have to welcome God Grid, so of course I will be energetic!

Ah, really.

Peak Sword was like Khan. They were people who had an infinite affection towards Grid.

He couldn\'t be disgusted by such people. Shin Youngwoo laughed and wore slippers onto the porch.


Light blue old slippers and a green training suit. Peak Sword was impressed as he looked Youngwoo up and down. Youngwoo\'s body was much fitter than it was several months ago.

His broad shoulders and thick thighs were very good.

“Last time, you were jogging every morning.

Now it seems like you are constantly working out as well

“I need to be healthy so I can focus more on the game.

That\'s right. He couldn\'t play the game without stamina.

In particular, the fatigue of virtual reality games was very high.

This is a very good attitude.

But what are those severe dark circles under your eyes Have you been sleeping lately

I\'m making a few items before the National Competition… Huh

Youngwoo, who came out of the house, discovered the car that Peak Sword was standing next to and felt astonished. Peak Sword saw his expression and asked earnestly.

How is it Isn\'t my new car very good It is a rare sports sedan that can stand side-by-side next to God Grid\'s 800 million won 13 series.


…Moonlight blue.

Youngwoo was paying attention to the color of Peak Sword\'s car. It was blue under the sunlight, but black when in the shade.

\'Don\'t tell me…!\'

The red leather that made up Lantier\'s Cloak. It might not be red. After remembering that the 61st island was covered with flames, Youngwoo was enlightened and rushed into his house.

“I\'m going back into the game!

Eh H-Huh

Peak Sword panicked. Wasn\'t today the day when he promised to attend the operational meeting with the participations of the Korean national team Now he was going to one-sidedly withdraw from that promise

“We can work out the plans, but Yura will be disappointed…

Yura and Peak Sword were friends since a long time ago. Peak Sword one-sidedly followed Yura after joining the \'Do you know club\', but he could still be regarded as a friend. In particular, after their reunion in the Overgeared Guild, they became closer and Peak Sword was able to notice that Yura was attracted to Youngwoo. She would be worried about what to wear today, but Youngwoo…

Well, this is fine.

This was God Grid, who broke the sky. The only Korean player who could be viewed as Satisfy\'s best. Peak Sword didn\'t want to disturb him.

He respected Youngwoo\'s choice, since it would eventually boost the status of South Korea.

As a result, Yura became depressed.

“…Youngwoo-ssi isn\'t coming

Ah, eh, yes…


The finest Korean restaurant in Gangnam.

Yura, who was waiting for Youngwoo and Peak Sword with the other participants of the National Competition, changed clothes. She put on a white shirt and jeans instead of the alluring one piece dress that showed off her body.

The men in the room were forced to blame Youngwoo, while the women could be freed from their feelings of self-consciousness. 


Yes, this is it! Why didn\'t I think of this

Reidan\'s super large smithy.

As soon as he reconnected to the game, Grid opened the \'Item Production List\' and cheered. The item he was looking at was the leather armor that he gave to Faker a few months back.

[Chameleon Armor]

Rating: Epic ~ Legendary

Epic Rating Information:

Unique Rating Information:

Legendary Rating Information:

Durability: 390/390     Defense: 539

* 35% reduction in damage from stabbing, cutting, and throwing attacks.

* There is a normal chance of disrupting the enemy\'s gaze.

* The effect of the \'Stealth\' skill will rise.

* Various resistances will increase depending on the climate.

Armor made from the skin of the chameleon lord.

It boasts excellent elasticity and changes color and options depending on the surrounding materials and climate.

Chameleon. The chameleon was around 2 meters in size and had muscular human limbs. Their leather was very resilient, making them resistant to physical attacks.

Their color and nature changed instantly in order to protect themselves from danger.

It was shown that Lantier\'s Cloak could neutralize Noe\'s claws and stay in the blazing fire.

\'Due to the high elasticity, a synergy will occur when it is attached to other leather.

Then wouldn\'t it be good to use the leather of the puri minotaur

Grid smiled with satisfaction and recreated Lantier\'s Cloak using the Legendary Blacksmith\'s Creation skill. The result was a great success.

[Lantier\'s Cloak]

Rating: Unique ~ Legendary

Unique Rating Information:

Legendary Rating Information:

Durability: 153/153   Defense: 206

* 20% reduction in damage from stabbing, cutting and throwing attacks.

* There is a 10% probability of deflecting the enemy\'s attacks.

* Various resistances will increase depending on the climate.

The puri minotaur leather is used as the outer material, while the chameleon lord\'s leather is used for the inner lining.

The chameleon lord\'s leather slightly alleviates the rigidity of the puri minotaur\'s leather.

The cloak boasts an unbelievable defense and is especially strong against blades.

There is a low probability of blocking the enemy\'s attack.

The chameleon lord\'s leather isn\'t exposed to the outside, so the effect of disturbing the line of sight and increasing stealth can\'t be expected.

User Restriction: Level 320 or higher.

Weight: 690


This was an excellent protective cloak that all Overgeared tankers should have. There were 10 hours before his departure to France. 

Grid was becoming a complete tanker. His thorough preparations for the National Competition were complete.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.


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