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Chapter 325

The 31 year old Kim Doohyun.

A male actor from South Korea who boasted a warm appearance.

Three months ago, he became popular as a world star in the Hollywood movie,The Diary of a Murderer. Over the last three months, he had shot 15 CFs, and his popularity rose.

During a time when Satisfys rankers were crowding the CF market, Kim Doohyuns breakthrough had given hope to other actors.

“You want to cancel a shoot to attend a festival Hey, Doohyun.

Why are you doing something so stupid Are you trying to cause a stir”

The representative of the company tried to persuade him, but it was useless.

There was a look in Doohyuns eyes that couldnt be read.

He exuded a mysterious charm as he looked out the window and spoke firmly.

“There is something more important than immediate money and popularity.

I will attend the Young Ladies High School festival.”

The expression of the representative darkened.

“Dont tell me that the rumors are true”

“What rumors”

“You are… Theres a rumor that you are a high school girl killer.”


Doohyun remained silent.

He had a reticent personality and he didnt feel there was any value in answering this question.


The representative could only sigh.

He worried that if a scandal broke out after touching a high school girl, it would be fatal to Doohyuns popularity.


“Ive come to ask you to repair the sword.”

The master of the Giant Guid, Chris, now had to often visit Reidan.

It was troublesome and tedious, but it couldnt be helped.

The only person who could repair Grids Greatsword was Grid.

“It isnt too bad While hunting the desert monsters on your way, you can get experience and items.”

“I wont deny it.”

Chris hunted in the basilisk area on the way to and from Reidan.

The desert basilisks usually moved in groups of three, so rankers were unable to hunt them alone.

However, Chris was third on the unified rankings.

He utilized his abilities and know-how to hunt basilisks alone, earning great profits.

And above all, Piaro was in Reidan.

Every time he sparred with Piaro, his skills grew steadily, making Chris want to stay in Reidan all the time.

“Today I will give you a discount of four gold.

Its 599 gold.”


Grid spoke like he hadnt overpriced it in the first place.

It was frustrating.

But it was a little cheaper since it was less than 600 gold.

‘…No, its expensive! I shouldnt be swayed!

Chris regained his spirit and paid the repairing fee with trembling hands.

He was about to leave when he suddenly stopped.

“The Blood Carnivals celebrity hunting has recently been going too far.

You should be careful.”

“Blood Carnival”

The Overgeared members often told him to pay attention to the person called Agnus.

Grid thought that the Blood Carnival was related to Agnus.

“Is that the group that Agnus belongs to”

Chris sighed.

“Your information is too weak, despite having Faker as a subordinate.

Or are you just not interested in the situation Agnus has no affiliation with the Blood Carnival.

The Blood Carnival are a group of unofficial rankers.”

“Are they strong”

“Not only are they strong, theyre bloodthirsty.

You wont be safe if you become their target.

They are just as dangerous as Agnus.

So be careful.

It will be troublesome if you get caught when repairing my weapon.”

“Hrmm… I will keep it in mind.”

Chris tone wasnt sweet.

But it was true that he was doing Grid a favor.

Grid smiled and accompanied Chris outside.

“Go well and relax in the future.

This isnt a historical drama, so theres no need to act like it.”

“I understand.

Im not saying this because I like it.”

Chris said goodbye to Grid and went to find Piaro.

He applied for a spar and then asked, “Is there a big difference between my skills and Zibals”

According to the rumors circulating among the seven guilds, Zibal was said to have been narrowly defeated by Piaro.

Then what about Chris He couldnt deal a small wound to Piaro, meaning he was much worse than Zibal!

Piaro asked Chris, “Zibal Whos that”


He didnt even remember Zibals name

‘Then does Piaro remember me

Chris was mistaken and became greatly frustrated.

He was leaving with powerless footsteps when Piaro spoke.

“I dont know who Zibal is so I cant predict the difference between him and you, but I can tell you one thing.

You are the third strongest person I have seen recently.

You should have great pride in yourself.”


Chris eyes widened.

Was he thrilled by Piaros words No.

It was an unpleasant feeling and a big shock.

‘Last time, I was the second strongest!

He wasnt mistaken.

He had definitely heard this from Piaro on the first day.

At that time, he was second.

Now he was third

“I know that you sparred with Duke Grid recently.

Is Duke Grid stronger than me”

Piaro nodded without hesitation.

“Thats right.”

“Then… The other person who is stronger than me.

Who is stronger, him or Duke Grid”

Piaro thought about it a little bit this time.

Then he answered with an uncomfortable expression.

“My Lord is not yet his opponent.”

“…I see.”

Zibal, when did he become so strong Chris was amazed by Zibal.

‘He truly is 2nd on the unified rankings.

You must be the next strongest after Kraugel and Agnus.

His evaluation of Zibal was rising every day.

Zibal didnt know why, but he couldnt help feeling good.


One of the best benefits about God Hands was the automatic hunting.

If the hands were still within 30m of Grid when the monster was killed, Grid would gain the experience without having to do anything.

Grid wanted to make better use of this advantage.

‘Should I create a portable furnace

Only doing blacksmithing at the smithy, or doing it while letting the God Hands hunt.

Which one would be more beneficial Of course, it was the latter.

He would be able to acquire experience and items through hunting, while making items at the same time.

It could also be the reverse.

Grid could hunt while the God Hands made items.

“…Am I a genius”

It wasnt a joke.

Grid was serious.

He truly admired himself for coming up with such a brilliant idea.

“Lets try it once.”

Grid used Item Creation to try and design a portable furnace.

The result was successful.

His knowledge as a legendary blacksmith meant he perfectly understood the structure of a furnace, making it easy for Grid to produce the desired item.

[Blueprint: Portable Furnace has been acquired!]

[Portable Furnace]

Rating: Unique

It is a furnace that can be used anytime and anywhere, as long as there is enough firewood and adequate space.

However, it is impossible to smelt large quantities of minerals at the same time because of its small size.

* Item creation speed is 60% lower than when using a normal furnace.

Weight: 7,390


Grid was excited.

It might be slower, but he was happy about being able to smelt minerals and modify items anytime and anywhere.

It felt like he had grown wings on his back.

A huge smile!

Grid started to produce the portable furnace.


Puuok! Puuok!


[2,121,500 experience has been acquired.]

[2,287,000 experience has been acquired.]

[The Sword Mastery ofGod Hand has increased to beginner level 7.]


“Hang on!”


[Your memphis Noes level has risen to 190.]

[The level of the doppelganger Randy has risen to 126.]

Ttang! Ttang!

[You have succeeded in making Mass Production Grids Sword (Rare)!]

An interesting sight was taking place in the desert near Reidan Castles wall.

Grid was sitting at an anvil in front of a small blade furnace and making items with a hammer, while four golden hands and two cats flew around hunting monsters.

The four golden hands were the God Hands, while the two cats were Noe and Randy, who had copied his appearance.

Grid actively utilized his hands and pets to hunt, while earning profit through item making.

“The giant worm died and left a shell! Nyang!”

“I got the tongue of the desert toad! Nyang!”

“Leave it there.”

Ttang! Ttang!

Grid kept hammering.

Loot was piled up like a mountain on the side.

It was thanks to the hands, Noe and Randy were gathering the items dropped from the monsters they hunted.

It was an amazing, absurd, and fraudulent sight, as Grid earned experience and money while sitting.

“Wow… Is it possible for Grid to raise his level to 5th on the unified rankings”

“Setting aside Noe and Randy, now he has the hands as well He can nap while the God Hands hunt and raise his level.”


The legendary class exclusive items were truly great.

The Overgeared members were envious of Grid.


“I heard that Kim Doohyun has decided to visit Rubys school festival”

It happened while Grid was distributing theMass Production Grid Set to the soldiers of Reidan.

Thanks to the hands, he made items and earned experience for free.

Grid was confused.

“Who is Kim Doohyun”

Peak Sword thought it was absurd.

“Wow… You dont know Kim Doohyun”

“I dont know.

Who is he”

Peak Sword explained to Grid who asked again.

“His Hollywood movie ranked first in the North American and Korean box office for five consecutive weeks, he is the protagonist of aDiary of a Murderer. Hes the pride of the Korean cinema, and the Korean Patriotic Association has awarded him two medals.”

“…Did you give permission to give him the medal”

“Why is permission needed for the medal Its based on the persons achievements.”

“I-Is that so I didnt know since I have never received it.”

“Anyway, there is one area where Kim Doohyun is lacking.”

“What is it

“Two years ago, there was a rumor that he was dating a minor, a 17 year old idol.”

“How old is Kim Doohyun”


“Hmm, well.

Age doesnt matter when it comes to love… Heok! Dont tell me”

Grids face suddenly distorted.

He felt an ominous feeling.

Peak Sword snapped his fingers.

“Thats right! Isnt Ruby pretty A girl who is completely different from you and praised as the second Yura! I am worried that Kim Doohyun might try to approach Ruby.”


Grid was hoping that his sister Sehee would meet a good man that he could be friends with.

But he didnt like it if the other person was a celebrity.

It was because he encountered the ugly side of the entertainment industry when he did the broadcasts after the National Competition.

‘A good actor would have a lot of females who like him.

It was okay if he was a playboy, but Grid couldnt tolerate a playboy flirting with his sister.

Grid hurriedly got up.

He checked the time and saw that the festival would start in two hours.

Grid was about to log out.

“…That reminds me, I have to be afraid of the people at the festival.”

How terrible would it be if he was surrounded by anti-fans Peak Sword saw Grids expression and misunderstood.

‘Truly God Grid! As the protagonist of the 5th Hallyu Wave, he is so popular that it is a burden to go alone!

Peak Sword suggested, “I will go with you! I will act as your manager!”


Grid was unwilling.

He would become more noticeable if he went together with Peak Sword.

‘But isnt it safer than being alone

Peak Sword was a Taekwondo black belt holder and his appearance was quite threatening.

Grid determined that he was sufficient as a bodyguard and nodded.


‘I can finally meet Noe.

World star Kim Doohyun was a quiet man.

He was mistaken as a cold city man because he was a man of few words.

But what was the truth Kim Doohyun was from the countryside, and he was a warm man who loved animals.

The rumor about him being a schoolgirl killer was untrue.

The idol who confessed to him started the rumor.

‘I want to touch Noes padded feet.

Doohyun liked all animals, but he especially loved cats.

He thought cats were perfect.

They had a cute unexpected charm, and always made him smile.

Among them, Noe was at the peak.

The shining black fur and eyes, the small horns and tail, all of it was very cute.

The pink soles and small wings on the back were also impressive.

Thats right.

Kim Doohyun was a fan of Noe.

He was one of the top 10 members of the Noe fan cafe, which had nearly five million members.

It was a sign that he participated more than anyone else when it came to the cafe activities.

He had only one wish! It was to see Noe in person and touch him! In order to fulfill this wish, he decided to attend the Young Ladies High School festival.

The famous Saintess Ruby attended the school, so he thought he would be able to meet her older brother, Grid, there.

‘This is an opportunity to make friends with Grid and see Noe.

The problem was that the opposite of the world stars wish occurred.


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