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Chapter 359

[You have cleared the ninth island.]

[You have acquired 24 challenger points for the mission success.]

\'I have a total of 102 points.\'

Grid reached the ninth island at a fast pace and was still okay.

There were no signs of exhaustion at all. It was natural. He didn\'t get tired because it wasn\'t hard for him.

It\'s easier than expected.

To be honest, Grid felt deflated.

But he didn\'t become overconfident. Wasn\'t the Behen Archipelago the place that caused difficulty for Kraugel

\'The difficulty is likely to rise exponentially over the next few islands.

Grid thought this and controlled his heart. He didn\'t know.

The endless monsters on the first island, the hidden keys on the second island, capturing the escaped fox mice on the third island, swallowing the raging fire on the fourth island, surviving the blizzard on the fifth island, passing through the poisonous sixth island, the seventh and eighth islands where the strong boss monsters appeared…

And the ninth island that he just cleared…

From a general point of view, they weren\'t easy. Grid was the only person who felt like the hell islands were easy. Even Kraugel suffered on the first and second islands.

[Do you want to enter the 10th island]


Grid was sucked into the gate.


The 2nd National Competition was to be held in Paris in around two months.

Thanks to that, the employees of the S.A.

Group were constantly busy.

They ate rice and frequently worked overtime, so they couldn\'t stay healthy. They had to coordinate the details before the opening of the global festival.

Hah, it\'s hard.

Even Chairman Lim Cheolho, who was more passionate than anyone, was sick. As soon as he returned from Paris, he sat down in his massage chair at work.

I\'m too old.

No matter how much I manage myself, I quickly become exhausted.

Kkuok. Kkuok. 

The massage chair worked on his shoulders and back, giving a very good effect. Chairman Lim Cheolho properly recovered from his fatigue and asked the supercomputer Morpheus.

“Did anything happen to them

Them. They were the five miracles, including Grid and Kraugel. They were people who repeatedly caused results that even Morpheus couldn\'t predict. Chairman Lim Cheolho watched the five of them with interest.

Before leaving for Paris, he asked Morpheus to monitor them. Morpheus reported with a mechanical voice.

[Kraugel and Grid confronted each other, while Agnus encountered Braham\'s soul.

The other two are just raising their level.]


Lim Cheolho doubted his ears. His focus wasn\'t on the part about Agnus and Braham. The meeting between the two of them was scheduled, so there was nothing special about it. On the other hand, Kraugel and Grid were different.

What did you say just now Kraugel and Grid fought Why

[Kraugel visited Reidan after acquiring the Sword Saint quest.]

Hah…! He has the Sword Saint quest already!

Kraugel was really amazing. As a player, he was perfect without lacking anything.

No, his perfection could be described as transcendental.

That\'s why even the supercomputer Morpheus couldn\'t predict all his actions.

He will safely become a sword saint.

It would be easy for him to deal with the relatively weaker Grid. 

Sword saint.  The most powerful battle focused class. In the future, how much stronger would Kraugel become Chairman Lim Cheolho\'s expectations were amplified. Morpheus spoke unexpected words.

[Kraugel failed to obtain the sword saint class.] 

Lim Cheolho\'s eyes widened with surprise.

It can\'t be… Surely he didn\'t lose to Grid

Chairman Lim Cheolho knew better than anyone how great Grid\'s power was. It wasn\'t an exaggeration. Lim Cheolho evaluated Grid higher than Grid did himself. But Kraugel was different.  In particular, he was an overwhelming presence in PvP.

Apart from Agnus, there was no player who could win against Kraugel in a one-on-one match.

Morpheus explained to the confused Lim Cheolho.

[Kraugel was incomplete.

The cooldown time of an important skill hadn\'t recovered yet, and his equipment was damaged, so he didn\'t wear all of them against Grid.

As a result, Grid\'s odds increased from 21.13% to 54.98%.]

Grid\'s odds were so high from the beginning

[I analyzed the skill tree, items possessed and accumulated battle data of both people, but I can\'t be sure it is accurate.

Kraugel has made my analysis meaningless 185 times and Grid 13 times.]

That was why they were called miraculous beings. A smile appeared on Lim Cheolho\'s face and he laughed loudly.

‘Today is chicken and beer.\'

Lim Cheolho decided to have chicken and beer while watching footage of the match between Kraugel and Grid. He was the one with the most assets in the world.


[You have entered the tenth island.]

It was a room rather than an island. The floor, walls, and ceiling were painted white, and the size of the empty room couldn\'t be measured. It was hard to get a sense of the distance. Grid frowned as he looked around.

“What\'s this”

There were white pointed pillars rising from the ground. They were thin metal poles around 5cm wide and 2m long.

There are hundreds… No, thousands

What was the identity of this pillars A notification window popped up in front of Grid.

[A mission will be created.]

[Tenth Island]

Avoid the lightning that will pour down like rain!

The lightning can\'t be defended against by any means.

You can only evade.

Mission Success Conditions: Reach the gate for the eleventh island.

First Clear Reward: 30 Challenger Points.

* You will instantly die if hit by a lightning strike.

[The mission will start 30 minutes from now.]

[The ceiling is opened.]


Then a roar was heard from above. He looked up and saw the sky that was revealed by the opened ceiling. It was a sky full of dark clouds.

\'A lightning storm that can\'t be defended against.\'

The lightning storm that would cause instant death would come pouring down. Considering the speed of the lightning, it was a mission that couldn\'t be cleared. Only people with excellent control abilities could.

For example, people like Kraugel, Regas, and Faker.

“The difficulty is growing.

Grid finally became nervous. As he was worrying about what to do, he became interested in the pillars that appeared everywhere.

\'They wouldn\'t be here for no reason.\'

Identifying the use of the pillars was a priority. Grid approached the pillar closest to him and used a skill.

Legendary Blacksmith\'s Appraisal.

[The Legendary Blacksmith\'s Appraisal skill has been used.]

[The blacksmith who became a legend can appraise items with an excellent discerning eye.

If a hidden feature exists in the target item, it will be found.]


[Lightning Rod]

Durability: 1/20

A metal rod with a pointed end that attracts and absorbs lightning.

The durability is weak because it is severely damaged.

It will immediately turn to ashes from one lightning strike.

Weight: 3

[A hidden function doesn\'t exist.]

[Your understanding of the Lightning Rod is now 100%.]

[The \'Lightning Rod\' production method has been acquired.]

Ah, a lightning rod.

I have to use this to avoid the lightning.

Grid grasped the identity of the rods and looked more closely. The distance between lightning rods was around 15m on average. People had to properly utilize their dashing skills to use the lightning rod and avoid the lightning.

\'Can I do it\'

Grid wasn\'t in a position to do it with his control skills. He worried for a while before coming up with an idea.

\'It\'s really good that I made this.\'

The item that Grid took from his inventory was the Portable Furnace that he created.


The number of players who had challenged the Behen Archipelago was exactly 990 so far. More than half of them were high rankers who dropped out at the first and second islands.

Only 392 people reached the tenth island.

Of those 392 people, only 65 passed the tenth island. The degree of difficulty of the tenth island was incomparable.

Heok… Heok…

Sweat flowed down Sticks\' jaw as he sat on the ground. The burden on his heart was very painful. He took a deep breath and turned his gaze towards the magic ball again.

“He really won\'t pass here.

This person stimulated his bad heart, so Sticks couldn\'t help giving him a bad evaluation. Sticks could clearly see that the black haired man had a strange ability, but the tenth island was a place where only people with divine control skills could pass.

\'It means he can no longer depend on artifacts.\'

Could that man move 2,000 meters while avoiding lightning that fell three or four times per second Sticks believed it was impossible. It wasn’t a baseless idea. Unfortunately, that black haired man didn\'t seem to be able to perfectly control his excellent body.

Ordinary movements will never… Huh

Sticks murmured with confusion. In the middle of the magic space, the man pulled out a portable furnace and started lighting it with the bellows

What is it this time

There was no \'portable blast furnace\' in Sticks\' wisdom. A furnace couldn\'t be easily handled unless the person was a blacksmith.

In the first place…

Why bring out a furnace in this situation

\'Is he crazy\'

No, it was a problem because he wasn\'t crazy. Sticks\' confusion increased as the black haired man raised the temperature of the furnace and started to smelt the iron ore.


Sticks had a large amount of knowledge as a sage. So he was forced to feel astonished.

What That smelting skill

The black haired man exerted a tremendous smelting skill that completely destroyed the concept of \'smelting\' that existed in Sticks\' knowledge. The iron was instantly melted and purified.

“A legendary blacksmith…!

He seemed like a magician when shooting magic, a warrior when wielding the sword, a person with a lot of artifacts, and a thief who could easily open solid locks. Now he was also like a blacksmith.

What\'s your identity

A question mark appeared over Sticks\' head.

Ttang! Ttang!

The mysterious man finished smelting the iron and started hammering it. Soon after that…

Lightning rod

That\'s right. A metal rod, similar to the lightning rods rising from the ground of the tenth island, was born in the hands of the black haired man. However, the size was significant. It was a huge 7m in length.


Sticks was no longer surprised.

No, he tried not to be surprised.

He was afraid that his heart pain would occur again.

Kururung! Kurururung.

Suddenly, a heavy rain of lightning started. The black haired man was safe. It was thanks to the floating golden hands that carried the large lightning rod. The man moved like a noble covered by the umbrella his retinue was holding as he moved through the island.

Uh… Urghh…

In the end, Sticks was surprised and he grabbed his chest as he collapsed. It didn\'t match the appearance of the imposing Grid.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 360

The 31 year old Kim Doohyun.

Korea\'s top star had an outstanding appearance and a proven performance in Hollywood. Despite his busy schedule, he steadily played Satisfy and finally arrived at the desert city of Reidan.

“How exciting.

Kim Doohyun, who only just reached level 197, \'Nyangmong\' was deeply moved. It was hard to cross the scorching desert that contained powerful monsters.

\'If I was a normal class user, I would\'ve never been able to make it through the desert.\'

Nyangmong was a pet master. As a unique class, he possessed useful skills and it couldn\'t be denied that he was a master of solo play.

An average person could have three pets, but he could have nine.

He could even temporarily make monsters friendly, so the monsters in the desert might be strong, but they couldn\'t block his way.

However, they were nothing in front of some farmers.

\'It is immensely large.\'

Outside Reidan. Vast rice fields stretched out from the outer walls into the horizon.

\'Grid is the owner of this big city.

A duke\'s authority is beyond my imagination.\'

Indeed, there was something admirable about someone who was the best in their field. He could feel how great Grid truly was.

\'He must\'ve worked hard in order to climb up to his present place.\'

Nyangmong had also undergone countless trials in order to become a top star.

Therefore, he had a shallow idea of Grid\'s life. Grid might be younger than him, but it was respectable, regardless of age.

Step, step.

His footsteps were light as he walked through the rice fields. He hummed as he thought about soon being able to meet Noe. A farmer blocked his cheerful humming.

“Who are you”

Nyangmong was just walking along.

He couldn\'t think of anything in his behavior that would\'ve caused wariness. Then why was this person blocking the road Nyangmong was confused by the farmer\'s question.

“I am called Nyangmong…

The farmer closely observed Nyangmong. To be precise, he looked at the nine pets following Nyangmong. It was surprising that the various pets were showing absolute loyalty and affection towards Nyangmong.

“I covet your talent.

The giant oaks can be used for farming.

Farming It was strange that a farmer would say that to someone passing by. That\'s right. Nyangmong didn\'t know about the crazy farmer of Reidan. He had a busy schedule and played Satisy whenever he was free, so he couldn\'t watch TV.

“I\'m not a farmer.

Please open the path.

I have to go to Reidan.

You aren\'t permitted to enter Reidan without my permission.

Why Are you the owner of this land

“The owner of this land is Duke Grid.

“Then why should I get your permission

“It\'s my heart.”

\'Is he crazy\'

Nyangmong seriously felt doubts. He felt like there was nothing good about the farmer in front of him. The farmer caught up to him while he was trying to run away.

After a while. Nyangmong and his lovely nine pets were brutally destroyed by the farmer. From Nyangmong\'s standpoint, it was truly absurd and unreasonable.

–G-Grid, I finally arrived in Reidan.

But I was caught by a mad farmer and forced to become a serf. Help me…

[The other person is in a place where they can\'t receive whispers.]

–Ruby, help me…

[The other person isn\'t connected to the game.]


Follow me.

It was the day when the professional cattle man was born in Reidan. As a unique class, his abilities were excellent. Reidan\'s agriculture was becoming stronger day by day. Nyangmong also became stronger. He was still inadequate to join Overgeared, but he grew rapidly thanks to the \'Hidden Quest Fun and Exciting Training!\' 


[You have entered the 11th island.]

He disabled the lightning storm by making a huge lightning rod. Grid broke through the notorious tenth island in a smart manner, but he was still restless.

\'Other blacksmiths could\'ve come up with the same idea as me.\'

He wasn\'t special. He repeated that painful truth many times. But it was also encouraging. He had managed to think about a way to break through compared to the old days when he couldn\'t think of ideas by himself.

\'Yes, let\'s grow slowly.\'

Grid\'s eyes filled with an emotion he didn\'t have in the past. It was a phenomenon where he became aware of his lack of talent and tried to become wiser.

\'Somehow, my head is clear.\'

It was the moment when his way of thinking started to expand. Now Grid was evolving. It wasn\'t a cataclysmic thing. It was the fruit of his steady progress over the past two years as Pagma\'s Descendant.

Was this impossible No, it was possible. Grid wasn\'t dull-witted. Every human was able to broaden their thoughts and knowledge through learning, experience, and self-reflection. Grid was the same.

That reminds me.

Was it because his thinking ability was higher than before Grid had a new question.

\'What\'s on the last island\'

The reason why Grid visited the Behen Archipelago was to meet Sage Sticks, but the ultimate content of the archipelago wasn\'t Sticks. Sticks was located on the 25~29th islands. Not the last island. 

In other words, what was on the 66th island and why did the Behen Archipelago called them \'challengers\' With the benefit of hindsight, he noticed the name \'Challenger Point.\'

“It\'s a question that can be resolved when I meet Sticks.

It was foolish to waste his thoughts on meaningless things that he couldn\'t figure out alone. Once he met Sticks, he would obtain the way to the East Continent was well as figure out what was on the 66th island. He should directly ask Sticks any questions he had.

A notification window popped up in front of Grid.

[A mission will be created.]

[11th Island]

Defeat the lizardwoman!

First Clear Reward: 36 Challenger Points.

[The mission will start 30 minutes from now.]

Lizardwoman. The lizardwoman was the boss monster that lizardmen served, and her value was quite high. The reason was that she dropped the Pink Leather necessary for making the finest leather armor.


Grid had a chance to raid the lizardwoman, which was difficult to see easily, but he didn\'t show much inspiration. Was it because he didn\'t know the value of pink leather No, that wasn\'t it. Grid also knew about the value of the pink leather.

He\'d even dealt with it directly.

Every time Faker asked Grid to make him an item, pink leather was needed.

The reason why Grid didn\'t show any inspiration was because based on previous experience, the monsters of the Behen Archipelago didn\'t drop any items. That\'s right. The monsters that emerged on the Behen Archipelago was merely a collection of experience.

It was disappointing, but Grid didn\'t mind. The reason he first visited the Behen Archipelago wasn\'t to obtain items, but to meet Sticks. He just had to move forward.

Grid used Fly and observed the location of the lizardmen village from the sky. It was a large village with 207 huts that could accommodate a few lizardmen at once. Grid was able to roughly guess the number of lizardmen, and he continued to observe the village to point out the important areas.

\'There are three ponds.\'

He calculated all the variables involved in hunting a powerful lizardwoman and a large number of lizardmen.

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang!

Grid moved hastily to take advantage of his 30 minute preparation time, taking out his blast furnace and smelting iron. He made a large iron plate that was over 20m in diameter. An ordinary blacksmith would need several hours to spread the iron so much. But Grid was a legendary blacksmith.

He even had the four God Hands.

Ttang! Ttang!

Grid and the God Hands hammered at the iron plate. After a while, he completed three iron plates and moved to the lizardman\'s village again. His timing was perfect as the notification window popped up.

[The mission has started!]

At the same time, lizardmen popped out of the 297 huts.

There was close to 1,000 of them. Grid witnessed the sight and shouted.

Noe, Randy! Help the God Hands cover the pond with these plates! I will cover you!

I understand, Grid.

Nyahahat! Master, believe in me! Nyang!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Pagma\'s Swordsmanship, Transcend flew towards the lizardmen on the path towards the pond. Some of the lizardmen hurriedly raised their shields to save their lives, but others were sliced apart.



The screams of the lizardmen filled the village as blood splattered. But there were too many lizardmen. Grid didn\'t rest as he wielded his two greatswords, but the number of enemies didn\'t decrease.


The lizardmen narrowed the distance to Grid, who kept attacking.


The God Hands, Noe, and Randy finally blocked the three ponds with the iron plates.


The lizardmen were amazed by the sound of iron plates falling. The ponds that amplified their strengths were hidden. That\'s right. The lizardmen were monsters who received stat bonuses from water.

Pagma\'s Swordsmanship.

Grid was reminded of this trait when observing the village, and covered all the ponds in the village with the iron plates.

Transcended Link!



The level of the lizardmen warriors living in the same village as the lizardwoman was quite high at 230. But they didn\'t receive any stat bonuses, making it hard to endure Grid\'s attacks.

Their shields were also useless. Grid used his most powerful skills with the 8 Grid\'s Greatsword, before handing it to the God Hands.

Then he took out Iyarugt and cut at the lizardmen with Noe and Randy.


The lizardwoman grasped the situation and came out with a roar. She was quite strong as a level 300 field boss, but it was lacking compared to Hell Gao and Elfin Stone, and Grid was stronger than ever.

The 11th island was easily cleared and Grid continued up to the 20th island. However, the 20th island was different. Thousands of eyes floated in a huge circle in the sky like a sun, watching Grid.

He couldn\'t help gulping at the sight.


Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

Chapter 361

[You have entered the 20th island.]

Heok… Heok…

Grid\'s complexion was haggard as he gasped for breath. It was natural. He\'d spent a total of 45 hours and 19 minutes breaking through 19 islands.  It meant more than 15 hours in real time. Connecting to virtual reality for 15 hours a day wasn\'t easy. The physiological needs were a basic problem, and he also consumed a lot of mental and physical power.

\'Since the 11th island, I wasted a lot of time.\'

The 11th to 19th islands were hunting or raid missions.

It inevitably took a long time, causing Grid\'s exhaustion to sharply rise.

‘I\'d rather finish this off today.\'

There was no time limit to the Behen Archipelago. There was no reason to endanger himself by being impatient. His level had risen to 306 and Grid was about to log out when he suddenly stopped.


A huge shadow from the sky started to darken the surface of the island.

It seemed like night time.


Grid looked up and was shocked. A huge circle was hiding the sun. It was a circle made of tens of thousands of eyes.


Grid frowned with disgust.

He had to swallow to push down his urge to vomit. The appearance of the circle was that bizarre. There were countless things like blood vessels on the surface that squirmed as the eyes blinked. The bloated eyeballs stimulated human fear and disgust to the limit.

What was this mission The familiar notification window rose up as Grid ignored the eyes.

[A mission will be created.]

[20th Island]

Avoid the gaze of the hell moon!

First Clear Reward: 130 Challenger Points.

[The mission will start 30 minutes from now.]

\'Hell moon\'

The hell moon looked like this


Grid had experience with visiting hell. The hell that he saw was nothing like the human world. It was hard to believe that such a terrible moon would appear.

\'But who knows I went to hell during the day.\'

It was disgusting to see. However, it was imperative to observe the target in order to understand the purpose of the mission. It happened when Grid was looking up at the hell moon.

[A helper fairy has appeared.]

A system that didn\'t exist until after the 19th island was launched.

“Hello Challenger.

Was it a height of 50cm A little male fairy appeared in a burst of light and greeted him. His behavior and tone were extremely polite, but his expression was full of playfulness.

Who are you

The fairy explained to the confused Grid.

“I am Bini, a fairy of love and justice, who has been asked by Sage Sticks to help the challengers.

“Sticks asked you

“Yes, Sticks is anxiously waiting for a great challenger who can defeat the Behen Archipelago.

“Hoping for…

Grid thought that the trials that existed on each island were Sticks\' work. He thought it was to prove the qualifications of \'those who wanted to go to the East Continent.\' Now he realized he was mistaken.

If it isn\'t Sticks, who made all the trials for each island

“I don\'t know.

It was like this from the beginning.

What is on the last island

“I don\'t know that either.

You can ask Sticks if you meet him.

“…I thought you were a helper fairy.

You aren\'t very helpful.

“Nope, I\'m sure that I will help.

My role is to help the challengers overcome the trials.

Then why didn\'t you appear earlier

“I can\'t help the rabble! I only help the challengers who have reached the 20th island by themselves! So please pay attention to me from now on!

Bini took out glasses and started to explain.

In order to escape the 20th island, you have to avoid the hell moon\'s gaze.

There is a theory that the hell moon has 66,666 eyes.

There is no place on this island where the hell moon\'s eyes can\'t reach.

Then how do I escape it

“Pretend that you aren\'t a person.


Pretend that he wasn\'t a person


Grid was baffled by the ridiculous command when he recalled Blackening.

“What if I turn into a demon

“Wow, a challenger has the power of Blackening Indeed, you\'re someone who managed to get here! But unfortunately, that is wrong.

It isn\'t the right answer.

The hell moon is hostile to all living creatures.

“Then from the beginning, it\'s creatures.

“Challenger is a human, so I tried to explain it from your eye level.


So how do I pretend to not be a creature


The hell moon doesn\'t recognize any stopped being as a creature.

Just stop when the hell moon\'s eyes are open.

And exactly once every five seconds, you have to slowly move one step while all of the hell moon\'s eyes are closed.

\'Is it like Red Light Green Light\'

Grid was reminded of a familiar game as he looked over the island. Then he frowned. The size of the island was considerable.

It seemed to be two or three times the size of Yeouido.

Moving one step every five seconds… Where is my destination

Grid\'s voice trembled as he asked.

Bini replied with a large grin, To the other end of the island.

The gate to the next island is there.


If a person\'s thinking power increased, would their personality change That wasn\'t the case. He might be developing, but this expansion of thinking power didn\'t change his essential nature.

Are you crazy

Grid eventually revealed his true nature as he grabbed the diaper Bini was wearing. Bini was very embarrassed because half of his butt was exposed.

“What are you doing!

Bini shivered as as Grid\'s face came close to his.

Your method of helping me is to tell me that moving one step every five seconds is the best way to make it past this island Rather than giving me help, you are just making fun of me.

He couldn\'t imagine how many days it would take to make it to the other end of the island using Bini\'s method.

In the first place, it was doubtful if he could maintain his concentration and patience.

‘It\'s the worst if I have to stop when a monster is attacking.\'

Bini hurriedly explained to the furious Grid.

12 hours! In 12 hours, the sun will come up! Once the sun rises, the hell moon will hide itself!

“I can only move one step every five seconds during the night, but I can act freely during the day

“That’s right! Move during the day and fight with the hell moon at night! You only have to suffer for a few days! It will be difficult with sleep deprivation, but it\'s possible!

\'The difficulty is too high.\'

It was the moment he admired Kraugel, who reached the 30th island. 

\'Wait… Could I use that’

Grid released the diaper as he had a wonderful thought. The second item that he created after Failure. Could he take advantage of it

“Does the hell moon rely on senses other than sight


I have never heard of that.

Sticks was probably watching right now…

Tears of shame came to Bini\'s eyes as he answered.

Is that so

A dark smile appeared on Grid\'s face. He came up with a way to avoid the eyes of the hell moon. But now wasn\'t the time. He needed time to rest, both physically and mentally.

Log out.


“Ah, so good.

A restful night\'s sleep felt good. Youngwoo stretched as he went out to the living room, where he saw Sehee.

“I got a call from Team Leader Do Minjun.

Team Leader Do Minjun

She was a young elite of Saint Constructions. Saint Constructions. It was that best construction company that didn\'t belong to any big corporations, and it was ranked 5th in South Korea. It was also the construction company responsible for the construction of Youngwoo\'s 10 billion won building.

What did Team Leader Do Minjun want

“It was an interim report about how the construction is going well.

She told Oppa to come visit the site.

It is the first time that a client hasn\'t visited their own building.

“Where can I find the time to go there I\'m too busy playing the game.”

“Shin Youngwoo, you are very trusting of people these days.

In the old days, you would\'ve thought they did a bad job since you can\'t see them.

You would\'ve monitored the construction site 24 hours a day.

Isn\'t Saint Constructions doing the work in my name In addition, it was a company recommended by Yura.

Well, I don\'t care.

Sehee, do you want to go with our parents

Yes, understood.

Originally, Sehee thought of her brother as an object to be cared for. But that had changed. Now she trusted and followed her brother.

Her brother\'s words and behavior were increasing.

Why did she trust her brother Was it because her brother was earning a lot of money Or because he was a celebrity It wasn\'t for such petty reasons. It was because Youngwoo\'s nature itself had changed.

“Kraugel, isn\'t he an unbelievably great guy when I searched on the Internet

He isn\'t just at the level of being great.

Aren\'t you excited about winning over such a man

There are no grounds for it.

I probably would\'ve lost if he and I fought under the same conditions.


He was now equipped with humility Sehee gave a bittersweet smile as she saw her brother\'s deep eyes.

\'Why is he changing every day\'

Her brother was growing everyday, but Sehee didn\'t feel good.

It felt like her brother was becoming more and more distant. However, she was also proud.

“I\'ll get dressed and have breakfast.


When will he come

Those blessed or cursed by the gods to not die. In other words, Sticks was aware of the existence of users. He waited calmly after the black haired man suddenly disappeared from the 20th island.

Dok. Dok dok.

Sticks tapped his staff while watching the magic ball. His eyes deep inside the robe contained tension and irritation. The moment that the black haired man appeared again.


My medicine.

He swallowed his medicine first to prepare for what would happen. It was a homemade medicine. He took a deep breath to maintain his composure, before turning his eyes to the magic ball again.

‘Can he even break through the 20th island\'

Honestly, the possibility was low. So far, there had only been one person to pass the 20th island. It meant the difficulty of the 20th island was extremely high. Extreme patience was needed in order to avoid the gaze of the hell moon.

At the same time, they needed wisdom to prevent the raids of monsters.

‘Don\'t be disappointed.

Empty your mind.\'

But why His expectations kept growing. The black haired man, so far he had exceeded Sticks\' wisdom.



It happened when Sticks was looking at the red eyes of the hell moon and gulped.

He\'s gone!!

It was a perfect invisibility that was incomparable to stealth techniques. The black haired man suddenly disappeared and avoided the gaze of the hell moon. 

This…! This isn\'t invisibility magic!

As expected from a sage. Sticks quickly figured out why the man couldn\'t be seen anymore. It made him even more surprised.

Invisibility cloak…! A heritage of the altar of legends…!

There were only two historic treasures left, so why did that man have it There were no clues to that man\'s identity.

Uh… Kuock…!

It was the moment that the sage\'s wisdom became unclear.


Sticks once again experienced a big shock, grabbing his chest and collapsing. He took the medicine prescribed by a professional pharmacist.


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