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Chapter 371

Hell Sword.

It was a conditional activation skill attached to Iyarugt, and the power was great.

It was comparable to the legendary skill, Pagmas Swordsmanship.

If he analyzed it in detail, it overwhelmed the power of Kill Lv.


[Hell Sword]

Inflicts 2,400% physical attack power to the target.

Every time the target is hit, an addition 100% damage will be dealt.

Mana Consumption: 1,000

Skill Cooldown Time: 15 minutes.


Iyarugt was combined with Failure.



Black sparks rose around Iyarugt.

A crescent shaped line was drawn.

It was a bisection.



Tiramet was slashed from the crown of the head to the crotch.

A total of 24 black rays gathered around him, making him unable to scream.

Grid moved and controlled everything.







He manipulated the direction by moving his fingers.

Of the 24 rays, only three managed to hit Tiramet.

The remaining 21 ceased to exist after the one second time limit.

‘Its too hard.

He couldnt adapt to the continuous command input.

It was complicated and the time was too short.

It wasnt something he could adapt to after one or two times.

‘If I knew, I wouldve gone to the game room more often when I was young…

He wasted his time sitting at a desk and studying.

In the corner of Grids field of view, the notification windows were being updated sequentially.


[You have dealt 1,229,112 damage to the target.]

[Health has been absorbed due to the option effect of Iyarugts Ring.]

[You have dealt 17,071 damage to the target.]

[You have dealt 17,071 damage to the target.]


[You have dealt 51,213 damage to the target.]

[The duration of Blacksmiths Rage is over.]

After Hell Sword, he followed it with the combo of Transcended Link, Linked Kill, Link, Kill, Pinnacle, and Revolve.

He even used Item Combination and Blackening.

At this point, Grid was betting on Tiramets end.

‘He shouldnt still be alive.

He used all his strength against Tiramet from the beginning.

He only had 33 mana left after using his strongest skills in succession.

What if Tiramet survived Grid would be forced on the defensive until the mana potions and skills cooldown ended.

But that wouldnt happen.

‘Hell Gao with one fire stone obtained wouldnt be able to withstand this combo…


Grids expression stiffened.

‘Why isnt he dead

He didnt receive any messages about Tiramets death, or the experience and items obtained.

Grid stayed alert.

“…Ahh, yes, yes.

This is why Elfin Stone suffered.”

Tiramet opened his mouth while his heath gauge was completely exhausted.

“Its because his body is weak, unlike me.”


Grid was baffled about why this guy didnt die.

Tiramets body was torn like a rag, but magic power rose around him like a rag.

“Among my siblings, I am weak in magic.

Unlike my other siblings, I cant use magic effectively.

But instead…”


Grids eyes widened.

It was because the black magic power around Tiramet completely restored his body.

“I have the ability to focus my magic power on regeneration.

Its the perfect immortality.”

Tiramet laughed, revealing pointed teeth.

“Now, lets start again.”


Tiramet took a fighting stance.

He was like a skillful martial artist.

Yes, it was a form that was reminiscent of Regas.

It reflected the will to not be caught by surprise anymore.

“For reference, I become stronger every time I half die and revive.”


Tiramet moved one foot and swung his fist, causing magic power and wind pressure to explode at the same time.

It was a combination of magic damage and physical damage.

‘This is a viscount

Apart from the tremendous attack power, his speed was also faster.

Grid called the God Hands and took an active defense.

It would be enough until the mana potions and skills cooldown ended.

But Tiramets stats were significantly higher than before.

It was difficult for Grid, who couldnt use a single skill.

Jjejeong! Jjeejeeeong!

As the number of Tiramets kicks and punches increased, the intervals at which the God Hands stiffened became shorter.

Grid realized that the God Hands would soon be neutralized.

‘It is bad for me.

In the case of Elfin Stone who used Blood Field, he was skilled in CC and magic, but his physical ability itself wasnt special.

Elfin Stone was unable to exert a great deal of force against Grid, who could neutralize CC and a few spells.

Tiramet was the opposite case.

He was a difficult opponent for Grid to take advantage of, since he depended on physical skills.

‘In the first place, his revival ability is ridiculous.

Grid was foolish to use the strongest skill combo to end it quickly.

If he hadnt grown, he wouldve fallen into disarray and chaos.



As Grid looked worse, Tiramets momentum rose.

The speed at which he wielded his fists and feet gradually rose.

Grid tried to block but there was no escape.

“Im not a viscount because Im weaker than Elfin Stone.

I just dont want to be annoyed by the responsibilities.”


Grid started relying on the Divine Shield.

Tiramet used the shield as a springboard and spun like a drill as he fell.

The magic power concentrated on his toes caused a tornado, causing the area to be affected by the aftermath of the intense aura.

‘Its no use.

Grid judged and took evasive action, but it was impossible to escape from Tiramet.

It was because the duration of Quick Movements was over.

“Hahahahat! Yes, you humans are best suited to being on the ground!”

Tiramets feet crushed Grids shoulders.



Grid let out a terrible scream.

Tiramet grabbed Grids head and whispered in a grim voice.

“I will break you from now on.”


Tiremets knee struck Grids face.


The second blow.


Three blows in a row.

Yura screamed as blood scattered from Grids head.



[Mana has been consumed to refine theExtinction Bullet.]

[Your magic gun doesnt support rifle mode.

There is a very high probability of a misfire.]

[The Extinction Bullet has failed to launch properly.]

[The durability of the Emilfa Magic Gun has fallen by 95.

It might be destroyed.]

[Mana has been consumed to use theVindictive Sword.]

[Your magic gun doesnt support bayonet mode.

There is a very high probability that Vindictive Sword wont manifest.]

[Vindictive Sword has failed to be activated.]

[The durability of the Emilfa Magic Sword has fallen to 0 and it has been destroyed!]

[Destroyed items cant be recovered!]

Demon Slayer Yura was still unable to exert her full strength.

Was it because she failed to complete her class quest Thats right.

Was it because her stats hadnt gone through the third awakening That was also right.

But the most important reason was that her magic weapon was only level 180.

A magic engineering gun.

For convenience, the magic gun was a weapon that could only be produced at an alchemists facility.

In fact, magic guns produced by the alchemy facilities were merely unfinished products.

Human alchemists only grasped the approximately working principles of a magic gun, but they didnt yet understand the exact structure.

The true magic guns that supported pistol mode, rifle mode, and bayonet mode could only be made by dwarves.

However, Yura was blocked from proceeding with her class quest and was unable to enter the dwarf city of Talima.


The only man who stirred her heart.

Yura felt grief about not being able to do anything, despite him being trampled on.

Yuras chest ached.

‘Why are you doing this for me

Why did he have to sacrifice himself She felt sorry for Grid and hated her own helplessness.

‘I have to save him somehow.

She tried to use her strongest skills, only for her weapon to be destroyed.

Yura urgently armed herself with her secondary weapon, the level 120 Rianfa Magic Gun, and rushed to Tiramet.

She felt gratitude and guilt to Grid, as well as her own pride.

The combination of emotions linked together to make her behave that way.

“You have forgotten your opponent…!”

Stop! Yura shouted at Tiramet and pointed the muzzle, only to stop.

It was because she heard Grids voice.


Im okay.”


The voice was too good for a dying person caught by Tiramet.

His voice came from a strange location.

Tiramet jumped with surprise.

“A fake”

Thats right.

The Grid beaten up by Tiramet was Randy, not the real body.

Grid fell from above Tiramets head.

It was the moment when Randys new skill, after achieving level 200 in the Behen Archipelago,Change position with the copied target was used to great effect.

“These people swapped…!”




Tiramet cried out with pain after Iyarugts head was pierced.

However, it was too much to say that Grid would win.

Grid was still lacking mana and the cooldown of other skills hadnt come back in full.


‘What if I pour everything into it and he doesnt die

It was the worst.

Then it would really be over.

‘There is the possibility that the boss cant be defeated until certain conditions are met.

Grid suggested to Yura.

“Lets run away.”

But Yuras opinion was different.

She felt relief when she realized that Grid was safe, and regained her cool head.

She figured out a way to kill Tiramet with her brains.

“There is a wound where he was hit by a former Demon Slayer.”

Why didnt the wound heal despite her overwhelming regenerative power The answer was likely to be in the class called Demon Slayer.

“Maybe Im the only one who can kill him.”

It was a rational judgment.

Someone clapped at her judgment.

It was Sticks.

He was watching the battle from outside the area and he grinned at Yura.

“Its the correct conclusion.”


It was the first time that Yura had seen an elf.

She was confused for a while and realized.

“Grid, did you manage to come here with his help”

Grid nodded.

“Thats right.

The hidden sage, Sticks.”

Sticks handed a small box to Yura.

“This is the gun that Alex used in his youth.”


A former Demon Slayer and a man who was a close friend of Sticks.

Grid, who was barely maintaining his composure, snapped out.

“You dont have any items that Pagma used in his youth”

“No, I wasnt close to Pagma.”

Sticks replied firmly.

Grid thought it was unfair.


Damian, who had been staying in Reidan for a month.

He was having a lot of fun.

Was he watching the construction process of the temple That was secondary.

Lord Steim.

It was a lot of fun to play with Grids son.

“You already understand the principles to manifesting divine power.

Lord isnt just a genius, but a super genius.”


Lord nodded proudly as a warm ray of light poured out from his fingertips.

It was a feeble light, but considering that he had only be training for a month, Lord really was a genius.

He understood whatever was taught, so Damian felt a sense of fulfillment.

“You can use divine power to protect your friends and easily deal with demonkin.

For example, the vampires.”

Damian was intent on teaching Lord.

Kasim and the Silver Dragons assassins hiding in the darkness were guarding Lords back.


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