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Chapter 335


The aura whip aimed at the farmers.

The farmers standing here were Piaro and Royman.

‘How can aura have this form

Royman was familiar with aura.

Her father was a prominent swordsman and able to skillfully use aura.

But this was the first time she had seen such a changeable aura.

It was released from the sword This wasnt aura, but magic!

‘There are many masters in this world!

Royman accepted Hurent as a master of a new world.

She felt awe.


The aura blade aimed for her neck as she stared blankly.

Piaro tsked and blocked it with a hand plow.

“Not reacting when a blade is coming at your neck, its a convenient way to commit suicide.”

“I-Im really sorry!”

Royman was confused.

That amazing aura was blocked by a hand plow

‘I knew Sir Piaro was strong, but this much

Royman expected Piaro to have the strength of an ordinary knight.

It was natural since he did field work every day.

He didnt look very special.

But not now.

Perhaps Piaros strength was higher than Asmophel.

“I will teach you to reflexively defend, even if you dont have two arms.

Lets plant rice for three hours every day starting from tomorrow.”


She was sincerely grateful for her life being spared.

He would be her savior for the rest of her life.

But planting rice This wasnt a penalty game, so Royman couldnt understand what was going on.

On the other hand, Piaro was somewhat confused.

‘Is there another strong person

The Red Knights.

Piaro carried out wars all over the continent when he was a part of them.

He spent more days falling asleep on the battlefield than he did at home, and he had to face countless enemies.

He saw the powerhouses that represented each nation.

However, the enemies he met while staying at this peaceful() Reidan were much more brilliant.

It was truly amazing.

‘Reidan entices powerhouses.

Or maybe it was just a different time.

In any case, Piaro enjoyed it.

The invasion of enemies would be the food that further strengthened the legendary farmers power.

He was caught up in this positive feeling and told Hurent what he thought.

“Your ability to control aura is amazing.

But its still lacking strength.”


A farmer praising an aura masters aura, Hurent couldnt be happy.

‘However, his skills are real.

The dirt-covered farmer had blocked his aura with a hand plow.

It wasnt a dream.

The 2,000 soldiers all saw it.

‘The rumors were true

He heard that there were powerful farmers in Reidan.

There were rumors that the reason the seven guilds failed was due to farmers.

‘Of course, I thought it was nonsense.

Now it seemed to be true.


Hurent turned towards Bunny Bunny.

Bunny Bunny had the camera in hand and was filming the situation.

From his excited expression, he also seemed to be aware of the rumors about Reidans farmers.

‘I dont need to take risks before meeting Grid.

He was confident about getting revenge on Grid, so he couldnt fall victim to this farmer.

Hurent judged and turned towards Royman.

‘Use him.

Hurents judgment and execution were excellent.

There were no unnecessary delays.

In order to increase his concentration, he closed his eyes and usedAura Impact.

[You have released your aura.]

[Accurately imagine the shape of the aura within 2 seconds.

If there is even a small error in the image, the skill will fail.]

He had been practicing image training every day for the past 10 months in order to bring out the true power of an aura master! Hurents eyes flashed and he shouted.

“Dragons Roar!”

[You have developed the breath of a dragon! By reproducing the power of a transcendent being, the power of your aura is greatly increased!]

[There is a limit to the power that a unique rated aura can exert.]


The aura fired by Hurent blew out in a straight line.

The strong energy that stirred the earth and caused a sand storm couldnt be compared to the whip from before.


Piaro was sincerely amazed.

When he was a great swordsman, he realized the limits of aura.

However, the man in front of him was different.

He broke through the limits of aura.

He was a truly respectable person who achieved a level that Piaro couldnt reach.

“In honor of your talent, I will also use my full power.”

Piaro couldnt afford to relax.

To be precise, he had no room to spare.

He had to protect Royman, who would grow to be a strength for his lord.

The power of the aura breath was strong and wide.

He couldnt just stand by and watch.

“Free Farming 4th Style.”


Piaro moved his hand to his waist.

It was to extract a plow from one of the six sheaths hanging there.

A plow that Grid created.

As soon as he pulled it out, Piaros power exploded.

The power of items.

[All skills related to farming will increase by 20%.]

“Plow the Field!”


Piaros plow struck the ground, causing it to rise like a tsunami.



The worlds top gaming BJ, Bunny Bunny.

He pointed his camera and admired the whip-like aura.

Hurents control skills were extraordinary.

However, Bunny Bunny was disappointed when the shabby farmer blocked it with a hand plow.

‘A farmer could block that skill

Aura Master Hurent.

His aura was gorgeous, but it was without strength.

There was a reason he was defeated by Grid in 5 seconds.

‘Instead of getting revenge on Grid, will he die in four seconds this time

Bunny Bunny was extremely disappointed in Hurent when he suddenly had a thought.

‘I heard a rumor that there was a monster famer in Reidan…

Was the rumor true

‘A huge scoop!

This was a great opportunity to inform the world about the truth of the rumors.

The excited Bunny Bunny focused on filming.

Hurent used a tremendous skill that was reminiscent of a dragons breath.


Hurents abilities were real.

It was too early to be disappointed in him.

Bunny Bunny started sweating as he saw the power of that breath.

How would the rumored farmer cope with this cool technique

‘Increase my viewership with a spectacular battle scene!

Bunny Bunny prayed, but his wish was soon popped.

“Another farming equipment”

The hand plow changed to a plow! The farmer called Piaro didnt seem to be showing a brilliant battle scene, unlike Bunny Bunnys expectations.

No, Bunny Bunny was crazy to have high expectations in the first place.

Bunny Bunny frowned.

“Free Farming 4th Style, Plowing the Field.”


The earth rose and collided with Hurents aura breath.

At the same time, the ground started to be cleared for use as a farming field.

“What is this…”

Bunny Bunnys camera picked up the stunning sight.

Streams of water were rising from the center of the cleared land.

‘This is the desert!

Water was found in the desert Bunny Bunnys cognitive abilities failed to keep up with the scene in front of him.

“Free Farming 1st Style, Sowing.”

Papat! Pa pa pa pa pak!

Seeds poured down like rain over the confused Bunny Bunny and 2,000 soldiers.

‘What is this

It was a series of processes that reminded him of farming.

‘No, this is impossible.

No one was crazy enough to start farming in front of 2,000 enemies…

“Free Farming 2nd Style, Rapid Growth.”

Kwaduk! Kudududuk!


Bunny Bunnys face turned white.

It was because the thousands of seeds scattered on the ground started to sprout all at once.

‘This is crazy!

He wanted a spectacular battle scene, but it was a farming diary Bunny Bunny felt more anger than wonder as he stared at the scene of a desert being turned into rice fields.

At this time, Hurent was aiming for Royman.


[Block Toys to Help a Childs Development.]

It was an item Grid got from the Reputation Store.

At first he thought it was a useless item, but he was glad to see Lord playing well with them.



A small baby was sitting on the bed and building a spire with the blocks.

It was a crude shape that anyone could recognize as a castle.

A child only 10 days old was building a castle with blocks It was an unbelievable sight.

“A genius! The best genius of the continent!!”

Marquis Steim was sure of it.

It was an objective assessment, not because he was blinded by love.

Irene made a happy expression.

“Its good that his dexterity resembles my husbands.

I think he will become a master of blacksmithing.”

Grid replied with a smile.

“Hes just like you.”

“Dear husband…”


The eyes of the couple were filled with affection.

The couples love was much deeper than before.

Every night, the six hands…


So it was natural that their love would deepen.

“Hum hum.”

Marquis Steim coughed as the coupled embraced each other.

It was a signal that they shouldnt forget he was here.

“What type of education are you planning on focusing on for Lord”

Marquis Steims question activated the child care system.

[Please select Lords education.]

[Lords age is still young, so there are limited options to choose from.]

Leave it until he is older.

Basic academic education.

Basic etiquette education.

‘Dont rush.

What education should he give to a child who was only 10 days old Grid was able to pick option one when he suddenly stopped.

‘No, if I think about it, isnt the current Lord twice as intelligent as Jude

Judes maximum intelligence was set at 20, while Lord was born with 48 intelligence.

He was young, but had a good brain, so he was already at a level that could be taught.

Thats why basic academics and etiquette were provided in the options.

‘He is highly likely to become arrogant.

Grid pondered and made a decision.

“I will teach him etiquette.

He was born with a gold spoon, but he shouldnt be too indulged.”

“Um, yes.

Early education is important.

Its especially important for talented children.”

“Im in favor of Dear Husbands will.”

[Lords early education method has been selected.

Your wife Irene will teach Lord.]

At this moment.


Grid could see Lords face, which had been smiling happily the whole time.

Now Lord looked like he wanted to complain about something.

‘Dont tell me he doesnt want to study

Did he understand their words

‘I must be mistaken.

Grid was being too sensitive.

Grid laughed it off.

“Theres a strange expression on Lords face, so it seems like he has done a poo.”

“Oh my, really

Irene confirmed it and called a maid.


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