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Chapter 389

The duration of immortality was 5 seconds.

Grid would just receive damage if he tried to fight during that time.

Grid planned to secure and maintain a safe distance from the clone until the immortality ended.

‘Once it finishes, I will immediately attack and finish off the clone.

He would get revenge on the clone.

‘How is it Frustrating

Grid smiled like a wicked person in the movies or manhwa.

Suddenly, the clone sat down.


Grid was confused.

The clone was sitting down and closing his eyes It was an unexpected development.

‘What is he doing… It cant be!

A chill went down Grids spine.

It was because the clones complexion started to improve rapidly.


Thats right.

After obtaining a safe distance from Grid, the clone used Meditation to restore his health and mana.

‘He can use Meditation as he likes

Meditation was a skill that spontaneously occurred when concentration was extremely high.

It wasnt a skill that could be used anytime a person wanted.

But the clone seemed to be the exception.


Grid urgently used Pagmas Swordsmanship, Transcend.

Kwa kwang! Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Every time Grid wielded his sword, an energy blade was fired at the clone.

However, it took more than three seconds to complete this sequence.

The clone had already recovered some health.

In addition, the clone took a super health recovery potion and used Transcend to cancel out Grids energy blades.



Grid realized that his control skills were still lacking.

The clones energy blades had a much higher hit ratio than his.

‘Launching the energy blades while taking evasion action.

It was an area impossible for him.

Grid tried to think as calmly as possible while being full of wounds.

‘There is no need to fret.

The clone has lost his immortality.

On the other hand, Grid still had his immortality.

He had more advantages.

There was no need to shrink back.

Grid swapped to Iyarugt and rushed forward.

Chaaeng! Chaeeeeeng!

Iyarugt was the sword that told its master the best route.

It would be able to make up for Iyarugts lack of control skills.

The battle with the clone began in earnest.

However, this tense fight didnt last long.

“Pagmas Swordsmanship, Linked Kill.”

The clones Meditation skill meant that the cooldown time of the skills was shortened.

The clone was able to use the skills faster than Grid, causing the situation to rapidly become disadvantageous.


Puk puk puk!


The God Hands tried to defend Grid, but they were obstructed by the clones God Hands.

Grid was hit by Linked Kill and his health quickly depleted.

Dorans Ring didnt show a big effect, so he entered the immortal state.

“You bastard!”

The agitated Grid struck the clone.

He was determined to kill the clone during the five seconds of the immortality passive.

However, the clone easily escaped from Grid using the Fly attached to Brahams Boots.

Grid also belatedly swapped from Grids Boots to Brahams Boots, but the distance between them widened considerably.

“Master, believe in me! Nyang!”

Noe reached the clone and swung his paws several times.

But Noes claws couldnt completely neutralize the defenses of the enemies, despite being harder than steel.

The Holy Light Armor set was truly excellent.

After a while, the second battle ended with Grids defeat.

[You have suffered fatal damage!]

[You have died because health has dropped to 0.]

[You have lost 30.6% experience.]

[Your level has dropped to 305.]

[You have lost 10 stat points.]

[Mission failed!]

[Exiting the 41st island.]

[Moving to the last save point, the 40th island.]



Grids fury when he returned to the 40th island wasnt just because of his level drop.

‘I got Noes help!

On the other hand, the clone didnt have Noe.

Even so, he lost.

It was a huge shame.

“Have strength, nyang.”

Noe said while patting Grids shoulder.

It was to comfort him.

Noe had been with Grid for a long time, so his affinity towards Grid was very high.

“Wasnt Master originally weak and useless, nyang Dont be frustrated by one or two losses, nyang!”


Noe used great demons as a criteria for determining strength.

It was the instinct of a memphis, a beast of hell.

From Noes position, Grid had always been weak.

“…That isnt comforting at all.”

Grid was feeling resentment to Noe when he suddenly had a question.


“Yes, Grid.”

“Are you sure that the 41st island cant reproduce a memphis”

According to Sticks logic, a memphis was the best creature after a dragon, so the Behen Archipelago couldnt reproduce it.

There was a fault here.

“Didnt you say something on the way to the vampire city The Behen Archipelago can reproduce a great demon and a dragon.

So why cant it reproduce a memphis”

“Good question.”

Sticks smiled and explained.

“The dragons and great demons reproduced by the Behen Archipelago have a common point.

Their bodies arent complete.”

“Bodies arent complete”

“Yes, all the great demons reproduced by the Behen Archipelago were those who had been sealed by Sword Saint Muller…”

The gourmet dragon reproduced during Sticks trial werent really clones.

Dragons were heavy on their hips and couldnt move directly without magic, so the gourmet dragon Reiders was just a fake.

“Thats right.

Both the great demons and dragons are incomplete beings, so the Behen Archipelago could reproduce them.”

Grid had another question.

“Then the weakened great demons and dragons are less than a memphis”

“Maybe if the memphis is an adult”


Grid stared at Noe.

He was a chubby cat with wings on his forehead and small wings on his back.

Now he looked cute, but what if he was an adult

“Will he grow to be like a dragon”

Sticks looked at Grid and laughed.

“No, there will be no big change in his appearance.”

“Um… Then Im glad.”

Grid wanted Noe to always be cute.

There were many fans in Noes fan club just because of his appearance.

‘One day, I will hold a fan meeting for Noe…

He would be very happy if he could get close to the female members and build up a good relationship.

Grid imagined the bright future before having to face reality.

‘Now isnt the time to be thinking about these things.

The clone on the 41st island was too strong.

Grid could only use 50% of his own abilities, while the clone could take full advantage of it.

He couldnt find the answer to win against the clone.

‘It might be possible if my control skills grow dramatically.

Indeed, there was no end to learning.

Once he grew, he would meet stronger enemies who mocked his growth.

‘If only I had as much talent as the Overgeared members.

It wouldnt be necessary to undergo such frequent trials.

The so-called geniuses, their growth rate was so fast that they were able to cope with new trials.

‘On the other hand, I…

Grid received direct teachings from Piaro and grew through the advice of his guild members, but he was still lacking.

It was painful and sad that he had no talent.


Lets look back.

Since when had he been so obsessed with control skills

‘It has been since I became aware of Piaro.

He realized that he needed control to deal with strong enemies.

From that day on, he worked hard on improving his control skills.

But was this really right

‘It doesnt matter if I try as hard as others.

He would only be able to achieve 20%~30% of their skills.

It was too inefficient.

Grids developed thinking ability came to this conclusion.

‘I dont need to be so obsessed with control.

Was he dull-witted No, he was Pagmas Descendant.

‘I am a legendary blacksmith.

He could create and produce all types of weapons, and use them with no restrictions.

‘Yes, lets return to the beginning.

The answer was the power of items.

Grids eyes shone as he pulled out tools, including the portable furnace.

Grids brain spun rapidly.

‘In order to clear the 41st island…

He couldnt just make a good item.

What would happen if he made a good item The clone could also use it, making him stronger.

‘The item I need right now.

A gamble.

In order to pass the trials that couldnt be overcome with pure talent, Grid had to seek the help of the heavens.

‘I need to hope that my worst luck also applies to the clone.

Grid remembered Eupheminas Rolling Dice skill.

It was a skill that could quickly change a situation, either positively or negatively, by randomly generating different effects.

If this could be applied to an item…

‘Just wait, Clone.

Victory or defeat would be determined by luck.

He only needed to beat the clone once.


Blood Carnival.

A guild made up of unofficial rankers, its wickedness was unmatched.

Hired murders, raid interference, stealing goods from merchant companies, etc.

The Blood Carnival only moved for the sake of money.

The number of players affected by them was unimaginable, including many top rankers.

“Theres a new request.”

Blood Carnivals master.

A secret existence whose identity was unknown, they smiled from behind a veil.

“Its to defeat Kraugel in the National Competition.

At the time, the person fulfilling the request must have the logo of a particular company stamped on their item.”

“Its a top grade request.”

“It seems to be a means for corporate advertising.

Wont the price be huge”

Kraugel had the myth of being undefeated.

What if the world was watching when he was defeated The international media would focus on the person who defeated Kraugel, and the company associated with the person would receive an astronomical advertising effect.

“What event”

“Its good if Kraugel loses in any event.

However, the pay will be three times higher if Kraugel is knocked down in the PvP event.”

“Then of course it has to be PvP.”

“But is anyone participating in the National Competition”

“I am.”

One of the strongest players in the Blood Carnival stepped forward.

His face was full of confidence.


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