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Chapter 373

‘I haven\'t grown enough.\'

Grid\'s total health in his blackened state was slightly less than 30,000.

Tiramet could kill him in just 3~4 hits. But Grid had endured it. The attacks with a relatively easy orbit were directly blocked and avoided, while he relied on the God Hands and Randy for the attacks that were difficult to cope with.

Grid\'s self-evaluation of his control and ability to use items.

\'There\'s still a long way to go.\'

He wasn\'t satisfied. It was a fact that the enemies he would face in the future would continue to be strong.

\'Is there a definitive way to become stronger No matter how much control I develop, it\'s impossible to not get hit at all during a battle.\'

What if he made an item that received hits

\'A simple example is a damage reflective item.\'

Or, \'Armor with a black hole I will drag the enemies that hit me to another dimension.\' It was fun to imagine fanciful things. For Grid, imagination was a type of power.


\'I have the Item Creation skill.\'

There were many items in Satisfy that had functions that Grid didn\'t know yet.

Grid\'s imagination meant he had infinite possibilities. Grid believed in his own potential and grasped the Rune of Darkness.

[Rune of Darkness]

Bound Item

It is permanently preserved in your inventory.

Trading, dropping, or destroying it is impossible.

-Usage Effect: Demonic power state will rise in exchange for its use.

* Normal attacks and skill attacks will deal an addition 20% dark damage.

Unique Lasting Effect: When dealing with named demonkin and demons, you can absorb unique attributes.

* Tiramet\'s Power: If your health drops below 10%, health will be restored to 30% in an instant.

Cooldown Time: 12 hours.

\'My survivability is getting higher.\'

Grid observed the Rune of Darkness and came up with one idea.

\'It would be ideal to be a pure tanker.\'

There were many damage dealers in Overgeared, but few tankers. The only tankers to be relied on were Vantner and Toban.

\'If I become a tanker, the synergy with the guild will explode…\'

He imagined himself armed with heavy armor and shields. Then he frowned.

‘…Then Pagma\'s Swordsmanship will be useless.\'

Grid was someone with the strongest attack skills.

It was a waste of talent to turn into a pure tanker. But when he thought about it more, it wasn\'t the case.

\'No, can\'t I swap between items\'

What if he had an offensive set and defensive set that could be swapped if necessary

\'It would be easier to cope with a sudden situation like the Tiramet raid.\'

The appearance of the concentrating Grid was mature and gentle. Yura\'s gem-like eyes were wet as she watched him.


“It\'s dirty.

It\'s been a long time.

The east side of the first floor of the castle, where towering pillars spread out like a forest. The irritation of Pon and Vantner were soaring. They were angry at the tricks of Ran, the vampire baron who attacked through the darkness and the pillars.

The terrain is too much of a disadvantage.

I would rather break it all down.


Pon greatly twisted the arm holding the spear. His muscles swelled up as he gathered his strength.

“Crasher Spear.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

It destroyed everything in its path.   It was a powerful attack that would even make the allies afraid. The spear cut from top to bottom, causing the towers to collapse.

Then the shadow hiding behind the pillars came into view.

Vantner didn\'t miss this opportunity.

Sun Guard!


Vantner\'s shield shone like the sun and drove away the darkness. The light rays were so bright that it was reminiscent of a nightclub. Ran no longer had a place to hide and fired magic bullets at the two people.

It isn\'t a big deal!

The magic was laughable compared to Elfin Stone. Vantner blocked the magic bullets with his shield, while Pon flew through the dust and tried to aim his spear… But Vantner ran ahead and interfered with Pon\'s path.


You damn pig!

Pon staggered as he was hit by Vantner\'s massive body.

Vantner also cried out.

You idiot! There is a path in front of you.

Why run towards me

“Why do I need to explain each reason individually You ignorant bastard.

Pon and Vantner growled at each other. Thanks to this, Ran passed the crisis and was able to escape through the pillars in the rear that hadn\'t yet collapsed.

\'I\'m glad that their teamwork is a mess.\'

Ran thought with relief and fired magic from behind a pillar.



The red flash broke the ceiling and the falling debris restrained Pon and Vantner\'s actions. Ran moved back through the darkness and aimed sharp nails at Pon\'s neck.


The blood red nails pierced a hole in Pon\'s neck.

Puhaha! You were hit!

Vantner laughed and taunted Pon. The journey of the two people was long and harsh.


[The blacksmith who became a legend can appraise items with an excellent discerning eye.

If a hidden feature exists in the target item, it will be found.]

[A hidden function doesn\'t exist.]

Grid appraised Alex\'s gun. He was somewhat disappointed with the results and moved quickly with Yura, Sticks, and Bini.

Over there is the closest.

Sticks borrowed the power of the earth and wind elementals to figure out where a battle was occurring. He also allowed Grid to enter the vampire city, so he was helpful in many ways.

\'But he didn\'t give me an item…\'

Yura got Alex\'s gun for free.

Grid couldn\'t help feeling a bit jealous.

… Eh

Grid moved through the door that Sticks indicated and made an absurd expression.

It was the same for Yura who followed behind him. The reason

You useless octopus head!

“I would\'ve died earlier if I wasn\'t a tanker!

“If you weren\'t there, the vampire baron would be killed!


There was evidence of destruction through the room. There were still dozens of pillars left and Pon and Vantner were fighting each other. It was in front of the enemy.



How rotten!

Because they were grabbing each other\'s collars, Pon and Vantner weren\'t free. The two men allowed the female vampire to attack and retreat behind the pillars, causing Grid to feel anger.

“I won\'t say anything about the personal relationship between the two of you.


Step, step.

Grid moved and used Pagma\'s Swordsmanship, Restraint. Ran, who was flying to the new target Grid like a moth to the fire, stopped in the air.


Ran\'s body started sweating as Grid activated Pagma\'s Swordsmanship, Pinnacle, then followed up with Kill.


Ran let out a terrible scream and rushed towards Pon and Vantner. She was released from Restraint and attempted to hide in the darkness, but Yura didn\'t allow it.

“Purification Bullet.”

Tatatang! Tang tang!

The bullets made from blue mana turned Ran\'s body into a beehive.

Linked Kill.


Puk puk puk!

Grid neatly finished it off. 

[Vampire Baron Ran has been destroyed.]

[525,810,470 experience has been acquired.]

[Two Blessed Weapon Enhancement Stones have been acquired.]

[Seven weapon enhancement stones have been acquired.]

[Skillbook: Dark Fairy Tale has been acquired.]


Blood poured out and a black smoke rose. In the meantime, Grid sent a very sharp and intimidating look towards Pon and Vantner.

“In the future, fight in the appropriate time and place.

Think about the pain that your colleagues are going through while you unnecessarily waste time here.

It wasn\'t an exaggeration. Grid ran here from the Behen Archipelago for his colleagues. He couldn\'t stand Pon and Vantner, who ignored their colleagues because of personal feelings.

“…I’m sorry.

“I will be careful in the future.”

Pon and Vantner bowed and apologized. They understood the reason why Grid was angry and acknowledged their mistakes, and were also aware of Grid as their leader. Grid reached out to the two people who couldn\'t lift their heads. Was it an offer to shake hands so that they weren\'t too discouraged Pon and Vantner interpreted Grid\'s gesture in this way.

Lend me a spear.

Grid made an unpredictable demand.


A large hall on the first floor of the castle. Faker was struggling in a place where chandeliers hung like ornaments.


The vampire baron, Mountain. He wore unusually heavy armor and used a heavy weapon for a vampire.

The ground shook every time he moved, threatening Faker\'s sense of balance.


Faker, whose posture collapsed and was slow to react, blocked the mace with his dagger. Faker used the recoil that occurred when the weapons collided to float in the air like a feather, while Mountain reached out a hand.

Blood Binding.


Blood chains rose up and surrounded Faker\'s body. But it was merely Faker\'s clone.


The chains exploded and the remnants of Faker\'s clone filled the air.


Faker took advantage of the swiftness of his class and appeared behind Mountain. He swung at Mountain\'s thick neck. Faker aimed precisely at the gap in the armor joints.


Puk puk!

As the number of hits increase, the damage built up. The blow, that caused a deadly blow to Elfin Stone, pierced Mountain\'s neck in succession. No emotions appeared in Faker\'s eyes as blood soaked his face.

You rat bastard..!

Mountain shook from the shock and released magic power in every direction. Thanks to that, Faker flew back. A large axe flew at him as he tried to regain his balance in the air.

\'I have to allow this.\'

If he used \'Flash\' here, his mana and skills linkage would become twisted. It happened when Faker was preparing for the shock.

Spear Shot.



A silver-white spear flew from the entrance and penetrated Mountain\'s head. Thanks to that, Faker was able to avoid the large axe whose obit was changed, and he moved his face towards the entrance.

Thank you, Pon… Grid

He never imagined that Grid would be the person who saved him. Grid waved at Faker, who had a rare look of shock in his eyes.

“To be driven on the defensive, isn\'t this too bad

Faker was someone who was often beside Grid. He was reminded of this and shrugged at Grid.

“…But with you, I can be extraordinary.

It was a signal.

These damn humans!

Mountain\'s aggro shifted to Grid and Grid handled it as always. Thanks to him blocking Mountain, Faker could move like he had wings on his back.

Once Vantner and Yura stepped in, Mountain quickly became scarred.

My spear.

My spear…

Pon was busy reclaiming his spear.


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Chapter 374

[Vampire Baron Mountain has been destroyed.]

[211,555,002 experience has been acquired.]

[Three Blessed Armor Enhancement Stones have been acquired.]

[Nine armor enhancement stones have been acquired.]

[Skillbook: Skin Enhancement has been acquired.]

A vampire baron. A semi-boss grade monster that could be raided in 10~15 minutes when five of the Overgeared elites were gathered together. But once the power of Grid and Yura were added, the raid speed was shortened by at least three times.

Catching a semi-boss monster in 5 minutes…\'


The power of Grid and Yura was so good that it made Pon, Vantner, and Faker lose their words. They knew from the beginning that Grid had the trinity of stats, items, and class, but Yura\'s growth was astonishing and dazzling.

“It\'s the power of my class and items.

Yura explained briefly and clearly. She was also becoming overgeared.


A corridor to the north on the castle\'s first floor. Jishuka and Zednos were isolated in the middle with enemies on both sides. It was the aftermath of the teleportation trap that Regas stepped on.

“Multi Shot.”

Wind Wave.

Jishuka blocked the vampires in the right corridor, while Zednos blocked the ones in the left corridor. Arrows and magic poured out and slowed down the vampires\' momentum. But of course, there was a limit.The number of vampires was endless, so Jishuka and Zednos\' mana gradually depleted.

 The respawn speed is ridiculous.

“We\'re really isolated in the worst place.

Their stamina fell to a dangerous level. Jishuka and Zednos were covered with sweat and breathing roughly.



The vampires took advantage of it with their magic. One of the blood shots flew through the gap and hit Jishuka\'s shoulder.


Jishuka\'s form collapsed as she was loading a new arrow, Zednos was shocked and dozens of vampires approached the two.

Wind Cutter! Wind Missile!

Zednos started to go on a rampage. He only thought about protecting Jishuka, so he cast magic without considering his mana. Thanks to that, they could pass the immediate criss.

[You have no mana.]

[Your mana potion cooldown time hasn\'t returned.]


Zednos\' face turned white. Then Jishuka\'s voice was heard.

“Bow down.

Zednos didn\'t delay. He thoroughly trusted Jishuka and immediately followed her words.

Phoenix Arrow.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

A giant fire bird flew over Zednos\' head and turned one of the corridors into fire. Over 50 vampires were swept away and Jishuka urged.

Use this gap to escape.

Zednos didn\'t easily move.

What are you doing

“What I\'m buying time while you run away.

Jishuka stood up to secure Zednos\' retreat. Despite her noticeable slowed speed after Phoenix Arrow, she stood up to the vampires approaching from the other corridor. The arrows fired from her hand precisely penetrated the vampires.

The mithril arrows and silver arrows dealt additional damage to the vampires, but Jishuka was already exhausted. The vampires were shot in the head, but continued to move forward to hit Jishuka.


Why aren\'t you leaving Shouldn\'t you go and join our colleagues

…I understand.

Jishuka had opened a path, but it was unknown when new vampires would appear. Zednos didn\'t want Jishuka\'s sacrifice to be in vain and was about to leave.

“Jishuka, avoid it.


Between Jishuka and Zednos. Someone suddenly appeared in a place where nothing had been present. It was Grid who was wearing a white hooded zip up.

Pagma\'s Swordsmanship, Transcended Link.


As the blue-black energy blades shot out, dozens of vampires in the corridor facing Jishuka disappeared. New vampires appeared straight afterwards, but the respawn rate couldn\'t hold up against the overwhelming attack power of Grid.


Jishuka, who was saved by Grid at the moment of crisis, felt thrilled and hugged Grid. Her sweaty skin and something big gave a huge stimulus to Grid.

\'Ga… Ganadaramabasa…\'

It was a soft and supple feeling. Grid\'s nose was affected by the excitement.  Yura, who belatedly arrived, witnessed his appearance and looked down at her chest.

\'I\'m not small either.\'

It was significantly larger than the average size of Korean women, but Grid\'s taste was too unrealistic.


Regas had an overwhelming combat sense, Peak Sword had a sword that was hard to read and cope with, Toon could transform into all types of beasts and demonstrated effective combat power, Ibellin\'s talents weren\'t fully developed yet, but he was recognized as a genius by Piaro, Toban was the 1st ranked paladin that acted as a poison to vampires, and Huroi was the 1st ranked orator.

This combination showed the strongest combat power. Regas and Toon acted behind Huroi and Toban, who attracted the enemy\'s gaze.

Peak Sword and Ibellin struck through any gaps, so the three vampire barons didn\'t last long.

[A strength elixir has been acquired.]


Wow, amazing.

It had been two months since Overgeared started exploring the vampire cities. They had hunted tens of thousands of vampires so far, but not one elixir had dropped. The party were thrilled by the unexpected benefit and then realized.

“There’s no time to be idle.

Let\'s go save our colleagues.

The vampire expedition was strong.

But without Toban and Huroi, the stability of the party would fall. Peak Sword knew this point and urged the party.

At this moment…

How have you been

Grid. Their boss came.


“Damn Regas, I had to suffer because of you.

“Please never go in front again.

…I\'m sorry.

Pon and Vantner scolded Regas. Regas\' behavior put his colleagues at risk, so he was deserving of criticism.

“I will be careful about becoming too excited.

Regas regretted his mistake and showed repentance. Pon and Vantner closed their mouths with satisfaction, and Jishuka asked Grid.

“How did you get here

A vampire city\'s entrance was blocked after someone entered. It meant it was impossible to enter the city while the dungeon raid was going on.

Grid explained, This is his power.

Everybody looked at Sticks. Elves, the noble race that was called the incarnation of beauty and who fought for the pace of the world. Among them, the well known high elf Sticks introduced himself to everyone.

Hello, I am Sticks.

I owe Grid my life.

\'Another named NPC…\'

Grid\'s network expanded every day, causing the Overgeared members to feel surprised. It was an unique ability to become friendly with named NPCs. Grid suggested to the excited and happy guild members.

“Let\'s leave here.

If we borrow Sticks\' power, we can escape from this place.”


The Overgeared members were alarmed.

“Grid, is it okay to leave when we can capture this place

“The 1st floor has been cleared, so why do we have to run away

Some of the party members weren\'t convinced.

“I’m in favor at Grid\'s suggestion.

There are many baron grade vampires on the 1st floor.

In the worst case scenario, the 2nd floor might be filled with viscounts.

“The 1st floor\'s boss was a viscount called Tiramet.

It is likely that marquis grade vampires will emerge on the 2nd and 3rd floor.

“In the worst case, Marie Rose might appear and I don\'t think we can go against her with our strength.

There were some members who agreed with Grid. It was those who had fallen into danger and needed to be rescued by Grid. In this bad atmosphere, Grid gave them a meaningful smile.

Let\'s do special training.

“Special training

“There is a place called the Behen Archipelago.

The entry is limited to one person, but since it\'s an instant dungeon, you can enter separately and proceed at the same time.”

What was the Behen Archipelago and what could they get from there Grid started to explain what he had experienced. The faces of the Overgeared members turned rosy as they listened to the story.


The Sword Grave.

Hundreds of thousands of weapons were embedded in the hill, and it was known as the place where the legendary blacksmith Pagma spent his last years. But Agnus\' reason for finding it was unrelated to Pagma.

The legendary magician Braham. It was to secure his body.

“I don’t know.

He heard that there was an ice wall somewhere in the Sword Grave, and Braham\'s body was sealed there. But despite searching for nearly a month, Agnus couldn\'t find any ice walls.

At that time, I should\'ve secured the soul.

One month ago. Agnus had encountered Braham\'s soul here, but missed it. He still trembled when he thought about that time.

“I didn\'t think his soul could use magic.


Takak takak!

As Agnus leaned back against a greatsword, hundreds of his summoned skeletons were thoroughly searching the hill. They touched the swords embedded in the hill, searched the ground and tried to find Braham\'s body. However, finding the body was impossible.

…I can\'t stay here forever.

Fortunately, there were a lot of monsters in the vicinity so his level up speed didn\'t lag behind.

But due to staying in one place for one month, his various quests didn\'t progress. In the end, Agnus confirmed the Rune of Death.

[Rune of Death]

Bound Item

It is permanently preserved in your inventory.

Trading, dropping or destroying it is impossible.

-Usage Effect: Increases the abilities of your summons in exchange for some leadership stats.

* There is a 20% increase in the stats of all summons.

Unique Lasting Effect: When you take the body of a named person or monster and make it your own, you can absorb their unique characteristics.

* Blue Knight\'s Faith: Creates a shield that absorbs 10,000 damage.

Cooldown Time: 1 hour.

* Bentao\'s Talisman: Exchange your health with the target\'s health.

Cooldown Time: 12 hours.

* Tarant\'s Swordsmanship: The Advanced Sword Mastery skill is created.

You can use \'Bloodless\' when wearing a sword type weapon.

It is a unique and lasting effect.

* Mumud\'s Knowledge: Magic casting speed will increase by 15%.

Mana regeneration rate will increase by 30%.

It is a unique and lasting effect.

If it went as originally planned, Braham\'s trait should also belong to the Rune of Death.

\'I wanted a legendary lich.\'

Agnus sent a whisper to Veradin.

–Where is the nest of the great demon, Furfu

Time was equal to everyone. As Grid and the Overgeared Guild were growing, the other players were equally growing.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 375

The influence of the 1st National Competition was enormous. The average worldwide ratings surpassed 63%, overwhelming the audience of existing competitions like the Olympics and the World Cup.

It was a natural phenomenon. The number of people who played Satisfy or engaged in Satisfy related businesses was in the billions.

“I read an article about the economic effects of the National Competition.


Group\'s director of operations, Yoon Sangmin. He was directly facing Shin Youngwoo, one of the busiest people in the world.

“The S.A.

Group really appreciates the possibility of developing the National Competition.

We want to broaden the influence of the National Competition every year, and have decided to make a biggest investment.

Cafe XX in Geumcheon-gu.

Shin Youngwoo drank coffee while listening to the story and Yoon Sangmin smiled confidently at him.

We will be offering unparalleled benefits to the participants of the National Competition compared to last year.

In other words.

You want to convince me, Shin Youngwoo, to participate in the 2nd National Competition. Youngwoo opened his mouth for the first time. Please persuade me.

He finally showed some interest. Yoon Sangmin was relieved and started the briefing.

“It’s simple.

We will increase the value of each medal.

The value of the medals wasn\'t high in the 1st National Competition. The governments just paid the medalists a prize money.

“But from the 2nd National Competition onwards, the S.A.

Group will also give a reward.

We will give special items to the medalists.

What is the performance of the items

Grid didn\'t have high expectations. He thought it would be an epic~ unique rated accessory. But Yoon Sangmin\'s reply was unbelievable.

“Since Pagma’s Descendant is in the blacksmith category… You will be able to acquire the god mineral adamantium.

The more high value medals you get, the more adamantium you can obtain.


Grid\'s eyes widened. Adamantium! As the best mineral in the world, it didn\'t have a will, but its performance was comparable to pavranium. Adamantium was also the material of the Holy Light Set, which Pagma had produced in the past.

\'I\'m not sure how to obtain it.\'

As long as he could secure adamantium, he would be able to design more diverse and powerful items.

It was a reward that he couldn\'t miss. Yoon Sangmin watched Shin Youngwoo shake and gave a meaningful smile.

\'A small provocation is needed.\'

Yoon Sangmin had been observing Shin Youngwoo for almost a year.

He knew how to handle Shin Youngwoo.

Of course, gaining medals won\'t be an easy task.

The 2nd National Competition is a lot different from the 1st National Competition.

It is virtually impossible for South Korea, a country weak in Satisfy, to aim for a medal.


Shin Youngwoo\'s eyes turned cold.

Himself, Yura, and Peak Sword. The strongest members of Overgeared were gathered in South Korea, yet it was still classified as weak He couldn\'t tolerate it. Rather than patriotism, his self-esteem was leader of Overgeared was stimulated.

The Shin Youngwoo of the past would\'ve declared that he would participate in the 2nd National Competition right now. But.

\'There is a reason why I didn\'t put my name on the participants list until the last moment.\'

In the 1st National Competition, Shin Youngwoo won three gold medals and placed South Korea third in the overall rankings. The world was paying attention to what he would do in the 2nd National Competition. In other words, Shin Youngwoo was a \'symbol\' of the National Competition.

\'Lauel gave me advice.\'

Ask to be treated as a symbol. South Korea and the S.A.

Group would do their best to contact him, so please stand firmly.

“Director Yoon, let\'s clean this up.

Shin Youngwoo\'s expression and tone were completely calm, unlike what he expected. Yoon Sangmin felt surprised, but he was a talented person who became a big business executive at a young age.

He didn\'t reveal his psychological state.


Director Yoon Sangmin said with a smile.

Give permission for the Overgeared Guild to do the opening for the National Competition.

Shin Youngwoo made a ridiculous demand. He wanted them to hand over the opening of the event, which would be watched by billions of people, to specific users This was going too far! If Shin Youngwoo was an ordinary ranker, Yoon Sangmin would\'ve scoffed and left.

But Shin Youngwoo was a person whose personality and intelligence developed through Satisfy. Shin Youngwoo was a good example of Satisfy, so Yoon Sangmin listened to him.

“What\'s the reason for your absurd request

Guild promotion.

Huh Guild promotion

He was going to use the opening that billions of people would watch in order to promote the guild 

Doesn\'t Overgeared already have a reputation as one of the best guilds I don\'t think you need marketing.

“The issue is that we are one of the best guilds.

Overgeared should be a unique and exclusive guild.

Right now, Shin Youngwoo was representing Lauel\'s opinion. In Satisfy, the ultimate content was to have a kingdom. 

In the first place, Overgeared was an organization designed to make Youngwoo king. In order to build and defend a kingdom, they needed to have strong national power.

And in order to advance, they needed to prevent the invasion of foreign powers.

There were many forces beside the seven guilds that could threaten them.

The opening of the National Competition was a means to show off the majesty of Overgeared and to deter the ambitions of others.

Lauel was hovering around Youngwoo\'s head. Was this being too serious towards a game This question was funny. Satisfy was a huge \'cash\' game. If he set up a kingdom, he could accumulate wealth beyond imagination.

It was natural to be serious.

\'Soccer players and basketball players, sports which are less popular than Satisfy, are earning hundreds of billions of won a year.\'

It was reasonable for Satisfy players to sit on a pile of money.


The opening of the 2nd National Competition was to provide a spectacular sight.

Against the backdrop of Paris, France, seven players representing each country formed a group and acted out a specific situation. The overwhelming CG and story stimulated the people of the world, while the world\'s best rock band celebrated their 30th anniversary by singing the opening song.

The opening that S.A.

Group\'s marketing team planned. It was cancelled.


Group\'s executives. Several dozens executives gathered together with Chairman Lim Cheolho.

“The opening that Grid proposed isn\'t bad.

In the first place, the opening that our marketing team produced was vague when it came to the order of appearance for each country.

It was because the venue was Paris, so the French team should being the opening.

However, the United States was ranked 1st in the 1st National Competition.

“The order of the appearance of Grid, who won three gold models with his own strength, was also vague.

However, Grid\'s opening was different. Rather than emphasizing the nationality of the National Competition, the focus was on individual traits and Grid could clearly be called the symbol of the National Competition.

Of course, the intentions were impure. Of the 224 National Competition participants, 43 of them belonged to Overgeared. Those people would do the opening with Grid.

It was like a promotional video for Overgeared.

There was resistance.

There are already rumors that our group is supporting the Korean rankers like Grid and Yura.

This will just give the media around the world an excuse to latch onto.

The purpose of the National Competition is to turn Satisfy into a sport.

The aim is to encourage the people of each country to immerse themselves in the game while cheering on their teams.

We should focus on the countries, rather than individuals.

There was a debate. But it eventually tilted to one side. It was due to Yoon Sang-min’s remark.

Grid has declared that he won\'t participate in the National Competition unless he\'s given the right to direct the opening.

He played a dominant role in the 1st National Competition and later on in Satisfy, the main character who constantly raised a topic. If the best star of Satisfy didn\'t participate in the National Competition, it was inevitable that the popularity would drop.

“It\'s a problem that we can afford.

Whether or not Grid participates in the National Competition, the average audience rating is likely to be no different from last year.

Nevertheless, there was a separate reason for Yoon Sangmin and some executives to stick to Grid.

But the story changes with Kraugel.

The 1st ranked Kraugel. His popularity was higher than Grid, and he had the title of sky above the sky.

His fans were at the level of fanatics. Unfortunately, he never once made a public appearance.


If Grid competes in the National Competition, Kraugel will also participate.

Humans with the word \'best\' attached to them had something in common. Their pride was huge. Kraugel wanted to face Grid on the world stage of the National Competition.

If Kraugel participates in the National Competition, the power of the 2nd National Competition will overwhelm the first one.


There wasn\'t a single executive who denied Yoon Sangmin\'s words.

It was decided.


『 The 2nd National Competition will take place in 43 days! Kraugel, Grid, Zibal, and Chris will be participating, as well as many more countries than the 1st National Competition\'… 』

『 A total of 32 countries are participating in the 2nd National Competition, and the events are open to the public.

Compared with the 1st National Competition… 』

『 Today, when the 2nd National Competition is 42 days away, the opening video was released through the Internet and worldwide broadcasters! 』

『 The opening video, which is causing hot repercussions through the public, is well received because it expresses the characteristics of each player representing the countries.

But at the same time, it is also being criticized.

『 The title is called the National Competition, yet it is more focused on the participants than the countries.

But… 』

『 This brilliant video that lasts 4 minutes and 31 seconds is enough to make everyone\'s heart beat faster.


It started with the thrilling performance of the rock band, which had been popular for 30 years.


A red meteor flew across the dark blue sky.


The camera shook with distant explosions.


A black haired and white skinned man filled the screen. It was Grid\'s Blackening state. The camera rapidly rotated around him, revealing the members of Overgeared. The viewers cheered as Yura and Jishuka, dressed more beautifully than ever, appeared behind Grid\'s shoulders.

After that, it showed players from various countries, including Zibal and Chris. Before they knew it, the camera reached someone staring up at the red comet. The man had a neat beauty that couldn\'t be believed, the sky above the sky, Kraugel.

The lone Kraugel and Grid, with 42 colleagues, exchanged a glance.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.


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