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Chapter 368

“G-Grid has 92 points!”

[You have set a new record in Patrians reserve forces training Archery Test!]

[Your understanding of archery, the bow, and arrows is higher than your ability.]

[An ability correction will be applied to the hidden compensation.]

[The normal skillBow Mastery has been acquired.]

[Bow Mastery]

Beginner: Lv.1

You can handle all types of bows.

When equipped with a bow, attack power and hit rate will increase by 4%, and the probability of a critical hit will increase in proportion to agility.

Current Critical Hit Probability Increase: 0%.

‘Bow Mastery!

An archer had been described many times as a class that exerted a unique physical attack power.

The reason It was thanks to the Bow Mastery skill.

Bow Mastery had the highest attack and accuracy rate of all masteries, and was the source of an archers power.

‘I never thought I would get Bow Mastery.

Grid was strong at a distance because he had Pagmas Swordsmanship, Transcend, and Transcended Link, as well as Magic Missile.

But that was a story when he had enough mana.

The skill cooldown time was also a problem.

‘On the other hand, a bow guarantees steady attacks if there are enough arrows.

Grid referred to Piaros stats distribution when increasing his agility.

For him, Bow Mastery was a very good passive skill.

‘If I can get Weapons Mastery as well…

The foundation for further strengthening would be completed.

Grids body shivered as he thought about it.


The stats of the level 23 Grid were a mess, but the level of the reserve troops participating in the training were only level 20.

Grid was at the top of the rankings and won in the sparring.

He completely overpowered his opponent.

“The top graduate, Grid!”

Clap clap clap!

The training graduation ceremony.

Instructor Kaesul called out his name and the assistants and reservists clapped.

Grid had shown enough during the training to be respected by everyone.

‘Not Pagmas Descendant…

‘Shin Youngwoo was the one acknowledged.

He was beyond thrilled by his own growth.

Grid smiled and walked up to the stage.


[You have taken the top position in the training of Patrians reserve forces!]

[You have obtained the first prizeSenior Reserve Forces Citation.]

[Senior Reserve Forces Citation]

You have become the role model for the Patrian reservists.

I want to thank you for your enthusiasm during training.

-Earl Ashur-


Surely that wasnt it Grid was expecting more from the compensation, so confusion filled his face.

Instructor Kaesul smiled at him and said.

“It is an honor to receive a citation from Earl Ashur, lord of Patrian, and a great magician of the continent.

It is an heirloom that can be passed on to your descendants.”

“This nonsense… There isnt a separate compensation”

The moment that Grid asked this question.

[Mission success!]

[You have cleared the 31st island.]

[You have acquired 600 challenger points for the mission success.]

[Your level has returned to normal.]

[The skills Spear Shot, Continuous Stab, and Bow Mastery have been acquired.]


The fortified city of Patrien, Instructor Kaesul, the assistants, and the reservists.

The perfect reproduction of the 31st island scattered like a mirage.

Grid was left alone.

He changed his mind about tearing up Earl Ashurs citation and throwing it away.

“…It isnt bad to keep it as a memento.”

It was the first award he received in his life.

His personal feelings towards Earl Ashur had already been resolved to a certain extent, so Grid placed the citation on one side of his inventory.


Reidan went through a big change while Grid was away.

First of all, the monsters around the yellow mithril mine dried up.

It was thanks to the great success of the knights who raised their level in Winston and returned.

Reidan was now able to extract the yellow mithril in earnest.

The yellow mithril caused a remarkable growth in the alchemy technology of Reidan, thanks to the fairy dust.

It finally reached a level where alchemy could be combined with blacksmithing.

Secondly, the magical talents of theUl Clan that Grid rescued from the empire had blossomed from the steady education.

Reidan now had 930 magicians.

Among them was Princess Hwarin of the Ul Clan, whose ability was unrivalled.

The unique rated passive skill,partys magic power increased by 30% was a treasure for the magicians.

Thirdly, the farming area of Reidan extended to the Altes Mountains.

This would increase food production by three times.

Lauel was confused,There is a limited number of farmers, so how has Piaro developed agriculture to this degree Surely he didnt do all that work alone

Lauel wasnt yet aware that Aura Master Hurent and Pet Master Nyangmong were being held by Piaro.

Fourthly, a Rebecca Temple started to be built under Pope Damians authority.

The Rebecca Temple would give a big blessing to the city and foster healers, so the population of Reidan would increase dramatically.

Fifthly, the Rebeccas Daughters candidates brought by Damian were incorporated into Reidan.

Piaro trained them to become the best farmers in the future.

No, they were going to be the paladin unit.

Lauel was worried about the fifth point.

“Is this too excessive”

Rebeccas Daughters were the absolute force of the Rebecca Church.

It wasnt an exaggeration to say that without Rebeccas Daughters, there would be no Rebecca Church.

The Rebecca Church wouldnt be convinced by Damians compassion for the candidates.

“You might get kicked out of the pope position before you can finish your term.

Your tenure needs to last in order to help Grid.”

The power of the pope was mighty.

It was best to aim for remaining pope for the rest of his life.

However, Damian might lose his position just because of a few girls.

Lauel felt like he was stupid.

But Damian was stubborn.

“The reason I became pope was because I hoped a second Isabel, Rin and Luna wouldnt be born.

You cant imagine it.

The pain of the young girls who are stuck in a facility, undergoing constant brainwashing and hard training… Being used as a weapon for all their lives, it isnt possible for me to tell you how harsh it is.”


Lauel was someone who would use and slaughter players to achieve his goal.

He couldnt understand Damian, who empathized with NPCs.

But he tried to understand.

Grid was close to NPCs like Irene, and had a child called Lord.

Lauel had a duty to take into account Damians heart.

“…To be honest, I still dont understand you and Grid.

However, I respect it.

I will find a way to solidify your position that will be shaken by this incident.”

Damians nervous face relaxed.

“Thank you!”

‘Contact with the vampire cities has been disconnected and the work I have to worry about is growing. Lauels dark circles thickened.


All the islands in the 30s reproduced the challengers past trials.

Situations where the challenger died a lot or failed a quest many times appeared sequentially.

The rankers were armed with excellent talents and skills.

For those who didnt play an easy game, the islands in the 30s were a disaster.

But Grid was different.

The trials that Grid suffered in the past, he could now easily overcome.

[You have entered the 40th island.]

[This is a save point.

Do you want to save your position]

[You have been registered.

When you enter the Behen Archipelago later on, you will start from the 40th island.]

“That is amazing.

Its really wonderful.”

Sticks kept praising Grid.

He wasnt able to overcome his trials, and he was impressed by the fact that Grid grew in real time.

“Whats the big deal about catching orcs and goblins”

Grid responded with a smile and checked the time.

‘I should rest for a while.

A total of one month had passed since he entered the Behen Archipelago.

It took longer than expected, so Grid needed to manage his stamina.

After six hours of game connection, he adjusted his condition by logging out, eating, and exercising.


‘The harvest that I obtained from the islands in the 30s is great.

Apart from Spear Shot, Continuous Strike, and Bow Mastery, he gained 7 strength and stamina, as well as 5 agility and intelligence.

The rewards earned from the quest were cumulative, demonstrating the effect of two elixirs.

What were the rewards waiting for him on the remaining islands

Behen Archipelago.

There was no place more appropriate for growth.

‘It would be good to use it as a training place for the guild members before it is cleansed.

The Tzedakah Guild, Yura, and Peak Sword were skilled enough to reach the 20th island.

If they could collect a few elixirs with the challenger points, Overgeared would become even stronger.


Shin Youngwoo was thinking about this when a message arrived on his phone.

–A mail has arrived.

‘Is it the periodic report from Lauel

Youngwoo stopped running and opened the mail.

The third week of September.

The alchemy facility has successfully studied yellow mithril, producing fairy dust.

* As soon as Grid returns, be prepared to try a fusion of alchemy and blacksmithing techniques.

A magic unit has been constructed around Princess Hwarin of the Ul Clan.

Piaro has expanded the farming area.

It is now the 24th day of Satisfy time since the vampire expedition entered the 9th city.

I have lost touch with them.


Youngwoos expression hardened as he read the contents of the mail.

Marie Rose.

The name of a transcendent being penetrated his mind.

‘It cant be…!

Youngwoo rushed back along the jogging course he had just run.

He was breathing roughly, but didnt easily collapse.


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