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Chapter 349

Four months ago in Satisfy time.

Kraugel had spent one month with Piaro.

He watched Piaros every move and they sparred together 30 times.

He personally witnessed when Piaro became a legendary farmer.

Thus, Kraugel knew Piaros strength better than anyone.

‘The basic level difference is huge.

At the time of separation, Piaro was level 380.

This wasnt mere speculation.

It was calculated using all types of indicators, so Kraugel was convinced that it was accurate.

He trusted his understanding of the game.

‘And now.

Kraugel calculated that Piaro should be level 385~386.

It was the conclusion he came to after studying the experience values required to level up and the growth rate of named NPCs.

On the other hand, what was Kraugels level


‘There are 60 levels between us.

It meant he dealt 30% less damage and would receive 30% more damage.

It was a big penalty, considering there was such a big difference in the basic stats of normal classes and legendary classes.

But Kraugel didnt shrink back.

‘The odds are good enough.

Kraugel had maintained the 1st ranking since Satisfy opened.

He was the first in all types of fields, gobbling up achievements and titles.

This could cover the gap in level and class.


Piaros farming technique was based on the sword.

Plow, sickle, hand plow, flail etc.

It was unusual since farming equipment were used as weapons, but it was still in the form of swordsmanship.

‘It is ideal to use swordsmanship with a sword.

Using swordsmanship with farming equipment It was meaningless and the only fatal weakness of thefarmer Piaro.

This was the decisive reason why Kraugel thought he had a chance of winning.

‘I only have to be careful of the instant kill skill.

It was Fated to Perish, which logged Zibal out in a single blow.

‘I cant allow him to use it.

The recent broadcast ofPolishing had caused a stir, but Kraugel felt more appreciation forFated to Perish.


Kraugel took out White Fang.

It was the legendary sword that he acquired from one of the great demons Drasion, who was defeated by Sword Saint Muller.

“Can you give me a chance to attack first”

In a duel, attacking first was important.

It was a means of ensuring a definite advantage for a short time.

Thats right.

Now Kraugel was asking Piaro to concede something.

He weighed up all the penalties and decided that this advantage wasnt too much to ask for.

Of course, Piaro should reject.

But who was Piaro He was a person who had always been called the strongest.

He showed off a confident figure.

“Ill accept.”

It was as Kraugel expected.

Piaro gave Kraugel a chance to win and Kraugel had no intention of missing it.

‘The opponent is a legend.

The difference in stamina is overwhelming, so it will become disadvantageous to me in the long run.

I have to finish it quickly.


It was a time when the sun was shining overhead.

Under intense sunlight or moonlight, this footwork gave off a stealth function around Kraugels body.

White Light Steps.

In the past, Piaro hadnt been able to see through Kraugels stealth.

But now he was different.

He was quick to respond to Kraugels movements, blocking White Fang that aimed for his left side.


‘Indeed, the gap in level is too big.

The stealth was useless.

If he couldnt lean on White Light Steps, his odds would fall by 1%.

‘It is still within the permitted range.

Kraugel was still calm.

He wasnt shaken even when faced with the worst situation.

It was the attitude of someone at the top.

On the other hand, Piaro blocked White Fang with a hand plow in his left hand and wielded a sickle with his right hand.

It was a diagonal attack.

It was fast enough to exceed Kraugels predicted range.


How could Piaros agility be far beyond the assumed level Kraugel was surprised, but he responded without making a mistake.

Chaaeng! Chaeng!


In a 0.1 second gap, Kraugel avoided Piaros strike and counterattacked.

He didnt need to go through a process of decision making to respond.

He used his experience and reflexes developed from countless battles.

Of course, the help ofKeen Senses was also great.



Kraugel let out a groan.

He blocked the hand plow and sickle with White Fang, but was baffled by the strength behind them.

A normal person wouldve felt sure of their defeat the moment they felt this gap in strength.

But Kraugel saw an opportunity in the crisis.

“Tearing the Sky.”

Kwajak! Kwajajajak!

One of the ultimate skills of a White Swordsman was revealed.

A beasts claws clashed with Piaros equipment.


There was a slight crack in the hand plow and sickle as blood flowed from Piaros chest.

‘The equipment that My Lord made…!

Piaro was startled.

He couldnt help being surprised that the farming equipment made by a legendary blacksmith was damaged by the blow.

However, Kraugel was even more surprised.

‘There wasnt a lot of damage

The damage formula for Tearing the Sky was difficult to calculate because it was utilized as a counterattack and the orbit was limited, while also taking into account the users attack power attack power of the enemy.

Kraugel had predicted that Piaro would receive at least 40,000 damage.

However, the damage was only 7,000, making Kraugel realize.

‘Piaro must be over level 400.

This was bad.

The level difference was too large for the damage formula to be properly applied.

The fourth stats awakening was a wall that couldnt be overcome by the effects of different titles.

‘How How did Brother grow so quickly

Kraugel didnt know it, but this was all due to Chris, other high level players, and Grid.

Kraugel didnt know that Piaro was constantly turning high level rankers who visited Reidan into farmers and training them, as well as achieving rapid growth through his spar with Grid.

It was a pity.


Kraugel was hit by a flail while trying to regain his composure.

His eyes widened as he was about to read the orbit.

‘It isnt swordsmanship

Piaro had changed from swordsmanship to farming techniques.

It was an entirely new form.

It was the moment when the strength ofSword Saint Candidate Kraugel to see through numerous swordsmanship techniques was neutralized.



Kraugel wasnt able to react and was hit hard, causing his shoulders to shake.

The right arm holding White Fang fell into a paralysis state.

Piaro read this and thought.

‘Counterattacking is impossible.

Kraugel would absolutely take an evasive action.

It was likely to be the footwork called White Light Steps.

Piaro determined this and swung the flail.


Far from Kraugel avoiding it, he clung to Piaro.

It was an approach that applied a footwork different to the White Light Steps.

Kraugel used brilliant footwork to come close, making it difficult for Piaro to attack.

It was the precursor ofHwimori.

Peok! Pepeok!


Kraugel was able to reach the East Continent with the help of the sage, Sticks.

Before he changed to a white swordsman, he explored the place that imitated the culture of the east and reproduced the fast and odd footwork of someone he met.

Piaro felt like he was possessed by a ghost as he was kicked.


“Its just a tickle!”

Piaro had been hit by Tearing the Sky, so the kick couldnt do much damage to him.

Piaro accepted all of Kraugels kicks, but he was fine.

He pushed Kraugel with his shoulder, withdrew the flail that stretched forward, while at the same time, taking out a plow with his other hand.

“Free Farming 4th Style, Plowing the Field.”


Kraugel stumbled and the ground around him was cleared in an instant.

Piaro was about to sow seeds when he stopped.

It was due to the storm caused by Hwimori.


Puk puk!


The kicks were fast and light, but were weak.

Piaros body seemed to be affected by the technique.


Piaro coughed out black blood.

At this point, Kraugel overcame the paralysis in his right hand.

“Storm Sword.”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The light blade tore Piaros old clothes to shreds.

Piaros health gauge was decreasing little by little as he allowed successive attacks.

However, he wasnt upset at all.

Rather, his momentum increased.


Kraugel had a different type of power from Grid.

It was the first time in ages that an opponent made Piaro so excited.

The excited Piaro dug at a vein of water.


A pillar of water shot up and crashed into Kraugels body.

Piaro linked Sowing and Rapid Growth together.


‘Legendary skills…!

Kraugel paled as he witnessed the thorns growing rapidly in the field.

He escaped through the air with White Light Steps and restored the posture of White Fang.

It was the manifestation ofMeteor Sword.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The whole area was scorched.

The meteor blades that feel from Kraugels sword went through the thorny vines.

At the center of the field, Kraugels White Fang and Piaros hand plow collided head on.

‘Blocking Meteor Sword…!

Even the composed Kraugel couldnt stay calm.

He launched a nervous onslaught, causing a thunderous sound to ring out every time it was stopped by Piaros farming equipment.

Piaro was amazed.

‘He has already penetrated through my farming techniques!

Kraugels vision surpassed Piaros.

Kraugel subsequently crushed the seven farming tools used by Piaro, increasing the number of wounds on Piaros body.

It was based on pure control ability and battle senses.

But his level was a problem.

Piaro still had more than two-thirds of his health left despite allowing successive attacks, while Kraugel avoided most attacks but his health fell to less than half.

His movements were relatively high compared to Piaro, so he was consuming stamina quickly.

‘White Light Sword isnt a match.

After blinding the opponent, he could link his top skills.

But Piaro was a legend and immune to status conditions.

It meant that the opponent was someone he couldnt unleash 100% of the white swordsmans power against.

‘No, those are all excuses.

He had encountered numerous opponents immune to CC and he had beaten them all.

He always overcame his lacking areas with his control.

However, his skills werent prevailing against Piaro.

The moment that Kraugel thought this.

“I guess I should use all my power.”

Piaro barely escaped from a nasty wound, spoke meaningful words and used Natural State.

At the same time, his amplified stats overturned the situation.

Now Kraugel was the one allowing attacks.

Piaros speed and power, enhanced by Natural State, started to overwhelm Kraugel.

Most of his health was lost in an instant, causing Kraugels eyes to flash.

“Super Sensitivity.”

[Super Sensitivity has been used.]

[100% of your mana has been consumed.]

[For the next six seconds, all senses transcend cognition.]

[Agility is increased by 20% and you can 100% predict the behavior of all objects within 10 meters.]

[This will be exhausted in six seconds.]

Kraugels strength wasnt due to skills or title effects.

Kraugel himself had natural abilities.

The moment Super Sensitivity was used, Kraugel was reborn.


It was enough to overcome Piaros enhanced speed and deal a deadly blow.


This was an unfamiliar experience to Piaro.

Was it because he received a deadly wound No, this wasnt something new.

Piaro was always injured when he fought.

The problem was his instincts.

His instincts were shouting that it was dangerous.

It warned him not to confront Kraugel.

‘Does it want me to run away

Piaros fighting spirit peaked.

The moment he lost his dignity as the strongest person, he showed a technique that he didnt use against Grid.

“Free Farming Peak Style!”


Kraugel entered the transcendent realm thanks to Super Sensitivity.

He tried to escape the moment Piaro spoke with a serious look on his face.

It was because he perceived the danger that couldnt be resisted.

However, it was already too late.

“Pounding Mortar!”


It was a disaster.

Something fell from the sky and dug into the ground, like a mortar.

At the same time, Reidan shook.

It was like a great earthquake.


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