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Chapter 354

[You have discovered a hidden feature in White Fang!]

[The information about White Fang has been updated.]


[ 9 True White Fang]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 170/609 Attack Power: 1,015 539.

* Attack speed will increase by 10 3%.

* Skill damage will increase by 15 7%.

* Ignores 25 15% of the targets defense.

* Slashing attacks will add an additional 20 10% damage.

* After succeeding in three combos, further damage will be dealt in the form of cutting damage.

* The skillHeart Selection will be generated.

* The curseBunheliers Gaze will be applied.

It was produced by smelting the fang of the evil dragon Bunhelier, giving it the ultimate power.

But it contains a curse.

The owner will be followed by Bunheliers Gaze.

The great demon Drasion sealed a portion of the swords power to avoid this gaze, but the legendary blacksmith Grid released the seal.

Weight: 887

[Heart Selection]


When striking at the targets heart (including both normal and skill attacks), there is a normal chance that double the damage will be dealt.

There is also a low chance of instantly killing the opponent.

Resources Consumed: None.

Skill Cooldown Time: None.

[Bunheliers Gaze]


The evil dragon Bunhelier is always watching over you.

You might be attacked on a day when Bunhelier is feeling grumpy.

Skill Activation Condition: random.

[Information aboutBunheliers Fang used to make the item has been obtained!]

[The skill proficiency of (Understanding of Gods Weapons) Legendary Blacksmiths Craftsmanship Skill has increased by 10%.]


There was a persistent problem with legendary skills.

Was it the long cooldown time and resource consumption No, that was a secondary issue.

It was basically very difficult to raise the level.

It was the same for the Legendary Blacksmiths Craftsmanship Skill.

Grid had become Pagmas Descendant three years ago in Satisfy time.

He invested a considerable amount of time and effort into making items, but was only able to raise the level of the Legendary Blacksmiths Craftsmanship Skill to seven.

It couldnt be helped.

After reaching level seven, his skill proficiency only increased by 1% when making unique items.

But now, he gained 10% experience just from learning about a new mineral

It was a dragon material.

Grid felt like everything paid off.

‘Moreover, the results of the White Fang appraisal are also good.

The attack power and durability increased by 100 and 200 respectively, and an additional option was added.

Grid was thrilled with the performance, as he got some idea of what Iyarugt would be like if it grew to the legendary level.

In particular, the skill Heart Selection would have a great synergy with Kraugel.

Kraugels godly control skills meant he could freely take advantage of Heart Selection.

But there was one thing Grid couldnt accept.

‘A cursed item

Grids face stiffened as he read the item description until the end.

It was good that White Fangs performance was enhanced.

But a curse It was the worst curse, to be surveilled and attacked by a dragon!


It seemed like he had done something wrong.

After the spar with Kraugel.

Grid wanted to do a favor for him, but it turned out to be poison.


“Whats going on”

Kraugel had an ominous feeling after seeing Grids color drain away and snatched White Fang.

Then he stood like a petrified statue after checking the item information.


An awkward atmosphere flowed.

Grid and Kraugel.

The two men both remained silent.

Grid was the one to break the uncomfortable silence first.

“…Im sorry.

I am ashamed.”

Grid was no longer shameless.

He acknowledged his own mistakes and was ready to take responsibility for them.

This was because he had to maintain his honor as Lord of Reidan, leader of Overgeared and father of Lord.

“Im really sorry.

It wasnt maliciously done.

Give me time and I will return the item to its original state.”

Grid apologized again.

Kraugel looked at White Fang quietly and spoke in a trembling voice.


“Eh… Huh”

“Seeing the hidden abilities of an item and drawing them out, you truly are a legendary blacksmith.

Among the two billion users, youre the only one who can do this.

It is truly amazing.”

Kraugel expressed his admiration.

The peak of two billion users, how many users were able to impress the 1st ranked Kraugel It would be enough to be counted on 10 fingers.

Grids ability was unique and great.



Kraugel wielded White Fang a few times and spoke to Grid.

“Thank you.”


Grid was stunned.

Kraugels reaction was completely different from his expectations, making him confused.

Kraugel shrugged at the puzzled Grid.

“Thanks to you, I can now own the best item.”

It wasnt an exaggeration.

Kraugel was sincerely happy.

The True White Fangs performance was enhanced.

In particular, he was inspired by the Heart Selection skill.

‘I will become two, no three times stronger than before.

Kraugel was confident that the Heart Selection skill would be his greatest weapon in the future.

Striking the targets heart It was easy for him, since he had complete control over his movements.

Grid carefully asked the delighted Kraugel.

“That… Is it okay Theres a curse.”

Kraugel laughed.

“Ah, you were worried.

You dont have to worry about Bunhelier.

I remember a verse from the folk song of the Trempet people, stating thatEvil dragon, a hero sealed it 500 years ago. It is highly unlikely that Bunhelier will appear at this time.”

‘Where is Trempet

While ordinary users played the game by exploring Satisfy, Grid was a unique case who stayed in the Eternal Kingdom.

In other words, he didnt know the names of rural areas.

‘And a verse from a folk song

Grid was insufficient in this regard.

He played Satisfy and often missed minor parts.

Kraugel was the opposite.

His senses were sharp and he was cautious about everything, so he didnt miss anything trivial.

The evidence was that he remembered the folk song of a remote village in a small kingdom called Trempet.

“So, what is the price I have to pay”


Grid wasnt able to easily speak the price for repairing the True White Fang.

The thing he most wanted was to obtain Kraugel.

Of course, it was to join Overgeared.

But Grid couldnt readily say this.

Wasnt the reason why Kraugel was always alone, despite being ranked 1st for the past several years, because he wanted to do it himself Grid had to take into consideration Kraugels tendency to dislike belonging to groups.

It was proof that he grew.

Grid thought about it for a while before opening his mouth.

“Tell me how to get to the East Continent.


Kraugels mind became lighter.

He had inflicted damage to the territory in his spar with Piaro.

Grid had protected his experience.

White Fang received an upgrade.

He was thankful for the help, so he could relieve his burden by telling Grid the way to get to the East Continent.

The value of this information was great.

It was information that could only be completed if knowledge and information gathered around the continent for at least one year were aligned like puzzle pieces.

“There is an archipelago in the sea south of the Sea Kingdom Media called Benhen.

It is an archipelago made up of a total of 66 small islands.”

Grid listened closely.

Kraugel sent him a provocative look.

“There is a sage present somewhere called Sticks.

If you find him, you will be able to move to the East Continent.”

“If I can find him Are you saying that hes hiding in a place that is hard to find”

“The Behen Archipelago is a very dangerous place.

You have to cross 66 islands one after another.

A few high rankers became frustrated and couldnt even pass the 10th island.

And Sticks usually lives on the 25~29th islands.”

“Media… Behen… Sticks…”

Grid didnt forget to take notes of the information obtained.

Kraugel was shaking with excitement as he watched Grid.

‘What island can he reach

Even Kraugel reached his limit at the 30th island.

This island was believed to be the limit of the current users.

But Grid was the one who beat him.

Maybe he would be able to get something bigger from Sticks

‘I am looking forward to it.

A person ridiculed as a dull-witted.

Kraugel hoped that despite all the trials, despair and frustration, Grid would grow up and inspire Kraugel to grow.

It was the true wish of Kraugel, who gained a precious rival.


“Why is it so bustling”

Grid fully repaired Kraugels items.

He was confused as he left the smithy with Kraugel.

Jishuka, Lauel, Regas, Pon, Vantner, and the other members of Overgeared were all gathered in front of the smithy.

Their eyes were staring at Kraugel.

They were hoping that Kraugel would join Overgeared.

“Eh, um…”

Grid was perplexed.

As leader of Overgeared, he had failed to meet their expectations.

Grid felt guilty and turned towards Kraugel.

“How is it Do you want to have a meal with us”


Just as Grids liking towards Kraugel increased after the spar, Kraugel also liked Grid as well.

He personally wanted to become friends with Grid.

He believed that both of them could help each other.

However, he was burdened by the attitude of the Overgeared members.

Kraugel slowly opened his mouth as he watched the Overgeared members, who were sayingbe our friend with their eyes.

“My mother suddenly called, so I should go.

Log out.”



The peak of two billion users.

The sky above the sky.

The best.

The absolute leader of the rankings, who monopolized all types of titles, Kraugel.

Was he an elementary school student, to use his mother as an excuse to log out It was a rather childish appearance.

Grid and the Overgeared members thought it was absurd.


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