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Chapter 330

“Duke Grid still hasnt learned of my fathers illness.

The proof of this is that Reidans army is still weak, so we must strike against Reidan at this time.

There wont be another chance.”

1st Prince Ren was well aware of how strong Grid and his subordinates were.

It was natural, since hed witnessed their actions in the Reinhardt golem invasion.

Nevertheless, the reason he was hostile to Grid was firstly, it was obvious that Ren would be eaten up if he stayed still.

Secondly, he believed in the power of his warriors, including Hurent.

The contents of the linked quest was being updated in front of Hurent.

[Prince of the Eternal Kingdom – Chapter IV-]

Level of Difficulty: Not measurable.

1st Prince Ren has seen the strength of aura and has absolute confidence in you.

He believes that you are the only rival for Duke Grid.

Advance to Reidan with Rens army!

Strike down hard on Duke Grid, who is making fun of the royal family!

Quest Clear Conditions: Occupy Reidan.

Quest Clear Rewards: Ren will be crowned king and you will gain the title of Merit King.

If you establish a kingdom, special benefits will be given.

Quest Failure: Unpredictable.

[Would you like to accept the quest]

It was impossible to measure the degree of difficulty.

Quests with users as the target often couldnt guess the difficulty or consequences.

Hurent smiled and nodded without hesitation.

“I am willing to help you.”

It was around 10 months ago in real time.

Hurent had been humiliated after losing to Grid in just 5 seconds.

It was also in front of the entire world.

How much contempt had he received since then

‘Im going to regain my honor with this quest.

Merit King It was just minor title.

Hurent wanted to regain the title of the strongest, and he believed that he was now qualified.

‘Grid, I will show you the true power of an aura master.

It will be in front of the whole world!

His efforts over the past 10 months would cause a disaster.


Garosu-gil Road during autumn.

“What exactly is a pet master”

After the festival was over.

Youngwoo went to a restaurant with Sehee, Yerim, and Doohyun.

Doohyun explained to Youngwoo after ordering the food.

“You can look at it as an enhanced version of a monster tamer.

I can train monsters to act as pets or temporarily take away another persons pet.

I can also buff my pets and your pets.”

Buff fellow pets Even the strongest buffer, Huroi couldnt do this.

Huroi could only give buffs to his own pet.


“Take away another persons pet”

“I can command the pets.

The duration is a minimum of 15 seconds and it can go up to 50 seconds.”

“Can the pets that you command use their skills”


“Its a scam.”

It wasnt an exaggeration.

Taking an enemys pet and using their original abilities It would consume the mana of the pet and hit the enemy.

If the pet possessed a buffing skill, it could be used on allies.

Anyway, it was very useful.

This could be a great advantage in combat.

“But the real power of a pet master is something else.”

Doohyun was speaking many words, unlike his usual self.

Was it due to the beautiful Sehee and Yerim Not at all.

Doohyun was only looking at Youngwoo.

To be precise, he was excited about meeting Youngwoos pet, Noe.

“Your true ability”

“I can check the details of the targeted pet.

It means I can quickly grasp the stats, skills, weaknesses and advantages of the pet.



Youngwoos eyes lit up.

The better Overgeared became, the happier he was.

He was full of expectations for what Kim Doohyun called the ultimate advantage of a pet master.

“I have the pet beauty ability.”


“Yes, so please introduce me to Noe.

If I can, I will make Noe more beautiful.

I want to be Noes private hairdresser!”


A unique hidden class was dreaming of being a hairdresser It seemed like this new member also wasnt normal.

Youngwoo recalled something that Vantner said about the Tzedakah Guild in the past.

“By the way, it looks like the people who joined the guild after Grid arent normal.

A crazy person attracts other crazy people.”

‘Is it me

He belatedly realized that Yerim was holding some rolled pasta to his mouth.

“How about it Is it delicious”

Youngwoo was surprised and told the truth, “Not so much.

It is too salty so I would rather buy two cups of ramyun.”

“The food that a sexy woman like me is giving you isnt delicious”

“What sexy woman… You arent sexy.”

“Aish~ even with this”

“Hik! Dont do that in a public place!”

‘Grid, this person.

Doohyun realized it as he saw Youngwoo sitting between Yerim and Sehee.

Youngwoo was the true high school girl killer.

“But where did Peak Sword go”

Towards the end of the meal.

Yerim had an afterthought.

Until now, they had completely forgotten about Peak Sword.

“Hes probably out there playing around.”

Peak Sword, who receive the stigma of a sexual harasser due to Youngwoo! He had been chased after by security guards for hours.


[Mass Production Grid Set]

It consisted of weapons, helmet, armor, gloves and shoes.

The weapons were one-handed swords, spears, bows, and shields, and Grid designed them with the intention of giving them to the soldiers of Reidan.

They had an excellent performance and the effect when worn as a set was great, compared to other equipment of the same level.

However, there was a problem.

The level restriction was 160.

On the other hand, Reidans soldiers were level 133, so the equipment couldnt be distributed immediately.

‘But the performance will go down if the level limit is lowered too much.

What should he do Grid thought about it and summoned Piaro and Asmophel.



Piaro and Asmophel blinked after they came running at Grids call.

Beside Reidans outer walls.

Grid was sitting in front of a portable furnace and making items, while four golden hands were hunting monsters near him.

‘However, the level is still low.

The giant worms were very weak monsters, based on Piaro and Asmophels standards.

They were able to cut the giant worms easily, and it would be the same if Duke Grid used a skill.

Then what about these golden hands

The four hands joined forces, but it took them more than four minutes to hunt a giant worm.

They couldnt take the initiative when fighting.

It was strange that swords were moving on their own, but it wasnt that scary when looking closely.

The only point worth paying attention to was the exceptional speed.

However, Piaro appreciated the potential of the golden hands.

‘Theyre much better than when I fought him.

Im looking forward to how they grow in the future.

Grid asked Piaro and Asmophel.

“How long does it take for the soldiers to gain one level”

“Currently, its five days.”


The level up speed was much faster than expected.

Considering that the level of the Winston soldiers remained in the 80s for several months, the soldiers of Reidan were raising their levels at a phenomenal rate.

It was a glimpse of Piaro and Asmophels outstanding training methods, who were once destined to be the pillars of the empire.

“Then the soldiers will reach level 160 in five months”

“Thats right.”

Asmophel answered without hesitation.

He was so confident that Grid couldnt help feeling greedy.

“Can you raise their level faster”

“The intensity of the training is already very high.

If we overwork the soldiers, they might be injured and there will be many complaints.”

“Does it matter as long as they dont die And so what about complaints A soldier needs to do this.”

Grid had experience being a soldier in the South Korean army.

High intensity training As long as they didnt die, they would eventually adapt.

And if they worked hard, they would be too tired to complain.

“Yes Lets do it.”

“…I understand.”

Piaro and Asmophel swore allegiance to Grid.

They had a obligation to follow him, even if it was a somewhat difficult command.

In the end, the soldiers of Reidan had to suffer.

“Run! Roll! Gear up!”

“Stab! Shoot! Cut! Chop!”

Piaro and Asmophel showed no mercy.

The 1,000 soldiers of Reidan had to endure harsh training every day until their muscles screamed.

As a result, the level up speed of the soldiers increased from 1.3 times to 1.5 times.

[The loyalty of Reidans soldiers has dropped by 9.]

[Reidans soldiers dont respect you.]


Grid was the target of the soldiers resentment.

It was very serious from a rulers point of view.

If the loyalty of soldiers towards the lord was lowered, it was difficult to restore.

But Grid wasnt shaken.


Ttang! Ttang!

Every day and night without covering production and mass production-type grid set.

Grid knew that the soldiers respect and loyalty would rise again the day the Grid set was distributed to them.


Irenes due date was in five days.

Because of this, one of the main powers of the Eternal Kingdom and ruler of the north, Marquis Steim visited Reidan.

“Welcome, father-in-law.”

“Ohh! The duke came out to meet me, Im so flattered!”

Marquis Steims eyes were bright as he looked at Reidan.

He only knew Reidan as a ghost town, but it had developed quickly after Grid became the lord.

The population was still only 20,000, but it was excellent compared to other cities in the Eternal Kingdom.

No, it was unchallenged when it came to agriculture.

Even the Saharan Empire didnt have such a great agricultural city.

‘Im amazed at the level of determination to develop an agricultural city in the middle of the desert!

Indeed, his son-in-law was great.

Marquis Steim smiled proudly.


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